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April 29, 2018

To the employees at Verastar in Manchester – From Emma Bramwell.

Thank you for offering to donate to my fund raising challenge 30for30 in memory of my brother Adam.

The monies collected from the Sales Force amount to £126.50 and a record of that can be seen in the Virgin Media Giving area of my blog under the title Verastar.

Sadly the Sales Team lost the donation sheet and there is no record of your effort which amounted to over £300.

I am very grateful for the £126.50 – it is very generous and the collection of the rest of the monies is not necessary.

However, for those of you still wanting to contribute yo can do so at

Thank You


Don’t Know what to do…….

April 29, 2018

Just got back from Gatley and had a good / bad time…..

The bad time was I was too late to buy Susan flowers from Tesco and that she got really really angry with me bringing my business ideas to her house – she just does not get the value that I get doing my charity work. Emma followed up by not accepting The Erica Society and that it was set up when she was a director of BBCommubiSYS – then registering a company meant that you had to have two or more directors. The plan was always to pay Adam and Emma with a company BMW when they were 21 – a BMW 3 series was purchased for Adam in 2007 which I used till Adan came to live with me – he took charge of it in 2014 I also gave Adam all my war chest so that he could bring his girl friend into the country on the basis that he only used it for house keeping and the purchase of his own BMW outright. In 2015 Adam bought THE WHIP a series 4 diesel puppy that had been in an accident. With insurance Adam went £2,000 over budget but I allowed him that because he had been helping me with The Golf Channel.

Emma was not engaging with  me and got her own Audi TT to my dismay.  After Adam died the relationship between father and daughter improved and I gave Emma funds to buy her own house.

Relationship between us is continuing to improve but Emma like Susan does not accept my business interest because she does not see any tangible evidence of it – perhaps if she looked at The Slate Yard she would see the technology on offer.

Moving forward :

The Erica Society will revert back to contract registration purpose.

It will remain as sports aid with donations going to The Manchester United Foundation and to Junior Golf.

I am to consider dropping The Community Guardian Tag and to charge a reasonable rate as Alan Bramwell – self employed – I will now review going self employed. There is a major benefit with that in that I will be able to contract to Verastar broadband  but there may well be issues with technical support at device level – I have worked in Product Support and we do not do Server Configuration.

I will continue to consult with Andy about business – but only when Susan is not there.

Emma has a full schedule an will not do a Run for Red Octopus even though it will help me.

I determined it was the wrong day to ask Emma to help me run a professional golf tournament in 2019 at Hazel Grove having just played in the 2018 American Golf Adam Bramwell Charity Golf Day.

To be honest I need Susan’s support and recognition that I am still in the IT industry working with leading edge technology but she does not understand Package Selection and is of the mind that I am wasting my time.

I now have the hard task of valuing myself – for that I will talk to Nigal Cowen of Really Simple Media.


A Day In The Life

April 29, 2018

poo… Can not paste into this  blog – will have to typeo – how bad is that – Thankfully I have Protopage !

Verse 2 

Woke up, fell out of bed

Dragged a comb across my head

Found my way downstairs and drank a cup

And looked up and noticed I was late


Just how bad is that on the reflection of the British work force. One needs to get up early and think about the day.  Which reminds me my second alarm clock is broken so there is no snooze time tomorrow – best put my spare one charge now.

A day in the life will now continue in this blog from when I was as young  as 8. Next week at 8pm I will blog and feature me as CEO for Red Octopus. It should make interesting reading – My mentor -Payroll Account Manager was a senior Accountant he looked after me at Ingersoll Rand, we had a meeting once where he said Alan I have my liitle book that has something about everyone at IR in it – when I retire I will publish it.

He then went on to say that even though I had reached the position of Acting Systems Manager I would not be offered the job and that Derek Capey is insistig on a graduate with payroll and general ledger experience.

Ingersoll went forward and recruited Clever  trevor Harrison a top class manager who primarily looked after the nominal ledger system and had me looking after Payroll (which was huge) and the Nominal Ledger Interfaces and external interfaces plus Annual Inventory, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Inter Comany Sales Ledger, Parts Pricing the system that never was World Pump Trade Analysis and international trading system plus whatever came along.

In my store room at home I still have all the Management Training coures which I took with IR including an extensive external Xerox course on Marketing. I have Effective Communication course designed by Tom Shaw – Company Trainer. Plus I still have the last specification that I wrote which was a Front End  Re-write of the Payroll System.

