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June 24, 2022

Hi Alan!

I’m really sorry for the delayed reply!

Our team works at the rate of $80/hour. The design of the 12-15 slides presentation usually takes around 12 hours. The final score is generated based on the time actually spent on the timer.

Our working process is the following:
1) You send us a prepayment (50% of the estimated budget).
2) We start designing 3-4 test slides.
3) If you like the stylistics — we make the design of all slides.
4) We promptly make changes.

You can check our previous projects there:


Tee Time Movies

June 24, 2022

I recorded a 3 hour movie today called Jaberwocky0 it was taking 3 hours to upload so i left my machine rubbing and went to bed when i got up the machine had turned itself off and the video had not been loaded. I am going to have to try again and watch over it it had some great ideas in it.

Like back in 1988 when I used to charge 3 days per transaction and that for a new pay element we would develop :

1 A create a transaction

2 A menu

3 A list screen

4 a multi-member input screen.

You have created a input and menu I would like you to create a list (Gebra Search) and Multi Member input.

All that you have to do is Perform Varying A Through B Varying C by D until E.

A for loop.

Hitec Cloning

June 22, 2022

Rich I have had a big ding dong with hitec – I am taking them to court they wanted a website from you for £200 a clone of there existing website

So I though that we  could do some global css and image so I regiistered two site for £115 and £360 for hosting.

When I invoiced him he refused to pay – threw me out of the shop and threatened me to get me sectioned – a nasty bit of stuff  so I have done the work for him as I would like it to promote Red Octopus as a Showcase site for what we can do,

I would like you to do a showcase site for what you can do for Hitec Refurb and I will charge him through the small  claims court.

I decided that he was to stay with AZIZ so I phoned Aziz and asked them to put one link as a site under construction.

He told me never to contact his service provider – How he expects a site for £200 I will never know.

It would help if you invoiced Hitec £2000 for work on project Nimrod.

No I will do an invoice for you as Redcamel Systems.

Lets get a clan in

How are you doing with protosearch – why did my data get cleared down.

Genre needs changing from 1 to 21 characters

I am no longer working as a Community Guardian for Hitec – I am a Digital Champion 

But I am never going to go in the shop again – I will E’Mail him changes to

BramIT (

Florance – Old Devil

June 21, 2022

Some useful information about Help with Fees

Making an application for Help with Fees does not guarantee that you will get your fee covered. You may still have to pay some or all of your court fee to get the claim issued (for the court system to officially start the claim and send details to the other side). When you apply for Help with Fees, you should receive an update from us within 5 working days, giving you the result of your application.

If you want to apply for Help with Fees, you will complete an online form in a new window. This will give you a reference number. Please note the number and keep it safe, as you will need it later in the claim process. (NB: if you have more than one claim going on, each claim must have a separate Help with Fees application and reference number). You can send in your claim as soon as you have the Help with Fees reference number, but the claim will not be issued until the Help with Fees application has been processed by the court. This is so that you will know what fees are covered and what you still have to pay. If you choose not to pay, the claim will not be issued. The claim will stop here unless you change your mind within 95 days.

You may be asked by the court to email evidence in support of your application before your claim is issued.

Do you wish to continue to make a Help with Fees Application?

Some useful information about Help with FeesYes

Applying for Help

Apply for Help with Fees

Please Note:

If you have already applied for Help with Fees in respect of THIS CLAIM, you may already have a reference number. If so, you can save and continue and enter it when asked. Do not use a number related to a different claim. If you don’t have a Help with Fees number for this claim, please follow the instructions below.

Apply for Help with Fees (opens in a new window) .

If you need to use the paper Help with Fees application rather than the online version, you will not be able to use Online Civil Money Claims to issue your claim.

When you apply for Help with Fees you will be asked for the number on your court or tribunal form. Please note that this is N1.

