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June 3, 2023

Hello Richard Wilcock

I would like the opportunity to talk to you about setting up an After School / After Academy for your boys.

I and CEO of Red Octopus Business Services Limited looking to recruit Associate Consultants from MGS. I have an academy and a college called BSG Elite / Bew Phoenix and looking to recruit Tutors in IT and Business Management – Perfect for MGS .

Can you please return my Email as soon as possible as i am looking to set up the MGS Santuary Website – My Grammar Schools – Includes Stockport / Kings Chester / Eton College / St Andrews University / Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

I have been informed that MGS Students preferer Oxford and Cambridge over Manchester.

Thank you 

Alan Bramwell

Community Guardian (BA019)


Davies T – Tantalus

June 3, 2023

I would like you to enroll to BSG Elite for Alan Turings Blazer and Azure programming course 

Tom i would like you to work with Bard to create a Tantalus Course on :

1 Google doc to Power bi

2 Power bi to JSON / XML

3 JSON / XML to SQL Server 

Tom I would like you to have Paul as Your Student – the course cost is £1024 – you will give it to him for a £7 donation to the Erica Society Foundation trust.

You will write a book – by Davies T called Tantalus – I will get Manchester University Press to print a small run for Manchester Students Rag Mag.

Thanks, Tom – Shame Stockport did not quite make it

George Best Says

June 3, 2023

this is my business story : i have a data base with the following fields 1. Protopage URL / Meta Data / Description / SEO we want a transaction where you can input a seo search that will list all protopage url that meets a SEO Search – Please provide the code and list what language you are writing it in.

Sure, here is the code in Python:


import psycopg2

def get_protopage_urls(search_term):
    """Gets all protopage URLs that match the given search term.

        search_term (str): The search term to match.

        list: A list of protopage URLs.

    # Connect to the database.
    connection = psycopg2.connect(

    # Create a cursor.
    cursor = connection.cursor()

    # Run the query.
        SELECT protopage_url
        FROM protopages
        WHERE seo LIKE '%{}%'

    # Get the results.
    results = cursor.fetchall()

    # Close the cursor and connection.

    # Return the results.
    return results

if __name__ == "__main__":
    search_term = input("Enter a search term: ")
    urls = get_protopage_urls(search_term)
    for url in urls:

Use code with caution. Learn morecontent_copy

This code will connect to a PostgreSQL database and retrieve all protopage URLs that match the given search term. The code is written in Python.

The Developers Trilogy

June 1, 2023

Richard has made progress with our University Courses so I have started to write my book

They Are 

1 BramIT’s Little Red Book

2 The Modern Fundamentals of System Design – 5 Lessons

3 SSNA is not a game of perfect

Golfers will recognize these books as being by Harvey Penick, Ben Hogan, and Tom Kite

I will put them on eBay as The Developers Trilogy by Richard/ Alan/Paul and Tom

Get Writing…..Please…….

Job Control for Diamond Reports

May 16, 2023

// Job control statement for Blazor Azure executable program

// Set the working directory to the location of the executable program cd /path/to/executable/program

// Create a file to store the sysin input touch sysin.txt // Write the sysin input to the file echo “This is the sysin input” > sysin.txt

// Run the executable program with the sysin input and syslist output ./executable.exe < sysin.txt > syslist.txt

// Check the contents of the syslist output file cat syslist.txt


May 14, 2023

I am about to set up with a pass word of Richard

Thank you for being so smart

Product owner achilles Project Achilles

I have contacted Hitec Computers – They will be our suppliers We set the price – Increase it by 25% then discount it by 20% to give Hitec some profit we will then operate out of Hitec

I have decided that Houldsworth Golf Club is our first customer – can you please do that professional report that you tale about as a google document and share it in your protopage


Thank You

We also have Ben Fish at All In One Computers in Wilmslow to contact – he is an IT Guy as well as being an Electrician – I want you to work with Ben on the Houlsworth Job

I will contact Christine Tomorrow

They will probably say no 

Can you please tell me how your service connects to the internet will they still have to use their broadband provider or do you do something clever. 

Please feel free to ring me anytime day or night – 0161 998 2637 – Can you please tell Stuart that he registered Stuartpow as Privtate – he needs to set it as Public

Can you mention to him I don’t know what happened to his registration of wilmslowphoenixsportsclub – it was not there so I have started it off for him

I am suggesting that we have a golf society and a golf creche for after school IT Education.

I have a pro that will come to the club to give chipping lessons on the hockey pitch – what do you think will the club go for it.


Community Guardian (BA019)

I need to write contracts for yourself and Stuart as Associate Consultants for Red Octopus and make you Non Exec Ceo of Design House and make Stuart Chairman

Thank Again

The Coronation Cup

May 6, 2023

The Coronation Cup was established during the coronation of King Charles III when he was being awarded The Bible.

06/05/2023 Taking the oath at 11:15:00 on The Bible.

Declaring he was a Protestant at 11:17:00

Signing the declaration at 11:18:00

Revised Implementation List

May 5, 2023

Hi James it’s Alan Bramwell – Re Implementation / Change Control

I have done the Intranet for the entry forme for the HTTP://

I have put together HTTP://


HTTP:// – MP Product Owner Project Fireball – This Project

HTTP:// – Phoenix from the flame – Me;

HTTP:// Mottram Hall National Final


There is a lot more you can track my links from these pages

I need to know what you want on the poster so that i can deliver it to 12 golf clubs in your hub with my 

HTTP:// report

Thank you James for all your support over the years I played in the Adam Bramwell Memorial at Styal yesterday – I only managed 9 holes I have a bad back and a heart condition – plus my shoes were rubbing – i had not put any socks on – I shot over 50 for 9 holes 1 took 9 shots to get out of a bunker on one hole where i shot 15 – a far cry from my last 4 holes of golf where I shot 68,68.67.68 gross in 2000 before I retired from golf.

Thank You James This has been the most Important day of my long life.

Implementation Day

May 5, 2023

Hi James its Alan Bramwell – Re Implementation / Change Control

I have done the Intranet for the entry form for the HTTP://

I have put together HTTP://


HTTP:// – MP Product Owner Project Fireball – This Project

HTTP:// – Phoenix from the flame – Me;

HTTP:// Mottram Hall National Final   

There is a lot more you can track my links from these pages

I need to know what you want on the poster so that I can deliver it to 12 golf clubs in your hub with my 

HTTP:// report

Thank you James for all your support over the years I played in the Adam Bramwell Memorial at Styal yesterday – I only managed 9 holes I have a bad back and a heart condition – plus my shoes were rubbing – i had not put any socks on – I shot over 50 for 9 holes 1 took 9 shots to get out of a bunker on one hole where i shot 15 – a far cry from my last 4 holes of golf where I shet 68,68.67.68 gross in 2000 before I retired from golf.

Thank You James This has been the most Important day of my long life.

The Kevin Lawrence Trophy

May 3, 2023

i Kevin 03/05/2023

Not spoken to you for a while – can we start to get things moving on our golf tuition – i have recruited John Watson to translate the 49 steps into other languages.

When do you think that you can write something and do some podcasts

Remember that you will receive income from our internet search engine – we are making money albeit just a little – we need the 49 steps to promote golf.

look at the work that i have been  doing on HTTP://

You are my main man – i need your American contacts

htttp:// River Forest

The Kevin Lawrence Trophy 

How are you keeping – are you well how is business at Didsbury i have called it HTTP:// for HTTP:// IT Lessons


Community Guardian (BA019)

Forest River

May 1, 2023


I am going to start work today on the ingersoll rand twighlightgolf society 

I am going to create foresthub  and forest1 to 11

I will clone your website and hybrid it with my HTTP://

As i will be setting up a twighlight golf competition for each of your 12 courses hub pluss 11

i need to know which is your premier club and the names of your 11 clubs

Thank you for being a member of HTTP:// HTTP://protopage.comforest404 HTTP://

Playing with The Bard

April 19, 2023

Take a look at for some interesting results.

The Coronation Trophy – Royal St Davids

April 19, 2023


I have fixed dates at Cheadle and Hazel Grove hub and county events – I now need to firm a date at Royal St Davids for a shotgun start and evenings meal – I need to know how much to charge per person for the event – I will fund the act – we hope to raise funds for junior golf development at   The Sanctuary

Please see HTTP:// the event will be The Copronation Trophy for

Thank you for your help can I please have a date close to 07/07 every year.

I may also want to hold a small event for a few players as an international final in November

for the HTTP:// trophy

Thank you 


President IFOC

Community Guardian (BA019)

Relentless / Nimrod

April 11, 2023


We are into a new tax year now – Year End is done the company will do tax year end returns as being in dormancy. We have been fined £150 for doing late returns for 2022 – there was some kind of a hiccup when i did the return so now i have employed an accountant to do our returns we will do corporation tax with tax year end on -06/06. As we will be receiving income for forest 404 we will have to come out of dormancy for tax year end 2024.

