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Room 101 / Mayflower / Minerva / Xenophon / Plato

January 31, 2022

Hi Rich

I would like you to think about two things 

1. An Establishment

2. A Task

Imagine a world where every job had a procedure manual called Xenophon.

That manual consisted of 101 Genesis Paragraphs per task.

With time and effort, these genesis notes are converted to Microsoft Office objects called Socrates Documents.

This is the project called Minerva that I worked on at Verastar in 2015

The project Mayflower is the development of a system to capture Genesis Documents.

The database is simple it is one record.

1 Company id

2. Company Name

3 Company Type 

4 Establishment ID

5 Establishment Description

6 Task ID

7 Task Class

8 Task Class Description

9 Genesis Paragraph 1

10 Genesis Paragraph 2

nn Genesis Paragraph 101 – Plato Responses

nn+1 Protopage URL – Genesis Active Document

nn+2 Google Document URL – Socrates Document

I have a picture on my wall which is an economic j curve – it represents the growth of a company that has open communication – a company that is open grows exponentially with no end date.

An inverted j curve shows a company that grows after initial investment but it reaches a peak and then drops off to eventual death.

I live in hope that you will work with me and make this Vision 22 a reality soon.

Thank you Richard for being my friend and constant hope.

We could be professional and create a task description table and associated task estimation tables. This is TaskIT and has been mentioned as a priority with TrainIT – There needs to be a course/task relationship record.

This will happen it time.

I need to document my Backlog Report – I will do this once I have seen you start on Shady Hollow and Magna Carta for Forest 404 Project.

Plato – This is a table of Standard Responses – a Phase II Project.



Creating a View to insert Data

January 21, 2022

Now, we will create a stored procedure to insert data. So, our stored procedure is.

  1. create procedure spAddEmployees  
  2. @name nvarchar(50),  
  3. @city nvarchar(50),  
  4. @gender nvarchar(50)  
  5. as  
  6. Begin  
  7. Insert into STUDENTS (name,city,gender)  
  8. values(@name,@city,@gender)  
  9. End   

The next step is, we need a method to save the data in our table. So, let’s add a method in our EmployeeBusineeslayer.cs file.

  1. public void AddEmployee(Employee employee)  
  2.   {  
  3.       string connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings[“Test”].ConnectionString;  
  5.       using (SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(connectionString))  
  6.       {  
  7.           SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(“spAddEmployees”, con);  
  8.           cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;  
  9.           SqlParameter paramName = new SqlParameter();  
  10.           paramName.ParameterName = “@name”;  
  11.           paramName.Value =;  
  12.           cmd.Parameters.Add(paramName);  
  14.           SqlParameter paramcity = new SqlParameter();  
  15.           paramcity.ParameterName = “@city”;  
  16.           paramcity.Value =;  
  17.           cmd.Parameters.Add(paramcity);  
  20.           SqlParameter paramGender = new SqlParameter();  
  21.           paramGender.ParameterName = “@gender”;  
  22.           paramGender.Value = employee.gender;  
  23.           cmd.Parameters.Add(paramGender);  
  24.           con.Open();  
  25.           cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();  
  27.       }  
  28.   }  

Insert into a SQL Database From a TextBox

January 21, 2022

private void SaveBtn_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    SqlConnection sc = new SqlConnection();
    SqlCommand com = new SqlCommand();
    sc.ConnectionString = ("Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=LoginScreen;Integrated Security=True");
    com.Connection = sc; 
    com.CommandText = ("INSERT INTO Stock (Prod_ID, Prod_Name, Prod_Cat, Supplier, Cost, Price_1, Price_2, Price_3) VALUES ('"+ProdID.Text+"''"+ProdName.Text+"'+'"+ProdCat.Text+"'+'"+ProdSup.Text+"'+'"+ProdCost.Text+"'+'"+ProdPrice1.Text+"'+'"+ProdPrice2.Text+"'+'"+ProdPrice3.Text+"');");

Connecting to SQL Database / C#

January 21, 2022

This is an ASP.NET Form – How does MVC View differ?

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace DemoApplication1
 public partial class Form1 : Form
  public Form1()

  private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
   string connetionString;
   SqlConnection cnn;
   connetionString = @"Data Source=WIN-50GP30FGO75;Initial Catalog=Demodb;User ID=sa;Password=demol23";
   cnn = new SqlConnection(connetionString);
   MessageBox.Show("Connection Open  !");

Empire Systems – EBCS

January 21, 2022

Are you going to work with me on a multilingual Training System
Table 1 

1 Country

2 Language

3 Date/Time Stamp

Establishment Table———-

1 Country 

2 Company

 3 Establishment Description

4 Establishment cost center

5 Establishment numbers

6 Establishment Budget

7 Hays Scale

8 Date / Time Stamp

Data Dictionary————-

1 Data Code

2 Language Code

 3 Data Dictionary Description

4 Short  Name 

5 Medium Name 

6 Long Name

7 Date / Time Stamp

View Table——

1 View Row Column

2 Column length

3 field Name

4 Date / Time Stamp


1 user Name

 2 Password 

3 Date Time Stamp

User View Table———–

1 View

2 Language

3 Date / Time Stamp

6 tables required 18 views to say 40 hours work Are you prepared to do it for me
I have the rest of the TrainIT Tables notes – do this we can register for a grant. 

14.02/2022 Empire SSNA

Establishment SSNA / InfoNet Table

  1. Company
  2. .Com URL
  3. .Biz URL
  4. .Net URL
  5. Protopage URL
  6. Webador Promo URL
  7. WordPress URL
  8. Wix URL
  9. Twitter URL
  10. Instagram URL
  11. Facebook URL
  12. Whats App URL

SQL Create / Insert / PHP

January 17, 2022

Create Editable Bootstrap Table


CREATE TABLE `developers` (
  `id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `name` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `skills` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `address` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `gender` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `designation` varchar(255) NOT NULL,
  `age` int(11) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO `developers` (`id`, `name`, `skills`, `address`, `gender`, `designation`, `age`) VALUES
(1, 'Smith', 'Java', 'Newyork', 'Male', 'Software Engineer', 34),
(2, 'David', 'PHP', 'London', 'Male', 'Web Developer', 28),
(3, 'Rhodes', 'jQuery', 'New Jersy', 'Male', 'Web Developer', 30),
(4, 'Jay', 'PHP', 'Delhi, India', 'Male', 'Web Developer', 30);

$sqlQuery = "SELECT id, name, gender, age FROM developers LIMIT 5";
$resultSet = mysqli_query($conn, $sqlQuery) or die("database error:". mysqli_error($conn));
<table id="editableTable" class="table table-bordered">
		<?php while( $developer = mysqli_fetch_assoc($resultSet) ) { ?>
		   <tr id="<?php echo $developer ['id']; ?>">
		   <td><?php echo $developer ['id']; ?></td>
		   <td><?php echo $developer ['name']; ?></td>
		   <td><?php echo $developer ['gender']; ?></td>
		   <td><?php echo $developer ['age']; ?></td>  				   				   				  
		<?php } ?>