When you have completed your Help with Fees application, you will be given a reference number. Please note the number and keep it safe. You will need it later in the claim process. Then return to this page and click the Save and continue box below so that you can start the claim.Save and ContinueContact us for help

Open Government Licence

All content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated

© Crown copyright

Getting Help – new window

Get help paying court and tribunal fees

You might be able to get money off your court or tribunal fees if you have little or no savings, and you either:

  • get certain benefits
  • have a low income

There are different rules in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This guide is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).


Whether you’re eligible depends on what savings you have, what benefits you’re on and your income.


You usually need to have less than £3,000 in savings and investments if you’re under 61.

You can have up to £16,000 in savings if your fee is between £1,000 and £10,000, or if you or your partner are 61 and over.


You need to be on a low income, or on one of the following benefits:

  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support
  • Universal Credit (and you earn less than £6,000 a year)
  • Pension Credit (Guarantee Credit)


If you’re not on any of those benefits, you usually need to earn £1,170 or less a month before tax if you’re single. Or £1,345 or less a month if you have a partner.

You can earn an extra £265 on top of that for each child you have.

For example, if you have a partner and 2 children you have to earn £1,875 or less to be eligible for full help with court fees.

You may still be able to get help if your income is higher. This depends on the size of the fee. Check if you’re eligible before you apply.

Apply online

If you need help with fees for the Court of Protection, you cannot use this service. Fill in a paper form instead.

Start now

Give Us A Job

I can do this job – give us a job !

I am unemployed

I currently work for Timebamk on £1,000 time bank hours

I have just fininised at Hitec Computers Today.

You can see my work at

I have my own version of Agile Called Agile Pegasus

I am a consultant in starting up new businesses

I work for Nothenden Community Library and to the Infonet service for the

The only issue that I have is that I can now drive til September

I am employed now by Red Octopus on a salary of £1 per year

I am starting a Charity called The Erica Society Foundation Trust where I build websites for just £7 donaruin to Charity with a link to Protosearch on our new Forest404 Infonet Search engine.

I am Bi Polar

I have an IQ of over 142

I am a genius.

Work History

Design House 1966

PGA Systems 1998

Salary in  1993 £85k Per year as an Associate Consultant for Peterborough Software do ing Project Management to the Real Mail Parcel Force Team

I am EX Hoskyns Built Teams for Kenneth Wilson / Courtaulds / Darlington Chemicalls / Powergen / Timegate Computer Services.

I am a Salesman  Since 2007 I have been working in Sales whilst running my own business.

I have a team that work for me for free….

Alan Bramwell

Digital Champion


http://protopage.comcommunityguardians  under constriction !/2 Hour at £1,000 Per Hour – You are Product Owner of Zeus – Your Password is Desey

Donation of £500 made to Erica Society – Donation of £100 per month for work done on Empire / Zeus / Florance / Nimrod / Nimrod2020 / Rookwood / Parkland / Parklands / Foundation Consulting Infonet Password : Division  Forest404 Genre : Dylan 

I have a contract worth 60,000 x £100 for teaching Children – I have been Instructed yesterday due to safe guarding to stay out of child education. Product Owner Empire

I have been thinking of Becoming a Mental Heath Advocate  the Product Owner for this and project Florence is

On 21 Jun 2022, at 12:58, Ole Desay <> wrote:

Hi Alan,

Firstly, apologies if this has reached you in error however we do offer a referral scheme if you know anyone who may be interested.

Agile Delivery Lead – Hybrid/Manchester – Up to £70k

Role: Agile Delivery Lead

Location: Hybrid/Manchester

Salary: Up to £70k

VisaSponsorship: Not provided (Must be UK based)

My client is a leading connectivity-led cloud services partner based in the center of Manchester. They provide solutions, networks, and systems to assist forward-thinking businesses with the platform to expand their operations further.

Your key responsibilities within the position will include supporting the technology and product teams to oversee the complete lifecycle of projects. In doing so, you will plan, deliver and review key roadmaps, mapping out key milestones along the way. You will also manage complex tasks, using agile methodologies and toolings 


• 24 Days holiday plus bank holidays 

• Equipment including laptop and iPhone

• Healthcare cash plan

• Company life assurance

• Company sick pay

• Refer a friend scheme – Up to £1,000

Key areas of expertise and experience:

• Strong stakeholder management experience

• Background operating in agile enterprise and product teams

• Knowledge of cloud technologies

• Excellent communication skills

• Strong decision-making capabilities.

