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Happy New Year

December 31, 2022

Dave Cox

December 13, 2022

Hi Dave – Wythenshawe FM Station Manager

I am Quidam I have appeared on your show I have a Christmas present for Manchester – I am a Manchester Community Guardian It is HTTP:// watch out for tee time movies 

Alan (Quidam)

Happy Christmas


Nimrod Sunnah

December 13, 2022


Please start looking at for Nimrod Database Design. How are you doing on our subscription based quiz 

I think that you should suspend work on protosearch until i have written specifications – it has been over a year in development and you are making no progress – I put you under pressure on 07/07/2022 by announcing it to the queen – I wanted to see progress by 08/08

With regards to your design, it is a mystery to me why you have not got a second text box and a button to conduct the search or a Systems messages text box to report back the number of sites returned.

I am desperate to see you change your lipsum zone and desperate to see an inquiry where you can select a page of returns.

This is hard for me to say – but I believe that you are not having problems you are just not putting the hours in. I work all day and all night working on Nimrod – I have bought a printer I am going to have to start writing Specifications for you and posting them off – That way I can keep track of what I am asking you to do. 

I need to send you your Christmas present – Please give me your address and phone number again.

I have been asking for your phone number and you have not responded.

Do you want to work with me or not on Nimrod Database Applications – If not I will STOP.

You are a good friend – My Oracle – I just wish that you would turn your Email around every day and start to use protopage to report progress.

Nimrod release 23-1 Susanah (Sunnah) Smile Aid


Nimrod 22-12 Announcement

December 12, 2022

Nimrod 22-12 05:00:00

Just had a phone call from Anthony Kidd he can not make today’s meeting his boiler is broker.

So i have  announced 

Chrismas Gift

Christmas Giving

World Cup

Quidam Vision 

Lord Cambell Infonet

Mike Kane MP

All please look at your Christmas Gift on Christmas Day

Brian Fletcher FA Coach – Withington Golf Club Site

The Christie

The Christie TV And Radio

James At The Christie

Houldsworth Golf Club

Tee Time Deliveries

The Pizza Maker

The Magnet Stockport

Blue Flamingos

Wythenshawefm TV and Radio

Granada Reports

Tee Time Movies

Lokhul Reporter


Nimrod 22-12

December 11, 2022

My announcement 12/12/2022

December 11, 2022

December 11, 2022

– Manchester Polytechnic Lady Walmsley

December 11, 2022

Dear Lady Walmsley,

Can I tell you about my interesting work for Manchester Universities?

Yours sincerely,
Alan Bramwell
Community Guardian (BA 019) Manchester City Council CRB 001433682527

Sale Golf Intranet

December 11, 2022

Dear Mike Kane,

Hi Mike

Its Alan again
I would like your help requesting an award from the king for myself family and friends
Can you help please

Yours sincerely,

Alan Bramwell

As you are a mp for sale I am going to do sale golf intranet tomorrow


December 11, 2022


You keep clearing down my forest 404 announcements – Why

New announcement today announcing forest to the house of lords and house of commons via Mike Kane

Please announce on your protopage site that you will donate to The Erica Society Foundation Trust for funds raised from forest 404 transactions and that Erica will proportionally give to the MP Communications portal donation screen.

Lord Cambell of Pittenween

December 11, 2022

Dear Lord Campbell of Pittenweem,

I have selected a random lord – I than problems selecting a lord
Would you please help me with my DWP Case = They are recovering £20,000 of me universal credit.
The monies in an account in my name belonged to my family – it was their endowments pensions and death duties
I was an administrator of my son’s account he died in 2016 = I delayed disbursement till 2022. in which time I was claiming universal credits

Yours sincerely,
Alan Bramwell
Community Guardian

Inventor of The Infonet
HTTP:// 12/12/2022 Nimrod Day

Community Guardian (BA019) – Manchester

Mike Kane

December 11, 2022


Dear Mike Kane,

Please be the first MP in the houses of parliament to utilise The Infonet

Please see HTTP://
Link to Bramwell for Quidam and Bletchly postings
I still need your help with my claim to the dwp
I need you to write to the king saying that we contacted the queen on 07/07 but have not had a reply – Product Owner

Yours sincerely,
Quidam as known to Wythenshawe FM
Community Guardian (BA 019)

Can you please contact Andy Burnham I have no way of contacting Community Guardian Management
Zan toy please get me Andy Burnham’s E;mail Address

Nimrod 12/12

December 11, 2022

It is now 4:19 am 11/12/2022 I have been dreaming – this is a lightening thought.

Rather than making my planned announcement for 12/12 change it to : The Emma Bramwell Intranet and start to write Wigby Applications

Welcome to HTTP://theemmabrawellintranet


December 10, 2022

10/12/2022 12:00

Do the following Alan by 11:11:11 on 12/12/2022

Project Empire Stop what you are doing – i am taking over writing this program I have found my c# book

We need to go Agile – this is killing me!

please write a code converter

from = Pseudo code 

= English 

to 1 cobol

2 uni-nimrod

3 c

4 c#

5 php

6 javascript

I will not be doing the SQL i do not have a machine with it on

Paul Please give me a date and time when I can visit you I have 4 machines to configure to PHP/MySQL / or just natve Linux. Hitec have gas told me that two of my machines will not Refurb they will not access the internet – I need them for Javascript Training at my Academy in the wytjenshawe Forum where i am off to now.

this is protect Bletchly / Program Turin – It is a Pegasus Agile project – I will be tracking your response times. Protosearch is stripping me of my cash reserves. 


HTTP:// Moses

HTTP:// (

Action plan 

Add thechristies





to the standard bootmarks

Action Plan ii 

install wireless printer

Print this communication

post off as Chistmas cards


HTTP://protopagesantanet NOW with this communication

Cristmas card to read 

Please see HTTP:// for project Bletchly status report. 