My original spec was for a PC Solution – this was destroyed when Mick Johnson instructed me never to write a PC Spec again. The year was circa 1987 my fater in law John Arnold Edwards was my mentor ant operated at board level for Ferranti  Computer Systems in Wytheshawe JAE was a very wise man and we often joked about starting our own computer shop. We did this in his shed whilst building our own machines from broken parts salvaged from the skip.

I did a loft conversion with John and  a conservatory on the back of the house – I did the brick laying which was a skill that I learnt when I was 14 when I was running my first business.

I will tell you about my business – how when I was 14 I employed my best friend Steve as a Bob A Job Boy Scout to do garden maintenance for me that I charged a £1 for. (a Bob = 5 new pence). My pocket money was 7/6 at the time and I had to work for it as a Assistant Secretary for the AEU Union and a Assistant Secretary for Greenbank Bowling Club.

This was the origin of Red Octopus

Happy days……

April 29, 2018

12:55 Got up and tried to do some social bookmarking the my site 

In 2007 this utility was just about the best of the www – you had the feature to create may sites.

I had one called YMG which contained 50 wordpress golf club sites for David Gosling.

I had one called school which was the history of the British Battlship.

I had one called HRHNET which was a history of our royal family.

I am associated with all theses sites.

  1. I worked for YMG as an IT Strategist.
  2. 2 I was involved in delivering education into YMG and at the time there was no YouTube Golf Videos to be had.
  3. I stayed at Windsor Castle with family friend and Queens Architect Graham Sharpe. When Graham came up north I used to treat him to his golf – One day we played Royal Birkdale. Whe I went south we played in the grounds of Windsor Castle and had days out to East Sussex a top quality course.

Happy days.

Delicious is not working I can not register a new site and I can not sign in to The Beatles.

I am linked by Association to The Beatles as Tony Bramwell – my cousin had a top job at Apple. Which is very important because I wanted Tony to help both my son Adam in music technology and my daughter Emma in Event Management. When I asked Tony for help de declined stating that he knew nothing about the modern music industry even though he had a connection with Totnes Radio.  Tony has written his own book which is not good news for the Bramwell Clan as he dismisses his own father – something that I would never do for all his faults.

My father was very influential in my life I will tell you all about him when I release my life story. I have been writing a book called A Day In the Life for three years – it is realy crap and is all about IT – It will never be launched but on days when I need a friend and I am alone I turn to it.

13:12 Back to bed …. Have contacted  Richard, Sue and Tom to tell them my plan for the day – I am awaiting phone calls to arrange meet ups.

The link to The Bealtle and is proof that if wanted to I could outstrip Tony as the UK leading expert on the UK best band – on 02 May I have got education at the Google Garage in Manchester on how to construct active websites and how to get them to the top of Google. I will then creates a website called The Beatles with links to Protopage and Delicious and set a Beatles Tab on my website where you can see that I have already created sites for Red Octopus – these are responsive Internet and Intranet sites – put these with my responsive Bootstrap InfoNet sites and we have a tangible business called Red Camel Systems.


April 29, 2018

Note: When reading my blogs please do not check my grammar – I blog on the fly cos I don’t have much time – and I do not proof read – it is not an important document !.

It is 6:40 am and I have got up for my morning shower, to take my stress medication, have some breakfast and to plan my day whilst having a half a hour soak in the shower.

This is my daily routine for Verastar – I plan my day ahead and it is usually about my Genesis project which is the recording of a procedure manual for the company.

The reality of the situation is that I work with a highly skilled employee called Megan who has produced excellent work on procedures that are shared through Sharepoint. My big issue with the company is that I don’t know how to use Sharepoint. I am ok on this, the company is very supportive and has been great during my periods off due to the stress  of Adam’s death, my operation due to cancer and my recent stress attack caused by thinking about my cv.

My main problem is i was not taught at school about the value of keeping a CV and that I did not create one till 2007 when I became redundant through a fire at Arrow Mailing.

I have been multi tasking – I like multi tasking – I have had my breakfast and an going back to bed for I have not slept since last Saturday. When I said I have not slept I clearly am getting some sleep but it is disturbed as I am a lucid thinker and I have my CV on my mind. I am concerned at an event that happened a few week ago – Megan was crying she packed all her desk away and said that she was leaving. Thankfully the problem has been resolved and she is still with us – I would not know what to do an a daily basis without the support that she gives me.