If this opportunity sounds like a good fit for you, then please email over your CV to be considered for the shortlist.

Many thanks,


Ole Desay​DevOps & Cloud Recruitment Consultant<image077566.png>0161 250 5815 | RECRUITING EXCELLENCE

Project Florence – Old Devil

June 21, 2022
Dear alan bramwell,Click on the link to confirm your email address and finish creating your account. This link will only work once.Confirm your email addressFrom,
HM Courts & Tribunals ServiceThis is an automated message. Please don’t reply to this email. If you need help, go to

End Of An Era

June 20, 2022

For 22 years I have been a Community Guardian.

In 2007 I landed a contract for £10.000 a year delivering Education into a Community of 60,000 Children aged from 6 to 16. The contact was for the support and maintenance of Young Masters Golf Website and the expansion of the business into Lady Masters Golf and YMG International. Training material would have been created by Davig Gosling and sold for £100 per year. I do not have the graphical skills to create training material or the funds to get it produced. A ghost writer will cost me £5,000 for 4 copies – to produce 1,000 copies would be significant. A cost that I am not willing to undertake.

This week Hitec Computers have decided to go forward with Refurb a contract that I have with a member of Withington Golf Club for 100.000 home servers. Stratbox.

Each Stratbox will make Hitec Computers £50 – They have no chance of producing 100.000 – The only way that they could achieve it is by going in partnership with PCWorld and to issue an instruction set as to how customers can set up IIS.

Stratbox 2 is another animal – It is a low grade machine configure with Visual Studio and SQL Server on it. To allow 11 year olds access to a professional development environment.

Stratbox 3 is a stratbox 2 conversion with a SSD Drive to speed up processing.

Stratbox 4 Is a beast of a device effectively a gaming device – a tower. Again with IIS enabled and 49 page showcase website called Hogan fo IT Trainers. It is a home server a open source device with Lavarel and PHP/MySql installed. There will also be a showcase Angular site with database update to Empire – A Small Business Intranet Devise.

So its time to stop and withdraw my support fro Hitec.

But on the horizon there is great hope – I will continue working as a Digital Champion setting up Infonets on estates.

My task today is to set up Digital Champion – Mike 5 Suits – Alan One Meal – Debbie Infonet then that is my duty for the day done.

It is 18:48 no more working to 3 o’clock in the morning – I shall plan my day ahead and work on Infonet Services during the day – Estate by Estate.

A Day in the Life – Mike 5 suits

June 20, 2022

Dear Kade

Today I have been talking to my Oracle Mike – He is product Owner of Empire

He has told me not to get involved in Training you will need CRB and CRB Extended registration so I can not Mentor you.

You might from time to time want to talk to me and ask me questions – that I can do.

My recommendation to you now is to start your CV.

Create a protopage called

I am sorry that we can not work together on Kade Car Wash – Kade Car wash will have to be my business at the golf club.

And I can not teach you – there is too much legislation in the way of teaching children and my daughter Emma wants me to stop being a Community Guardian.

From today I am resigning as a Community Guardian. That means Hitec Computers are going to have to pay me.

HTTP:// Hitec are going to have to get a CRB done.

What you can do is look at Hitec website to look at the training that I am giving Fredrico Project TrainIT and TaskIT. Part of Mayflower for Veristar where I used to work.

Fredrico is being asked to look at HTTP://

I shall remain as a Digital Champion so you can see my Mentoring.


What I think you should do is look at HTTP://

My son Adam died he has over 120 You Tube Views for Flip Recipe.

I would like you to start your own You Tube Channels and share them on Protopage.

Then create your own website called Studio 54 and start to bookmark 70’s Disco – You will have fun.

I can then do a link – You might want to call it Kades Disco Nights and put on a disco night at Withington Golf Club.


