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Zeus Commencemant

October 28, 2022


Wigby is google forms development

Longhorn is SQL Server Development

Nimrod is A Hybrid Database

Zeus is a multi-lingual multi-channel database

I am going to start with channel Gozworld 16 then Magna Carta 

Will you shadow me one table at a time?



Business Projections

October 27, 2022
Alan Bramwell <>8:05 PM (0 minutes ago)
to lawrencepgapro, Richard, Paul, katiemariemiller4

Here are the projections for the sales of Katie Miller Concert Tickets if sold manually.

Over 4 million pounds of business has been done today if James Dunn agrees to promote Katie Miller.

Manchester United University

October 27, 2022
Alan Bramwell <>2:11 PM (0 minutes ago)
to lawrencepgapro, james.dunn, Richard, Paul, daviest7, katiemariemiller4


Kevins Discount School was Manchester United University


Community Guardian (BA019) 

Now that it’s live……


c2 James Dumm WGC

Redcamel Systems

Slattocks AI

TomTom Airways Air B and B

Katie Miller


October 27, 2022

Can i please book a golf lessons  with you as your cady to play Withington golf club Charge me £25 per hour discounted to £18 for playing golf in the dark 18 holes. We won’t hit any balls we will just walk the course pacing out yardages.

Then we will go to the 19th hole to update the Withington Golf Club Web site.

Day 1 holes 1 to 4

Day 2 5,6,7,8

Day 3 9,10.11,12

Day 4 13,14,15,16

Day 5 Hole 17,18

Second thought – lets do Didsbury Yardages for Withington Golf Club Mersey league teams.


Kevin Contract

October 27, 2022


This is a contract between Red Octopus Business Services Limited to Make Kevin Lawrence a pegasus PG A Professional

Kevin will now become CEO of Pegasus Infonets out of Withington Golf Club and will work on Project Adam with Alan

Kevins primary task is to monitor that Alan has not committed suicide and control his estate should he do so.

The sum of 1p per month is now being paid into an AVC Pension fund for ~ Kevin at Alans Nat West Account. Kevin has the authority to recover his pension when Alan dies.

The pension start date is 11/11/2022 End Date 04/04/2023 That should give Kevin sufficient time to program wigby projects for project Adam.

Kevin In now my second son and will be treated as a second son. 

Kevin look at;

Set up kevinsdiscountacademy 

Charge me £40 per half hour discounted to £30 as a member of HTTP://

Thanks Kev 

We will do just fine – you will sweep up golf lessons in the area when you start to discount for group sessions to £18 per hour for a group of 7 in the club house – Golf Strategy Lessons

Red Octopus 49 Steps To Pegasus Agile Project Management

October 27, 2022


The first step ist TaskIT the 49 steps

Can you please list every thing that you will do in a day I will start you off

1. Wake to alarm at 7 am 

2. Go to and play snooze track

3 snooze for half an hour thinking how you can become rich 

4 have a shower for half an hour thinking what you are going to do for the day

5 Think who you are going to write tepf who to

6 Think about your face book messages

7 Think about your unstagram updates

8 think about your Bramogram updates

9 Think about your BSG Elite College Work

10 Think about Professional Golfers that you are going to Email

11 Think About your Magna Carter updates

12 Think about writing to Queen Elizabeth

13 Think About Writing to King Charles 

14 Think About Writing to Prince William 

15 Think about Buying your Christmas Present for Prince George 

16 Think about The Manchester Discount Card 

17 Think about programming your Spring summer winter and Autunm Go;f Events – On Course Tuition Shotgun Starts

18 Think about who you are going to phone 

19 get out of shower 

20 Do Intranition 1 – Bullet point all your thoughts on a piece of white paper / notebook

21 Phone 01619982637 to wake Alan 0 Say good morning – Check that he has not committed suicide over night!

22 Get dressed 

23 Get breakfast

24 Clear your mind of any thoughts

25 Go to work

26 Continue thinking all day

27 Stop thinking drive home

28 put the kettle on have a cup of tea

29 Do Phone and collect get a pizza from the Pizza Maker

30 Find your local Pizza shop

31 Recruit your local Pizza Shop into the Manchester Discount Card

32 invite 6 friends around for a party

33 Join My Study Buddies

34 Convince your friends to join the Manchester discount Card Scheme 

35 Order Wine From Tesco

36 Look on TescoInfonet for Wine List

37 Make a £onation to The Red Cross

38 Make a £7 donation each to The Erica Society as an Entrance fee to the Manchester United University 

39 Join The Manchester City Academy

40 join the Sodexo College 

41 join the Forest School

42 Contact your local Chinese

43 Convince your local chinese that the Manchester Discount Card is good business

44 Contact your local taxi company

45 Convince your local tax company to join Manchester Discount card

46 log on to your pc

47 go to HTTP:// Register Via Google kevinspgaacadeky

48 put these tasks into a todolist titled Pegasus Agile Backlog Report

49 Phone 07535188264 Every night at 10 to 10 so that Alan can assign college assign ments by Eleven Minutes Past Eleven

Richard Paul Tom please do the same our business devends upon us being Agile .