So where are we now.

Trello Itrem The Bramwell/Gilbert/Edwards/Davies Methodology.

We need an infrastructure with an assurance region.

Can you please design and program an application that takes in requests for tables primary keys and constructs an assurance region of test data / support data.

It is a cut down method which I created in 1993 at sodexo.

Paul and Tom can design and write the Power BI that takes in Goole Spreadsheets and create the jason file that will be used by yourself rich to populate our Relentless Nimrod Database.

If Paul has any drive he can do a PHP/MySQL version!

Alan Community Guardian (BA019) – For The Police Systems

Progress – Student Ready

March 30, 2023

Rich you are fantastic we now need the tutor / student table and a bacs payment transaction to redcamel bank account for student registration (urgently) lets get some velocity now that you have your standard.

Tommorow I will start on the Nimrod Methodcan you please trello this

Produce an aid memoir transaction

1 from 

2 to 

3 date 

4 message 

Produce terms of reference 

1. who 

2 what 

3 when 

4 why 

5 tangible deliverable

Thank You

Zues . Tantalus

March 29, 2023

Rich do you understand this – will it work that you are creating a view with the option to change the channel and the language

it should work


Product Launch

March 25, 2023

WCHG A Friendly Face – Welcome to AMSTRAT

<p>Quidam is a Community Guardian - He is a friend of Wythenshawe - He was trained an an IT Manager in Wythenshawe and is working on a project that will change the world of computing.</P>
    <p>His Xenophon / Nimble Project Methologies have been created for an Agile developpment environment using TDD Task Drived Data.<p>
        <p>First phase of his developmemt is complete - The creation of a new Infonet Search Engine -</p>
        <p>Work on Infonet Registration / Protosearch has been put back whilst research and development using Blazor and Azure is being conducted.<p>
            <p>Quidam is now prepared to release his name after 25 years in development of his University - His Name is Alan Bramwell - He Is an Agile Product Owner.</P>
                <p>Alan's Business Partner and Microsoft Certified Developer is Richard Gilbert - They have been working together for 25 Years - Initially on a ECDL Training Package called
                        <p>Alan has an Oracle - Uncle Paul who is a consultant - he introducerd Alan to Home Servers</p>
                        <p>In 2020 Paul came out of contact using Visual Foxpro - Legacy Sofware and turned to BSG Elite for Advice</P>
                            <p>Paul was recomended to convert his Bossoms Database into a Full Stack Language - Paul Chose PHP/MySQL - Built himself an new Stratbox - Where he hosts Linux / Lavarel</P>
                                <P>On achieving this provesd he was able and confident - found full time employment for a Power BI load</P>
                                <p>Paul has worked his was into an organisaiuon and is now developing for hand held devices in the area of Stock Control</P>
                                    <p>We are looking to employ Paul as and when Forest 404 provides a revenue stream. Which is our intention for all our Associate Consultants.</p>
                                    <p>I was employed as an Associate Consutant when I wrote the Payroll System for The Roay Mail - Developed Solutions for Greater Manchester Police and Sodexo working for ExtaUnit.Ltd</p>
                                        <p>I also worked as a surveyor / commisiion only for a year - to gain experience in Sales.<p>
                                            <p>I went on to forge a career in Sales at Unicom / Veratstar where i worked under the banner of Design House - It was at Verastar where I started my Company Red Octopus
                                                and the division Verastar Community Systems. Which has drawn me into the busines of Red Octopus Broadband Service where I hope we can sell our Hitec Computers Startbox 
                                                solution with Intranet USB Sticks along with Elon Musk's Low Orbit Satalite Solution for Africa along with my Village Well Project,<P> 
                                                    <p>BSG Elite is a project intended top Educate Africa - Hopefully donations to our charity the Erica Socieny Foundation will progress this venture. We need an income source top allow us to progress this project so please donat to : - for Wythensahawe Manchester</p>    

                                                    <h4>Alan hopes that Forest 404 will generate enough revenue to create an airline industry for his aviation friends Vinnie / Mark / Pilot Tom(Power Bi Oracle)</h4>

Circulation :

  1. Scratch
  2. HTML
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Power BI
  5. XML
  6. JSON
  7. Google Forms
  8. Google Forms to Power BI Interfacing
  9. Power Bi to SQL Server Interfacing
  10. MVC
  11. c#
  12. Blazor
  13. Azure
  14. Php
  15. MySQL When this initial training has been completed Tutors will be asked to program an On-Line Shop fo a Click and Collect Process On completion they will be certifieid with a diploma and will do on the learn Javascript/Angular/Python/ReactJS for mobile phone application and will be responisile for all factor in the creation and roll out of the Infinity Discount Card. They will be responsible fo online marketing using podcasts fo YouTube/Powtoon and Prezi. When this phase of training has been completed they will be allowed to work for Foundation Consulting and Onbourd Promotions and will set up Online UK Conferencing for 1,000 venues in the UK Commision wioll be paid for every event held
    Each Event should aim to raise £1,000 for The Erica Society Foundation Trust
    The Cost of this Post is £6,000 which will be paid after you have obtained full time employment as an Agile Technical Consultant <p>You should have a career ecxpectaion of £40,000 for this roll with the expectation of earning £70,000 as a Agile Progect Manager.<P> You will be given projects to manage – On completion of a project and the generation of an income stream you will graduate from BSG-Elite You will be trained in Godaddy hosting and will work on The Stratbox / Statbox Project You will write a paper to convince UK Government that there should be an Adam Law – where businesses must use SSNA and host a home server for :
        <ol>Stock Recording/Purchasing/Goods Received/Sales Ledger and General Ledger.<p> When you have completed these tasks you will be licenced to sell StatDisc – AMSStrat

      For 03/03/2023 – Getting Started

      March 2, 2023

      For 03/03/2023 @11:11:11My home server stopped working so I got ionto virgin and bt top set me up a new home server – they would not help me – said I need to take their business broadband.

      So I had my Toshiba set up as a Linux box using Firefox. It will not access Turin Tutor – I am really pissed off – nothing I do seams to work – I have written to The Mayor of Manchester – Andy Burnham but he has not replied – I am really pissed off about it. There has to be a way forward with these people – I will wait until we have completed 

      1. Tutor

      2. Business

      3. Student

      4 Tutor Stiudent

      5 Maghnacarta

      6 Shady Hollow

      7 Q Core Registration  services

      8 Business / Shady Hollow

      I recon that once you have mastered Tutor these will be done in a weekend – I hope.

      I will look at your git hub – if you tell me which one to clone I will have a go……..!!!!!!!!

      David Attenborough

      March 2, 2023

      Have Set up David in Greta Thunberg 0 Must Write to Greta tomorrow.

      Azure by Richard

      February 25, 2023

      Ok – looking at putting together a full stack blazor crud example for hosting as an azure static web app – love azure static web apps – free and I’m interested to see if we encounter the sql lite being blitzed issue – if we do I’ll use azure sql as I need to have a look at it at some point.

      Azure Static Web Apps – App Service | Microsoft AzureA modern web app service that offers streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high

      It’ll take a while to put the framework together but I should have some time today to get the ball rolling. Going to use chatbot as much as I can to see where it gets me!

      Watched a blog on another awesome looking AI product

      The IFOC – Fun with Flags – Eco Globe / Geology

      February 24, 2023

      Hi Mike I have been spring cleaning my house – it looks great. I still can not drive so can’t get to see you.

      Why don’t you pop over one evening we can go for a meal and a pint and you can stop over – I am fit to receive visitors- finally.

      Can you please go to HTTP:// and start to use it as a search engine instead of google – it will earn us revenue. Please look at the three bars on the right-hand side – click them then go to the Infonet. Please register a Protopage for your Ecoglobe – lets get selling it a priority – get your HTML fixed as soon as possible – i am going to be writing to the financial times – I have just started a venture called The IFOC – The International Federation of Countries for Geology Lessons – We need Eco Globe to teach it at The New Phoenix University – I would like you to develop the website Fun With Flags for me – a register of Countries Flags Capitals and World Leaders.

      For a view to see what is going on in my life see my blog HTTP://

      I am making you a product owner POG – Product Owner Geography and Geology. I loved Geology – it was tragic that I failed my O level – I wanted to do it at A Level – Perhaps now is my time – to study something other than IT.

      Cheers Mike you are my Best Man – Love to Debbie and the boys.

      How Tall are the Boys – I have lots of Adams Clothes that need a good home.

      IFC 04:16:00 23 February 2023

      February 23, 2023

      The International Federation of Countries – IFC – was founded by Alan Bramwell for the promotion of World peace and education following a period of research and development in infonet and intranet services by Richard Gilbert of Red Camel Systems.