I am trying to make protopage the standard for golf club active communication and have created HTTP://

I am trying to get home servers as a standard for golf club communications. The only problem is that Protopage is not seen by Google – they have no meta data or SEO. So we have created Protosearch

Website Infonet – That’s why I have created Rookwood and Parklands as Community Fundraising sites. Each website I produce i donate £7 to The Erica Society Foundation Trust – I have been out to lunch today and have generated about 10 sites. That will go to tidying up the estate.

I wanted you to fill my green bins for me – I would have paid you £100 to get rid of my mess on Rookwood – I am going to have to find a volunteer – I have a bad back – I am looking to get Steve Massey to do it – I will see if he will become a Community Guardian.

Peer Mentoring / Godfather

June 20, 2022

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your email, we will pick this up with Carl and let you know when a space becomes available.

Take care and best wishes,


Lucy Burthem

Recovery Academy Team Manager

The Curve

Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Bury New Road



M25 3BL

Tel: 0161 271 0828


A Day in The Life 2

June 20, 2022

Start afresh for Pegasus Agile

Backlog Report 20/06/2022

June 20, 2022




June 20, 2022

It is now 04:10 in the morning – I have done exceptional work for my Tribunial

A day in the life

June 20, 2022

Tonight will be a night about dreamoing about Agile it is now 01:34 in the mornig – I dont get out of bed til 14:00 in the afternoon so bed time is early for me tonight.

I will go to bed listening to Flip Recipe

Then I will listen to Radio XL at about 3 am to Lenard Cohan.

I will think about integration into the Manchester Music site of todays registrations – I will call it SSNA Implementation

Then I need to update

I have fallen out with Susan – she refuses to talk to me so that gives me licence to write about Adam’s life. I will be thinking and dreaming about life with Adam and start to write about it tomorrow.

I might Appolo it – You Tube it

I can then do a course on In Transition – Expressive Writing / Effective Writing – Presentations.


Community Guardian (BA019)

Pegasus Agile

June 20, 2022

Pegasus Agile


I have been updating Forest with live data

Now let me see Gebre Search and Meta Search as I have suggested.

You seem to be struggling with Protoearch is there a problem

Please indicate 

Status Green – I can continue without support 

Amber – I need help from google

Red – There is no solution we will have to do searches by Genra.

Please increase length of Genre Field it is restricting

23 SSNA sites created today – that includes analyst and talking to neighbours.

We have a product where I can go around estates and sell registration services.

You might have to create a table of estates visited and do genre searches by estate.

Thanks Rich yOu are a good man 

How are you getting on with Empire – I have put you in control of these projects I need update on setting up Refurb for Hitect Computers.

Please set up WordPress Blog to report progress.



And set up protopage t give me stars reports………. 

Please – Thats wjhat our business is about – Pegasus Agile…….

Fathers Day

June 19, 2022

Emma called today – I was moving my car to a place where it could be secure awar from a neighbour that gets angry me when I talk to his wife. Emma says this is weird and that I should not talk to neighbours.

I have had a great day talking to neighbours of Rookwood where I will be parking my car up. I have arrange Kade to wash it for me. I have also talked to Murat who will plaster my kitchen and Dan (Desperate Dan) who is going to help me refurb my garden. I spoke to Brian who agred that I could name his house for a Genre of music and that he would help me by drilling and screwing my new fence panels.

My last duty of the day is to register a site called Kennyrookwood10motown – That will make it 20 sites that I have done to test Protosearch for Forest 404.

I will get Richard to do searches for Rookwood and Parkland – in fact I will get Richard to increase the length of the Genre field so that we can do a Genre Search as well as a Protosearch and a Meta Search……

Richard – Please Action as soon as possible. Put Rookwook and Parkland with your Infonet create

Have these as enquiries….

Thanks Rich.

Tesco Infonet / Charity

June 19, 2022

Kieran I would like the opportunity to collect for a charity outside the store – Could you please arrange that for me.


