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August 10, 2022

I think the games have been really great – the coverage was far better than the olympics.

My most interesting moment was watching Adam Peaty – I thought the two man team basketball was great – Perfect for a golf club car park for kids……

I am busy i have joined Houldsworth and Withington golf clubs – I am working on Twilight Golf and have got permission to play at Houldsworth overnight of the week for 

just 4 Playmore got Points. I am going to play Withington now – I can only play 4 holes – I have a bad back and I get chest pains and double vision.

I don’t think my heart is up to it.

I have sent you an objective to do our Quiz – did you get it.

I have been looking at Blazor and am going to start to read your MVC book.

Question on cookies / ISam

I want to try to do the quiz without SQL Server

is there a way to store an array in a cookie of a memory stick / folder txt file. ???????

I have enough now to make BSG Elite a Subscription Service Controlled by Q Core.

Can I hand over QCore to you as part of your Empire Project

Another project for Project Adam will be COSHH – Control of substances hazardous to health – can you think about the scope / design specification of the database please.

Then I will build it a Foundation Computing using Google Forms.




August 10, 2022

HI Rich 

I am a bit disappointed that you have not taken up the opportunity to lead this project as project Empire.

I set you the objective of finishing phase 1 of forest by 08/08 – I gave you a suggestion how you could do a twin array comparison.

Could you please give me an update of your progress and backlog report please – with your objectives for 09/09 10/10 and 11/11

I can recall about 6 things that I have asked you to progress……