I am not ashamed to admit that I need support I work at Verastar because I have major health issues – one of which since the loss of Adam is my mental health. I admit there are times in the office that I am not focused on my job – this is simply that I can not get Adam out of my mind – or in this case focusing on my CV.

Anyway – no CV till next Saturday I need time to focus on Verastar – which means relaxation therapy. I will be up this afternoon and will go and see Susan cos she was really worried about me yesterday – she will get some flowers.

Then it will be off to my sister for a ride out – She does not want me this week but I need her help – she supports me every Sunday. Then it will be back for relaxation therapy.

Thankfully I have not booked a tee time at Withington Golf – I would not have had the energy to play if I had…….. 07:04 …. Goodnight part 2.



April 28, 2018

This is an apology to my ex wife Susan, Tom Davies, my Daughter Emma for going out without my mobile phone and  thinking that the Stockport County match was last week.

For the past 7 weeks I have been engaging with Google Garage on a start your own business course.

I have discussed with my employers Verastar that I work Saturday as a Senior ICT Consultant for Redcamel Systems at a rate of £1,000 per hour working out of Hitec Computers in Cheadle.

Verastar know this and have advised me that I must not use company equipment to do any Red Octopus of Red Camel  business. I agreed these terms with my senior manager on Friday.

My Senior Senior Manager knows that I work as a consultant and I agreed two years ago to deliver training on the presentation tool Prezi to my immediate manager Feya. I agreed terms that I could use Red Camel Infrastructure to deliver the training.

Prezi was delivered to Feya in many forms as part of my Digital Champion website as part of my community library website  also through my community centre website it was also communicated through my Community Guardian website and my job finder site workinglinks. To simplyfy communication I created protopage website http://protopage/verastar and ask if protopage could become a company standard for the delivery of training material – the answer is now no which was explained to me recently when I was asked to look at internal training. I will not convert these into links because I am too tired and I have been working all day for Red Octopus – I awoke at 6am this morning and started work and did not get home till 9:30 pm – it is now 22:11. For the record protopage is just the tool for a sharepoint front end and that for my own use I have created my own InfoNet that I  have on my desktop that renders sharepoint documents. So in some small way my IT Skills do come to use at Verastar. On Friday last I took a new PC that I had configured by Hitec into work to confirm that the Visual Studio would allow me to conduct my personal development MVC Training.  The It department said it is ok, It is now up to Richard Gilbert – Redcamel Founder to provide me with MVC Code samples. Richard has been my mentor since 1998 and has taught me all that I know. I can now build websites in minutes that have database functionality.  My next website will be for The Midland Hotel in Manchester – I have consulted the Midland Hotel management today and have agreed that it is acceptable for me to do so,  So watch out for it is now 23:20 I am fed and washed and need to go and watch the football in Adam’s Room. watch out for the Midland I will have to do it next Saturday even though it will take 10 minutes – I have to do it under Red Octopus – I might slot it in Tomorrow Sunday and do a 8pm blog.  It is not my intention to work Sunday as it is now a day of rest and it is golf golf golf all day and relaxation to Manchester music. Whilst I am now committed to playing withington golf club I will stay at home tomorrow as I am too tired and have been off sick – I fell asleep on the tram I am so exhausted and ended up at Manchester Airport.

I will look at golf lessons by Steve Marr at Withington Golf club and flag my learning on and register my learning on my Medigolf Project on club.  I have been recommending to  WGC for 22 years at least that they should have an active responsive social networking site and in 2007 i registered the protopage website on there behalf.  Protopage was rejected by John and Bob – both chairman and friends of mine – but as a friend they would not give me a leg up in the IT Industry – John did find me a job at Communisis Broadprint where I was allowed to work 12 hours a day 7 day a week and it was the cause of my split with Sue – who was just brilliant during the condition of divorce in stating that it was my invovement at Withington Golf Club which caused the separation. Sue allowed me to retain my capital for my investment in a second home and agreed that I could run two mortgages – the Halifax were great and allowed me two run two houses on the basis of my earning with Communisys – At Communisis I was severely bullied by Nick Cosgrove but stayed with the company till I got wind that the Altrincham site was closing then I went to Arrow  Mailing where I set up my ICT Company BBComuniSYS in 2007 having worked with Microsoft as a Beta Tester. Happy days I started working for Dave Gosling at YMG Golf as an IT Strategist…. Enough said I am going to have to write a new CV tomorrow – That is going to take me the best part of the day as I will need to blog it at 8pm – That is what I call Synergy – Synergy is when you work for 1 company but bill yourself out to many compamies. Geoff Unwin taught me Synogy when I worked for him in 1998 a an Acting Principle Consultant for Hoskyns. In 1992/3 I worked for both Hoskyns and Peterborough Software and formed my first Limited Company Extraunit which did the Project Management and System build for royal Mail Parcel Force. That year I eaned a significant amount of money which I put in a war chest and I am still living off it.  Recently I released part of that war chest to enable my daughter to buy a house significantly more that the £7k tat I released to Adam to run his BMW 5 series that I still run as the Red Octopus Company Car. The 5 Series is now up for sale as I am going self employed an will run my 3 series through Red Camel system. Simple stuff really I am a part trained accountant and do all my own tax / vat returns. I expose they details to my accountant at year end just to do the year end return – for BBCommuniSYS I did all my own returns for many many years.

