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Shady Hollow / Trees

February 21, 2022

Shady Hollow has now been changed to record Favourite Tree.

There are other tables at Shady Hollow – You will need to look at to see them.

Please do this development at your leisure and set it up as a registration service where the client pays £25.


Forest 404 Configuration

February 19, 2022

This has been configured with data capture how I would like to be configured.

SQL Reporting – The Infonet

February 19, 2022

I have been asking for a showcase of SQL reporting since 2000 – I have now seen an example that I want at Barclays Bank Online.

Their online transaction allows you to select a from date and an end date for transaction reporting.

When a long period is requested that goes over a number of pages boxes appear say from 1 to 23 for you to click what page you want to see. The initial rows that you get shows transactions for the last month.

It is this type of reporting that we should be reporting for The Infonet. It means that when we register protopage sites we need to record the registration date.

To Remind you here is the revised Protopage Infonet dtabase:

  1. Date Recorded
  2. Protopage URL
  3. Description
  4. Meta Data
  5. SEO Data

This should be a relatively simple exercise for a SQL Programmer.


February 19, 2022

I have asked Richard to work on Hazel as a priority – sad thing is I have not logged it so I am uncertain if it is a registration of trees for Shady Hollow or just the InfoNet. Forest was raised for Richard – this has turned out to be The InfoNet too.

We are over thinking things now – we need momentum.

We really need Infonet Services / Protomatch.


February 19, 2022

Rich / Paul

Today I wrote to The Queen C/O Prince William to inform her / him of the InfoNet Passwords to accounts:




I have kept hold of for myself to demonstrate what can be done in the interest of The Royal Family.

This may include a website for the Royal Collection based on called Windsor


SQL Calls

February 19, 2022

Hi Rich 

I find it really sad that we are not working together as a team – we could be onto something big if only you would get onboard 

It would not take up that much of your time it is only sql.

Perhaps Protopage Match is a little difficult but I am sure that you can do it.

It all depends on if you can step through a sql server table 

Do you know how to do 

Get First

Get Next 

Get Prior 

Get Current 

Get Last

From a SQL Table.

Please try to find some time for me.

Please Ring me……


Manchester United InfoNet

February 16, 2022

Manchester United InfoNet

I have contacted Manchester United about InfoNet Services

I now need to see PSR 001 processed that shows that Forest 404 will be doing InfoNet Services

Can I have it ASAP please.


Community Guardian (BA019) 

SSNA InfoNet Standards

February 15, 2022

Talk to me Rich – I get worried when you don’t communicate – I have given you so much that I expect to be done sooner than later.

I want to start you on TrainIT soon.

Please see for SSNA InfoNet Standards


Xanadu (Opulance)

February 15, 2022

I have just thought of another project name for us it is called Xanadu (Opulance)

I have for a long time wanted to do a general ledger to Balance Sheep / Profit and loss interface.

I would be quite a complex process The Year End Returns to Companies house are quite extensive – I have put Red Octopus into Dornancy so to not have to do the year end returns.

This could be a project for 2006.

Does it float your boat ? 

TrainIT – SSR 001 Class T – Red Camel Systems

February 15, 2022

TrainIT SSR-001



2. Feasibility Study

3. Functional Specification

4. Design Specification

5. Pseudo Code

6. Pegasus Agile Scheduling

7. Database Design

8. Product Creation

This is a BSG-Elite Training Exercise For Richard = Class T

In Business Systems Analysis and Pegasus Agile Procedures

Course BramIT 1 and 2:

Basic Systems Analysis

Practical Systems Design

SSR 001 Empire Budget Control Systems – EBCS

February 15, 2022

Hi Rich 

SSR 001 EBCS – Empire / Empire SSNA InfoNet Services.

I am thinking about you doing Empire but I don’t know if it will agree with you.

What are your thoughts on doing a system for the Royal Household and Eton College?

Would it rub you up the wrong way? It’s for King and Country / Brexit.

What are your thoughts?