Kevin Lawrence 49 steps

October 26, 2022

Sprint 2 is putting

sprint 3 is wedge play

sprintt 4 short iron play

sprint 5 is mid iron play

sprint 6 is long iron play

sprint 7 is woods

Club Systems Dot Com – The Millionaires Club

October 26, 2022


Club Systems dot com

We have a pga professional on board. he is going to be doing the 49 steps 

These are , doc documents in English and German Italian and Spanish

I am going to speechelo them into mp3 files.

Could you please resurrect bsgelite,club we are going to charge Goz for all the work that you have done on the infonet – you are going to have to clone forest and call it Ambition – it is the perfect recruitment tool for professional gofers wanting a career as a golf club secretary. And Nurses that want to elope to America. We will be setting up a dating agency called The Millionairs Club.


Cheers Rich you are a good man – i hope that you have kept Daves stuff. 

When did you ask me to help you on Forest – It must have been a year ago. Can we say 11 Nov 2021.


I will charge myself out at 10 hours a day at £100 an hour as a pegasus pga professional.

We are going to have to write an Import Export System – Kevin works in America and the UK. 

Mike Kane – Mp for Wythenshawe

October 25, 2022

Thanks Mike 

We have created a new search engine called Forest404

Tomorrow I will create you

You can then suggest that all MP;s sign up and all the businesss in the uk and all school children from the age of 8.

U am putting on training in UK Conferencing events – I have just appointed a product owner to keep track on us,

Please see

I am Manvhesters Community Guardian see  

I need to see you face to face to explain why I am attempting to turn the uk into a for

Thank Mike 

Please tell the PM about Red Octopus Business Services Limited Project Zeus

Alan Infonet Services. (Micronet Services (supernet Services) (Hypernet Implementing Star Date and Time)

Nimod – a Hybrid Relational / Hierarchical database with a Bill of Material Company Structure and an Occupancy table recording journal changes within period.

A new Payroll HR System for the NHS with Hays Pay Grade and Pay Scale reporting with a new Bank system for Casuals in PFI. For Sodexo Wythenshawe Hospital


See and city and Liverpool academies 

I am a busty man setting up the Manchester Discount Card and and and and; the oasis project

And finally – Y Factor Recording artist for Onboard Promotions promoting Stratbox Home Servers designed by Design House for Feranti International write by

Copied to and Http://protopage.comgrenadareports

Fund Raising / Apology

October 25, 2022

I have set up a just giving page to raise funds for the captain’s charity can you please communicate to my shareholder members that HTML:// is now live and that Katie Miller will be going on Granada Reports to sing Wonderwall for the Oasis project. HTTP://

Read all the comments in my just giving page and please accept my apology for being rude – accept that I have had anger management issues since my son died and I am disabled and suicidal myself with being rejected by WGC…

Apology posted to my blog – please arrange an interview with the board on what is going to happen to the Withington golf glub omega protopage site. 

Richard / Paul / Jeannie / tom / Jobie please donate £7 each this will buy Magna Carta sites in New Jersey and New York arranged today with our new pegasus PGA Teaching Professional Kevin Lawrence of Didsbury Golf Club /  Bethpage Golf Club New York / Spring Lake New Jersey

Venues for Katie Miller – the Y Factor – Theory Y project management HTTP://

– HTTP:// –

HTTP:// (Product Owner of NHS project Moses – HTTP:// /

/ HTTP://

HTTP:// (hypernets) (micronet) – HTTP:// (supernet)

Creeme Communication

October 25, 2022


Be The Best

October 24, 2022

It is hoped that UA92 Students will attend Uk Conferencing for Project Management Training.

HTTP:// HTTP:// …. be the best!

Today, the 24th of October 2022 I have been doing a tour of Manchester to build UK Conferencing and Event Management – Primarily for a Quiz at Houldsworth Golf Club..