Arrow Mailing burnt down in 2007 and I started work for Unicom in the Sales Department – and there begins my involvement with Verastar which is a story that I will tell you when I leave the company. I will just say that at this time it is Red Octopus company business and I can not discuss that due to conflict of interest – I am contracted to Verastar and will not conduct myself in  any way where there is a conflict of interest and with that I will say that I will ask my Senior Sebior Seenior Manager via my mamager if there is a conflict of interest which is the proper way to communicate to your manager.  I was guilty of one thing at Communisis Broadprint that was goung to the Board of Directors over my line manager. It is understandable why Nick Cosgrove hated me as did Darren at Arrow Mailing – The difference between Communisis and Arrow is that Communisis was a dis honest Company thatr dis not respect its employees and that arrow way an honourable company that respected its employees. Communisys did not prompote me and did not recognose my IT Skills. Arrow did recognise my many skills – as an IT Consultant and allowed me to  conduct my IT affairs during works time – they also recognised  that I had many skills and had me doing painting and decorating, joinery and carpet laying at Directors Houses. I realise that they were underpaying me as a contractor but it improved my skill set  – at the time of the fire they had me working as a scaffolding engineer and a construction worker building an extension to the factory.

Sadly it was a fire in the outside storage area that saw the end of Arrow – I would have loved to work with Paul and Craig on Red Octopus  Multi-Media which I had set up for Arrow Mailing in 2007. Sad days…… I hope all my ex employees found work – I will seek some of them out to see if they want to get involved in Mailshots – they only need to rent a colour printer from Hitec Computers via Red Camel System who will arrange the credit agreement.

Enough said this is a super long blog which I will transfer to my google drive as part of my on-line CV  I can now go to bed a rest easy without having to think about my CV which is a constant cause of sleepless nights and brings on stress attacks like I have had this week.  Another thing about wordpress in 2007 I built 50 websites using WordPress when I Branded then for David Gosling they were take down due to breech of contract. To this day i do not know why was it because it was for commercial use and have they now changed the conditions – best check the conditions before you use WordPress.

As for protopage I contacted them and they stated that I could register as many sites asa I wish so there is no worry. I am going to write to somebody to say that Protopage deserves and award for its contribution to industry.  I will include Verastar in that communicate simply for allowing me secondary employment. WordPress also has a bug – if you write too much it does not save – so I best be off now it is 00:30 and I have missed my football I will have to get up early to watch it….. Goodnight.

During the week I limit my work for Red Octopus to just 15 minutes per night a one hour on a Wednesday  for skype sessions  to David Gosling at Bitesize Golf. However, in july 2017 I broke off contact with David and there has been no skype session.  I do not release my skype address as my 15 minutes a night is generally replying to companies in India want to do business with my and the replying to recruitment agencies which keep offering me jobs at aroid £45k per year.  i simply explain to them that i injoy my work as a Community Guardian as CEO of Redcamel Systems and now CEO of Red Octopus and that I enjoy working with Hitec Computers and now Gatley Computers under the Manchester Discount Card scheme.

My work is simple I have got to go round all the restaurants in Manchester as advised by the doorman at the Midland Hotel near the Library where I will be operating to select which restaurant to have my evening meal – Paid for by Red Octopus. I am assigning a budget of £2,000 per year for my Saturday Night Entertainment in Manchester paid for by Red Octopus.  This is extravagant but I am due some money coming to me from the inheritance of cousin Billy Walker. It is my intention to simply use this money to once again enjoy the better things in life. And two that end I have invested in  Withington Golf Club once more and I would like Tom to contact his community to have a simple walk in the park at Withington Golf club as a visitor and I would like John Atkinson to chose a date for that event to be through our golf society.