Make Bootstrap Editable
$( document ).ready(function() {
	  columnsEd: "0,1,2,3,4,5,6",
	  onEdit: function(columnsEd) {
		var empId = columnsEd[0].childNodes[1].innerHTML;
        var empName = columnsEd[0].childNodes[3].innerHTML;
        var gender = columnsEd[0].childNodes[5].innerHTML;
        var age = columnsEd[0].childNodes[7].innerHTML;
        var skills = columnsEd[0].childNodes[9].innerHTML;
		var address = columnsEd[0].childNodes[11].innerHTML;
			type: 'POST',			
			url : "action.php",	
			dataType: "json",					
			data: {id:empId, name:empName, gender:gender, age:age, skills:skills, address:address, action:'edit'},			
			success: function (response) {
				if(response.status) {
	  onBeforeDelete: function(columnsEd) {
	  var empId = columnsEd[0].childNodes[1].innerHTML;
			type: 'POST',			
			url : "action.php",
			dataType: "json",					
			data: {id:empId, action:'delete'},			
			success: function (response) {
				if(response.status) {

Panic / Apple Watch

January 17, 2022

I have just seen an advert on television of an Apple Watch sending GeoGraphic Location to emergancy services for a person who is injured.

All Apple need to do now is write a Panic Button for people in trouble.

I will write to Apple requesting this feature and close my project for suicide watch.


January 17, 2022

Richard says he is not a DBA !

SQL Insert

SQL Update

SQL Delete

Here you go Rich – I know that you know this – Please write Shady Hollow ASAP.

Please Clone

Let this be part of your project.

Acting Up / Acting Up Occupancy History – Hayes Table

January 16, 2022

You can place Acting Up on the PayIT Channel as memo data

  1. Date
  2. Post Channel
  3. Post Channel Establishment Grade
  4. Post Channel Establishment Scale

If you have the same data with Employee ID on an Occupancy Record you have Acting Up History.

You will need a Table – A Hayes Table

1 Row – Grade

2. Col Scale Point

3 Entry 1 – Salary


January 16, 2022

I am obsessed with flat files.

If you define Occupancy as a SQL record format

  1. Employee
  2. Date
  3. Data Code
  4. Datacode value you should be able to do the processing with SQL – there is the issue of sorting into employee sequence – /i am certaion that there is a way.

Nimrod / InputIT and DRRP

January 16, 2022

I have asked Richard to build me Nimrod – A SQL Table Constructor I will follow it up with InputIT and DRRP.

InputIT is for Logical View Design – it will require a Data Dictionary containing :

1 Field Name

2 Title

3 Short Title

4 Description

5 Data Type

6 Length

7 Channel

8 Table

9 Data Code

10 Company

Sub Sequencing – The Solution / A Musical Legacy / Shady Hollow

January 15, 2022

Thinking on the fly – I will need to sleep on this one……

I have just been thinking about A Musical Legacy, Setting it up as an occupancy record and realized that subsequence is simple all that we need to do is read the occupancy record into a flat file Date Data Code Data CodeOutput Occupance to a flat-file it is then a simple case of sorting by sub-Sequence Data code Value within Sequence Date
I have been doing it all my life with CA Sort the parameter was Sort (length, start location)(length,start location)There was a parameter that summed columns and just gave you a control total.I want to write a 4gl Report Writer called Easy Report with this sort feature – you are clever can you get onto it with Paul. Knock your heads together.
The record layout for A Musical Legacy is an Occupancy Record –  With a Data Code Table of Genre Type / Genre Description and a table for memories – Data Code 001 and Memory Type – Data Code 002 – Artist – Tune – Memory and table of Memory Type – Code – Description
This Code will kick off The Erasmus Project

  1. Genre Code
  2. Genra Description

Memory Table

  1. Memory ID
  2. Memory Description

Occupancy Record – Flat File

1 Memory (Occurs 10)

1.1 Memory Date

1.2 Memory Value

Memory SQL Table

1 Memory ID

2 Data Code

3 Memo Data 1

4 Memo Data 2

etc to Memo Data 10

Data Dictionary

  1. Data Code 001 – Genre Data Code
  2. 002 – Memory ID

I think that this is the solution – I have to give AML more thought. It’s a start – is it feasible as it will be applied to Shady Hollow.



After thought – Artist / Genre Table


January 15, 2022

After 22 years I have finally decided on the Database for Erasmus 2025

Erasmus2025 / EasyHR / Easy Report Writer

January 15, 2022

My mind has drifted to drift into HT services – I am going to have tp write The Book 2

  1. Channel 1 – Payroll (Primary Channel)
  2. Channel 2 – Personnel (Primary Channel)
  3. Channel 3 – Pension (Primary Channel
  4. Channel 4 – Post (Establishment)
  5. Channel 5 – Tax (Primary Channel)
  6. Channel 6 – National Insurance
  7. Channel 7 – Court Orders
  8. Channel 8 – SSP
  9. Channel 9 – SMP
  10. Channel 10 – TrainIT (Database)
  11. Channel 11 – Commamy Cars
  12. Channel 12 – Acting Up
  13. Channel 13 – Acting Down
  14. Channel 14 – Under Cover
  15. Channel 15 – Master File Codes
  16. Channel 16 – Absence Management
  17. Channel 17 – Holiday Pay
  18. Channel 18 – SPP (Statutory Paternity Pay)
  19. Occupancy

I am certain Post was Channel 4 – In Uni200 – am I missing a Primary Channel

If I restrict myself yo one channel per day for Foundation Consultancy and Foundation Computing that will give Paul and Richard time to catch up and comment – The Mock Up should be completed in two weeks.

That gives Rich and Paul 3 years to build a subscription based service – EasyHR / Easy Report Writer.

TrainIT has over 35 tables – Lets say two months for the Mock Up

RewardIT / DismissIT

January 14, 2022

This should conclude a proposal for the NHS and the introduction of a new Bank Payroll System for Sodexo Casuals.

Database Records


  1. Company
  2. Period
  3. Cost Centre
  4. Employee
  5. RewardIT Code
  6. From Grade
  7. From Scale
  8. To Grade
  9. To Scale
  10. Value

RewardIT Code Table

  1. RewardIT Code
  2. RewardIT Description


  1. Company
  2. Period
  3. Cost Centre
  4. Employee
  5. DismissIT Reward Code

DismissIT Code Table

1. DismissIT Code

2. DismissIT Description

TrainIT Coding – CodeIT

January 14, 2022

TrainIT is up to a 35 table database now
Please write me a SQL Server / MVC / C# update for a table with 10 memo fields named memo 1 to 10 – send the source to me via email please and I will start designing / coding. I will let you have access to what I do so that you can copy it and build the TrainIT project 

Thank You 


I don’t have a windows machine / Visual Studio else I would do It myself.

If it works I will use Git Hub Open Source for Paul!

I will need 1 field set as a primary key and 3 three fields foreign keys

I will need a second view as a table enquiry – the first is for input.