Katie Miller will be putting on events in the Odeon Cinema followed by eats at Gormet Restaurant and TFI Friday’s in the Trafford centre. Whilst Alan holds podcasts at The Gardeners and orders Pizzas from Fireaway and Pezzeria. 

It is proposed that Houldsworth Golf Club and Withington / Didsbury / Northenden / Sale / Chorlton hold UK Conferencing Events for Project Managers of whatever system they use to demonstrate Pegasus Agile.

So if you are out of work book you into an event – if you are shy try our one to one service at a Pizza Restaurant near you – we will come to you!

Invoice Katie / Zeus

October 23, 2022

Zeus…….katie i will set up a timebank account for us

I have now done 5 hours work 

I will invoice you as Red Octopus Solicitors – that’s the cheapest option as a para legal at £101 per hour

Please set me up a direct debit for £50 per month.

I will invoice you tomorrow.


If things do not work out – which will not happen you cancel the direct debit.

if we trial for 3 months you will only have paid £150

ssr – system service request 1 

psr – Program service request 1

Contact Manchester City to play at their ground i am certain they have a stage outside the ground.

Design a Program for the event – Get it Printed through Gatley print. 

you will need a ream of letter headed paper and business cards and stickers and a poster 

that will cost you about £140 for the stationary and £85 for the placard.

Essential advertising 

Draft your letter to king Charles – Write it in your google drive and share it on your website – Password : ed  create it in a folder called Genesys (unedited) we will create a Socrates document after we have all read it.

Write to Boris Johnson about a Brexit Database launch concert – called zeus 

Multi-lingual / multi channel database with occupancy and journalling.

You will be programming it for foundation Consulting and Computing as an Associate Consultant. and Pegasus Agile Project Manager.

Empire C21

October 23, 2022


Your names for your 4 websites are 

Posh Fivers  At £5 per entry  Houldsworth and Didsbury and The Magnet and Blue Moon and the Gardeners

Scruffy 7’s at £7 per entry Houldsworth and Didsbury and Pizza Maker and Blue Moon and the Gardeners

Nick Nacks Free Withington and Didsbury and The Gardeners

Larry’s 500 Quiz Free Northenden and Didsbury and Withington Sale and Chorton and Cheedle and Gatley 

Are you happy or are you happy…..

Scotty Strategy

October 23, 2022

My Blog is

The world knows about us now……

Create your own wordpress blog please  …….no no no 

Do a Wix Blog 

Set Wix up for e-commerce

If you need help buy wix lessons off Scott Currie Fairfield Golf Club

In fact do that – Contract Scott to build you your wix site.

He has stopped talking to me – don’t say that you know me – say you googled golf professionals for lessons and saw his site.

Katie Miller Contract

October 23, 2022

Contract on its way

Phone The Magnet pub in Stockport ask them if you can do a charity night at no charge 

Become their resident artist 

Ask the Gardeners if you can play there again as a charity night – no charge.

The charity will pay you……..

Try The Railway Stockport too . Take a ride to there to talk to them its on the A6 just out of the Merseyway towards Manchester about a quarter of a mile.

Set up your facebook page and a WordPress blog and a wix e’commerce site to take bookings deposit.

Set up a just-giving site for the erica society foundation trust, You and Ed will be trustees.

Cancer Care / Kidney Care (Magnet) / junior golf development – (Redcamel) / Red Cross (Tescoinfonet) / Wildlife Fund Trees (Forest404)

Like you lots 

You are good………….

Contract on its way – You are to remain contracted to who ever you are with. 

Goodnight its 2:20 am


Guardian (PO001) Community Guardian (BA019) Manchester City Council

keep a log of all the things that I am asking you to manage – it’s a backlog report – there will be lots of little tasks so get organised.

Set up a mail chimp account you have 101 golf clubs to contact before 11/11/2022 11:11:11

Katie Miller Contract

October 23, 2022
Alan Bramwell <>2:25 AM (23 minutes ago)
to, Richard, Paul, daviest7

Contract on its way

Phone The Magnet pub in Stockport ask them if you can do a charity night at no charge 

Become their resident artist 

Ask the Gardeners if you can play there again as a charity night – no charge.

The charity will pay you……..

Try The Railway Stockport too . Take a ride to there to talk to them its on the A6 just out of the Merseyway towards Manchester about a quarter of a mile.

Set up your facebook page and a WordPress blog and a wix e’commerce site to take bookings deposit.

Set up a just-giving site for the erica society foundation trust, You and Ed will be trustees.

Cancer Care / Kidney Care (Magnet) / junior golf development – (Redcamel) / Red Cross (Tescoinfonet) / Wildlife Fund Trees (Forest404)

Like you lots 

You are good………….