With that Susan has instructed me not to get involved with and people on the street.

When Adam died the last thing that I said to Adam was if you are going to do something silly I will follow you. On the week before Adams death I was instructed by Feya my line manager to go to the hospital and discuss things with them. I took time to go to the hospital and a member of Manchester Mental Health came to visit Adam. on the eve of his death MMH said that Adam was ok and that he suffers from anxiety.

Since Adams death i have been suffering with thoughts of suicide – Veratsar have been very supportive of me they gave me long term sick for Adam and long term sick for my Cancer.

This week I had 2 1/2 days off with stress induced by thoughts of suicide and sleepless nights. In 2007 I had two jobs ant that time I was working 20 hours per day for six months. I got so busy in my ICT work that I had to give up my full time job for two weeks and went with a doctors note with stress.  It was a good move as I engaged with Manchester Mental Heath and was given relaxation therepy at Withington Hospital.

It was this engagement with the hospital and mention of suicide the the Crisis Team was sent out to see Adam. When I hard the new the first person I contacted was Feya my manager – she came round to care for me. I owe Verastar alot  I owe Feya and I owe John and I owe Andy for allowing me to work for the company when I have so many health issues.   Ohhhh I also haver diabetes which makes me really realy tired and om some days when I have not been sleeping the days are so so long  – but I have been told that my productivity is fine but I need to focus on accuracy. I have indicted that  trining is an issue and I am looking to John to provide more training and for mow my employment ois safe. I would like to continue to work for Verastar on minimum wage till I retire and there after. My plan is to work till I am 70 and at Verastar that should be an opton as I do a simple job which helps my mental health – I am certain that without an interest I would soon die after I am 65.

That is why I am engaging with Google Garage now – I am setting myself up for retirement.  when I retire I will no longer be able to afford the luxury of Virgin Fibre broadband – The service that i get from Virgin is excellent they sign in to my IT and configure my machines to act as home servers for my Community Guardian work.

When I take my retirement in 3 years time I will register as self employed and take Verastar broadband.  All I can say at this point is that we do great deals I am not allowed to say anything more due to my position in the Sales Team.

In closing thank you all – all the 20 calls that I missed on my mobile and thank you Sue as a key holder and carer to think about coming round to see if I was safe. I assure you that I am safe and with so much opportunity in my life.

Can you please inform Andy that I need another session with him to complete a Business Modal Canvas and that I would like to pay him for the next session if that can be arranged with his employer. I need a canvas for a company involved in starting up and ceasing businesses. I know as my carer you want me to stop my business ideas and that you think very strongly about it and that I am not allowed to discuss it when we meet for coffee……  Sorry to mention you so much in my blog – Emma does and we both love you so so much.  Thank you for allowing me this blog – I did ask you first.

Finally I have taken on board your instructions I  will say that Red Camel Systems and Red Octopus will not engage with people on the street – but we will engage with the unemployed in general through my Community Guardian work with Manchester Central Library

Tom – simply Sorry – I owe you.

Emma – Love you lots.

The Erica Society / 30For30

April 28, 2018

First of all I would like to say something about my communication….. I blast stuff out without checking it or proof reading it fro grammar or error – i have a life..

Unlike my daughter Emma who is an expert blogger at

My blogs a simply a reminder to self to mark a major turning point in my life – as life goes by and we tend to forget key dates.

So just take my blog that it is a reminder to self to do stuff. It is my notepad to life.

I am very proud of my daughter she did not go to university and is now a Marketing Manager. I will be able to consult with her as I set up my own Inter Marketing venture and Events Management Company..

Good Morning

This is an announcement to say that The Erica Society would like to make a donation of £126.50 to the society and that Emma Bramwell should make the transaction from her own bank account and that dad will pass over the cash when we next meet.

It is Saturday Morning and I an working from home for Red Octopus.

My recent commitment to Hitec Computers in Cheadle – Which I commenced in July 2017  is still there and I will still visit them from time to time and we have an association through whereby Hitec offer £15 discount on sales through

Today work is to do a blog entry to tell Emma what funds we have raised and to go to Google to find out how to take an employee / associate to court for dereliction of duty and to make a claim for non payment of an invoice.

I would like to announce that The Erica Society is now linked by Association with Red Octopus and that the Society now supports Mental Health in addition to The Development of Junior Sport.