      The flagship development will be HTTP:// – the development be launched by the initiative of Twighlight Golf at Air B and B Withington Golf Club Manchester England – The Cheshire hub of The Golf Hub.


      HTTP:// (iFC)

      HTTP:// – Greater Manchester Police Twilight Golf Society

      HTTP:// – HTTP:// – IRQ Call Centre Control Sytstems

      HTTP:// Turin / Tutor Registration

      Richard, can you please register these sites with when you have decided on the vehicle that does not clear down entries.

      Have the Forest404 registration include.

      1. Planet
      2. Country
      3. State/Province
      4. Post Code / Zip Code.

      Prepare IFC announcement of Forest404 for The Financial Times / HTTP:// / HTTP:// – The Birdie / Osprey / Eagle and Wythenshawe FM TV and Radio / Community Guardians / The Mayor – Andy Burnham and Mike Kane MP

      HTTP:// – Stratdisk Intranets

      Progress as Priority

      February 22, 2023

      Thanks Richard

      I have been breeding life into old machines to sell as Stratboxes. I am writing training material for USB  sticks – I have strange things happening to my old machines – they will not acce4s the internet but I can set up IIS but localhost  is not working so I have set up InetPub and wwwroot on a usb stick accessing it from a Turin folder on my desktop – we should be able to look on eBay for olde XP machines and sell them with memory sticks for kids learning to be web programmers.

      Please focus on Student Registration – Tutor/studenr Registration as e’commerce costing £101 per registartation

      Also as soon as is possible get Forest 404 infonet registrationtion working – add business and post code – the ID can be Business ID

      Thanks for all your help I will be testing your stuff today 

      Please put a link on forest 404 to Hoskyns Education Services address Please Trello this request then I will see that you have taken it onboard. Trello as Onboard Promotions

      Data Types

      February 22, 2023

      C –

      SQL –

      Cobol FD –

      05:43:00 Lesson 1 – File Definitions

      February 22, 2023

      Session 1 Knowing Your Data

      Task Class – TS Top Secret

      World Pump Trade Analysis System

      1. Ditto
      2. Secopy
      3. Easytrieve

      CICS / Blazor Hybrid Standards

      February 17, 2023


      I have been having excellent thoughts about transaction design 

      We are going to emulate IBM cics transactions 

      they have a command line

      a command line messages line

      a exec interface block called eibaid for global variables passed between transactions

      View content for menus – content screen – list screen – multi member input 

      and a system messages at the bottom of the screen

      for each data code there is a blazor standard of




      typical spec 


      Command Line Message : xxxxxx


      textbox  TUTUField1     – (Function TTUF1) (data code 001)

      Tutor Message

      transaction block for data code 002 Function TUTUF2



      Etc Etc

      System Message :

      I will write a standards manual that reflects this

      Thanks for all your trello feedback – looking at it today

      Everest – Adam / Gilbert

      February 16, 2023

      New programming langauge.

      This is going to be really simple – What we need t do is limit it to the work that you have done for Turin

      We need to look at each statement and break it down into operators and operand then create twitter shorthand for operator

      Then create a table that does pseudo code to Twitter Shorthand that takes in operands.

      I would like the language to be called Adam – bus as you will be doing all the work i will be happy with Gilbert.

      See Trello Everest

      Blazor View Specification

      February 2, 2023


      Blazor View SpecificationWhat is a blazor screen/form.view called – is it mvc view

      Will this do for now – need help with this

      02/02/2023 08:30:00 Going to sleep now

      First Adam Specification

      February 2, 2023


      This will shock you – I have produced a specification for a code generator – can you program from this

      A Plea For Help

      February 2, 2023


      I have been watching training videos and have learned about power bi and google sheets.

      I believe that power bi can look at government big data 

      What I need you to do is spend just half an hour to help me out 

      I would like you to do the following 

      1 set up a Gmail e-mail address

      create a google form and a google sheet 

      share them and see if power bi will access them

      I tried to use power bi – I think I got it to look at a google download – I’m not sure and the machine that i used to do it i cant recall where power bi is.

      I would really like you to try if you can create a json file in import it into a php/mysql table / visual foxpro table then document how it is done for our university the new phoenix university and college.

      Courses at HTTP:// – Password Protected

      Thanks, Paul please ring me I like it when we talk.

      Al – your brother!

      Clear Business Negotiations

      February 1, 2023

      Hi Owen 

      I don’t know what part of the recording that Adam Stableford did not like

      Let me explain who i will be selling to

      1. I will be selling to shops as I walk the streets

      2. I will be selling to business owners as I call from door to door 

      3 I will be selling to 1,000 golf clubs and golf professionals as i set up Magnacarta

      4 I will be selling to golf club members with businesses

      5 finally i will be selling to my associate consultants

      I do not see any of these transactions a reason for rejecting me – I have an Auto Provisioning program that selects services – I i fail to become a business partner clear business will be bottom of the list behind BT / Vigin / Plustnet / Neatly and others.

      I hope that we can work together as Red Octopus Broadband will be going on my Verastar Sites that I set up in Broadband Provisioning.

      Derk Beswick Provisioning Manager entered into lifetime support with Manchester Community Guardians for The Erica Society Foundation Trust .

      I have Newspapers / Radio Stations / TV and Cinema businesses to Promote my product – I have a company to promote my businesses called Onboard Promotions – You would not want me to give Verastar a bad review on The One Show / Frenada Reports and Newsnight would you!

      HTTP:// HTTP://

      HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// / Verastar Community Systems hyyp:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// (FacX-TV) HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// and many many others including skynet2020 and santanet plus the erica society foundation trust and the chrisie / community guardians Manchester.

      Alan Bramwell

      Verastar Community Systems CEO

      Adam Training

      February 1, 2023


      You have done a great job with Tutor please Stop you are going to write it in Adam 

      I am writing the manual it will involve JSO?N batch processing – can you please focus on a batch process into a SQL table 

      Well Done 

      see HTTP://protopage,com/teetimemovies HTTP:// for Full Stack Training we are going to have an Adam event at Cine World after Withington Golf Club

      The date for this event is 7th July 2023 WGC Permitting

      James can you please confirm that Richard can book the club on 7th July B and B to


      SuggestIT Trello Members@Withigtongolfclub

      January 31, 2023

      See members trello  – I will Wigby this Richard – You can pick it yup after we have done Jason / XML Interfaces

      31/01/2023 18:14:00

      We have a zeus Project to do ticket hadling there will be the following tables

      Business Table

      Product Owner

      Suggester Table

      Ticket Table

      Interrupt Request Table

      Ticket to Interupt Request Many to Many Table

      Product Owner to Ticket Table

      Suggester to Ticket Table

      Business to Product Owner Table

      Business to Suggester Table

      Cost of developmeny

      4 functions per table





      at £300 per function (1988 Rates)


      £13,200 donated by Richard Gilbert and Alan Bramwell – Community Guardians



      January 31, 2023

      See for SuggestIT

      Trello to Members at WGCAdd Table to Suggest IT 

      Table 1 Communcations 

      Table 2 Product Owner to Communications

      Who Alan

      What Communication 

      When Now 

      What For – Red Octopus Solicitors

      How Much

      2×300 for add to spread sheet function £600

      James 31/01/2023 18:48:00

      Richard is working very hard for you doing project Turin – he is pushing the limits of technology using Blazor Azure -= TrainIT will be used to train your Greens Staff – Steve Marr could Structure his golf lessons see

      We never get any feedback from the Emails we send you – That disappoints us so much.

      We are not doing this for our health we are improving golf club Management in a bid to bring peace and tranquillity

      I am a mild meek and tender man – I am never rude to people – I may be assertive but never rude – I am always polite – It is my profession to be polite. 

      And as for Martin Keates I aim very surprised at him – I thought Martin was a friend of mine – he does not reply to my emails. Not fitting for a club chairman.

      Working Too Hard

      January 31, 2023


      its 8am in the morning for God’s sake – I thought it was about 2am

      lots of Trello to be looking at


      January 31, 2023

      Rich I am thinking about specifications

      i want the following

      1. Feasibility Syudy – me – podcast

      2 Functional specification – me – podcast

      3 design specification – you google document

      i think we are working on Olap cubes

      Data Dictionary Table

      1. Cube 1 – Channel

      2 x coordinate 0 Table 

      3 y co-ordinate  – column Language indicator

      4 y co-ordinate – row – Data Code (Screen Row)

      5 z co-ordinate Entry 1 to ten foxt text box literals

      I would like you to change the structure of your tutor table to have an additional function the function is to read your text boxes and created local variables that are then fed into your current table.