It is a system called EBCS – Empire Budget Control Systems – It compares Budget Costs against Actual Payroll Costs by Cost Centre.

Is it for you? 

Phase 1 is Empire SSNA it will take a couple of hours – Empire needs thinking through – it will need the creation of Google Forms and InfoNet Discussion Forum before the SQL is commenced.

I would like you to do it as Part of PSE001 Infonet Services.


Community Guardian (BA019 / Red Camel Systems)

Back Log

February 14, 2022

February 14, 2022


With no particular  priority

1. Infonet Services – PSR 001

2. Titmarsh – PSR 002

3. Hazel – important – give priority

4. Empire SSNA

5. Empire

6. Forest

7. TrainIT

8. TaskIT

9. Erasmus

10. Quo Vadiz

11. Shady Hollow – Raise PSR soon

12. Magna Carta – Raise PSR soon

13. Q Core 

14. Zeus – Raise SSR Soon 

All under Nimrod 2025

I need a Pegasus Agile Scrum Master to Estimate and Schedule this load.

Empire SSNA

February 14, 2022


I am not logging this – please do it with PSR 002

Add a bootstrap button called Ecoglobe to your splash screen

the link should be HTTP://

I have asked you to do Empire please hold on I am going to ask you to get on board with the way that I work and ask you to do an Empire SSNA Webador Site and HRHInfoNET (Advanced Mode, Public Form – Password: William) Protopage site with Google Forms for BrexIT. 

The effort is about 1/2 Hour – With You Forest Changes say an hour.

I will advise you of the Empire SSNA Content when you acknowledge this email and give me a development date so that I can look out for it.

We need momentum – we have a great product!


Red Octopus

PSR 002 – Titmarsh Database

February 14, 2022

PSR 002 14/02/2022

The Titmarsh Database…..

We can announce Forest 404 / The InfoNet through Gardeners World id we do a database of Soil Acidity /  Tree Specimen.

You will require a Google email account to develop a Google form.

Registration to Google will take you 2 minutes and the creation of the form 15 minutes.

You will need to do a narrative for the form header – this will be the hardest part.

Then you will define:

1. Post Code / State – Short Paragraph

2. Country – Short Paragraph

3. County – Short Paragraph

4. District – Short Paragraph

5. What 3 Words Location – Short Paragraph

6. InfoNet Protopage URL – Short Paragraph

7. Soil Acidity – Short Paragraph

8. Tree Species – Short Paragraph

9. Comments about soil depth – Long Paragraph

Introduce two buttons on your Splash Page

1. Titmarsh InfoNet Registration – Google Form

2. Titmarsh InfoNet Content – Google SpreadSheet

Please do this as a matter of urgency – you can do a SQL database at your heart’s content.

Surely you can spare 1/2 an hour in your busy schedule. This will give Forest 404 substance.


Community Guardian (BA019/Red Octopus)


February 14, 2022

15/2/2020 – Update / After forethought:

This idea would be all right for batch reporting but would not satisfy the needs of an internet search engine. The use of arrays is required. You will have to ignore the database transient file processing.

You will still need to read through the Protopage User Database comparing Search to Meta Data / SEO.

Hi Rich 

I have been thinking about Protomatch – 4 Dimensional Array for the search 

I think we need 

Array 1 for the Search String 

Array 2 for the metadata string

Array 3 for the SEO String 

Array 4 for the word build String

SQL Found Table

We should have processing on the Search bar to limit letters to 100

limit Meta Data to 200

Limit SEO to 500

In Jackson Code the program would look something lie this:

Perform Main

Main – Perform Database initialization

Perform Database Read

Database read Performs Perform Word Build 

Perform Comparison

Perform Comparison  Performs Database Write (Limited to say 100 records)

Perform Database Write

Perform Found Table Display

Perform Database Initialisation Perford Found Database Delete / Found Database Create

Clearly, there is an iteration in here like 

Process database whilst match not =1

Write database whist count less than 101 (Note Database is a table of found Protopage URL 

It all depends on if we can match array in a state that meant something like this.

if Search Array (1,1,i) = Meta  Array (1,1,i2) then match = 1

You will need to loop around each word in the search array comparing the value with a secondary loop of words in the meta array.