I am wearing the hat of CEO for which I get paid just £7 per year – which is donated to charity and that I operate as a Community Guardian (BA019) as one of the UK’s to IT Consultants (Ex Hoskyns – Both Hoskyn and Verastar CEO is Geoff Unwin – I am a Geoff Unwin man !) under whilst working full time for minimum wage at Verastar the utilities company in the Broadband provisioning department.

I chose to donate all my salary to charity – in 2007 I set up the Erica Society as part of my dealing with David Gosling at Young Masters Golf.  David contracted me as IT Strategist for Young Masters Golf.

As part of the contract between YMG and BBCommuniSYS Limited David joined THE Erica Society – this can still be found and is still a going concern even though the company has been dissolved.

The Erica Society can be found at http:://  and is utilised by myself in my Community Guardian work and personal fund raising

In 2016 myself and Adam Bramwell reengaged with with Bitesize Golf – Myself  being a Business Consultant and Adam as A Director of Golf and the sun of £14 was donated to secure this association.

Sadly Adam died. But the Erica Society has been busy. It ha conducted a collection a Veraster to support Mind. The Erica Society was set up to support Junior Golf and New Business Ventures.

Funds from The Erica Society  have been made available to Mr Andrew McColl to support his Marketing Business. Andrew spent his investment on a pint of Amsel to secure a 50//50 share in a new business.  Sadly that business venture has failed before company registration due to a break down in communication.  The good new is that there will be no financial loss from myself during this venture and that the Marketing material and company stamp ordered for the business can be used for Red Camel Systems.

I am pleased to announce that Verastar has donated over £300 to the Erica Society for the purpose of support Emma Bramwell who is running 30 events for charity.

I have collected to donations from the Sales Department on the two floors above me and this donation can now be seen on   under the title The Erica Society.

For my own department – Sales have lost your donation and I am now asking you to either donate £7 to the Erica Society to support The Erica Society Professional Golf Tournamanr which will raise funds for Mind or  make a donation directly to   which you may not have access to at work due to permissions.

I would llike to thank all the people at Verastar for making such a generous donation.

Red Octopus

April 28, 2018

Note : This Communication is shared in the public domain at

My experience of Google Garage is this.

Note : Since writing this article I have spoken to family who advised simply to drop the matter and forget about it – so I have amended this blog and it now refers to Mr X – it detailed the actual man when displayed at Google Garage.

I have just been on three courses at Google Garage  as a Community Guardian to see what they were up to.

Last week I went into Google to give my post course review and feedback and was approached by a man who overheard what I was saying and wanted to talk to me.

I agreed to talk to the man on my conditions.

I that being aware that he did not have a website that I would teach him how to create his own website and that after he had done so that he would enter into an associate agreement with Redcamel System to deliver Tier 1 Websites at £60 per hour. The second agreement was that he was to sign up with the Manchester Community Guardian Scheme and to undertake a period of training to bring him up to Tier 5 standard that would pay him £60,000 per year.

That the cost of this contract would be a shake of hands.  We them agreed that if the consultancy took over two hors that Andrew would pay through his limited company the cost of £1,000 per hour.

Then we discussed sign up to the Manchester Discount Card I said that I wanted 15% of his company to sign up to The Manchester Discount Card – The card currently runs for charity but is now being upgraded as a commercial venture.

Andrew stated tthat he ran a Marketing Company and that rather than sharing his company that a new company be forrmed as a Marketing and Newsiness Start up company and that he would do the company registration and company secretary duties and that I would assist and guide as a CEO and a Business Consulltant.  I agreed at this at the cost to Andrew of 1 Pint of beer and an agreement that we should run this as friends and that I would take a passive role as I have a full time employment at Veraster which is demanding of me and that I would not be able to dedicate more than 10 minutes per night and 1 hour on a Wednesday to the role.

Andrew agreed to these terms so I went ahead an divulged my Red Camel Company secrets to him.

Since then I have spent  a few minutes arranging the Articles Of Association and the amendments and have attempted to instruct Andrew on the Share Holder Details and Instruction to call an EGM for the amendments to the Articles.

I have prepared letters to share holders and have appointed the Company Solicitors, Accountant, Printers, Computer Suppliers, I have arranged  the production of Company Stamps and Company Stationary and Company Marketing material.  I have announced that High5Local will be part of the Red Octopus brand as part  Red Octopus MultiMedia. I have constructed The Red Octopus Primary Active Protopage Website and given an instruction set for him to construct Tier 1 development of Wix and WordPress sites under his Red Camel employment,

In our meeting at the pub we set up a significant number of Task for Mr X to perform – one of which was to set up a task register using google drive and to share the contendt of that register through a secure Protopahe Link using the SSNA Technology Invented by Systems House in 2007.

