Progress as Priority

February 22, 2023

Thanks Richard

I have been breeding life into old machines to sell as Stratboxes. I am writing training material for USB  sticks – I have strange things happening to my old machines – they will not acce4s the internet but I can set up IIS but localhost  is not working so I have set up InetPub and wwwroot on a usb stick accessing it from a Turin folder on my desktop – we should be able to look on eBay for olde XP machines and sell them with memory sticks for kids learning to be web programmers.

Please focus on Student Registration – Tutor/studenr Registration as e’commerce costing £101 per registartation

Also as soon as is possible get Forest 404 infonet registrationtion working – add business and post code – the ID can be Business ID

Thanks for all your help I will be testing your stuff today 

Please put a link on forest 404 to Hoskyns Education Services address Please Trello this request then I will see that you have taken it onboard. Trello as Onboard Promotions


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