      I have been thinking about validation – here is what I need 

      1. Mandatory / variable

      2  Fomat

      3 Range

      4 Table 

      I will need a text box for system messages there will be a table warning message and a table rejection message. These will be Plato Tables for Standard Text.


      I would like you to look at Prestbury Golf Club 

      I would like the chat bot on your forest screen with Plato messages and AI learning recording messages that are not understood – this is an application that will use your Protosearch you are working on AI and Olap for your – CV Trello Phoenix Spec


      I am struggling thinking of a name for our new language

      React.js uses Java Script

      I want Turin.js to use

      1. Unicode – Uni200

      2 Phoenix

      3 Tubol 0 Turin Business Oriatated language 0 Cobol

      4 Forpro – Fortran

      5 Sratch51 – Derivertive of Scratch We are going to clone Scratch


      Went to see Otto today – Tom Hanks is Amazing 

      Went to see Babakon – Brad Pitt was good

      The Oscars will go to OTO Beter than Avatar the way of water


      January 30, 2023

      2024 will be a busy year for you we are launching Phoenix

      Phoenix Medicare – NHS

      Phoenix Quiz

      Phoenix Shop

      Phoenix Golf Club Systems

      Phoenix Azure


      Phoenix University

      Phoenix the language – Phoenix Formulae

      Phoenix Screen Painter 

      Phoenix Diamond Reports

      Phoenix List

      Phoenix Pages

      Phoenix Nimble Business Analysis

      Phoenix Xenophon Documentation Management

      Phoenix Control Systems

      Phoenix IRQ – NHS

      Phoenix Auto Union – Amazon

      Phoenix auto provisioning for Red Octopus Broadband

      Phoenix Learning

      I have been watching Google Sheets/Power Bi/React JS/ Python it has taught me that you can do Json/XML

      Microsoft Started with Bill Gates and Paul Alan / Microsoft With Mark and Google with two People – We can do this with a bit of effort – Unipay was started by one person using their spare time on his works machine – We are Cloning Uni200 for Web Publishing – Payroll/Personel/Post/Establishment Databases – Zeuss Multi-Channel Multi-Lingual Data Base – Spec By 07/07 – I am too busy – having a nervous break down – Trying to chill while you do the Quiz / Shop and Turin (NVQ ERA for Phoenix – User hook)


      January 28, 2023

      We are writing a patient reminder website for the Moses project – Atherleigh Park. I had a dispute with the NHS about being sectioned and Design House Designed 3 applications for the NHS within Mediacre

      1.  An IRQ System to  log patients needs – Activities and Tasks

      2. A ticketting Ststem to track progress

      3. A reminder system to remind patients that their depot is due and appointments with the hospital.

      Richard Gilbert is volunrteering £60,000 worth of development to the NHS,

      The NHS have a Protopage account at Tees and Wear – Wythenshawe and South Mersey Block emails and Protopage – this is not acceptable when suicidal clients are doing CBT.

      I was gifted a copy of BNF 78 September 2019 to 2020 for the development of Medicare – I may start to report drug side effects.

      Trustpilot Review

      January 28, 2023

      Goddady is really great I have lots of stuff with them – they are generally very helpful – I have only had the one bad experience where I was left hanging for 10 minutes while the agent was looking at my problem – I put the phone down and rang back – it took me 20 minutes to reconnect – Godaddy needs to play a tune when put on hold – I recommend
      My Company is Red Octopus we specialize in New Business Start Up – Infonet and Intranet Services – W are Pegasus Agile – For more about us see
      We have just invented the Infonet – for Protopage Users we have asked Godaddy to put Protopage on its Social Media site list.
      I am proud to announce that we host and with godaddy along with two timsneathinfonetshop websites ,co for the UK – which will be 1000 SSNA Outlets for us.
      Like I said we have a new protopage search engine called – hosts that – I don’t know where but GoDaddy hosts Redcamel Systems. All is great today read
      You can raise money in a number of ways – the cheapest is to register as a business using protopage and then buy clear business broadband gas water and electricity from me using an infinity discount card that you can buy the franchise for – the infinity discount card will earn you £7,000 – I only charge £35 for a batch of business cards, As a business owner you need business cards – you might as well buy infinity cards. I will blog this Trust Pilot on my SSNA Blog and circulate it to my team using Email – This is a Xenophon Genesys Document – You can buy my books on Relentless (Amazon) read about how our Auto Union Signature/Outcomes/ConnectionPathways Programs could have helped for Jef Bezos – We applied yo My Application to become a mediator but they have not replied – Well Done Amazon.
      Alan Bramwell
      Non Exec CEO Redcamel Systems
      Non Exec Ceo Red Octopus
      For The Erica Society Foundation Trust at
      Red Camel Magnacarta/C21Quiz/Shadyholow WIP – Wigby Project

      IRQ Phone Call by Richard – QTimebank

      January 28, 2023

      Protopage development Scrum Duties Sportaid and AndAble qroygbiv0 richardgilbertinfonet bramit blog withingtongolfclub thegolfchannel radioxl wythenshawefmtvand radio lokhul reporter grenadareports Email infinitytigerteam

      Abandon Time Bank Recording Set Up Infinity Time Bank Recording for HTTP://qroygbiv0 Sprints

      Do on Monday Have Sunday Off – Continue with Pegasus Agile Project / Nimble.

      Do not load any more project/phases/activity/tasks/milestones till Richard has installed OpenWorkbench

      Design House – Design Time Sheet with Termas of Reference Recording and Sprint Scheduling – Set this up in a Google Drive called Nimble – to contain Waterfall Specifications for Redcamel Systems. Expose Specifications for BSG-Eite.Biz University.

      Set fees for BSG-Elite Full Stack at £1,000 – Tutor Microsoft Certified Programmer Richard Gilbert in Blazer Azure / MVC-C#-Sqlserver/ Javascript / Angular – Longhorn programming for StratboxHBS – Home Business Server

      HTTP:// Alan Bramwell – Hoskyns Education Wigby Programming with Google.

      HTTP:// Infinity Discount Card

      HTTP:// – This Communication

      HTTP:// – This Blog

      I will now set up HTTP:// and in QNimble within Gmail account Red Octopus

      I won bother to do Sportaid amendments yet I will wait til after Richard has completed the C21 Quiz.

      SSNA Model Companies

      January 27, 2023

      Please supply cost or Tutor Cloning after you have perfected delete and an enquiry transaction like a banking online – with pages 1 to n

      Well done – I have businesses that we are going to SSNA and Wigby / Power BI – we will not charge them

      The NHS


      a clothing company that I am branding

      a model agency 

      a number of golf clubs

      And Bsitting for Jobie

      Prestbury Bug

      January 25, 2023
      Id like to report a bug on your website - your contact us on your scroll bar is not working - i had an experience wgere i clicked the contact us on your main screen and the scroll bar was not working there was no way home Nice site well done
      i ve had the bug again when it happens a chatbox icon appears over the three task bars

      Plea to Presbury Golf Club

      January 25, 2023
      I have a regional final for yor event on the 7th of july 2023 at cheadle golf club if i set you up with a spread sheet will you please administer it for me - it is for cancer relief the crities and magies and the red cross . wwn wildlife

      Prestbury Golf Club

      January 25, 2023

      I manage a website called the golf hub – I am setting up hubs all over the UK I would initially like to twin you With withington Golf Club and hold golf day at your club for a Hub Final – This would mean that you would be the administrator of bookings for that golf day – we are calling it a Party In The Park – It is primarily for your golf club members as we have not got round to doing the Cheshire hub – We are working with Club V1 on this project – Project Adam for Witington Golf Club – Adam is a service agent at Club V1 – Withington Golf Club advertised for help with their web site – They will be so pleased when I announce what I have selected for them.
      Please help me raise money for charity by advertising to your membership Withington Golf Club Broadband at £30.99 – The same price as BT – Commision to be paid to The Erica Society Foundation Trust for Junior Golf Development at Prestbury Go;f Club.

      Withington Invoice

      January 25, 2023

      To Martin Keates / John Goddard / Bob Bolton / Tex McIor / Ben Etherington / Mike Casey / Trevor Eve / John Shurden / Steve Emmet – The Membership Notice Board

      We would like to inform you that the donation to Smile aid has been returned – The donation was made when Will Powell Contracted Withington golf club to life-long support in IT and Agile Management.

      This is one of the conversations in the bar.