Community Guardian (BA019)

I have been taking with Dr Hussain in the cafe about cafe,

He says that I can do anything i want so I have started a car wash business – I see that the tesco car wash is no longer working. If we could have access to water we will wash cars on a saturday at £7 per car.

to promote this offer I have created tescoinfonet which will advertise the days that we are available 

Can you please arrange access to water.

Fredrico is On Board

June 18, 2022

See for contracts and objectives.


June 17, 2022


I am asking you to manage projects – I suggest that you keep a Diary Log like this of events that are happening during your days – It would help me see what you are working on at work and how much time you are spending on my stuff.

Thanks Rich 

Will try to phone you at 8pm Friday nights.

My Study Buddies / Angular

June 17, 2022

Diary Log 16/06/2022

June 17, 2022

Diary Log – 16/06/2022

Rise 14:00


Gaddum N!-Next Tuesday – Ernie Croft  

Stockport Mind – N!-08/08/2022 

Carle Gale  – I Street 

IRQ – E’mails

  1. Richard has a phone
  2. Triggered E Mail to Will Powell re Empire
  3. Responce = WP Has left WGC
  4. Triggered E mails to Martin Ketes
  5. Email 1 – Can’t work with James – Suggesting Steve Marr is put in charge and two admin assistants are employed.
  6. Email 2 Spelling out Empire / Pegasus asking for support.

01:07 Must get to bed – Or go to Tesco for a steak.


Anna – Studio One

Connecting Pathways Suggestion

Green Gym – Thursdays at 10:00 – New Website – Studio One – Compost Corner

IRQ – Go Register Studio One  Green Gym

IRQ – Age UK Gardening Club Poly Tunnels

IRQ Richard E’Mail – Have Phone Number now……. Informed Rich of projects 

Protosearch / Metasearch / Empire (TrainIT / TrackIT / TestIT)


WGC – Nobody there – Day off – Had Lunch

Hitec Computers

Stratbox – Not up to specification – had to leave it.


June 16, 2022

A Day in The Life 16/06/2022 Empire / TackIT / PlanIT

Pegasus / PlanIT

June 16, 2022

16 June 2022 – Empire / TrackIT – Pegasus Day – PlanIT

What a Day !

It’s 22:00 I have just been lying on my bed pondering if I should do this or not – it will expose everything!!!!!

We shall call this day Pegasus day.

Brain Dump 1 – Not Coming up – Live Scrum – Zeus – Meritocracy – JavaScript – Community Guardians

IT Strategist.

In 2007 I was appointed IT Strategist for YMG by David Gosling.

Connection Pathways – Thinking Time – New Protopage – PlanIT

On my wall at home opposite my great big chair I have a painting called Nimron.

It is a Plain White Board with a pen graph of a J curve representing Open Communication.

The graph is a Nike Swish – Overlaying the tick is a box with interception points which represent investment points in a business. There is then the Nimrod Arrow.

The Nimrod Arrow is a Project Management tool – it controls your diary and controls top sectrety reports. The arrow is a circle / a line / a arrow point – within rhe circle is a star. 

Teaching ECDL – I got students to design a poster using publisher – I got them to introduce a Nimrod Arrow and place a link on the Star to the web site that they were harvesting their images from.

Web building was not a part of the course – but for the good students I got them to save the document as HTML  as an introduction to web building. I then gave them a hand out telling them the structure of a website and how they could use CUTEFTP to upload their work to NTLWorld Free Space.   I created a site for Lorna Whittaker as a demonstration of web building.

Sadly NTLWorld went – I lost a lot of stuff. The machiche that I had developed my Operations Manual For Sodexo blew up one night. – I never got round to setting up another machine till after Clive Allen Withington Golf club told me that GoDaddy had deals for NTL World users. My Start with Go Daddy !

I use Nimrod to stare at it and p[lan my days / project – I also use the ceiling in my sons bedroom which is White As Milk, 

I theme my websites White As Milk as I do not go into the effort of creating CSS – I do not build websites that are image-rich – hence I am not a Web Programmer. I use the WWW for documentation – I use Bootstrap to give me that control that CSS offers and makes my websites less bland. These are what I call Life Skills which is something that I believe taht all children from the age of 8 should have.