TaskIT II – Promote as DoIT (Xenophon)

January 14, 2022

I think that I may have blogged TaskIT as Class Definition

TaskIT – DoIT(Xenophon)
1. Task Table – Task ID / Tasc Description
2. Task / Course Table

3.Establishment / Task Table

Merit Awards / Discretionary Payments / Erasmus2025 / TainIT Extensions II

January 14, 2022

I am being very creative now!

Let us discuss discretionary payments as part of the annual pay awards – it is something that I used to look forward to every year the pink slip was always welcome.

I have come up with the idea of Merit Awards – points that could be traded for salary when the departmental budget allows – it would be a points system.

A course could have discretionary points as would extra duties or project work. At Verastar I initiated projects Mayflower / Minerva / Xenophon and Pluto for no reward. The result was a departmental procedure manual and Signature Processing (Broadband Provisioning Automation Phase I – Front End Analysis).

The following tables are required they are Erasmus Tables but are required by TrainIT

1. Establishment Cost Centre Table – Number of People / Cost Centre / Budget

2. Hayes Table – Grade / Scale

3. Employee Record – Cost Centre / Hays Table Grade / Hays Scale Point

4. Merit Award Control Table – Merit Id / Merit Points / Merit Description

5. Employee / Merit Table – Employee Id / Merit Id

6. Cost Centre Description Table

With this a view /report can be created comparing budget with departmental cost – reporting the amount that can be rewarded in discretionary payments.

Q-Core Design

January 14, 2022


1. Establishment Table

2. Employee Table

3. View Table

4. Password Table

5. Establishment / Employee

Class Module

  1. Access Control Module


  1. Registration – Clone Bossons (When its working)
  2. Login – Clone Bossons
  3. Establishment
  4. Employee
  5. View

TrainIT Design Extended

January 14, 2022

Extend TrainIT to include the following:

  1. Course Dates Table
  2. Course Credits Table
  3. Students Credit Table
  4. Infonet Transaction of Courses by date with booking form
  5. Extend Course Record to included Target Grades – From Grade / To Grade

Read DB2 – Selcopy

January 14, 2022

With this I have made a huge step forward – My brain is a wonderful tool – I went to bed to dream about Sub-Sequencing but my brain prioritises. It won’t let me think about A Musical Legacy – which has been on the agenda for 22 years. My brain has told me to think about Easy Reporting – to go to the Selcopy Manual to find if there is a Read DB2 syntax.

There is – Rich there is a fortune to be had if you were to write a c# / SQL Server Manual like Selcopy.

READ for DB2 will either generate a dynamic SQL SELECT statement or execute a user supplied SQL= SELECT statement to
open and then fetch rows of a DB2 table.
Optional Parameters
Other parameters are allowed on the READ statement, all of which are enclosed in brackets above indicating optional. Some of
these may be omitted on second and subsequent operations on the same file, but please refer to the individual parameter
descriptions for more information on use of the above.
READ may be conditional on a THEN or ELSE, and subsequent control cards may cause further reads from the same file, or from
other files.
READ CARD WORKLEN=2000 * Default LRECL of 80.
READ DDNAME * LRECL not required for MVS.
READ ‘* EXEC A’ DIRDATA * Generic group of files.
READ GHI ESDS * VSAM file in entry sequence.
THEN READ XYZ INTO 400 * Conditional input.
ELSE READ GHI * Still an ESDS (Mentioned earlier).

This does not look right it has Read Tape!

Occupancy – The Solution

January 14, 2022

I am doing well I am refreshed and not stressed at all – I slept most of the day but woke up at five past 12 hungry – Tesco being closed I had to drive to MacDonalds. My mind drifted onto Occupancy annoyed that Paul and Richard had not got back to me – How can I be a Designer and run Design House if I can not get my head around Relational Databases. I was trained on Hierarchical Databases in Cobol and IDMS where the solution is simple you just use a occurs clause – that was my thinking about using string manipulation and memo data. Convinced that is not the way I had my MacDonalds went home and went to bed – dropped off straight away.

It’s now 4 am – is MacDonalds brain food.

The Solution to Periodic History Recording – PHR is not PHHR Periodic Hashtag History Recording.

It is a separate table with the Period as the ID Key and Value as a field.

Occupancy is nearly the same – you can not have date as the key you will have to have a separate numeric incremental Occupancy Id fields. With Fields Date / Data Code / Data Code value.

That should do it – now to go back to bed to define how sub-sequencing work where a repot is produced by Data Code within Occupancy Date.

Rich / Paul – Please confirm that this SQL is correct. I am not a programmer.

The Future

January 13, 2022

Principal Technical Consultant / Sales / Backlog Report / Activity Record / Screen Painting

January 13, 2022

Between 1988 and 1993 I worked as a Principal Technical Consultant for Hoskyns I had a Company Car / Expense Account / BUPA and was in the Share Option Scheme – It was a good job.

During that time I set up teams at:

  1. Darlington Chemical in Darlington
  2. Keneth Wilson In Leeds
  3. Courtaulds in Coventry
  4. Powergen in Birmingham
  5. Time Gate Computer Service – an acquisition in Birmingham
  6. Was assigned to do a Management Support Role at Dairy Crest
  7. The role was 90% Management there was no hands-on programming a position which I am taking now with Red Octopus. I am a Community Guardian to Richard and Paul. I hope to lead them into producing web services/enterprise solutions. My next task is to design Pegasus Agile – I am thinking about the Backlog Report / Activity Report and an Activity Summary Report. I am dependant upon Richard informing me how he works. Paul does not work in a team I will have to ask him how he manages his load – and how he wants to work with me. At Time gate I had to take the position of Sales Manager and made a presentation about UNIPAY product – I was successful in taking on a new client – I set up a presentation room with multiple screens and a Dicom adaptor borrowed from Northwest Water. I presented Screen Painting – they were impressed. I want to talk to Paul and Richard about the Feasibility of creating Screen Painting for a SQL database.

Backlog Report

Project / Project Description / Risk Factor / Estimate

Activity Summary Report

Activity / QA / Assigned Programming / Status

Activity Report – I have already noted this I will have to check – these notes may be different:

Activity / Specification / QA / Programming / Unit Batch Testing / Online Link Testing / Assurance Testing / Change Control / Implemented.

What we go with is what Richard dictates.

Principal Technical Consultant / Sales / Backlog Report / Activity Record / Screen Painting

January 13, 2022

For some reason Gammerly is not working in WordPress – this blog contains typos – See The Future

Between 1988 and 1993 I worked as a Principal Technical Consultant for Hoskyns I had a Company Car / Expense Account / BUPA and was in the Share Option Scheme – It was a good job.