      The other conversation in the bar was with the bar staff – Alan was talking to an executive of the cub about the Infinity Business Card – a card that will bring £7,000 income to the club per annum £35K for life membership. He was asked by the staff not to talk to the exec – Alan was assertive and said  “do you mind this is none of your business and i would like to remind you that it is my money that pays your wages” – that’s all that was said. This is no reason to throw Alan out of the club after spending 16 years developing protopage for the Directors Table. By throwing Alan out of the club you have been placed on Comecon – Artisans Rates of £5 per hour. Alan is now invoicing you for 16 years working at 10 hours per week rounded up to £30,000 as the figure recorded to timebank is 20 hours per day for the delivery of Turin a Blazor Azure project. Alan is delivering HTTP:// and the BSG Elite University to WGC and revenue from this venture will go to WGC under the Forest404 collaborators Agreement. The income that WGC has earned this year has been donated to The Redcross at HTTP:// WGC is being charged for the development of Tesco Infonet / Gmpinfonet a Twitter Twilight Golf the Greater Manchester Police and Verastar Golfing society – whilst we are at it we will charge Verastar work to WGC that will give WGC revenue from HTTP://protopage,com/infonetintranetservices.

      Part of the cost of this development has gone to HTTP:// / HTTP://protopageq1,com for Amazon UK and America – Alan is a Union Consultant and has volunteered his time to bring Tranquility to Amazon as a Guardian 

      Consider this as an Invoice Form Red Octopus Business Services for £30,000 payable over 30 years by direct debit to Alan Bramwell Direct – Subkect to RPI Increase Januar.

      Peter Johnson Red Octopus Solicitors

      Should you not agree to these terms and re-instate Alan then a small claim will be raised for £160k for delaying the implementation of THE INFONET – which is now earning Red Octopus Money.

      For generating this letter we charge £200 which is donated to The Erica Society Foundation Trust which donates to the WGC Captains Charity. Please advise us on what charity Ben Etherington is supporting this year.

      Please copy Ben Etherington / John Goddard and The Club Notice Board and put in the suggestion book that you consult members before you kick them out of the club – hear both sides of the argument. I am creating a members union to stop this from happening again.

      copy 2 Amazon.

      Peter Johnson – Red Octopus Solicitors

      Greta – Pegasus Agile Management – The Book – IRQ processing for project Moses The NHS

      C2 Andy Burnham Mayor of Manchester / Mike Keen MP / BBC Make a Difference./ Grenada Reports / The One Show / Click Online

      Alan Bramwell 

      Tom Davies

      Richard Gilbert


      HTTP:// – the birdie;

      Withington Golf Club Contract

      January 25, 2023

      IRQ 25/01/13:30 to 13:45 To set up Project Achilles for Verastar Product Owner RichardGilbertPOA – Verastar would not give Email – Release Verastar Community System at 11:11:11 tonight. 25/01/2023 Trello it as an Activity – log as done no further work to do other than nightly scrum. Log as a Trello Task Achilles should already be set up for Verastar Community Systems Jan 2019. Update 2015 – backlog Report Product Owner Alan Bramwell (Quidam).

      Withington Golf Club on the same community guardian contract – we will Comecon Quo Vadis for them as they are not collaborating and are on Out of Contract rates like BT – Contract subject to RPI in January each year – Current Rate £5 Per Hour Directors Rate.- Directors Payroll / Artisans Rate – Artisans Payroll.Peter Johnson Red Octopus Solicitors.

      Amazon Invoice

      January 25, 2023

      Amazon RecruitmentI have a poltergeist in this house things go missing – my keyboard is playing up – i have just gone to get my emergency keyboard and its not in its box – I have lost a white bord / genesys notes and a book. I will have to swap key boards on my macs – one mac is playing up – i need to replace it. 

      I will buy a Stratbox Business and get BT broad band with 500 meg download and t5 meg upload for the Amazon project. I will also buy a new laptop for use at Amazon / two new websites purchased and installed last night HTTP:// and for America. 

      I am going to have to buy a key board and monitor the bill will come to:

      £1,000 for StratboxB

      £800 for StratboxUP – University Portable

      £300 for protopageq0

      £300 for protopageq1

      Estimate £100 for a decent monitor

      Estimate £25 Keyboard

      Estimate £5 for a mouse

      Infinity Discount Cards £100

      Email to MyApplicaton £100

      Amazon Consultancy @4 hours at £1,000 per hour £24,000

      Invoice to Amazon £100

      Correspondance charged at Red Octopus Solicitors Rates £100 per hour.

      Total £26,775 Discounted to £3,000 for Goodwill – For BT Broadband Contract

      Invoice to Amazon HR Services for  HTTP://  

      Payable within 30 days – Bankers Order 

      to Alan Bramwell 4 Parklands Road



      M23 0GB

      I will now put Amazon on a Community Guardians Contrat which gives them free IT and Management support for the duration of their Union Negotiations

      HTTP:// – Free

      Comecon Project Work – Free

      Comecon Payroll and HR System Free

      Directors Payroll System – Free

      The Directors Table – Free

      Time Bank Artisans Payroll – Free 

      Xenophone Home Working – Free

      Santanet Charities – Free

      Infinity Discount Card worth £7,000 – £100

      Failure to Pay invoice will result in small business claim of £30,000 it takes valuable time communicating on Tee Time Movies.

      Peter Johnson 

      Red Octopus Solicitors Jan 25 2023 at 13:11:00

      Bank and Stock Exchange – Comecon

      January 24, 2023

      Rich, I am having an effin great time – from school, I should have started at Barclays bank but my friend broke his leg and i had to come home from Europe early – My dad got me a job as a trainee Manager.

      Tomorrow the first job that I am going to do is for the Erica society BitCoin with a collaborator factor as an exchange rate ffs Rich I am creating a bank and a stock exchange – it is going to take me half an hour – i want to do it now but I have not stopped all day I have had a big day 

      ffs i did not take note of who I sent my reports to one was Andy Burnham the other I can’t remember I only had two stamps Tesco was closed

      Withington Golf Club Sales Company Limited

      January 24, 2023

      Big Day tomorrow got to do a new business start up

      purchase ledger / sales ledger / grn / stock recording / Payroll / Personel post / expences / company carry / healthcare – Medicare / general ledger / balance sheet / Profit and loss / corporation tax /

      For Withington Golf Club Sales Ciompany Limited trading as Red Octopus Business Services Limited

      Wish me luck

      BBC Making A Difference

      January 23, 2023

      Alan is a Community Guardian he has a number of companies that raise funds for his charity The Erica Society Foundation Trust. He has Microsoft programers that work for him. They have created the infonet – it is now making money. He also manufactures and sell Stratbox Computer and has a University called BSG Elite – Bitesize in 2006 Alan had a very large contract to deliver education to junior golfers his websites for this venture are HTTP:// and Alan is in the middle of a roll out you can see Alan at HTTP:// a list of Alans Sites HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP.:// Agile Backlog Report Alan is writing a book on Agile project management and id developoong SSNA to track project he has a multi channel multilingual project called Zeus which will replace SAP. He has a Payroll and HR project called Quo Vadiz Alan is an IT Consultant – he wrote the Royal Mail System in 1993. Alan did the Y2k for sodexo but was not allowed to change their company structure – he is developing a company structure for his brand based on a bill of material. Alan does new company start up Business Modal Canvas he is a legend at Google HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// just giving HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// project Moses Alan is putting Stratbox into the NHS for The is more so much more HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// And more 200 more Adam tree planting BBC MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD


      Twitter Twilight Golf

      January 23, 2023

      Welcome to twitwer twilight golf
      1 Forest id F000000n / Twitter Hash Nickname
      2 Lesson Start Date
      3 Session 1 date
      4 Session 2 start date
      5 Session 3 start date
      6 session 4 start date
      7 lesson Emd Date
      8 Infinity discount card Membership number
      9 The Erica Society Blue Flamingos Just Giving Donation amountrms of reference


      Show details

      Alan Bramwell (alanbramwell2)

      Alan Bramwell (alanbramwell2)

      Alan Bramwell4 minutes ago

      Terms Of Reference
      Who Richard
      What Forest Registration Turin Project Empire Project
      Why Playstation Golf
      When Now
      Tangible deliverable Erica Society / Infinity Discount Card Revenue

      Magna Carta

      Red Cross Supernet

      January 22, 2023

      Attention Emily M South MerseyRed Cross I have evaluated the number of websites that i have constructed in the last month – the number is 50 for me to integrate these in a protonet / a super net – getting up to a hypernet it will cost in the region of £5,000. Hold fire Turin has the answer – in delivering TrainIT to you we can use a tutor to student many to many relationships. 

      For me to Red Cross every one of these websites with narratives will take a day – my day rate is £1,000 per day.

      I hope this is to your satisfaction – I will recover a small percentage of these charges from your forest 404 donations  We have not considered this factor in our analysis of the application – we were not expecting to do registration – i was going to clear all my assurance region down – now that this is production data we are going to have to resolve Forest 404 Bugs.


      The Metaverse 

      Blog this / don’t trello it

      Red Cross Turin Class R&D

      January 22, 2023

      Red Cross thank you for your kind reply for such a small donation.