At school i used to rock back in my chair looking at the ceiling – visualising mind maps – Connecting Course Content – Always getting in trouble with teachers for not looking at them !!!

Back to Nimrod and Diary Control

Pegasus Agile – Lesson 1 Session 1

In life you are a project manager – everyday you have to plan your life. I was Trained in project management using TMI FiloFax.

The FiloFax had many types of documents.

There were Daily Plans

Weekly Plans

Monthy Plans

Quartery Plans

Annual Plans 

There was a Diary.

On there documentation there was what they called a which as you can see has two eyes.

The action is you colour one eye in when you have started a task – you colur the second eye in when you have completed the task.

The document pack for TMI was quite extensive and expensive but it was a fantastic way of managing meetings. You simply threw trasks ove to other peoples diaries if you were Missing Targets.

Nimrod improves on TMI – you can use it with a standard Collins Page a day dairy.

Icon 1 – The Horizontal Arrow – Pointing Towards an hourly task.

Icon 2 – The Vericle Arrow – Pointing Down – To Task Latter that day.

Icon 3 – Dog Leg Pointing Down – To a new day

Icon 4 – Arrow pointing left – to a previous day

Icon 5 – Arrow Pointing UP – to task within same day.


At this moment in time I am achieving Synogy – I am working on two Plans for PlanIT 

  1. Document 1 – Produce Control Procedures for Nimrod – Agile Project Management.
  2. Communicate to BSG Elite – Planning Processes
  3. Completing my daily diary.

In my brainstorming session I identified areas of work that I had forgotten about – particularly pmj444 Scrum master – Which has completely changed my thought processes.

I am going to have to Nimrod this document now – I can noe draw at icon so i have to use my key pad. This is the first time that I have done this – I am inventing on the fly – which is something that you have to do as a project manager – you have to change your methods given the resources that you have.

N! – ADITL- T01 

Document A Day In the Life Task 001

N! – IRQ – ADITL-16/06/2022 Continued.

I am now processing an Interupt Request – I am Off Track reporting todays events and its getting late – past my bed time – I am going to have to Diarry Log today and write it up at a later date.

Or just leave the document as a Diary Log

N!  – DL16/06/2022

See You Soon – End of PlanIT

A Day In The Life 1

June 16, 2022

Its 9 pm I am just about ready to blog my day as a Community Guardian – Just got to check my E’Mail first – Looking for contact with UA92 Academy and Club Systems / Simpplr.

Here is Reprezent……

Thank you Reprezent

You can profit from my Manchester Discount Card Scheme

You will join the scheme and offer the service that for every press presentation produced you will donate 10 percent to the Erica Society.

The Erica Society will return 5 percent to yourself for your effort in Junior Golf Development.

You will then be passed to our Onboard Promotions business which will go about promoting your business to every golf club in the UK for promotions of the golf club.

You will produce one standard golf club presentation which you will sell on 1,000 times simply changing the url of the active club website to – Protopage will become the Standard for Active Web Services and Infonet Marketing 

(The Infonet – see

your presentation would then be shown on a webador website for the promotion of a business – This is SSNA.

We can start the ball rolling by you creating a sample presentation for Withingtongolf Club.

I do Prezi i can do it myself  – but I don’t want to – I want to outsource it to you.

Please give me your rates for outsourcing one Prezi and I will see if I can find the funds – But I really think that you should partner Red Octopus as once we have established a footing in golf clubs we will be going to Verastar who provides Broadband for small businesses

I am looking to partner Simplr for Small Business Intranets.

Exposure to Verastar would give you access to the UK small business Market.

Thank You again for responding 

Today has been a very eventful day – I am about to blog it.

I will blog this E’mail at 

This is a bit of a hot potato – Come onboard whilst you have the chance.

Currently negotiating with UA92 Academy to do Full Stack IT Training with Multi-Media.

Represent URL will be placed on the Manchester United Active Website with your permission as a Red Octopus Business Partner.