Andrew was requested to share to to o list in an Open System Philosophy using the App Sheet technology now Exposed in

Mr X was tasked to use his own Marketing Company to organise a Manchester Pro Golf Tournament at Hazel Grove Golf Club in 2019 to raise funds for Junior Golf Development and General Sports development by supporting The Manchester United Foundation.

Mr X was instructed to communicate progress at 8pm each evening and to have a Skype Communication at 8pm on a Wednesday to DotnetUK.

These are the same conditions that apply to David Gosling at Bitesize Golf.

An attempt has been made to partner David Gosling at Bitesize Golf since 2007 when David was then CEO of YMG. David entered into a with profits contract with Alan Bramwell to supply systems to YMG and appointed Alan as an IT Strategiist.  Alan formed an Outsourcing Company called BBCommuniSYS  (The Name being strange but his mission was to develop shop floor control systems that he had developed whilst working for Communisis Broadprint).

Alan engaged Ben Fish at All In One Computing to conduct Tier 4 Web development, That was the PHP/MySQL amendments that YMG needed making to its website. Ben also extended the Brand by creating and hosting ThE LMG Ladies Master Golf Website. Ben created a tournament registration system fof the website but only half completed it and did not finish with the system administration function due to difficulties working with David Gosling.

Be [produced a Forum for David and instruction were given to YMG to appoint a system administrator before it was announced to the YMG community. David failed to follow this instruction and announced the forum which then got corrupted with pornography. I took the executive decision that David could not be trusted to maintain a forum and took the service off line.

I appointed Richard Gilbert (Red Camel Systems) to work for David at no charge to develop an ASP.Net Starter kit for the sale of YMG Merchandise as an interim shop to service to company in the period it was to take to find a supplier of services. The shop only ever had one product – YMG Badges. It was agreed that this shop would remain in service as a showcase for Redcamel Systems and proof that they can provide Internet Shopping as well as bespoke SQL Server Applications.  Eventually Ocean Design was found and YMG was instructed to communicate with Ocean Design via a Spreadsheet with the YMG Inventory on it. A good solution which was put into a trial period with them. Again due too difficulties in communication with David this venture Struggled as did the communication did with Richard. Was should have take 1 week took six months. For my effort I continued to look at the YMG Business and concluded that for the company to be effective it needed IT and it needed a help desk service, I contacted House on the Hill, based in Marple and conducted a review of their Help Desk software. And appointed them as a service to YMG. Again this was not take up by YMG.

I began to question Dave and he admitted that in fact he had lost control of his company and that he had no send authority.

We managed to get £1,000 out of David and this went to Ben. To this day Ben no longer contacts me – he says he is a friend when I ring him but he is TOO BUSY to find time to see me. Ben is a good friend and has now moved out of the IUT Industry to become an electrician – You should search him out if you require work – I am certain that he would do your web hosting for you and some PHP/MySQL work should you need it. 

Since 2007 I have continue to support Scot Curries under Systems House and have seen Scot Become a Tier 1 web developer under my instruction. Scott was a YMG Pro in 2007 and was the reason why I engaged with Dave.

In 2016 Scott. In 2016 I observed that Scott had re-engaged with Dave Gosling at Bitesize Golf so I contacted Dave and suggested that I re-engage with him to provide his IT services with a view that I would be responsible for teaching the kids Tier 1/2/3/ development through a venture called BSG-Elite and that I would teach them Sales working with American Golf and exposing them to The American Golf Training program that my som AdAm was undertaking and that we had agreed with American Golf that we could use the material  that was generic leaning. This material has been exposed to the world through the Northenden Community Webste since 2015 and there has been no feedback from American Golf.  I now have the task to review this material and rebrand it and to confirrn with AG that it is acceptable.

In 2016 Richard Gilbert – at no charge re-engaged with Bitesize Golf to conduct a bespoke development that should have taken 2 weeks rproduce and has partially produced a solution called 

I do not know the full story but a year on this venture had failed and Richard now refuses to work with Dave.  Dave has taken my advise as an IT Stragist to conduct his own website but refuses to implement that I have instructed him to do, Gozworld should be used as a sitemap for what is a complicated website which has lots and lots of errors. The Bitesize Golf website like YMG in 2007 has lots of disconnected links – Dave can not be trusted to do his own design.  I have said to David that his website gets no traffic an that he should rebuild using bootstrap as a responsive site and use Protopage for active site.