      We noted on your feedback form that we want to be a partner of the red cross -0 if you put on your website with an instruction set to ask people to use forest instead of google we will up your collaborator status by 1 point – if we experience a sudden rise in revenue we will up your collaborator status again.

      If you do not help us get visibility on the WWW we will drop your collaborator status but we shall continue to donate to Food Share at Tesco.

      Welcome to HTTP://

      By working with us and allowing us to donate to your charity we will create HTTP:// this will be done within the next 5 minutes – it will take us one hour to fully integrate you into our network. For this systems integration we charge £1,000 as we have multimedia channels tv and radio and newsprint – it will take an evening thought how best to integrate you – My initial thought is to make infinity care a primary key for Red Cross Charity – if that is so we will integrate you int MikekanempPOF  Product Owner of fundraising

      This task is an IRQ you have interrupted my podcasting and nightly status reporting – I am going to have to drop my podcasting to go to bed to think about mapping you – I have had a busy few days we have good news forest 404 is making money which has triggered lots of activities an website creation I will look at the email activation for the last three day an link them to the red cross – the red cross being a primary ket and Mike Kanes MP site being the foreign keys.

      These events have triggered me to use an agile Project management tool called Trello i a learning new skills I will cut an paste this text which is a Genesys document with typo errors and paste it into Relentless Trello and my Bramit Blog – I also need to start my Christmas 2023 family letter.

      Happy Christmas welcome to HTTP:// raising money for The Christe and Maggies

      Alan Bramwell

      Community Guardian BA019;

      Mike Kane Appeal

      January 21, 2023

      Mike is now raising funds for your community – We have big thing planned for housing development in your ward.

      We are short of funds to get key deveopments completed – we have been a year now trying to get Protopsearch to work – we might have to outsource to google or Microsoft / IBM.

      Can you please go to and make a donation – please can you ask the house of commons and the house of lords to make a donation and persuade then to start to use Forest 404.

      If we get funding we will create a virtual cemetery in the meta verse called Shady Hollow. – this needs converting to a subscription site.


      We really need you support now Mike I am going to have to take my company out of dormant and start to Pay my Associate Consultants / Friends and Oracles. 

      Wishington Golf Club are benifitting for Junior Golf Development thhp:// /


      January 20, 2023


      What is your projected revenue for forest – have you earned anything yet.

      Is it time to announce it on the one show,

      Can we announce that 10% Donation will be made via The Erica Society Foundation Trust.

      Or to the Treasury on top of Corporation Tax.


      January 20, 2023

      Emily This Communcation has neen circllated to my MP and My Solicitor

      You will support me in getting off my CTO by viewing the companies that I manage and the projects which i have active.

      Richard Gilbert is now yje lead in this project – he has introduced me to Agile project manahement software today. 

      I have mapped our some of the projects that I am working on.

      I have invested £1500 in this project you will get an invoice for the time spent today.

      I notified you that my rates are £1,000 per hour discounted to you at £7 per hour – it is noe 11pm – that is 11 hours = £77 

      Your computers will be discounted to £700 / £200 And £300. the computters are for Atherleigh Park Wytenshawe and Bolton Beech ward. The Invoice will be raised one the Stratboxes have been configured as Home Servers to servive NHS Infonet Mystudybuddies / Medicare

      a copy of this script will be posted to Andy Burnham – Mayor of Manchester as this is A community Guardian Project – Carl Gayle Contracted to Life Time Support from Redoctopus by supplying me with coloured pens and reams of paper / notebooks.

      You can reciew all project communications at Smmh have not been kept in the loop as they would not supply me with an email contact – times have changed under your watch – we can now go Agile.

      Thank you for coming today – I an sorry that you did not wake me yesterday – I work nights – reporting to my son Adam who died in 2016.

      Due to a miss communication two A Bramwells have been set up in our system – Thos is Adam my Guardian Angel working for me.    I am being blocked from Chatbox – That will be Adam !!!!!!  Yes I have gone mad Dillusioanla – or do Angels exist – I think yes we hold our loved ones close to us – they are there in times of need.


      January 20, 2023

      I create hundreds of change control tasks – these are logged on genesis documents – bits of paper – diary entries propane stick notes to floor troll with this muck effort would be like asking you to writ an entry for each line of code you do.

      I might add a task for say doing 40 hours time bank development – then log your changes using time bank time recording – we need to agree a way of working that is efficient without too much logging.

      I think one entry per table will be good enough to track – I will dd them NOW 

      Plus I will add IRQ Interupt tasks 

      I need to document TASK IT with a task class T – Trello Tasks. So T/R&d its non chargeable. T/X is Chargeable NHS.  P/X. Is Nimrod Paper Based NHS Chargeable 



      January 20, 2023

      I don’t know why you have two bramwell – I only registered one – one must be Adam

      Can you change the status to Adam product owner – bramit scrum master

      I have already added to the current sprint

      I will add hyper projects / super projects / projects / micrprojects but I will not add tasks lists – I am paper based – I have a diary with 20 pages of tasks to complete – I am 20 days behind schedule waiting for progress from your self.

      Did you get my note about you setting up an angular task list – see richardgilbertinfonet 

      Rich you are my hero – I am taking red octopus out of dormancy and will start to pay you.

      I will let you have the tables fo Quo Vadiz Annual Pay system.

      Thanks Rich

      Invoice NHS

      January 18, 2023

      Hello Christabel 

      You are now product owner of my NHS projects – Moses 

      It is now 22:56 I have been working on all day

      I have just registered John Lennon was taken

      I have retro’d it to

      I charge £1,000 per hour for my Infonet / Intranet Services but I discount it to Carl Gayle

      I will invoice you £12,000 discounted to £400 for this considerable effort – My Study Buddies for the NHS is now LIVE.

      The contract with Atherleigh Park is £42,000

      There is an IRQ and Payroll / HR system on the way for Sodexo Bank Employees – Plus a learning platform for Peer Mentoring.

      I am certain that the government will be satisfied with

      Can you please phone me on 0161 998 2637 I would like the opportunity to come in to discuss Intransition with you.

      Alan Bramwell

      Community Guardian BA019 PO001

      My Study Buddies

      January 18, 2023

      My first live SSNA Site

      Chat Box

      January 18, 2023

      I am sure that I tried this but did not get anywhere – it was on Click.

      On 12 Jan 2023, at 10:40, Richard Gilbert <> wrote:

      so have you been on yet? It’s amazing.

      ChatGPT: Optimizing Language Models for DialogueWe’ve trained a model called ChatGPT which interacts in a conversational way. The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer followup questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests. ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction


      January 18, 2023

      Ok – looking at putting together a full stack blazor crud example for hosting as an azure static web app – love azure static web apps – free and I’m interested to see if we encounter the sql lite being blitzed issue – if we do I’ll use azure sql as I need to have a look at it at some point.

      Azure Static Web Apps – App Service | Microsoft AzureA modern web app service that offers streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high

      It’ll take a while to put the framework together but I should have some time today to get the ball rolling. Going to use chatbot as much as I can to see where it gets me!

      Watched a blog on another awesome looking AI product


      January 18, 2023

      Excellent work Rich – How long did it take you.


      Delete not done yet

      Telephone number – Bug does not record 0161. Drops the 0 

      Cange to spec – I changed the spec to record business not business id – business id is better but the user is not going to know it he will have to use business name and the system should api assign id.

      Can fields url and email become clickable objects?

      Can the display be restricted to 10 entries per page to save the user having to scroll down to the last page.

      I am so so pleased that you have been able to create this transaction from what is a skeleton spec.

      I wil now add lesson plans and session plans and establishment records to the spec / Stock recording.

      I have been in touch with Manchester university print services – they will charge me about £50 for 100 8 page booklets for agile project management – that I will retail at £35 per copy – Explaining our Nimrod / Xenophon design Construct phiolosophy

      Can you please do the following.

      Set up student record as a google form 

      Set up your Blazor student database 

      Do your inputs to yje google form – this will mean that you will have to set up your own protopage – then do a transaction that joss or xml data from google into sql.

      Now lets talk about Zeus – do you want the specification for the data dictionary that will allow you to select channel number / language id – I think that we should as I have just done some work on WTO World Trade Organisation Intranet for YMG International.

      Excellent progress Richard lets make this first trannsaction perfect. Coning will then be a joy.

      I hope that you are time banking your hours – I have a little budget for this for you.

      On 17 Jan 2023, at 19:23, Richard Gilbert <> wrote:

      Hey Big man

      check out

      finally battered Blazor into partial submission. Have a play but remember its a work in progress – also the data won’t be safe so don’t put tonnes on yet – need a sqlite strategy that works or may go to azure sql.


