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Redcamel Systems

November 18, 2017

Redcamel Systems is now now being promoted by Hitec Computers – There is a poster on the glass door so that all that enter can see.

Hitec has delivered it’s second potential client. More news on this next week.

Whilst Gatley Computers have agreed to promote Redcamel Systems they were not open today receive our Redcamel poster. This will happen next week too.

Welcome to Redcamel Systems





November 18, 2017

Today is the birthday of Adam – to celebrate this day I am going to start the Brand Redcamel.

I have started by trying to recruit sales agents, it is also Mathew and Shamin’s birthday so I have asked if they would be interested promoting Redcamel Systems.

Now it is off to Gatley Computers to firm the first of the Redcamel Brand Outlets.

Then it is back to Hitec to work on Redcamel Development Strategies.

Welcome to the new brand – Redcamel