During that time I set up teams at:

  1. Darlinton Chemical in Darlington
  2. Keneth Wilson In Leeds
  3. Courtaulds in Coventry
  4. Powergen in Birmingham
  5. Time Gate Computer Service – an aquisition in Birmingham
  6. Was assigned to do a Management Suppot Role at Dairy Crest
  7. The role was 90% Management there was no hands on programming a position which I am taking now with Red Octopus. I am a Community Guardian to Richard and Paul. I hope to lead then into producing web services / enterprise solutions. My next task is to design Pegasus Agile – I am thinking about the Backlog Report / An Activity Report and an Activity Summary Report. I am dependant upon Richard informing me how he works. Paul does not work in a team I will have to ask him how he manages his load – and how he wants to work with me. At Time gate I had to take the position of Sales Manager and made a presentaion about UNIPAY product – I was successfuk taking on a new client – I set up a presentaion room with mulrtiple screens and a Dicom adaptor borrowed from Northwest Water. I presented Screen Painting – they were impressed. I want to talk to Paul and Richard about the Feasibility of creating Screen Painting foe a SQL database.

Backlog Report

Project / Project Description / Risk Factor / Estimate

Activity Summary Report

Activity / QA / Assigned Programming / Status

Activity Report – I have already noted this I will have to check – these notes may be different:

Activity / Specification / QA / Programming / Unit Batch Testing / Online Link Testing / Assurance Testing / Change Control / Implemented.

What we go with is what Richard dictates.

Jackson Programming

January 13, 2022

Jackson Programming

Selcopy has GoSub keyword in addition so that you can do Jackson Programming.

DO user-label
PERFORM user-label
GOSUB user-label

Repetitive coding may be reduced by use of the DO opword/parameter, synonyms PERFORM and GOSUB.
The argument to the DO parameter is a user-label which defines the beginning of the set of statements that are to be executed. It
is essential to terminate this set with a RETURN statement.
It is not permitted to drop through into a sub-routine. Control must always be passed to a sub-routine via a DO, PERFORM or
GOSUB parameter. Thus it is necessary to terminate previous main-line control statements with a GOTO GET or GOTO
user-label statement.
Sub-routines may call each other, and may even call themselves.
Nesting of the DO statement is restricted to 32 levels.

Git Hub / Jeckll

January 13, 2022

I have mailed Paul about BSG-Elite / Git-Hub and Jekyll – Bugs / Backlog Reports and Banking Transactions.

Rich are you prepared to share source for BSG-Elite.

Jekyll sounds interesting its described as Open Source Text to Webpage.

Selcopy Sort – EasyList / EasyPage

January 13, 2022

In my day of The World Pump Trade Analysis Selcopy did not have Sort it had to be done by an external CA-Sort.

Now that Selcopy has sort we should be able to write EasyList and EasyPage in it or at least write the pseudo code such that we can write a C# / PHP code builder.


SORT=sort-list — DB2 only —
See also:
• Section DB2 Processing.
Sorts the rows of an input DB2 results table, using the fields within the column(s) specified.
SORT specifies, in standard SQL syntax, the ORDER BY clause to be applied to this SELECT. This is a list of column sort
specifications separated by commas.
Quotes, delimiting the sort-list, are required where more than one column is specified.
Each column sort specification consists of either a column name or number (i.e. the relative number of the column in the SELECT
column list) and a sort direction (ASC for ascending or DESC for descending). The sort direction is optional and defaults to
If SORT= is omitted, the order in which rows are returned is undefined.
Note that SORT= is not permitted if the UPD parameter has been specified.


Noticed that there is a restriction on DB2 only so we are not going to be able to write a SQL version.

Depending on the cost of Selcopy it might be worth trying.

Selcopy User Manual

January 13, 2022


Try and see if this is appropriate for today’s SQL processing – or is it just an old manual.

If Selcopy is available today and can be used for PC Solutions see how much a licence fee is and we will think about getting one.


January 13, 2022

There is a challenge for a programmer to develop a list and page report generator and a TP Screen Painter.

Starter for 10.

You will have to think of SQL Memo data as little ISAM files with a Parameter File recording the Offset of Data Codes.

Peterborough Software Wiki

January 13, 2022

The Wiki does not mention PS produced Unistar a time and attendance / UNI2000 was its flagship enterprise. Unipay 5.3 was the consolidated version – Unipay used to be client-specific – Ingersoll Rand paid for UNIENG an engineers 13 weekly average. Unipay 5.4 was the consolidated product – a change in development strategy. The programming language/formulae of the Unipay product was primitive it did not allow perform, it had Snaffing and Chaining of formulae.
The formulae did progress to allow iteration and the introduction of Tables enabled validation.
The company developed ERA’s Employoyee Related Applications or you could buy and install user hooks. The Introduction of Unipost – Establishment Recording and Post channels for say Company Cars gave ERA’s a new slant. Occupancy was introduced a perfect way of recording Acting UP.

Ingersoll Rand did not take UNIPERSONNEL and Sodexo refused to implement UNIPOST.

I have not mentioned that Ingersoll Rand looked at UNISSP but threw it out – Ingersoll Rand also did not use user hooks we did reentry processing. IR did a paper-based solution for SSP – the pay element was element 6R – I remember it well I evaluated SSP.
Sodexo tried to implement Absence Management – they tried for 6 years to get it right – it had user hooks. They should have used the 13 weekly UNIENG !

I am certain that SSP was a ploy to force people to take personnel – operationally it was cumbersome – it involved interfaces. Difficult to train as the data codes were complex.

Don’t forget about UNIPAGE for producing Payslips.

Periodic Hashtag History Recording – PHHR – Erasmus2025

January 13, 2022

Periodic Hashtag History Recordinginformation has to be held per memo data is for Pay and Deductions where the following data is required to be recorded for each element:

An element is 2 characters – a data code is 3 characters.

Data Codes contain the following by adding 1 character to their characters extended by adding the characters :

A – Element Description

2 = Periodic Value

3 – Units Year To Date

4 = Cash Year To Date

K – Units PHHR Format PPPPPP / Value where PPPPPP is Year / Week Number

L – Cash PHHHR

Data code 200 is Salary / Weekly Pay

The Sort will be Pay/Deduction Element / Periodic History Code or Converted HHR as the developer determines is best.

Format of a Pay / Deds Element


This was the format o the Peterborough Sotware Unipay Masterfile on a ISAM and UNI2000 Master File – Supported with a Parameter File that described the data code type and Masterfile location with a Tables File for validation and reporting purposes.

Datacode 500 will be Gross Pay – It is not part of a Pay / Deds Element – it is It a master file code. Note: I have forgotten the UNI2000 Codes I did not commit them to memory I used the manuals when needed.

Outsourcing / Walking / Pegasus Agile

January 13, 2022

Outsourcing / Walking / Pegasus AgileIt’s 02:26 in the morning I have been asleep and my mind has flipped into thinking about Agile Reporting.
I am outsourcing it to you to think about what is required – I was thinking about a Protopage with Back Log Report and a Protopage for User Stories with the password exposed so that anybody can access it with Google Forms for status reporting green/amber/red by sprint task.
Can  you please let me know what else Agile needs – I will review Scrum YouTube in the morning 


I want to try to switch today working to get some light – I need to GOP walking during sun light hours instead of staying in bed.