Word build should be simple it is string processing – I had to do string processing for a word processing test in my C exam – you read the search sting till you find a space and concatenate the lettest into a text field before storing into array (1,1,1.iw)

I hope this helps..

I should try to code this for you – I have more important things to do – I am sure that you are more than capable of thinking something through.

Note: I have not given this all my attention so the structure might be out somewhat – you should get the idea that we are doing a comparison to create a SQL table that we can report on.

Note: The URL for the Protopage should be an active anchor – clickable – else you might have to create a html5 table. (|Or another way that you know of – like your Forest Search – Displaying link and SEO data – Which would be excellent.



February 14, 2022

Hi Lorna – This is Alan your ECDL Trainer that did a NTL World Website for you. It is my suggestion that you now do a Webador or Wix Website – Your Work is good – You should have a real website – rather than depending on Facebook. Community Guardian (BA019/Red Octopus).

Requesting Urgency

February 14, 2022

I want to start converting my 100 sites to infoNet services 

This needs the database exposing where I can record passwords.

It would be a great shame if I had to start a Google Form – it will double my effort. 

I need your support and I need it now. 

Please find time this week – it is not a lot to ask – seeing I have been waiting 22 years for you to showcase sql standards.


Community Guardian (BA019 / Red Octopus)

Premier Care

Estimating / Service Level Expectation – Pegasus Agile

February 14, 2022

Two estimates are required:

  1. SSR – System Service Request – A development that has a number of Objects.
  2. PSR – Program Service Request – Changes that can be done in less than three days.

Estimating / Service Level Expectations

  1. SSR – Example Creation of The InfoNet Database for Protopage Searches.

Most Red Octopus SQL Development – Should be covered by a PSR – TrainIT is a significant development and will be the subject of a SSR and will require Pegasus Agile Scheduling.

2. PSR – Bootstrap development for InfoNet Access.

For a simple change that should take half an hour the expectation is that it should be done in a day.

Note: SQL Server – SSR

The Service Level Agreement for a SQL/C#/MVC development is at this time is unknown – I am awaiting feed back from Red Camel Systems.

The estimate to clone The BossonsDB Database has been requested so many times! 

These are the standards used by Ingersoll Rand where I had a team of 12 programmers to select from. Requests were given a Task Class which can be seen in TaskIT – much of my work was not charged out as it had a class of T – Training and Education or R – Research and Development. When I formally request Zeus it will have a class of R.

PSR 001 (Program Service Request) – Launching The Infonet

February 14, 2022

InfoNet Services

PSR 14/02/2022 Launching The Infonet

Put a button on you page as a link to a bootstrap splash page called the infonet.

The infant splash page should be a forest mp4 video as supplied  with a button going to protopage site theinfonet – the button needs to say Enter

This change should take 1/2 hour and saves me creating a Webador site.

I suggest the video with clouds,

Thank You 


Community Guardian (BA019/Red Octopus)

C# Multi Dimensional Array

February 14, 2022

/ Two-dimensional array.
int[,] array2D = new int[,] { { 1, 2 }, { 3, 4 }, { 5, 6 }, { 7, 8 } };
// The same array with dimensions specified.
int[,] array2Da = new int[4, 2] { { 1, 2 }, { 3, 4 }, { 5, 6 }, { 7, 8 } };
// A similar array with string elements.
string[,] array2Db = new string[3, 2] { { "one", "two" }, { "three", "four" },
                                        { "five", "six" } };

// Three-dimensional array.
int[,,] array3D = new int[,,] { { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 } },
                                 { { 7, 8, 9 }, { 10, 11, 12 } } };
// The same array with dimensions specified.
int[,,] array3Da = new int[2, 2, 3] { { { 1, 2, 3 }, { 4, 5, 6 } },
                                       { { 7, 8, 9 }, { 10, 11, 12 } } };

