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Alan Bramwell Q8 Blog for Blatner

September 20, 2022

Queen Elizabeth ii Micronet Is alive….

September 19, 2022 was activated 19/09/2022 at 16:06:00

Queen Elizabeth II Micronet

September 19, 2022

As Queen Elizabeth II waits at the Cambridge Gate – 15:47:00 on The 19 September work begins on her Micronet as her Infonet launched on 07/07/2022 is still is not ready.

Rest in peace my Queen………

Rest in Beats! is waiting to greet you. The King Charles III Infonet


Community Guardian (BA019/PO001)


Ye Olde Inverted Ladder

September 19, 2022

Discovered in 1966 whilst playing Chess a way of charging mum and dad or home projects.

Starting at a farthing doubling every 5 minutes the charge for :

Doing the dishes

Vacume cleaning

Making Beds

Having a bath – Sundays at 7 – Sing Something Simple the trigger on the radio

Hoeing the Garden

Servicing Alf’s Car Sunday

Moving Erivs lawn

Designing the garden

Cutting Eric’s Lawn

Turning Out Cushion Covers

Designing Uncle John’s Garden

Building Uncle John’s Garden

Helping Rewire 73 Guildford

Helping build the extension – Hod Carrying 4 Norley

Taking down Poplar Tree 75 Guildford

Constructing new lawns at 4 Norly and 79 Guildford

Taking Down Air Raid Shelter at 73 Guildford

Cutting the hedges in the area

Working out with Manchester Parks – Rotivating – Tree Polarding

Doing the books – Keeping for The AEU / Greenbank Park / Pomfrets

Untill one pound was reached. Sprint!

Outsourcing to The Boy Scouts

Running a Football Card Scam

Running a Football Pink 11 Goals Game

TOM I Am Your Man – Red Octopus Backlog Report 18/09/2022

September 18, 2022

Tom I am your man 

I am setting uo anew business for you called tomwashinfonetrecruitment 

See my old CV at

I am executive CEO Of ITECCORecruitmentinfonet – Launch today at 13:00 

I am doing my washing 

Cleaning my cooker 

Woning on NHS Moses / Chesters / Quovadiz / SodexoI Infonets / Brexit / IR International / YMG International / GMP Infonet / NHS Infonet and AOB Infonets for Pegasus Agile Infonet

I have been operating in Third World for 15 years an a Community Guardian Peer Mentor Oracle and friend I have accumulated 202 Clients.

Here are some of them they are now to be converted into Live Golf Club sites called Magnacarta in Srints and sub sprints according to the management training that I am giving to When I developed The World Pump Trade Analysis System for Ingersoll Rand – I was asked to present it at an International Trade Conference in Glen Eagles – I was not allowed as the system was Top Secret funded by cheating my job accounting system.

I am currently writing a nominal ledger interface for a new Payroll System for Sodexo Wythenshawe Hospital Time Bank Zero Hours Contracts.

Development will be a Xeus development on my NEWWOLD Adam Hybrid Database.

The development will take me 3 days at a cost of £30,000 Chargeable ad a longhorn project by my outsourcing agent Red Camel Systems Richard Gilbert.

Richard is currently writing Protoseach for me for Infonet Services – I can not wait for him to get to to subscription based service Shady Hollo.

This Communication is recorded on my blog an on my Queen Elixabeth II Infonet – – Launched 07/07 and on my backlog report

Interup Request – Something has just beeped me

Sorry about the delay – I am employing a contract cleaner at £101 Per hour to do my washing / clean my house and chemical clean the cooker – he has no idea how to chemical clean – I have to supervise that he is wearing protective clothing and glasses – This is a new company I am going to set up this afternoon called Premier Care International – I set up International companies 

Nest go now I am too busy look at my old CV and look at my businesses – Click the chevrons – Phone me with your details / what you want on your SSNA 0 Structured social Net Working Sites – / WordPress (50 Created in 2007 for Goz World / Protopage 2007 Clone The Oasis Project (Godaddy) Withington Gof / Wix Ecommerce Clone Scott Currie / Wbador Promo – Clone EWTRAD – Greta Thunberg Ecogllobe – Status Amner Defocon 12 – Cant Proceedd Without Mike Correcting his errors / Facebook / Instagram / Bramagram / Caseyogram WGC / Facebook / Intsagram / Pinterest / Twitter – Redcamel Twitter Short hand / FacePOD/

FACETOFACE (Facebook II 1984) Facechat / Facemail (MailChimp) / The Rober Lizar Parade / Johhn Watson International Golfer / #pp Stevmar – Pegasus – #ppScotcurrie – Pegasus for PGA Systems – €pp The Pixxa Hut / €pp The Magnet Stockport / !@pp Withington Golf Club  

On 16 Sep 2022, at 12:45, wrote:

Disaster £64 K 54  hour I have just los 1/2 hours typing – thankfully I have today Backlog Report 