Bossons Login

January 13, 2022

Login to Bossons worked for Red Octopus with Password : BramIT

RespondIT – Strategy of Trees

January 13, 2022
Richard GilbertDec 13, 2021, 12:19 AM
to me

Certainly an interesting feature – how do you think we can implement it – how best to present the history?

Also need to polish the styling and add a news search option. Phase 2 will be using the actual bing search apis and getting accepted into their sponsored listings programme. Also we need to think of tree-related content – I was thinking of a clickable map that would display details of what trees would be best etc

Bossons Intermittant Problem

January 13, 2022


Intermittent Problem 
Login at Red Octopus is not working now.I did get in but could see no additional functionality.I need your advice / Registration Services fixing.  

Invalid email / Password

Red Octopus / Community Guardian (BA019)

Login Progress – More Bugs

January 13, 2022
Alan Bramwell – Red Octopus11:58 PM (1 minute ago)
to paul

Progress  / More Bugs
Accessing via the search bar is returning forbidden.

Login to Red Octopus E’Mail worked and I have managed to log in.
Logging is as my user id failed Invalid email / Password

Please tell me about the additional functionality that I need to test now that I can Login


Community Guardian (BA019)

Bossons Bug Update – Web Standards – Welcome Biker – Magna Carta (UK Conferencing)

January 12, 2022

Manage to register bramwell at Red Octopus
Accepted that user name – would not accept BramIT2022
I tried to register to my gmail account. 
But got already registered – so I have been trying.
You never gave me update so I don’t know where you are. 


Try – what do you think of this as a web standard. 

Still a bug – You are going to have to type into the search bar.

Think how it can be changed to deliver Magna Carta and Welcome Biker

Magna Carta – For Me 

1 County 

2. Hub

3 Golf Club 

Welcome Biker – For Peter Gleave WGC

1. Country

2. State / County

3 Hotel 

Bossons Bug Report / Registration Services

January 12, 2022

Paul Bosson Front Office Services  – Bug Report
 Paul I can not check the scope of your development as I can not sign in – I am looking for Front Office Services.
 I have asked you to set me up with a Bossons password
I have registered alan bramwell but have forgotten the password 
It did not work and I raised a bug with you – did you attempt to resolve it or are you just happy with what you have done for your PHP Training.
I registered as BramIT – got an email but login will not work – Can you check my case on this and report back to me my actual user name.
I have tried to register as BramIT2022 In case I got the case of BramIT wrong – are you case sensitive on user-id. But it will not allow me to registerKeeps asking for User 
This is not looking good I am trying to promote Bossons at the golf club in a hope to muster up business with Welcome Biker.


Bossons Bug Update

January 12, 2022

Thankfully  – Bossons Database works when you type it into the search bar and works when Book Marked in Protopage 
Look at Learnit for Boston Database recommended projects.

Can we start UK Conferencing  to see how long it takes you to do a Bossons Clone – With Registration Services / BankIT.

Thanks Al

 Community Guardian (BA019)

Withington Golf Club – Project Nimrod2000 – Community Guardian

January 12, 2022

I have been trying to define web services at Withington Golf Club for over 30 years and have had no support.

PGA Systems

Forest 404 – Internet Search Engine

Scott Currie

Ben And Jacks Emporium

Steve Marr

You can only go so far as a Community Guardian – If people do not take Onboard what you are doing for them there is no Helping them.

Community Guardian

WGC Active – The Directors Table

The Mersey Hub

Magna Carta

The Golf Hub

Onboard Promotions – WGC Promo

Over 30 years a considerable amount of effort has been put into WGC – The orginal website by Zac Ali was technically Excellent is the Bossons Database which can easly be converted to an On-Line Shop.

The Shop – Bossons Database

Bossons Database

Bug Report : This link of Bossons Database my come up with Forbidden please see The Shop for llinks that work – We originally experienced this when we put a link in Webador Footer – but we managed to resolve it – We have today experienced the same issue with WordPress.

BramIT – Community Guardian (BA019)


January 12, 2022

Thank you – I am looking to push out Webador and Protopage as a web standard fo Golf Clubs and am working on – WGC is my showcase for The Directors Table 
Please communicate The Golf Hu and Forest 404 to the membership – The Golf Hub has Golf Lessons
Http:// – Webador SSNA Showcase

Should WGC adopt to implement SSNA they can have the password for Protopage but the will deed to do their own Webador / Six / WordPress / Facebook / Twitter/ instagram.  
Bllogged as SSNA:

Microsoft Teams / HHR and EstimateIT / World Pump Trade Analysis System.

January 12, 2022

A report on the system that never was – The World Pump Trade Analysis System – (Ditto / Selcopy amd Easytrieve)

Great – I do not know how to start a Teams session can you get onto it – do you have Pauls Email address?

I want to discus HHR (HHR – Hashtag History Recording)  and Estimating. For the following 
At Ingersoll Rand I woke The System That Never Was. It had no budget. I was given a tape and was not told the origin and was asked to see what I could do with it.

1. The IBM Computer would not read it so I used Ditto to check the tape labels – I observed that it had a third non standard label.

2. I used Ditto to write out a Standard IBM Tape.I could then get at the data using Ditto – I produced a hexideximal print of the first 3 blocks.

3. I had difficulty mapping out a record – I observed it was a variable length file with variable length records – the record type was controlled by 4 Character Record Block at the start of each block then a four character indicator of record let at the start of each record – The File format was  

FD World Pump Trade Analysis Record

    Block Length – Pic x(4)   

      Record Pic x (100) – Occurs 100 

               Record Length Pic x (4) 

               Record Data – Variable Length

Giving a variable Blocked / Variable Length file.

3 I used Selcopy – Which was a utility that allowed you to access data to Byte level to read the file and output a number of VSAM – Virtual Storage Access Method Files.5 Easytrieve to Report Records by Data Type – I was able to read the hex a determine Character fields and numeric fields.
Eventually I got meaningful data out and had to ask what the tape was – I was told that it was International Trade Statistics – It was a Government tape. We looked at the Financial Times and was able to determine the record that contained information about heavy engineering – I ceated a table of Ingersoll Rand codes and was able to report by type – We picked out Pump Data and Created The International Pump Trade System.Tapes arrived from other countries and we were able to create a cross reference of country codes to Ingersoll Rand Codes – IR Codes becoming an International Standard. Eventually I had to give the system away because there was no budget to run I, EDS wanted me to do a presentation at an International Trade Conference at Glen Eagles – I wasn’t allowed.
Can we please discuss how this could be done today if we had a SQL file with variable lengthen memo data.
Thanks Richard / Paul

– You are both highly skilled Oracles – you have always come up trumps.

This EMail has been Recorded in BSG Elite as HHR.

Did you look at SEO on Forest 404 – It is great that the Bossons Database is found by Forest – This gives us a great product to sell.

I need to write EstimateIT for Foundation Computing – My thought are that I need to record.

 1. The Number of Input Files

2. The Number Of Calculations

3 The number of Photographs

4 The Number of Graphics

5 The number of Output files

6 The number of Procedures – Sorts Etc.
Can we discuss the types of procedures that we are likely to find giving us 2+7 = The number of Class Modules.This Narrative has been Saved as BSG Elite – Estimate It and HHR – and Blogged as such.