Ii have instructed Dave that he would have an online shopping basket and should be selling his services world wide an that he should use Nigel Cown at Really Simple Media to construct a website similar to the Steve Mar Website and that Dave can contribute with his Powtoon elements.

Woring as a Business Consultant working for bitesize golf under I have suggested to David that he should move into Multi-Media and set up a company delivering Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 and Tier4 Websolution and that he should apply for n association contract to and tat in doing so he becomes a part of the Red Octopus brand. To do this he would have to agree to giving up 15% of Bitesize Golf for which he would get the continued serve of Red Camel Systems which now operates out of Hitec Computes and has started ithe initiavive called the Manchester Disciunt Card of with Hitec Computer is a member and offers 15% Discount.

There is plenty of opportunity for Davig Gosling to move Bitesize Golf working with Redcaml Systems and now Red Octopus.

Since my session with the man  there has been a failure to communicate and a failure to set up Red Octpus as agreed in the 50/00 contract that was signed by Alan Bramwell (Representing Red Camel System) and Andrew McCool (Representing his own Limited Company)

This is notification that the contract that has beed made between us is null and void and that Red Octopus and it’s association wth him is over.

We will be consulting Google Galage about taking legal action against Anrew to stop him using the SNNA Infrastructure that he was exposed too during his Red Camel Training.

An invoice will now be raised for the training session and will be set to him at his company address along will a small claim for the work done by Redcamel System in supporting Andrew in the pre-start up phase of his venture.

The amount of the action will only be £7 because I realise that Andrew does not have the means to pay. The reason for this action is to let the word know that Mr X is not a honourable man and that he is not competent as a Marketing  Executive.

It is also to announce that David Gosling is skilled enough to become a Marketing Executive and that with the tools that he has – Which Includes http://bitesizegolf,club that he should enter that position with Red Octopus Multi Media 

By this announcement I say that Mr X has no involvement with Red Octopus or any of its Associates.

Red Octopus will adopt a policy of advertising its associates on the www as part of its introduction to the brand.  We will then report whether or not our agreement to form an association has worked or has failed at the first hurdle.

Red Octopus has tried to form an association with Andrew McCool Limited – that association failed after 1 week attempt to form the Red Octopus Brand. Andrew was contacted every night at &pm by Alan and progress was reported through Protopage as agreed. Andrew was also phoned and agreed to ring back – which he never did Andrew now having my mobile number was phoned nightly at 8pm but failed to answer. On Friday with the knowledge that Mr X was recognising me on his mobile phone and was electing not to answer was contacted from my house phone – he answered but put the phone down when I announced my name.

I am concerned that now Mr X has my skill set and knowledge of Protopage that he will use the infrastructure that I have defined to set up business in competition with Red Camel Systems – I simply want to stop him.

Red Octopus – Tip of The Day

April 23, 2018

Tip Of The Day…

Starting a new company is expensive.

Start a day book before you start  – and start with an investment of £1,000 initial start up.

Also keep a spread sheet to track your current bank account and Cash in Hand.

As of today the day book for Red Octopus should read : Input £1,000 start up investment from Red Camel.

Cash in Hand should read £1,000

Cash in Bank should read £0 as the bank account for the company will not have been created yet.

Produce a financial statement of the companies assets weekly and report it through The Directors Table.

Set a secure tab up in Protopage called  – The Directors Table and issue a secure password to the tab.

Job done.  Remember all spread sheets and reports to be created in the google drive and the link shared in protopage.

Red Camel – Tip of The Day

April 23, 2018

Project Management.

When running a project Task Management is important.

Tip :

Set up a spread sheet with the following colums

1 Task Id

2 Task Description

3 Date Initiated

4 Status

5 Expected Delivery Date



The field Status should use a traffic light system, Green / Amber / Red – Where green is can continue without assistance – Amber help is required – Red Major Issue.

Track your tasks daily and share them on Protopage – Set up a tab called Project Management and give it a password of Nimrod. Allow input so that people can leave sticky notes to you.

Job done….

Red Octopus

April 23, 2018

For some reason my blog entry about Red Octopus has gone missing.

Perhaps that is a good thing as Red Octopus has not been registered yet ……..

So watch this space for some interesting news.