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Dr Rachel Clarke

November 30, 2022

Palliative care / NHS Activist on Hard Talk Last Night.

Set up NHS Tiger Team / Infinity Tiger Team

Work on this during the day – Get some sleep it is now 07:54

It is not helping matters that the BBC are showing World Cup at 2 am in the morning.

Action NOW search for ITV player for Fac-X TV

  • for evening matches – highlights


November 15, 2022

I have been contacted by yell we are working with them.

I have tried and tried to phone you – finally, I got through to the wrong number 

please give me your number

I am desperate for you to do a metasearch for green pages can you do it now please I need it this week.

Progress Chasing

November 13, 2022

Summer you are not communicating with me – you need to show me your cv

Here is my CV HTTP://

here is your cv HTTP://

Please get into gear you are part of my tiger team

Look for project Zeus that’s what you will be programming and Q Core.


Infinity and Alphabet

Daily updates – Scrum

November 13, 2022

As discussed our 5pm meeting….

look at to see how well i am progressing

I have created HTTP:// to show you where you should be at.

Please register your protopage website at as discussed.

Prices of courses for adults are going up to £32 – Recruit 10 for agile project management training and you should make £160 for each half hour session you pot on – The lesson is one hour 1/2 hour is project work.

Thank you for being GSG Elites First Student  and Red Octopus First Associate Consultant / IT Trainer / Enrollment Officer


CEO Infinity (Alphabet)

Gorton Mount

November 13, 2022

How’s this for a mouthfull

the infinity gorton mount primary trust for the infinity gorton mount primary academy

as a name for a protopage website

BramIT – The Air Cube / Pensions Dispute / Mike Kane

November 13, 2022

Mike I need your help with the dispute that I have with the DWP regarding my pension account.

As mentioned I had a family pension account in my name which was also the account of Adam Bramwell for the disbursement of his death duties,

Since being informed of the dispute I have given the monies to Emma to invest as she likes.

DShe is now being instructed to set up Infunuty Peabsions in an account in her own name called Emma Alexander Bramwell – and to enrol me as a customer on a 40 / 60 th pensions scheme.

Emma will keep the accounts of infinity and do the tax year end for its Charity The Erica Society – Emmas account will take charitable donations for the Erica society.

All this is documented in the Articles of Association for Design House Established in 1964 – My first Company.

I hope that this will help clear thing up with the DWP and help me recover the suns lost,

Thank You 

Alan Bramwell CEO Infinity

Community Guardian (BA019) – Gatley Primary


Ashgate Primary School Trust

Crossacres Primary Academy Trust

The Erica Society Foundation Trust – Proportional Giving

HTTP:// – Payroll and Financial Accounting Systems For New Businesses First Year Accounts. – Infinity Pay and Pensions End of Life Savings and Endowments,

C2 Richard Gilbert 

Paul Edwards 

Tom Davies Product Owner

 SSR 2023/002

Create by 11:11;11 2023 the business Infinity Achitecture – The Architectuture of Infinity Pay and Pensions End Of Life Savings and Endowments,

Suummer Duffy has been assigned to program the architecture in Wigby – Graham Sharpe EX Queens Architect has been contracted to design the offices of Infinity.

In fact I will do the Design for the offices and get it costed by Graham.

It Is Called The Air Cube. 

Change Request 2023/001

November 12, 2022

We could do with a full screen editor and there needs to be a button to get back to search mode 

And i still don’t understand how protosearch will work without a text box and control button

Thats what i would like to see for meta search and i need it asap.


The Meta Verse / Metasearch

November 12, 2022

Rich – The Metaverse

Clone of Forest404 create amend delete with additional fields

Estimated programming time 4 hours.

I am going great guns here rebranding red octopus as infinity 

but i have hit major major problems 

Webador has lost all my sites bar 2 meritocracy and q 

q will not render i am just left with meritocracy.

I am finally setting up redoctopus ssna – my bootstrap is not working the site renders when run locally but not when uploaded.

I know that you are having problems delivering protosearch – I need an explanation why – it has been a year since you started it.