I am a Community Guardian (BA019)

You have been placed on a Community Guardians Contract.

You can contact us anytime your IT support / Systems Development.

I am on the look out for Foundation Consulting / Computing Projects.

You can look at my accounts and give me a quote for a media campaign 

I would like to here your proposal – I don’t trade at the moment 

I am thinking about coming out of dormancy this year.


Metasearch Ownership

June 15, 2022


I don’t know if you are aware of what you are doing with Protosearch  is Social Bookmarking

There used to be an application called delicious that recorded a website and its metadata.

It had a clever display that summed the keywords in the metadata and displayed them in a block by font size – you might of seen it in other applications.

What I want from you is an icon on the taskbar that when clicked opens a dialog box for your input – pre-filling the URL of the website that you are on.

We can extend the functionality of your searches to include SSNA Sites 




Can you please own the Meta Search project along with Protosearch and Empire Intranets


Pegasus Agile

June 15, 2022

I had not realised that I had done so much work on Pegasus – I decided tonight that I would amke Pegasus the project build strategy.

When trying to register Pegasus I fund that it was already taken.

So i attempted Pegasus Agile – Only to find that I have been down this path already, having tasked Richard and Paul to construct a build.

I am losing this battle – they are not interested…………

Richard has confessed to working waterfall.

Paul is a law to himself – no mojo.

Moses – Redoctopus Advacacy Services

June 15, 2022

Red Octopus Advocacy Services

TrainIT – Manchester United

TaskIT – Carl Gale


June 14, 2022


Rich – I am putting you in charge of Small Business Intranets / BSG Elite Academy under Red Camel 

Your first action is to create a protopage called Empire2022 or Empire2025 depending on your commitment to the project – I estimate it will take about 13 week ends.

You are to appoint me as Multimedia Consultant – Educational Services Division

You are to appoint Paul as an Angular Trainee Programmer – We need Paul for work on hand held computing for Moses (NHS)

You are to appoint me as Pegasus Scrum Master

You are to appoint me as PA / Administrator

You are to appoint Andrew Clarke as Education Consultant 

You are to appoint Mike Hunt as Product Owner

You will communicate to Verastar that this is a Verastar Community Systems Project 

You are to tell me if you want to take on Angular – If so then make the project Empire2025.

I have been watching videos on Angular – I have a MOSES project for the NHS for you to do – a small project but the impact on the NHS will be substantial,

The action plan is to contact Club Systems to form a partnership with them – To contact UA92 Academy to recruit a team to service the uk. As the intention will be to do bespoke work for UK Golf Clubs for 3 years before moving into a consolidated product of Small Business Services – Partnering Simpplr who do Intranets at 9 dollars per person for 100 people.

When we have a small business product we will then go to Verastar and Intelling  to target their communities.

Note : We still have a strategy document to produce for a home server – should this solution be ported on a home server.

Get A phone !!!!!!

I hope that this is to your satisfaction – Please get Protosearch done so that you can get onto The Golf Hub – Magna Carta  which s now urgent and Shady Hollow as these are Empire projects.

You are a good man Rich – you just need to be more productive and have a heart for business…..


See verastar protopage fo announcement

UA92 Academy

June 13, 2022

Hello Aaron Saxton

I would like to talk to you about a proposal for us to work together.

I am looking to take on teams of computer science and media students to service the golf industry and the NHS – and Small businesses.

I can not offer pay as I have no funding but I am trying to become a registered training provider with the DWP.

I have a number of projects which will give your students the opportunity to discover real life development – the focus being on project management training and support.

Hopefully, your students will form teams and go forward in life, supporting and developing with each other.

There is so much that I want to talk to you about – I am certain that you will be interested in working with us.

Alan Bramwell 

CEO Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Representing Red Camel Systems and Slattocks Computing / AIOC Computers.

Community Guardian (BA019)

Flagship Enterprise – Forest404 Infonet Services

Working with new business start up.

Hopefully with Lancaster University for Business Modal Canvas