I had an IRQ from my cleaner – I came back to my keyboard and pressed the wrong control key – I will have to experiment and put out a waring when trying to type a hash twitter shorthand you can clear your typing if the wrong keys are presses – I will have to to a Danger Html page on alanbramwell.ukThis E mail will be my cv letter in N class Nimrod Class – Now Task  I Task Critical Path Important task  C White Rose Task (Little peaopleIn the company that have no voice / no budget – me at Verastar – Broadband Auto Provisioning – Written as Signature in my own time at home (Xenohon Timebank)Good Night Vienna – Watch my Tee Time Movies film about Bi Polar for Bi Polar UK – We are going to hire a theatre at cine world two run the C21 Quiz for Kidney Research This letter will be posted in Lokhul may project managers newsprint…BYE for now watch out for Xenophon Adam/Emma/Eve Socrates and Genesys Documents —— This is a Genesys Document a IPostIT Document

Dear Alan

Community Guardian (BA019)

Digital Champion ( –

Professor of new business Start up ( – – Underconstuction

I love being retired – I love my job – I love Project Management

Now to plan my New Garden new business coming soon chisrockwood landscape guardening infonet 

Watch Forest 404 our new search engine – Google does not see Protopages very well – there is no metadata / SEO 

Bye ii 

I could talk all day – My podcasts are Epic – two – three hours long – Harvard University Keynote Speech should be available.

Foot note – Godaddy can not help me registering 120 million websites I need associate Consultants to help me find new business – I need 1,000 Timebank Pegasus Agile Project Managers to do Forest Registrations for The Manchester Discount card 

Top Priority NOW NOW NOW – recruit 7 businesses for Manchester Business Card. Community Guardian Contrat 0 – No charge……….


Gone 1 Hour at £1,000 per hour – Pay self from Nat west account – Inform Sectretary of State about Community Guardian Bank Account

£100 donation to The Erica Society Foundation Trust – Every Month – Proportional Giving

BYE iV Set up Ovvupancy for Bye Messages

Title Tee Time Movie / FacX-TX Occupancy for DWP Training / Secretary Of State

Just how much do I love me – The Greatest Love of all George Benson now being added to AJBB Product Owner for Nimrod Deceased April 2016 122 Million You Tube hits – the number of Third World Redoctopus Shares.GOING PUBLIC SOON WATCH THIS SPACE _ YOU ARE A SHARE HOLDER OF RED OCTOPUS BUSINES SERVICES LIMITED _ NOW GET ME A PROJECT LEADERS JOB WITH XENOPHON REMOTE MANAGEMENT _ I AM BANNED FROM DRIVING………SET UP YOU OWN PROTOPAGE AND START COMMUNICATING WITH ME _ SEND ME MY PASSWORD.i

I’m reaching out today as I felt you may be great fit for the role I’m currently working on, If this role isn’t for you, we can still offer you a £200 for any successful referral made. 

Business Analyst 

Hybrid 50/50 split (Liverpool) 

Inside IR 35 (£350- £400 pd)

6 Month Contract 

A Business Analyst is required for our public sector client based in Liverpool.

The successful candidate will have: –

• Proven business analysis skills: you must be able to demonstrate an extensive track record in the analysis, automation and improvement of business processes in a large and diverse organisation.
• A degree or equivalent qualification in computing or related subjects, although other degrees, and equivalent work experience will be considered.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of executives, managers, staff and technical specialist inside and outside the organisation.
• Liaising with all areas of the organisation to understand existing systems and understand business requirements and existing processes and procedures.
• Identify areas for improvement by analysing the existing processes, discussing the requirements with management and operators, and comparing the business processes with those used in other organisations.
• Strong analytical skills, including a thorough understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into process maps and specifications.
• Project management experience.

If this is something that is off interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a copy of your CV. 

More information regarding the client and project can be made available upon interest. 

Kind Regards,

Thomas Walsh       

Account Manager

Reed Specialist Recruitment

The Exchange, 3 New York St, Manchester, M1 4HN


It’s time to Love Mondays. 

Find my professional recommendations on LinkedIn.

Accountancy, Actuarial, Banking, Business Support, Education, Engineering, Finance, Graduates, Health & Care, Hospitality & Leisure, Human Resources, Insurance, Legal, Marketing & Creative, Mortgages, Procurement & Supply Chain, Property & Construction, Retail, Sales, Scientific, Technology.

Reed Specialist Recruitment operates across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We specialise in permanent, contract, temporary and outsourced recruitment solutions, IT and HR consulting. Our values are important to us; we are fair, open and honest; we take ownership; we work together. We are proud of our family business heritage and believe we reflect this in how we work. The REED Group consists of four principal business areas: Reed Specialist Recruitment, Reed Online, Reed in Partnership, and Reed Learning.

Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd. Registered Office: The Exchange, 3 New York St, Manchester, M1 4HN. Company Number: 06903140. Registered in the UK.

If the unsubscribe link doesn’t work, please cut and paste the below URL into your Browser:

ITecco Recruitment Infonet Set Up

September 18, 2022

Rhys I am setting you up your own company specialising in experienced projects managers that have not worked in an Agile environment – Waterfall Technical Consultants – EX IBM Programmers.