      January 17, 2023
      Message not delivered
      Your message couldn’t be delivered to because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information.

      Harry and Megan

      January 17, 2023

      Prince Harry I hope that I find you well – please reply then I will send you a list of protopages and passwords for the royal family.

      I sent a card to the Queen via William last year but I have had no response.

      Alan Bramwell

      Community Guardian (BA019)  

      Please let me have your email address I would like to make you a product owner for google projects.

      Joannas Podcasts

      January 16, 2023

      Could you please inform Joanna Lumley that a great way to inform people of her music podcasts is the infonet.

      HTTP:// Work in progress






      And many many more





      CEO Infinity Business Management



      January 12, 2023


      Why is Bossons down – It is critical for my Stratbox promotion – My Stratbox has died – i need to come to you to get me started 

      As you suggested I have purchased two new computers but can not get php/mysql working

      I have started my specifications and build – please see HTTP://

      I really would like you to do this for me – it would take you a morning


      Please think of how great it would be on your CV – working for HTTP:// in PHP or CSharp

      Started Turin / TrainIT – IBMQQQQ

      January 12, 2023


      January 11, 2023


      in 2000 you showed me how ro write ASP.NET Forms – I used the wizard to create amend and delete transactions – I leant that you can set up a table application in a couple of hours.

      Sadly my machine blew up and I lost my home sever,

      I desperately need you to start to create online tables for me – If we could limit it to say 4 tables a month – On per week that wouldd be a major step forward and I could start to write my Pegasus Agile Book.

      I need your phone number and address please can you let me have them and please confirm that you are onboard creating Empire Turin Adam and Nimrod projects.

      Thanks Richard 

      This venture will bring in revenue and will get you a MBE – see Bejay


      CEO IBM – Infinity Business Management

      I have planned out tasks for me to undertake for this year see – Code Red Backlog Report – I am 11 days behind schedule. I am very depressed at this moment in time – I nearly committed suicide today. – I have spent all year in bed just thinking and contemplating – awaiting your response to my suggestions. – I am in a bad place at the moment – Please build my tables for me.


      January 7, 2023

      Peter I will not get time to look at Revelation Document Handling – I am pushing it out to 02/02 


      Please inform Paul about HTTP://

      Product Owner Greg Berry

      January 7, 2023

      Hello Greg 

      Can you please confirm that you are taking on the role of Associate Consultant to drive out the YFactor Tour / Magna Carta


      CEO IBM – Infinity Business Management

      Onboard Promotions

      Bay Tree

      January 6, 2023

      British Empire Medal Winners

      Forest Release

      January 6, 2023

      Forest is still being cleared down 

      Happy new year 

      Can you please resolve the problem.

      Can you please resolve lipsum 

      Create a  e mail address and phone number.

      Please put as your favourites 








      Please create your own protopage for Agile Project Management

      Then write a release article for the financial times / BBC

      Thant You

      Agile Project Management – Task Management

      January 5, 2023

      Please start your own Genesys documents in your desk diary for tasks that i am loading you.

      Pegasus Agile Task Management.

      0 Tasks are not recorded linear – they are graffiti

      1 A Nimrod Arrow at an angle is a pointer to another task on the War Board

      2 A War board can be overladed in red / blue / black and green

      3 for Project Task Management the War Board can be written as Overloaded Day entries – This is a Genesys document DO NOT attempt to schedule tasks = Transcript onto a Protopage todolist when a month’s effort has been recorded. Collect tasks as C tasks till [[lanning phase has been undertaken.

      4 An Arrow to the right is Plan Ahead

      5 An arrow to the left is a history task

      6 An arrow up is a long-term project

      an arrow pointing down is a scheduled task within day

      7 A circle with a star in it is an unscheduled task

      8 A circle with one line through it is a Started Task

      9 A Circle with a cross is a finished task

      10 two circles representing start date / end date is occupancy recording

      11 a square with a date is a pointer to an occupancy start date


      Extraunit Ltd for Design House

      C2 Mike Kane MP


      January 5, 2023


      My project for 2023 will be called relentless

      I will relentlessly pursue you until you decide to produce packed projects that we can market at Red Octopus.

      Module will be 

      Stock Recording 

      Goods Receiving 


      Picking List


      Assembly order release

      Control Centre IRQ Administration

      Operation Cost Control


      Empire Budget Cost Control

      Operator Performance

      Bonus Payments

      I see no reason whilst you are coding for your employer that you can produce package projects for yourself on a stratbox

      I will start to do the database design in Wigby this month then negotiate with Richard when he can convert it to SQL server. 

      Paul we need you – we need your talent

      Hello Product Owners – 3 Jan 2023 Midnight

      January 4, 2023

      I am sorry there has been no scrum meeting at 11 O’Clock to night I had a year end report to write and deliver…

      I will attempt to map out what we have to do over the next two days tomorrow – I just have to work out how to get a google document attached to an e’mail


      Brotherhood X.0 3 Jan 2023 – Sycamore

      January 3, 2023

      IBM Watson for Beginners if this is a book can you please buy 2 copies  – if it is an online service can you buy just one

      Project Sycamore for The Meta Verse an on line Stock Market for Virtual businesses.

      Thank You 

      You wi;; enjoy this project by converting forest 404 to AI standards as Forest 303.



      International Business Management

      See for Munch Project

      I don’t do online purchases since i was scammed and my bank account was raided.

      New Years Resolution

      January 3, 2023

      Yes – New Years Resolutions

      To promote myself to account manager

      Outsource protopage registrations for Magnaarta to you

      Plan ahead 

      Do Organisation Charts and specifications

      Progress Sycamore with you

      Ensure that you become agile

      Talk to you on the phone

      Ensure that you ar happy working with me

      Set forest infonet as a subscription based service

      Set Magnacarta as a subscription based service

      Set Shady Hollow as a Subscription based service

      Work with IBM / Google / Microsoft / ICL / Ferranti / Apple / Twitter 

      Define programming standards for Quantum Computing – YOU

      Happy New Year – WE are going to be busy.

      Work on YMG International

      Employ 49 Associate Consultants 

      Deliver BSG Elite University

      Do Press Releases in The Financial Times and Time Magazine

      Make contact with Andy Burnham and Granada Reports / The BBC – Gary Lineker

      Going Agile with Q Core and Q Accounting Systems

      January 3, 2023

      Project Adam = TaskIT / Q CoreWatch all the Tee Time Moves that I have sent to you in Tesco Infonet  Mutch – History of the internet

      Take note of the future of the internet – Shady Hollow

      Please make forest 404 infonet a subscription based service = Q Core 

      (We have talked so much about Paul’s Q System and the future of the infonet)

      Start your own protopage account 

      Create SSR Register – Systems Sevice Request 

      Create PSR Register – Program Service Request

      Create a task register 

      A task – Priority Projects Task

      B Task – Low Priority tasks

      C Task – Unscheduled Tasks

      R Task – Research and Development

      T Task – Training Tasks / Personal Development 

      K Task – Backlog reporting

      S Task – Status Recording

      Y task – You Tube Recording – Brotherhood X.0

      TB Task – Timebank Recording

      Please create a google form in your Protopage account for these tasks with a process callled

      task TR = Time Recording as  Sql Server Process – Program under project Sycamore – Quantum  Computing  Task Q For Q Accounting Systems.

      Thank you 

      Quidam – IBM

      Brotherhood X.0 01 Jan 2023 11:11:11pm

      January 2, 2023
      Alan Bramwell 11:16 PM (2 minutes ago)
      to munchq1701, stevep1970, Richard, Paul, Kevin

      Steve / Munch 

      See Munch / Welcome to Forest 404 = Quidam Channel Brotherhood Scrum 01 Jan 23:11:11


      IBM Business Management 

      Amended E’Mail 2nd Jan 2023 17:30:00

      January 2, 2023

      A Day in the Life – Brotherhood 3.0 2nd Jan 2023

      January 2, 2023
      Project Adam 2023 / Nimrod 2023 / Empire 2022

      Holiday – See Jan 1 for blog.

      Watch / Munch / Hoskyns Education – Tee Time Movies


      Produce Vision & Document with Terms of References detailing tangible deliverables – Who/what/why/where/when/cost


      CEO IBM – Infinity Business Management

      A Day in the Life – Brotherhood 3.0 2nd Jan 2023

      January 2, 2023

      Holiday – See Jan 1 for blog.

      Watch / Munch / Hoskyns Education – Tee Time Movies


      Produce Vision & Document with Terms of References detailing tangible deliverables – Who/what/why/where/when/cost

      Power BI

      January 1, 2023

      Tom we need to start a Power Bi Application using Pegasus Agile can you afford 1 hour per 

      A Day in the Life 2023 – Day 1 Jan 1

      January 1, 2023

      Happy new year Paul 

      I have started a new decision for Red Octopus it is called Infinity Business Management.