// Accessing array elements.
System.Console.WriteLine(array2D[0, 0]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array2D[0, 1]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array2D[1, 0]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array2D[1, 1]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array2D[3, 0]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array2Db[1, 0]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array3Da[1, 0, 1]);
System.Console.WriteLine(array3D[1, 1, 2]);

// Getting the total count of elements or the length of a given dimension.
var allLength = array3D.Length;
var total = 1;
for (int i = 0; i < array3D.Rank; i++)
    total *= array3D.GetLength(i);
System.Console.WriteLine("{0} equals {1}", allLength, total);

// Output:
// 1
// 2
// 3
// 4
// 7
// three
// 8
// 12
// 12 equals 12

You can also initialize the array without specifying the rank.


int[,] array4 = { { 1, 2 }, { 3, 4 }, { 5, 6 }, { 7, 8 } };

If you choose to declare an array variable without initialization, you must use the new operator to assign an array to the variable. The use of new is shown in the following example.


int[,] array5;
array5 = new int[,] { { 1, 2 }, { 3, 4 }, { 5, 6 }, { 7, 8 } };   // OK
//array5 = {{1,2}, {3,4}, {5,6}, {7,8}};   // Error

The following example assigns a value to a particular array element.


array5[2, 1] = 25;

Similarly, the following example gets the value of a particular array element and assigns it to variable elementValue.


int elementValue = array5[2, 1];

The following code example initializes the array elements to default values (except for jagged arrays).


int[,] array6 = new int[10, 10];

C# Array Processing

February 14, 2022

Note: W3Schools does not example Thee Dimensional Arrays

Paul: Nightmare Park had Dimensional Arrays do you have code example for PHP.

Java Three Dimension Array

February 14, 2022

Not in W3Schools…….

Two dimensional array:
int[][] twoD_arr = new int[10][20];

Three dimensional array:
int[][][] threeD_arr = new int[10][20][30];

C# Multidimensional Array

February 14, 2022

Note : This training example shows Java too.

Action do an exercise like Signature in Protopage to see if Meta Data can be written in Protopage.

SEO – Three Dimensional Array

February 14, 2022

Hi Rich 

The solution to the Meta Data / SEO problem is a three-dimensional array.

1. Step is to do string processing on the search field recording words into the first array

2. Same as for Meta Data into the second array 

3. Ditto for SEO into the third array

Then its simp[ly the case or doing a for loop to match array 1 to array 2 then if needed array 1 to array 3

Dropping out when a match is found.

I am certain that Google processing is much more complex to this giving seniority but this is the best that I can do and it will suffice.

I hope that inspires you to get going with The Infonet Database.

Cheers Al

Dim Array – Basic

20 Dim A$(4), A(1), C(2), B(3.3) 

The Infonet – Infonet Development

February 14, 2022



To do webador infonetpromo site

If you don’t understand me the feeling is mutual – I still don’t get what forest 404 is about – you have asked about trees and soil – where does it make us money

I still feel that we should be focused on Shady Hollow  and the Magna Carta. Cloning BossonsDB

To remind you The Forest / Infonet Database is

1. Organisation – Short Paragraph

2. Country – Short Paragraph

3 Division – Short Paragraph

4 Genre – Short Paragraph

5 Protopage URL – Short Paragraph

6 Meta Data – Short Paragraph

7 SEO – Long Paragraph

8 Password – Short Paragraph

Folder – Infonet Services

Form – The Infonet

I suggest that you try Google Forms as a way of Documenting your SQL Server Requirements / then you might try to write a Google Form to SQL Load – for TDD development.

Thanks for your On-Going Support.


Infonet Database

February 14, 2022


I am disappointed that you can not do a file match of text fields

I have a new project for you to replace Forest Database 

the database is called Infonet 

It is the same as Forest but it has an additional field for passwords.