I need you to be more communicative – I am always prompting you – I need you to take the lead and drive this project forward.

I urgently need metasearch that should be simple – Limit metadata to one search word initially you can expand the number of words to 8 if you think you can get that working by the end of the week!

I need a new table

1. Company URL

2. METAVERSE Protropage url

3 What thee words – word 1

4 what 3 words – Word 2

5 What 3 Words – Word 3

6 Country

7 State / County

8 Zip Code / post Code

9 first line of address

10 e.mail address

11 phone number

12 mobile number

13 date / time stamps

14 record id

Can i have this by the end of the week please Table / transaction name themetaverse

Thank you 


Tine Time

November 12, 2022

Metaverse Time Recording


November 12, 2022

Nimrod day +1 Project Adam 12 nov 01:21

Start up project Adam between you for our new metaverse 

Write Applications Twatter Facetwatgroups I will write instatwat/Bramagram for WGC Project Adam Club Systems 

I want video factoface video conferencing

Get onto it – Outsource its as a time bank project for a junior golfer to complete please.

Do the code – help and mentor them as Oracles Oracle Ale

The Chancellor – The Meta

November 11, 2022


I booked two events with will powell

Room 101 my AGM 111/11/yyyy at 11:11:11

Studio 54 My EGM 05/05/yyyy At 18:05/06 for twilight golf and Pizza and Prosecco.

I have anounded these dates to The Chrisie as being fund raising dates for there charity – Christies are going to be promoting the event.

As I needed today to announce my share holders as I need people to support me on this venture – James at Hazel Grove requested a duty to run my events there – I have chosen Curtis Hughes of Hazel Grove and George Jenkins. James Rowland Curtis and George are now share holders and will dictate the direction of our golf business together. James / Curtis and George will be given monthly updates as will you James as Product Owner of Adam. Adam Jones of the Chritsie will also become a product owner but not a share holder as collaboration with the Chistie has been poor for 22 years – Christie have not allowed me to use their logo to promote my charity golf days.

I am now nominating Peter Bishop / Brian Fletcher / John Goddard / Bob Bolton / Martin Keates / Trevor Eve / Peter George / Alan Stewart / Steve Emmet / John Gill and Ron Heald as my deputies / Red Octopus Share Holders.

Could you please inform today them using Mail Chimp.

Thank You 


Have you arranged a date for me to talk to Martin Keates yet

These are the Key Dates.

1. Every day of the year – Playmore Golf The Chancellor entry form Donation using Just Giving

2. Regional Qualifier  06/06/2023 at WGC

3 Regional Final 07/07/2023 Cheadle Hume / Bruntwood Park

4 National Final ’The Meta’ Hazel Grove Golf Club 11/11/2023 @11:11:11 Shotgun Start

5 The Adam Bramwell Shady Hollow Memorial Trophy 06/06/2024 Houldsworth Golf Club 11:11:11 Shotgun Start ‘Meta’ Regional Final

6 12/04/yyyy The Chancellor Trophy – All Golf Cubs In the UK £7 entry fee for club members £28 for Playmore Golf £7 Discount To The Erica Society Foundation Trust.

The dates have been announced at WGC/Cheadle/Houldsworth/Hazel Grove/American Golf Today.


James Dunn

C2 Richard Gilbert …. Adam Jones    Golfbycurtis Protopage and Webador Promo to be done by 12/12/2022 at 12:12:12  JamesRowland PegasusPGAPro Sites to be developed by 12/12/2022 with online Phone and Collect Ben and Jacks Shop. 

Paul Edwards

Tom Davies

Martin Keates

Your Solid

November 11, 2022

Richard : Your Solid according to Adam!

Lets think about being professional – Please keep this thought log for when you are thinking about our projects.

Do a doing log as a Timebank exercise – set up a Timebank Database application for the team.

There are 11,000 it workers out of a job £350 in Ireland.

HTTP:// Tab MediGolf Password : see email


Lets Get into Gear for 2023

The Meta – Intransition

November 11, 2022

c2 Richard/Paul/Tom/Katie


Red Octopus