      I am mapping out my Nimrod 2023 tasks.

      I am up to Jan 6

      A Day in the Life 2023 – Day 1 Jan 1

      January 1, 2023

      Happy new year Paul 

      I have started a new decision for Red Octopus it is called Infinity Business Management.

      I am mapping out my Nimrod 2023 tasks.

      I am up to Jan 6

      I have 3 machines that are out of date they will not access the internet and one will not load windows.

      I need a linux operating system on them with PHP/MySQL for my two new employees Munck and Steve.

      Can I come up to see you drop off the machines had say hello.

      What is your address?

      The machines will got to Forest School at Gatley primary / Crossacres primary and Ash Gate Primary / Manchester Grammar School / Oak House Manchester University after we have programmed Zeus.



      Infinity Business Methodologies.

      Infinity Business Management

      Ferranti Pegasus

      Stratbox Industries

      Red Octopus Research and Development


      Q0 Alan

      Q1 Paul

      Q2 Munch

      Q3 Steve


      IBM / Laser Printing

      January 1, 2023

      Hi Steve / Happy New Year. has been set up as per the note that I gave you.

      Communications in the restrictive zone are Private – I can set you up with a public zone once yo have agreed to our Community Guardian Contract

      Your contribution to The Erica Society Foundation Trust has Secured you lifelong IT Support by Red Octopus.

      Putting you in my Alan Bramwell friends database e\mail

      Please reply to confirm that I have reached you 

      Your Phone is going to Email

      I want to make you a product Owner for Empire Systems – You will monitor progress of for me

       See for communications tracking of Empire Systems – Project Zeus.

      On leaaving the Gardeners I was nearly picked up by Arrow Millennium Taxis – In 2006 I was employed by Arrow Mailing in their Print Services Division.

      Arrow Millennium is now a division of The Red Octopus Brand. as is infinity business modelling and Infinity Laser Printing

      Alan Bramwell 

      CEO Red Octopus – Infinity

      Happy New Year

      December 31, 2022

      Dave Cox

      December 13, 2022

      Hi Dave – Wythenshawe FM Station Manager

      I am Quidam I have appeared on your show I have a Christmas present for Manchester – I am a Manchester Community Guardian It is HTTP:// watch out for tee time movies 

      Alan (Quidam)

      Happy Christmas

      Nimrod Sunnah

      December 13, 2022


      Please start looking at for Nimrod Database Design. How are you doing on our subscription based quiz 

      I think that you should suspend work on protosearch until i have written specifications – it has been over a year in development and you are making no progress – I put you under pressure on 07/07/2022 by announcing it to the queen – I wanted to see progress by 08/08

      With regards to your design, it is a mystery to me why you have not got a second text box and a button to conduct the search or a Systems messages text box to report back the number of sites returned.

      I am desperate to see you change your lipsum zone and desperate to see an inquiry where you can select a page of returns.

      This is hard for me to say – but I believe that you are not having problems you are just not putting the hours in. I work all day and all night working on Nimrod – I have bought a printer I am going to have to start writing Specifications for you and posting them off – That way I can keep track of what I am asking you to do. 

      I need to send you your Christmas present – Please give me your address and phone number again.

      I have been asking for your phone number and you have not responded.

      Do you want to work with me or not on Nimrod Database Applications – If not I will STOP.

      You are a good friend – My Oracle – I just wish that you would turn your Email around every day and start to use protopage to report progress.

      Nimrod release 23-1 Susanah (Sunnah) Smile Aid


      Nimrod 22-12 Announcement

      December 12, 2022

      Nimrod 22-12 05:00:00

      Just had a phone call from Anthony Kidd he can not make today’s meeting his boiler is broker.

      So i have  announced 

      Chrismas Gift

      Christmas Giving

      World Cup

      Quidam Vision 

      Lord Cambell Infonet

      Mike Kane MP

      All please look at your Christmas Gift on Christmas Day

      Brian Fletcher FA Coach – Withington Golf Club Site

      The Christie

      The Christie TV And Radio

      James At The Christie

      Houldsworth Golf Club

      Tee Time Deliveries

      The Pizza Maker

      The Magnet Stockport

      Blue Flamingos

      Wythenshawefm TV and Radio

      Granada Reports

      Tee Time Movies

      Lokhul Reporter


      Nimrod 22-12

      December 11, 2022

      My announcement 12/12/2022

      December 11, 2022

      December 11, 2022

      – Manchester Polytechnic Lady Walmsley

      December 11, 2022

      Dear Lady Walmsley,

      Can I tell you about my interesting work for Manchester Universities?

      Yours sincerely,
      Alan Bramwell
      Community Guardian (BA 019) Manchester City Council CRB 001433682527

      Sale Golf Intranet

      December 11, 2022

      Dear Mike Kane,

      Hi Mike

      Its Alan again
      I would like your help requesting an award from the king for myself family and friends
      Can you help please

      Yours sincerely,

      Alan Bramwell

      As you are a mp for sale I am going to do sale golf intranet tomorrow


      December 11, 2022


      You keep clearing down my forest 404 announcements – Why

      New announcement today announcing forest to the house of lords and house of commons via Mike Kane

      Please announce on your protopage site that you will donate to The Erica Society Foundation Trust for funds raised from forest 404 transactions and that Erica will proportionally give to the MP Communications portal donation screen.

      Lord Cambell of Pittenween

      December 11, 2022

      Dear Lord Campbell of Pittenweem,

      I have selected a random lord – I than problems selecting a lord
      Would you please help me with my DWP Case = They are recovering £20,000 of me universal credit.
      The monies in an account in my name belonged to my family – it was their endowments pensions and death duties
      I was an administrator of my son’s account he died in 2016 = I delayed disbursement till 2022. in which time I was claiming universal credits

      Yours sincerely,
      Alan Bramwell
      Community Guardian

      Inventor of The Infonet
      HTTP:// 12/12/2022 Nimrod Day

      Community Guardian (BA019) – Manchester

      Mike Kane

      December 11, 2022


      Dear Mike Kane,

      Please be the first MP in the houses of parliament to utilise The Infonet

      Please see HTTP://
      Link to Bramwell for Quidam and Bletchly postings
      I still need your help with my claim to the dwp
      I need you to write to the king saying that we contacted the queen on 07/07 but have not had a reply – Product Owner

      Yours sincerely,
      Quidam as known to Wythenshawe FM
      Community Guardian (BA 019)

      Can you please contact Andy Burnham I have no way of contacting Community Guardian Management
      Zan toy please get me Andy Burnham’s E;mail Address

      Nimrod 12/12

      December 11, 2022

      It is now 4:19 am 11/12/2022 I have been dreaming – this is a lightening thought.

      Rather than making my planned announcement for 12/12 change it to : The Emma Bramwell Intranet and start to write Wigby Applications

      Welcome to HTTP://theemmabrawellintranet


      December 10, 2022

      10/12/2022 12:00

      Do the following Alan by 11:11:11 on 12/12/2022

      Project Empire Stop what you are doing – i am taking over writing this program I have found my c# book

      We need to go Agile – this is killing me!

      please write a code converter

      from = Pseudo code 

      = English 

      to 1 cobol

      2 uni-nimrod

      3 c

      4 c#

      5 php

      6 javascript

      I will not be doing the SQL i do not have a machine with it on

      Paul Please give me a date and time when I can visit you I have 4 machines to configure to PHP/MySQL / or just natve Linux. Hitec have gas told me that two of my machines will not Refurb they will not access the internet – I need them for Javascript Training at my Academy in the wytjenshawe Forum where i am off to now.

      this is protect Bletchly / Program Turin – It is a Pegasus Agile project – I will be tracking your response times. Protosearch is stripping me of my cash reserves. 


      HTTP:// Moses

      HTTP:// (

      Action plan 

      Add thechristies





      to the standard bootmarks

      Action Plan ii 

      install wireless printer

      Print this communication

      post off as Chistmas cards


      HTTP://protopagesantanet NOW with this communication

      Cristmas card to read 

      Please see HTTP:// for project Bletchly status report. 

      Moses 2023 – Bletchly Park / Turin

      December 10, 2022

      Nimrod 2023Hi Rich this is going to get very very complicated.

      can  you please create a transaction that has input 

      1. client website 

      2. webador website

      3 protopage website 

      4 favicon image file

      5 background image file 

      I have a specification to write for the ministry of defence and the NHS for image processing based upon a chapter that i read in XP Inder the hood about image file atttributes

      create a project called Bletchley Park Please – Program Turin

      We will write a specification together and outsource it to Oak House / Manchester Grammer School.


      Infinity – Community Guardian (BA 019)