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AIOC Charity Golf Day……

March 30, 2016

Today I have been talking to friends about a charity golf day and have recruited Feya and Stuart to the team. I have spoken to Ben briefly and he has given me the ok to develop a website for him and that I will act as sponsor and organiser of his annual golf event.

Ben will have a passive role in this events as he is a figurehead – an established business. Ben has operated for over ten years as AIOC Computing and has served me in the past.

I am pleased to be associated with Ben as he is a good man.

Watch this space for the website AIOC-Golf, a new division of AIOC Computing, initiated by BramiT (Community Guardian (BA019) / Digital Champion)In. 






March 29, 2016

It is my belief that BRS and Club Systems have the market cornered on golf club administrative software.

It is also my belief that clubs should heavily invest in their primary site, which in my mind should remain static.

Given these are budgeted for and are in place you would think that there is no scope for further development.

I am going to disagree – I believe that there is massive scope for communications solutions and that there should be a communications officer within each club bridging the gap between the directors and the membership. But I am afraid in my experience clubs do not want to keep people informed.

We shall aim to make changes – we need a Marketing Strategy / proposal…… One for tomorrow.

About Graham

March 29, 2016

Sadly Graham J, our Joomla developer is no longer taking on work.

This might mean that I need to take up Joomla unless I can find a volunteer.

Enjoy your holidays Graham.

All In One Computing Arrive

March 29, 2016

Stop Press : Ben Fish joins The Golf Channel Team.

A big thank you to Ben Fish who has agreed to offer his services to The Golf Channel – our mission is to act as agent for Ben, hopefully, securing him contracts with the 150+ Golf Clubs in our region.

Commencing July 22 we will start to market our services so watch progress here.

The Golf Channel

March 29, 2016

Welcome to The Golf Channel…..

You will observe that my blog is very old and that it has been cleared down.

In 2006/7 I did a lot of work in the early days of social networking. Some of my retro WordPress sites are still here – there is not much to them, WordPress was very new and I no longer have the passwords. My Directors table does not render correctly now – it must be something to do with WordPress site management for obsolete site.

Anyway this White As Milk site is still here and we shall use it to track progress on The Golf Channel.