Contract on its way – You are to remain contracted to who ever you are with. 

Goodnight its 2:20 am


Guardian (PO001) Community Guardian (BA019) Manchester City Council

keep a log of all the things that I am asking you to manage – it’s a backlog report – there will be lots of little tasks so get organised.

Set up a mail chimp account you have 101 golf clubs to contact before 11/11/2022 11:11:11


October 23, 2022

My Red Octopus Machine wont blog now

Katie Miller

October 22, 2022

Rich just a quick not to say we have got great poteintiak

I am now Quix master at Houldsworth Golf club

2 nights per month  £5 and £7

At Nothernden Go;lf club a quiz called NickNack Free

The hoc quiz is called Posh something – I need to check my notes 

And Scruffy Something

Age you capable of doing E;Commerce 

I have recruited a singer to sing on our quiz nights

We will be sending her to new your to record a John Lennon peace concert – Her manager will pay

I am setting up Miller Arena Concerts for Hazel Grove – Party in the park

Miller Travel for trips to New York 

And Miller Airways for flights in Europe – Tom Davies as Pilot – If Tom Agrees.

If Tom wants to do jet flights to New York for a magical mystery tour he will have to do the costings and arrangements – we are in Toms hands as to what he wants to do.

I hope that Ed will come up with the  funding – I am not getting involved with any finances.

I am doing the Y Factor for a uk tour of Magna Carta golf clubs

Ed will take on Magna Carta he will need to pay you for it.

How much for Magna Carta Rich – World wide Ed has been tasked to find a golf club in every country in the world for a Katie miller Hypernet Virtual tour.

At Houldsworth we have a product owner for SKYNET2020 a guy who works for Sky.

I have found a new son at the gardeners Ex Army so we will be doing IOrish guards infonet now

All going to plan 

We need you to start delivering asap.

Spend more time on our project – done let us fail.


IT all starts with Air B and B at Withington – its a shame I have been booted out of yje club – they will not benefit from our ventures. The collaboration factor has Benn set to zero.

Houldswoth / Didsbury / Northenden / Sale and Chorlton  = 1  Cheadle = 1 Bruntwood Park = 1 

Hazel Grove = 2

Burnage Rugby Club Golf = 0

Wythenshawe Hall = 2

Katie and Ed = 3

Chris Dolan = 1

I need you Rich – I really need you a lot 

Danny Ashley Vesay =1 

I really need you Paul !!!! Answer my e’mails please

Redcamel C21 – Empire Bug Report – Pegasus Remote Working Agile

October 21, 2022

Bug Report : Empire C21-1 : Link does not work

This is Pegasus Remote Working Agile Team work Rick – Well done!!!!! – you responded within 24 hours.

What we need now is a status report ;

G – Green – Ok yu can fix with no help

A – Amber – You need Support (Qualify with What Help is Required – Another Project – iHelp)

R – Red – No fix possible or will go significantly over schedule / budget (Qualify with explanation)

Supply Defcon Status

1 -5 Will not effect delivery date

6 to 9 Will be over budget

10 at War with the client.

11 to 16 Disaster Recovery Mode

17 to 20 Project Suspension

21 Project Scrapped

Where are we with Forest 404 – we need an estimated end date before we can start to track progress / Velocity. Perhaps now is time to log what changes we want to forest to see if we can get some sort of product out there without protosearch.


October 21, 2022

Rich I asked you to clone forest404 to create forest101

I have done mine to prove it takes minutes

And thought of more income streams 

Check them out

Are you happy with my design hat we should have two servers for sql replication and journalling for each table

We have a contract with houldsworth to run the Withngton Golf Club Social vents Room101 and Studio 54 as twice mostly Trivia Quiz at £5 per entry……. Get into Gear 

We need the back office function now for 49 questions and answers

Record format 

Golf club 

genra 1 to 7 

7 questions in each genre

1 to 6 genre same as trivial pursuits 

Genre 7 – Fiims. by Redcamel

We will aim for 101 people present  if not then 54 and we will hold a disco 

For Room 101 they get a band if they pay £8


Is all this to your satisfaction – I hope that you are keeping a backlog report – I am not ! Get Agile!!! We can then do and sell Pegasus Agile Courses.

Format of the quiz for 1 minute questions is 7 block of 10 minutes – Leaving time for a band / disco..