Thanks Rich

Another long E’Mail for The Book – HHR and Estimating

Al Community Guardian (BA019)

If you can think of topics for a book can you please list chapters – Cheers

Room 101

January 11, 2022

Revamp TrainIT to be a web service with a Client Table / Q-Core 

Charge Clients £101 per year access – Room 101

BramIT Evolution TrainIT Feasibility Study

January 11, 2022

Whilst at Verastar i made recommendations to the Evolution team and did Google Forms Database Modelling. I got no reply !

TrainIT Feasibility Study

Forest 404 on the BBC and Bug Report

January 11, 2022

Listening to forest 404 – Life in the fast time.
There is a bug in your Forest 404 – It does not show up on forest 404 search.
Please see Paul about Bossons SEO his does



You should listen to time – It touches on todays Internet activity / Dreaming at night – Pension Plans.

Its very confusing though – its about the future.

Not easy listening.

Team Work / Microsoft Teams

January 11, 2022


 Webador Promo / Microsoft Teams
I have managed to bring us all together as a team – we should all talk to each other more often – I know that we can not get together – we would if we were all local Don’t let distance be a problem there is conferencing available with Microsoft TeamsPlease

Think About It


Bug Resolved

January 11, 2022

Bossons Database Promo now working

Now to see if Webador is picked up by google / Forest 404.

The bug was resolved by simply doing the link in the footer again.

Lets see what Webador says.

Test Link

January 11, 2022

Bossons Database Copied From Search Bar

Team Work / Bug Report

January 11, 2022

Bossons Database

Bug report

The bossons database link in the footer is coming up forbidden – the page header is ok.

Please comment

Good work Paul / Richard

Bossons appears in Forest 404 – can you comment in your site Paul php/mysql with SEO

Thank You 

Team Work at last – Bug Report Given to Webador / Slattocks Systems / Red Camel Systems / Red Octopus Business Services

I think I have seen the error there is a / on the back end of the link you sent me

BBC – Hashtag History Recording HHR

January 11, 2022

Don’t forget that I have lots of television channels on my HTML5 tab on my personal Restricted Protopage website. Protopage is so great for bookmarking favorites I have hundreds of web pages that I have accessed – it is particularly helpful for recording contact pages for support.

Action : Update RadioXL with FacX TV – Public



Fac-X TV

At Greater Manchester Police they had many problems with their system – the Consultant Programmer had not understood Occupancy and Sub Sequencing. it took me 3 months to perfect cade that worked in batch and online to do error reporting. The time took me optimizing code so that an element of validation only took 7 lines of code – the code reported errors into a history element – there was one line of validation which involved mandatory testing and control table validation. It was an excellent piece of work that saved the day at Sodexo. I will report it here.

Sodexo 2020

GMP Infonet

I am getting so many ideas about designing databases using Hashtag History Recording HHR that I am overblown with ideas. It just requires a few days of effort to optimize the code in PHP/MySQL – C#/SQL

Action Plan: Do Pegasus Agile Project Tracking.

Action Plan: Watch TV for a few days give Paul and Richard space to catch up.

Foundation Computing / Consulting is Recruiting

January 11, 2022

Foundation Computing

Community Guardian

We are recruiting Time Bak Associate Consultants to join Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Estimated Earnings £50k per year as a Business Analyst / Technical Consultant

You will become a member of the BSG Elite Team

BSG Elite

Questions And Answers

January 11, 2022

I can not find my Little Green Book and Little Red Book so I have added them to BSG-Elite and LearnIT where they should have been. I hope that thee is not a problem with Protopage backing out content – I have suspected that in the past when I have lost links in RadioXL

It will give me the oportunity to ask Richatd and Paul again the thee questions that they have not answred.

  1. History Data – Occupancy
  2. Periodic Data – YYYY
  3. Sub Sequencing – Reporting History Data

Manchester Discount Card / Green Pages Info

January 10, 2022

Manchester Discount Card / Green Pages Info

I have today decided to link these two projects – Whilst Green Pages was going to be a Golf Gub project it can now be a Forest 404 Project.


January 10, 2022

Little Green Book Of Questions

Little Red Book Of Answers

My Oracles are not answering my E’Mail – I am having to log activity sadly.

I am certain it will help when we get students.

Action : Set Up a Forum one day when we get people on board.

Community Guardian Infonet – CGInfonet – Golf Hub Decision – Magna Carta…..

January 10, 2022

The CGInfonat is embeded in my community Guardian site – it show over 100 protopage sites that I have attempted to register to get Protopage started – It has been one of lives great failures.

But we are still trying – I want to know if by introducing meata data Ricahard can get at it – here is his Question.

I have lost my Little Green Book of Questions – They will turn up – So I have duplicated it in LearnIT. I should have blogged Little Red Book of Answers.


Hi Rich 

Here is the extent to which I have attempted to promote Protopage.
What I want to do in the html in these sites is to add metadata / title and SEO 
You are a clever man  can you get at this information and can you set up a secondary search to access the Golf Hub URL without SEO.
Thank You 

I have decided that the url for golf clubs should be either protopage/wedador/wix or wordpress – Give Golf Clubs a choice.

Medicare / Click and Collect / Food Shopping

January 10, 2022

Medicare / Medicare2020 I use Medicare to log my intake / Weight and wellbeing-health. These sites have a restricted password that my doctor can use to see my notes – But they won’t !

I had to make an entry today because of my stomach acid.

Nutrition I take my health very seriously and am taking an Open University course

I can not believe that a year has gone by since I was doing A Day In The Life You Tube Bloggs for Click and Collect.

This narrative talk about Click and Collect systems which includes GRN (Goods Received Note) Systems. It is bizarre that Paul is working on GRN Systems now but has not talked to me about them – This video complains about Paul not talking but it is Titled Food as it is a blog about my shopping. Stock recording s simple – you have to obey the business rule – you have the option to store CPN by location or by many location or having many GRN’s per location. The Inventory Analysis is significantly different for each. (CPN Computer Part Number – 9 characters with a check digit).

I have had to stop You Tube as my Windows machine is broken. I must take it for repairs – the might be an insurance claim.

A Day In The Life

Anxiety- Tyres – £92

January 10, 2022

My stomach has gone acid and I have no Asilone.

Went to Tesco to get Chocolate Drink and Milk to find a totally flat tyre.

Have had a problem with a front tyre going down for a while but today the back was totally flat.

This stressed me out – I had to go to National Tyres – The front Tyre was shot out – due to being parked a lot !

The back tyre had a rim leak.

The mechanic could not find my locking wheel nut in the tool kit in the boot and was so relaxed it was unbelievable – he tried to say I needed new brake discs – I had them done just two years ago and I do no mileage. He might be right I might not have had the front brakes done – I will have to check at my next MOT.

It’s now 15.17 i have been trying to get to bed since 11:00 – I have my Cocoa and milk – Goognight Richard.