Moses 2023 – Bletchly Park / Turin

December 10, 2022

Nimrod 2023Hi Rich this is going to get very very complicated.

can  you please create a transaction that has input 

1. client website 

2. webador website

3 protopage website 

4 favicon image file

5 background image file 

I have a specification to write for the ministry of defence and the NHS for image processing based upon a chapter that i read in XP Inder the hood about image file atttributes

create a project called Bletchley Park Please – Program Turin

We will write a specification together and outsource it to Oak House / Manchester Grammer School.


Infinity – Community Guardian (BA 019)

Release 12/12

December 9, 2022

For the release on 12/12 could you please let me have the following

1. Micronet – with a link to

2 Supernet – a clone of the infonet to cater for Magnacarta – include country / county-state / hub-name / golf club name

I have 200 dates registered hat I am releasing now.

3. Hypernet – a clone of infonet with the additional field business name

This should only take you an hour please timebank hours for future payment from the Erica Society Foundation Trust / The Christie.

See The Christie



Mobile Phone app desperately needed – can you gain the skills 

Can you request Paul to do it – if you are not able.

Or Charlie


Priority Tasks

December 9, 2022

No – I am just looking after your interests. Why would you think that I cause trouble.

Please see todays effort

We do not need protosearch for a while – we need to get people onto protopage first.

I need an enquiry by meta data for a singleton entry in metadata – I need the enquiry to show 101 protopages per page and the ability to display many pages – just like a bank statement.  Can you please make that your number one task.

Are you comfortable me asking you to do Mobile Phone E;Commerse transactions for the golf hub / shady hollow / manchesterbusiness card. This work is urgent I am all ready to go to announce The World Cup.

I am talking to Wythenshawe FM about it today.

Adam / Empire

December 8, 2022

You have told me that you will be starting it towards the end of the year.

In a meeting with Andy Partington where you threatened me with calling the police you were given a Manchester discount card with authorisation for selling them at £35 per card. A new version has now come out of print that will be sold for £101 per card.

Members can be discounted from restaurants and piizza shops in northenden.

Golf Hub Discount cards can be sold to members for £7.

Richard Gilbert is now being tasked to write a Twilight Golf Membership System and New Golf Handicapping System for Twilight Golf.

Andy Partington has been requested to tell members that they can now enter a competition for Roll Up Golf if they pay £1 to The Charimanrs Charity.

I am TELLING Richard to Stop Work on Protosearch form now – To treat it as a B task – to be done when A task duties can not be achieved.

Richard is Wrong on Project Empire for HRHINFONET Jingcharlesiii,me and should be working on a subscription based Quiz for Pegasus PGE Professional Jamems of PROTEE at Houldswortth golf club. When I gave you your Manchester Discount Card I Distrubuted £4.6 Million worth of licences to members of the scheme.

Richard will now undertake Personal Development and Training to develop  mobile applications.

Richard will develop an application that records

Season Round 1

Start Date and Time of Season

Start Date and Time of Round 1  / Score on hole 1

Ditto Score on Hole 2 

Ditto Scope on Hole 3

Ditto Score On Hole 4

End Date and Time of Season

Season Round 2 

Inherit round 1 for holes 5,6,7,8

Season Round 3 

Inherit Round 2 for Holes 9.10.11,12

Season Round 4 

Inherit Round 3 for holes 13.14,15,16

Season round 5 for holes 17,18

For non Hub Members 

Cost of Cards £

Discounted to £   When app shown to bar staff – Payment Made to Bar Staff.

I would like to remind you James that you are a keystone member of my team at Wythenshawe Golf / Tennis / Fooball . Bowls Club and would tike you to undertake the duties of mail chimp distribution of The Birdie Weekly News – Now being placed on HTTP://

Thank You James – Has the club found a replacement for Will Powell yet.

Richard Can you please raise SSR – Systems Service Request for Project Adam

With PSR for

1. Golf Quiz Phone App

2. Tee Time Golf Hole Recording Phone App

3, Junior Golf Handicapping System Phone App.

Please project manage under project Empire for Club Systems / Golf Shake / Play Less Golf / Play More Golf / ProTee Delivery

The Royal Connection

December 8, 2022

Tee Time Movies

3 hours of entertainment of projects that I am working on

  1. Goodnight Vienna

A product update for NHS Home Team = Project Moses and project requirements for Richard Golbert – Project Empire – Plus status reporting on my projects.

2 A Lifetime in Management.

Highlights of my career fot my daughter Emma who refuses to talk with me about my business activities – finishing my CV and about to introduce you to Harvard University CS 50 when the recording stopped om 3 hours.

3 Hatvard University Keynote = Part 1 09/09/2022 Nimrod Day 09.

The intention is that there should be an intermission  = Watching Golf Training.

Part 2 was delayed due to a disaster recovery task R popping up –  The Queen has Died.

4 Nimrod day 12 = Stamford Keynote Speech.

Distribution Systems / Paul / Harvard Referencing / Open University – Management:

Class R task : Now Task The Royal Connection

Xenophon / TrainIT for Paul :

Timebank Recording :

Kick Off Date and Time

December 7, 2022

The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things 

of fun and joy,

love and hate 

and gifts to kings and queens.

BramIT 07/12/2022 07:07:07


December 3, 2022


Start a Earthshot project please.

Clone Forest 404 and wait for Quo Vadiz database changes

Payroll front end / back end / general ledger interface / company structure

Plus Zeus Nimrod databases – Multi-Channel / Multi-Lingual solution.

Give this top priority please.

You know that this has been on the agenda for 22 years = It should have been started a long time ago,

The Prince of Wales is in Boston – there is a tangible link to New Boston C programming training by Bucky.