The problem is I will have to do a Google Spreadsheet Disp;ay which is not the way so I am dependant on your services – I am certain it will take you less than a day – I don’t understand why it has not been done!

Please give me an estimate of the work involved for you to do sql

1. database create 

2. insert 

3  amend

4 delete 

5 display 

Give me a reality check.

keep an eye on HTTP:// for DuckDuckFo / Infonet processing

Then it will be a simple case of you cloning it rather than me specifying function.

It is easier and quicker doing google forms than specifying stuff for you.


Community Guardian (BA019/Red Octopus)

SEO Issues

February 14, 2022

I don’t know Rich – you are the expert 

Can we do it in two phases: 

Phase 1 – Protopage user group registration with simple enquires ;

Select * where Country = x County = y Division = z

Phse 2 – Then think about the Meat Data / SEO 

If we simply display the Meta Data / Seo it will be a move forward.

You could do this in a day and it would add weight to forest 404 – it takes me 15 minutes to do a google form. But I have no enquiry ability sadly

And I am not going down the route to trying to get visual studio / mvc working again apart from the cost – the learning curve is too much for me – I an not a great reader.

Thank for the reply – please just get it done – I am about to announce the launch of the infant but WordPress went don when I tried to add Greta Thunberg – I think Adam is saying I have the passwords wrong

Thanks for the prompt response – it helps


Commuity Guardian (BA019/Red Octopus)

Infonet Launch

February 14, 2022

Infonet Launch – 14/02/2022

The age of the Infonet has arrived.

Red Octopus would like to thank Withington Golf Club for acting as a Pegasus Site for Protopage since 2007. Experimenting has been an experience.

The Infonet has been available at Withington Golf Club since 2007 – It was part of a projet that I did for Young Masters Golf which included :

Digital Champions – Password: mystudybuddy

LearnIT – Password: mystudybuddy

Greta Thunberg – Passwords: greta / ecoglobe

The intention being to teach junior golfers into becoming Golf Vlub Manager. This training evolved int BSG Elite in 2016 when an exersize to promote Bitesize Golf was conducted by Red Camel Systems – this was a distribution portal for BSG Learning Material.

Tesco Infonet

The Bideford Centre

Northenden Community Library

NHS Infonet

GMP Infonet

My Study Buddies

Extended Infonets – Passwords : facxtv / study / radioxl / kidsstuff

The Gardeners

Economics 2020 – Password : study

Shady Hollow – Password: legacy

The Golf Hub

Magna Carta

It is intended that every golf club in the UK will soon become an Infonet Site.

Redcamel Octopus and Redcamel Systems are working on a new Internet search engine called :

Forest 404

We hope soon to have a registration Protopage Users and appropriate enquiry functions.

We are examining a secondary search – as you can imagine it is difficult doing Meta Data Search and SEO so this might be some time. Hopefully a search by Country / County-State / Division (North South East West Central). If our objective is beyond our ability we will have to buy in skills from Google!

To support our development we have formed Onboard Promotions to arrange acts to perform at golf clubs, So watch this space for Room 101 and Studio 54 in your area.


We hope to use Bossonsdb – Bossons Database as a clone for many activities – including Shady Hollow and Magna Carta. Bossons is a home server – originally written in Visual Foxpro at in the 1880’s. We would like it to become a shop. It is in the process of conversion to PHP/Mysql. There are issues with Registration and Front Office Processing. These will eventually be resolved – the author is heavily involved in a career move and is bringing his skills set up to date. Visual Foxpro became unsupported a number of years ago but he is managing to use it in his new post doing hand held computing for a GRN Solution. Sadly a move to MVC/C#/SQL to align skills with Red Camel Systems is not in the immediate pipeline. It is a project that Red Camel is going to have to undertake. Red Octopus is – Management Consultancy and is not geared up to develop solutions other than InfoNets SSNA – Structured Social Networking Applications. (Wix/Wordpress/Webador/Protopage – Google Forms(Pre SQL/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter). Red Octopus operates Foundation Consulting / Computing fopr those interested in web / database development.

