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WWW Development Education

July 24, 2014

I am now serving at Northenden Community Library where we conducted a survey – one lady reported back that she required education about developing a web site.

Today we were introduced for the first time, following an open discussion to determine knowledge levels / requirements we went into the instruction / development phase.

Microsoft Office was demonstrated to show how a basic web site can be constructed. Thermea Bath Spa program source was viewed to demonstrate just how different and complex a good CSS site is.
FTP was explained and it was left that the client check with her service provider what her free webspace is.

Finally, we had hands on and registration was performed to the Protopage content management system and WordPress Blog. A demonstration to show how to updates these was given but WordPress proved to be problematical – so more work needed here.

A good session leaving a client happy and with a www presence. Of course Facebook and Twitter were discussed – more there latter.