A Musical Legacy will have to wait another day – I need to decide between Wix where Scott knows SEO and I can see it working – or Webador where I can not find the SEO input page.

Off to the chemist for some Asilone before I get ill.

PGA Systems

January 10, 2022

I have just created PGA Systems using Weador.

PGA Systems

I am very disappointed – I could not find SEO – It has been random in the past when SEO presented itself to me and I have been uncertain how to do it.

I tried settings and managed to switch into mobile phone design mode – which is not a problem – but I can not get out of it. A bit frustrating.

However PGA Systems is partially done – there are YMG and Bitesize Golf pages to add – and BSG Elite

BSG Elite

Daily Routine – PlanIT Class D

January 10, 2022

Daily routines are important – It is now 8am

  1. Tablets
  2. Breakfast – Today Soup – Need Milk for Cereal
  3. Shower
  4. Bed till 14:00 – Listen to Leonard Cohen to snooze off.

14:00 Look at The Book / Write Book 2

DreamTime Linkedin

January 10, 2022

I was dreaming about Business Searches for Green Pages Info when I tried to do a Forest 404 search on Businesses Near Withington Golf Club. There was lots of WGC presence shown so action update WGC Active with WGC WWW Presence.

Discovering that Pat Keene was still the General Manager at Withington Golf Club when I did a Forest 404 on Businesses Near Withington Golf Club I logged in to Linkedin to look at his profile.

Whilst I get lots of people wanting to connect with me I never use Linkedin . My profile is out of date.

I observed that Linkedin has a new Twitter like dashboard so I made the following entry for Redcamel Systems.

Hello – I would like to report that Redcamel System has been working on a new internet search engine called
This engine is superior to Google in that it displays a map of businesses #google #searchengines .
Thank You – Watch this space for more exciting news.

Action : Update with Forest 404 links


Regret / Design House

January 10, 2022

I am finding Blogging really helpful – I now regret deleting all my blogs – there was lots of interesting design in it for Design House.

Action : Blog about Design House

Aid Memoi

January 10, 2022

Do EstimateIT before you forget – Code this for Foundation Computing.

1 Input

2. Calculations

3. Output

4. Logical Views / Content

Google Forms questionnaire


Another job for Redcamel or Slattocks

We require the customer to define his requirements if we are going to quote for business.

Night Owl

January 10, 2022

I have been thinking about :

  1. Cinderella – Establishment Budgetting – BSG-Elite
  2. Peter Gleaves Welcome Biker – WGC Active – Protopage
  3. WGCPromo – Webador
  4. Forest 404 – The work on Welcome biker threw out design issues with forest not displaying businesses till map was extended.
  5. AML – A Musical Legacy – The design of this has been thought through but no build as yet – Perhaps tomorrow night. – RadioXL / Shady Hollow – Protopage
  6. UK Conferencing – This is to be progressed as an extension to Magna Carta – Action Plan – Go to LV Media in Cheadle and get an estimate. Do this for Emma as a present. – Redcamel E’Mail

Now Listening to Quadrophenia HTTP:// / justforkids albums.

6:30 am clearing my mind and going to sleep – will rise at 14:00 – Goodnight / At good evenings analysis.

Erasmus 2022

January 9, 2022

Richard has been on E’Mail asking about Base Control Gate – I explained that it was a typo – My keyboard needs cleaning and I type without my glasses – they slip off !

I have just sent Paul and Rich an E’Mail asking them about Budgetary Control called Cinderella and asking them where to start.

As Richard has asked about Erasmus2022 I have started the project in BSG Elite.

Cinderella and Erasmus will be projects for students of BSG Elite – I have a teaching qualification and am registered under Time Bank to teach at Wythenshawe Community Housing Data Centres.

I will also try to see if I can use Wythenshawe Forum Library and muster up students from the job centre.

I taught ECDL at the Forum for MAES – I did ECDL Extensions as my own course for web builders.

There are no jobs at MAES for me – I have enquired.

Pegasus Agile

January 9, 2022

Today I have been working on :

1. Pegasus Agile

2. Red Octopus

3. BSG Elite

4. PlanIT

5. TrackIT

6. TrainIT

7. TaskIT

8. Nimrod2025 (Webador)

9. Erasmus 2022 – Occupancy and Sub Sequencing Feasibility, (Paul and Richard)

Communications between Paul and Richard are poor – if we are to progress we are going to have to assign time to projects so we know when people are available for discussion. It does not help that people are not contactable by phone – is it a lot to ask ?

Spoke to Susan to see if she was okay – She thinks I should stop BSF Elite College and focus on decorating my house. I tried to convince her that I only do an hour on my PC a day.

When I start work on Foundation Computing I an going to have to restrict my development to one table per day to keep the peace. Then I might just BlogIT and not actually create the Google forms – that will save time.

Tomorrow’s Blog TrainIT2022


January 9, 2022

There are two elements to TaskIT

  1. is the classification oof a task for Pegasus Agile Project Planning
  2. Is the registration of a task by Establishment Post.

Pegasus :

Option 2

 Paper based

1. Gant Chart

2 Task Register

 3 Critical Path Analysis 

4 Kalamazoo Tracking Register – Of Folder System

5 Year Planning – Log Term Ongoing Tasks


A Task This Month – Planned Sprint

B Task B Sprint – Sprints to be  Scheduled

C Task – Unscheduled 

X Disaster Recover

T Training

R R and D

S Speculation 

D Daily Tasks

W Weekly Tasks

M Monthly Tasks

Q Quarterly Tasks

Y  Yearly Tasks 

G Government – Statutory Maintenance

Z Community Guardian

This is by no means the complete list – I did spend a lot of time at this and came up with 26 classes A to Z. I think that this is a good effort at 14


January 8, 2022

Rich / Paul

Hi This is very very important.

I have this week touched on History events in SQL Server but I have not had a reply I would like you to write a date difference class
The input is 
1. Datacode 001 / Start Date Date dd/mm.ccyy / Absence Code x

2 .Datacode 002 / End Date dd/mm/ccyy 
The output is 

1. Number of Absence Days 

The command is Date Difference / Start Date / End Date

This is very very important – Please give it your immediate attention and reply straight away about feasible / not feasibeRge SQL .

Field would have to be memo data I guess. 

Thanks Al  

TrainIT / TaskIT

January 8, 2022

Today’s Blog was schedule to be TaskIT – I was about to write it in The Book when I found TrainIT.

TrainIT is documented in The Book. Next Phase is to produce Google Forms – To define the database tables.

We then need to investigate a Google Forms to SQL Server XML / JSON Interface.

Hi Rich / Paul 
Can you give me an estimate for this and comment on my requirements for sorted sets .