Zeus Reporting

February 13, 2022

Zeus Reporting

You should be grasping zeus now – It is a multi Channel / Multi Lingual table driven by a Data Dictionary.

Do you think that it is feasible to have an enquiry by multiple channel and having a logical view of fields specified..


Channel 1 language 1  field 1

Channel 1 language 1  field 2 

Channel 2 language 1  field 10

Surely this will work – I have answered my own question 

Please design it / do it 


On Board Promotions

February 13, 2022

Welcome to the 19th Hole.

The Gardeners is The 19 Hole for Withington Golf Club – Each Saturday they put on entertainment.

I have selected 3 Artists for Room 101 at WGS

That are –

3 Northern Monkeys

2 Stuart James 

3 Graham Holly

They all have You Tube Presence and they are here to demonstrate that the are suitable for Golf Club entertainment.

I would like 3 dates in the perpetual calendar for Onboard Promotions Nights and a Night over Christmas for Studio 54 that I am enquiring to Will Powell about.

I would like 

1. Burns Night 

2 Bonfire Night

3 Adam Bramwell Classic Night – 3rd Saturday in June – This year 25th June 2022 – 3 Northern Monkeys

Could you please put this proposal to Council – the funds raised will go to Junior Golf Development.

I will continue to monitor The Garders Artist and recruit them to Onboard Promotions as I feel fit.

I hope  that this is to your satisfaction – please distribute to the House Director / Social Committee

Thank You


Community Guardian (BA 019)

Nimrod 2025 – Vision 22

February 12, 2022

For my life story / bucket list / vision and objectives Please review Nimrod 2025

Long Term Objectives – Vision 25

February 12, 2022

Corporate Cloud Computing and Budget Control Systems / Operation Cost Control

Quo Vadiz 1988!

Please inform the Board of directors that Withington Golf Club Pegasus will be the model for these systems.

During my employment at Ingersoll Rand I inflated my Salary by 50 percent with the effective use of overtime. I developed procedures which could have been done in shift. 

When my salary was inflated to get me out of the overtime bracket I utilised access to to computer at the weekend to give me Wednesday afternoon for golf. Flexitime…..

Giving me 26 additional days holiday a year.

I am keen to see what our seasonal employment statistics are – and that we are contracted to reduce expenditure.

Stratbox / Cloning

February 12, 2022


You are not answering my email – it is so upsetting – if you could explain why it would help matters.

I have today found another function Hazel which requires a clone of your BossonsDB Stratbox.

Its to do with the new golf handicapping system and a form that is difficult to read on the www.

It is a table 

What is required is a Table update 

Golf Club




Table Fields

8 fields that you can establish from Hazel Grove Golf Club

What is required is a change to 

Introduce a splash screen in bootstrap with links to and Hazel Database

You can get the bootstrap from or you might like the background / favicon.

Like I said Hazel should just be a clone of Bossonsdb  with an inquiry by golf club and handicap to show just the 8 fields needed.

Please help me Paul 

I am trying my best for you 

If need be give me a price for development and hosting. 

I wouldn’t expect much more than a day as you have the code.

Or should be in the position to do cloning.


Compost Corner – Shady Hollow

February 12, 2022

WGC Secretary

This Email was sent to you on the 31st of August – You said you would inform the board on the 1st of September

I have had no reply

I have been trying to access the members area for board reports – I ave requested access – I have had no reply

E’mail 31 august 


I would live permission to plant Oak trees in the waste land adjacent to the second fairway and to start an initiative called a green gym where artisans and the community can keep / manage the forestry in that area.

Could you please put this to council in the club as I am intending getting local schools and community centres involved in the project – with the hope that this will be the standard for every golf club in the uk.

I have a number of saplings to transplant now – if the club were to suggest an area of open ground where I could plant 7 then this would be appreciated.


12th Feb 

I have seen the www that you are recruiting green staff at £30k per year.