Session 1

7 Questions 

3 minutes Golf Training

Session 2

7 Questions

3 Minutes Protosearch training – Forest 404 Training

Session 3

7 Questions

3 Minutes Forest 101 Training

Session 4

7 Questions

3 Minutes SSNA Questions

Session 5

7 Questions 

3 Minutes Guardiam Contract Training

Session 6

7 Qustions

3 minutes Management Training

Session 6

7 Questions 

7 minutes Google Garage Training new business Start up


Forest 101

October 21, 2022

It must not have been fit for purpose – unfinished else it would most certainly be implemented – I am desperate to get your work implemented.

Whist I am on I need you to do the following now that I am paying you.

1 Copy folder forest 404 all it forest 101 Incident recording systems for GMP Police / NHS / AA / Barclays Bank / Veratar / Ingersoll Rand / Sodexo /Nat West Bank / DWP / DLA / Secretary Of State 

2 Place 7 buttons on the search page all linking to one White as Milk HTML Page called <h1> request under construction.</h1> 

<H2>The delivery schedule for this project is 1 hour per week for completion by 10/10/2023 at 10 to 10 (Cowboy Time) Stardate 00/00/00/nnnnnnn-

Estimated time for task 1 2 minutes

Estimated time fo task 2 4 minutes

Task 3 Email me url – 1 Minute 

Total Time 7 Minutes – Total Cost £7 donation to The Erica Society Foundation Trust – See Just Giving Work In Progress

Charity for Unfunded Government IT Projects under Time Bank Training Solutions for the unemployed and homeless.

Cancer Care / Kidney Care 

Cheers Rich

How much work did you do on the project – for the life of me I can just about remember it being available for a couple of weeks.

Get Into Gear

October 19, 2022


Plaese Get involved 

We can buy a chrome book for £250 convert it to a linux home server for £101 and provide BossonsDatabase on a USB drive for £500 With Xenophon and Pegasus Project Management Training a round figure of £1024 

Cheap as Chips.

Come on Paul Get Into Gear – We can do this.

Be a brother —— Phone me if you want to put me in my place 

Tell me why its not such a great idea.

I want TrainIT and COSHH on memory sicks at £101 per application

CStrat Chromebook – Linux

October 19, 2022


I have found the perfect place to set up my college – it is wythenshawe forum library.

I now need to contact the government to get a licence to set up a college.

On top of all the tasks that I have asked you to do we will need a Forum.

There must be plenty of them on the www can you please facilitate The Forum College 

When you get an hour.


About the .ac – I have been told today by curries that it is a requirement by the gov that you have that expension

I don’t know – can you look into it for me I am getting overloaded with stuff – setting up a business account with currys

They will not pre configure a home server for me – their support will not undertake the task – but we do get 5% discount.

So get off to currys and buy a chrome book for £99 discounted to £94 on the Red Octopus Account and set it up as a home server – the instruction set is at Then write a TrainiT Sql database on a usb stick to prove that we can distribute applications on USB

I know that this is a lot to ask you – and I know that you work all day – but if we are going to make a go of this – some effort has to be put in.

These tasks are critical to our business – I will be training people to set up home servers / do database design using google forms.

Then you will be tasked to harvest data from a google form into a SQL Table.

Should be interesting work for you – I have tried to communicate it to you so many times – I do not get much feedback from you – I don’t know if you simply ignore my stuff

I am tying so very hard for us both.

Paul Should help !!!!!


Oh Chromebook Home server is Linux

Boris Johnson

October 18, 2022

Dear Boris 

I would like to make you Product Owner for the Roll Out of The Infonet for The House Of Commons and The House of Lords.

Protopage has been in Beta Testing since 2007 

We would like to see !00,000 businesses utilise this Social Media Platform by 11 Nov 2022

I sent a thank you card to Her Majestry the Queen via Prince William in July  – for allowing my self and my family to stay at Winchester Tower Windsor Castle.- supplying the master password to HRHINfonet and Wiilamandkate – I have had no reply.

Could you please undertake the following  actions.

1. Create a gmail account

2. Go to and register

3 Go into advanced mode and create a frameset called Liz Truss with a password : Infonet

Set this up as a secure zone to allow Liz input.

Help her out – she is being targeted by the media – Unite the Party.

4. Go to and register your site with a Genra : Infonet / Meta Data : Meritocracy / SEO : Collaborative Communications

Set up a Meritocracy / Round Table of Minds to get the country out of the current disaster. 

Get your team to research Macro Economics.

Please contact King Charles  to advise him that and have been registered by 

Alan Bramwell 

Community Guardian (BA019/PO001)


0161 998 2537

Communications To King Charles will happen when my stationary has arrived.

Thank you in anticipation