The TrainIT Database

  1. Establishment Record
  2. TaskIT
  3. PayIT
  4. Tutor Record
  5. Tutor Student Record
  6. Student Record
  7. Hybrid Database Record
  8. Room Record
  9. Resource Record
  10. Room /  Resource Record
  11. Course Record
  12. Room Course Record 
  13. Tutor / Course Record
  14. Student Course Record
  15. NVQ Record
  16. NVQ Student Record
  17. NVQ Assessor Record
  18. NVQ / Course Record
  19. NVQ Assessor / Student Record
  20. NVQ Assessment Dates Record
  21. NVQ / Assessment Date Record
  22. NVQ Student / Assessment Date Record 
  23. Note : Many to Many Records Should be sorted sets and code samples news to be done to : Obtain First / Obtain Next / Obtain Prior / Obtain Last and Obtain Current Child Records.
  24. Note : Discuss the connection between Training Achivement and Hays Table rewards ) Grade and Scale). Construct a Database for NHS Bank 2022. (My Study Buddies – Revalidation)
    Please indicate if I have missed any tables
    Thank you
    1. Company Table 2. Company Establishment Table 3. TaskIT Table 4 Establishment / Task Table 5 Company Structure Table Al

Blogging History

January 7, 2022

I used to do a lot of blogging when I was trying to get a job in the IT industry – I cleared it down and stopped blogging – It was very technical…..

I have just looked at my blogs to see if the are ok – they are fine – they reflect my status.

But I have an Issue – I have reported that I wanted to buy Adam and Emma BMW’s when they were 21.

I have made a mistake in my blog – I have said that I bought Adam a series 4 BMW – It was a Series 5.

I have also said that I have supported Emma – I should have said that I contributed to the deposit to her house.

Relationship with Emma is great at this moment in time – Emma has said that she would help me with organising The Adam Bramwell Classic Golf Day. For her birthday I contributed significantly to the deposit for her new Volvo, (not a BMW as I wanted). So the BMW promise for her 21st birthday is now closed.

For the administartion of the golf day I have gifted Emma – she also has EmmaInfonet for her work as CEO of Red Octopus.

Red Octopus has now gone into dormancy due to lack of interest by the team – this may change as we have seen progress with Forest404. I am trying to give the team some long term objectives – I want Emma involved.

Emma is doing realy well she is a Global Markettig Manager for an Internet company – Delivering InfoNets and InfoLabs should be an extension of her current duties. She needs to talk to me.

I like Carl perhaps it is something he could take onboard – The Company Is Onboard Promotions.

We need to talk !

Commuity Guardian – Going Agile

January 7, 2022

I said that my next blog would be TaskIT – That is for tomorrow – I have slotted in this last task of the day to request Paul and Richard Go Agile.

My Request :

Rich / Paul
I have been working all day on stuff for us it is now 15:11 I have been up since 6 and have not stopped.
I have made great progress but it is only logging progress and recruiting associate Consultants – BSG Elite Students.

I have set up protopage for you both but you refuse to use them
Can you please setup your own protopages for project tracking and set up a google form for TimeBank task/activity Tracing.Lets go Agile and start to be professional.
Paul I know that you are doing stuff for Jobie but I can not remember what you said it was – Please go Agile and project track your Sprints and do a sprint for Product Launch that includes me as a Community Guardian (BA019)
Thank Lads Please help me These are long term projects.
Richard : Forest404

 Paul : Bsitting = ?
Al Community Guardian BA019

What is your current Backlog Report – Start there.


Job Centre

January 7, 2022

Yesterday I created a list of jobs that I wanted to recruit for i was certain that I did it in Forest 404 or Quo Vaidiz but I can’t find it – I have a placeholder in BSG Elite for RecruitIT.

I am so annoyed that I am losing stuff – I am going to have use my Blog to record where I have been working during the day.

Anyway I best record what I am looking for here.

I am looking for 8 people.

  1. Product Owner
  2. Personal Assistant / Administrator
  3. Scrum Master
  4. Business Analyst
  5. DBA
  6. Operations Analyst
  7. Application Programmer 1 – SQL Server
  8. Application Programmer 2 – Hand Held Devices
  9. Applications Programmer 3 – Banking Transactions
  10. White as Milk Web Programmer
  11. Graphical Web Programmer
  12. SSNA Programmer
  13. Security Analyst – Q Core
  14. Language Analyst
  15. Note : Applicant will be expected to perform all the above roles as an Associate Consultant. They will also be expected to buy into professional qualifications such as Microsoft Certifications / Prnce 2 Project Management and be prepared to complete the Harvard University CS 50 course and Open University as deemed appropriate.

The job centre were unable to advise where help can be given to employers wanting to recruit – i was so disappointed you would think that this would have been one of their priorities.

The good news is I am still being paid Universal Credit and do not have to be constantly looking for work.

My expectation is that I will never work again as there was once the time when I could conduct all the above roles myself – Apart from SQL DBA. I have no desire to engage in corporate politics when I get so much joy thinking about my own systems.

Having attained a teaching qualification through Studio One puts me in good stead for recruiting apprentices / Associate Consultants.

Now to track back on what I did yesterday – to find my lost work.

When I was at Ingersoll Rand everybody had a CMS machine for program / documentation.

I was greedy I had 3

  1. CMS040 for my regular work
  2. CMSSAPAY for my Payrolil and HR activities
  3. CMSSA037 for Special Projects and Personal Development.

I have too many Protopages – I have tried too hard getting projects started – I am really at the hands of Richard and Paul – Iit would be of great assistance to me if the lads could go Agile and maintain their own Protopages / Timebank – trying to track stuff on e’mail is impossible I can not keep track on where I am going. I try to log e’mail request in Forest 404 Alan’s Comments – there has to be a better way. I need to talk to Richard about Agile Documentation and start to set up sprints.

We need a sprint for Forest 404 role out media coverage. The least we need to do is list the publications where we will write our articles. Perhaps that should be done as a N task a NOW Task.

My next Blog will be TaskIT – I will sleep on It and come up with a list of tasks.

I gave this a great deal of thought whilst I was in Hospital and came up with a list of 26 – I think I went a little overboard. Anyway it has been thrown along with the good work that I did on Hybrid Database Design. Which I think that I will Blog one day.

Nimrod 2025 / Vision 22

January 7, 2022

Today I could not find Nimrod 2005 / Nimrod 2025

I know that it has been registered with a Manchester Archive site but I can not remember the name of the site – Not doing very well am I. I have a site with a lot of the sites that I have registered on it bu as I had not done any work on the site I had not got that far.

Anyway I have now opened my heart and have wrote about the issues that bug me in a hope that Richard and Paul will help me move forward.

What I am asking is good experience for them – It will certainly help Paul move forward. He should be thanking his luck stars that I care so much abou him.

Check out this site – I am going to the job centre now to see is I can recruit for BSG Elite.

Nimrod 2005

January 7, 2022

Today I have started Nimrod 2005.

I have already started a Nimrod 2005 Site – It must be Wix.

I can not remember the name of the Manchester Site that i did it for so I can not find the link.

It is about time that I started to Blog again – There is so much going on.

There appears to be a problem with WordPress – It will not show all my sites – I can not get at my Manchester Discount Cards site.

First Priority – Get WordPress Working / Find Nimrod 2005.

For now look at out progress

12/02/2022 See : Vision 22 / Nimrod 2025