You are paying a significant amount on Money – Why are you nor asking for certification in IT EcDL and COSHH 

Could it not be best to employ a mechanic like Sid was – he gave value for money ?

I am commencing a project for Withington Golf Club called Compost Corner as you have identified that your assistant manager needs spread sheet skills.

This will Include

1. TaskIT

2. TrainIT

3. OCC Operation Cost Control.

4. Timebank –

I have a project that was suspended in 1988 for a front end system to a payroll project – it is ICMA – Institute of Cost and Management Accounts Project called Quo Vadiz which is evolving as Zeus.

This should focus your attention on Costs – I was part of my 5 year plan proposed to Simon Andrew – that never got done!

Could you please ask the board on their policy regarding Apprenticeship and Timebank Employees

Question to Will 

Why have you not got back to me about Studio 54 night?


My business partner has accused WGC of being luddites.

He is asking what are the reasons for rejecting Protopage when this is SSNA core strategy – Yet you use subordinate Social Media called Facebook and Twitter.

Please provide a response for my Golf World Article.

I would like to have the third week in June each year as an Adam Bramwell Memorial Day – a trophy will be given to the best card submitted on that day.

Could you please put this suggestion to the board.

Thank You for your service


Community Guardian (BA019)

Vision – Corporate Cloud Computing – CCP

February 12, 2022

Start TaskIT and TrainIT today for Withington Golf Club.

Forest Database Design

February 12, 2022


I like how you have highlighted my text – it took me a moment to get what your reply was.


1 What is this linking to – Anwer 1 links to 3 

3 What does registering a Protoage entail


1 Creating a data capture system consisting of 

– An Ass transaction

– A Amend Transaction 

– A Delete transaction

– a Display transaction(s)

For the database record :

1. Country 

2. County/State

3 District/Region

4 Company – Primary Key

5 Company Primary URL 

6 Company Genre

7 Company Active Protopage URL

8 SEO Content 

9. Meta Data

You can call the Database Forest

Question 2 – how do we search protopage – does it expose a search API

Answer . 

1 We could do one search by Genre

2 The second search is far more difficult – it is a search of SEO content – a file match with the input string to the sep string – I guess that this would be array processing 

This is where we need your idea / thoughts as a programmer. I would step through the search request and create an array – then I would read the SEO content and create an array then I would loop round looking for matches.

Then I am lost at what would constitute a match – The Question is do we store SEO Content or Meta Data or Both ! I am in your capable hands.

Thanks for responding I was about to e’mail you to say we must do Zeus – What are your questions on that.


How is forest going do you have an idea of the completion date. How much more is invoved.

What are your thought of having trees named after people on the golf course ?

Forest 404 – Enhancements – Backlog Report

February 11, 2022

Can you please make the following changes to forest 404

1. introduce a button – Protopage Registration

2 introduce a comment – Do #protopage – Keyword search to search Protopage Database

3 introduce a view to registering Protopage Database

– Protopage URL

– Company 

– Company Primary URL

– Genre

Please do this ASAP – It will enhance your product and I will see real progress for Protopage.

Take a  look at Withington golf club – This is my final version.


I need Shady Hollow / Magna Carta ASAP – and ZEUS


Zeus – Foundation Computing

February 11, 2022

I am having design thought about a multiple-dimensional table that could be used for analysis purposes.

Three Tables are required 

1. Data Dictionary by Channel and Language / Data Code

2 The Analysis Table – 1 Primary Key 2. A Channel Key  3 a Language Key 4 Ten Foreign Keys 5 50 Analysis Fields

3 A reporting Table – Select * From Table 2 Where Channel = input variable

This is an Academic Exercise for Foundation Computing 

The Database is called Zeus.

Will you do it for me please as a part of Forest 404 as I will code Shady Hollow and Golf Hub in it.

Thank You

Paul, you are not communicating with me – Richard is not a DBA – is this design feasible in Visual Foxpro / PHP – MySQL

Thank You.