My Cv is that I am CEO of Design House and I have just project managed The Infonet Micronets Supernets and Hypernets

I am selling Pegasus Agile and Intransition on a usb stick for £101 per copy and have a contract with the NHS for £4096k to work on Moses and Quvadiz and Chester.

I have 0ver 30 years experience as a programmer and product testes taking Peterbough Software from a company of a couple of programmers in a Portacabin to being a company worth £157 million pounds.

I have today set up two companies Marcos Pizza UK Click and Collect for The Pizza Maker and The Magnet Stock port. My business plan for The Pizza Maker is to expand his business into the frozen food market supplying UK Conferencing at Golf Clubs in the UK.

I would be more that pleased to manage the team as a Pegasus Agile Project Manager Working from home using  my home sever for Podcasts and Xenophon for secret Top Secret Messaging.

See http://rhysEcclesRecruitmentInfonet

On 16 Sep 2022, at 14:32, Rhys Eccles <> wrote:

Hi Alan,

My client, a market leading ERP consultancy and Odoo gold partner, based in Lancashire are looking for a software Project Manager to join their team in an exciting period of growth.

This role would be perfect for a Project Manager with experience delivering software implementation projects to external clients who wants to work in a role with a clear progression path to head of project delivery.


• 25 days holidays + bank holidays

• Quarterly bonus scheme 

• Hybrid Working

• Contributory pension scheme

• Clear progression path

If this sounds interesting, please send me your CV and I will be in touch.

Rhys Eccles​Recruitment Consultant<image399340.png>0117 313 6043 | 07 719 974 742<image179797.jpg><image353859.jpg>

Best Job In The World

September 18, 2022


I would like the opportunity to take on this task as a Wigby Database

Programmed in Zeus a New Hybrid Database – I can have the development programmed in 24 hours fr a 49 table system


I am currently working as a Pegasus Agile Project Manager on £60,000 per quarter as a CEO of Red Octopus

See Redcamelsystems.comp

Product Owner – Project Adam for Withington Golf Club

I have 202 websites ready for you to do Collaborative Computing.

If you want me I will want a bankers order of £32K Paid in advance

I am giving this task to priority I will set up Import Export for Lemantec Once Completed I will commence a Longhorn / Zeus project tonight.

I am just doing the work on setting up a charity so I might not get on to Lemantec till 11/11/2022 at 11:11:11 my product release date 

I am now making you CEO of Pegasus Infonets – You will be paid just £1 per year for finding me associate Consultants with no IT experience – I will give them Full Stack Training. The salary for an Associate Consultant is £1p per year – Estimated earnings £77K

Thank You 

Alan Bramwell 

CEO Red Octopus 

Design House 

Community Guardian (BA019)

I am putting you on a community Guardian Contract 1 – One years Support at £0 for the first hour £1,000 for the second and subsequent hours – part hours are charged at full rate. password Adam for future Click and Collect communications – Phone me on 0161 998 2537 and I will pick up your messages

Do this set up a google account

Register a protopage in your companies name

Register to

Set up a class x community communications order for top secret projects – phone me and give me your pass word – I will then tell your client how to design Adam Hybrid databases using FacePOD Project Apollo – I invented Face to Face and Face Mail . Face Pod inspired by 2000 a Space Oddity as a child!!!!

Hov do you like them Apples.

My old CV is at – I am now retired acting as a bi-polar sufferer inside the NHS – http://protopage;com/ambition

My Harvard Keynote Speech should be on

If I do not get this job I will take you to court – I am the best candidate you will get – by far!

n 17 Sep 2022, at 15:13, Vincent Stonier <> wrote:

Hi Alan,

I hope you’re well.

Firstly, apologies if this has reached you in error. If you do know anyone that would be suitable for this position, we do offer a fantastic referral scheme. 

Role: Software Developer

Location: Manchester HQ! but… HYBRID WORKING!

Salary: Up to £65,000 D.O.E.

Sponsorship: Not Provided



My client, a worldwide established freight forwarding service, are now looking to expand their team by bringing in a skilled software developer. They are an international brand with significant exposure in the UK, USA and China infrastructure and technology industries, and are now looking for their next key team member to work in the Manchester office in a hybrid position. 

You will be part of an expanding team that will be working on a variety of tech for their platforms, as well as being given training opportunities to learn exciting programming languages such as Go. They are a hugely successful company and they are growing at a fast rate with huge clients.

Software Developer Benefits include 

• Hybrid working!

• Training opportunities

• Regular salary reviews

• Flexible working hours!

• 28 days holiday (Plus bank holidays/Xmas Shutdown!)

• Substantial pension scheme

• Individual equipment budget

• Annual company retreat and social events!

Must have

• Experience writing JavaScript

• Experience with SQL Server

• Data warehousing/reporting experience 

• Willingness to learn new programming languages

• Experience with Typescript (desirable)

• Experience with React (desirable)

• Experience with Java (desirable)

If this role sounds interesting to you, please REPLY with your CV and I will arrange a call with you. 

Kind regards,


Vincent Stonier​Recruitment Consultant<image537783.png>0161 250 5270 | 07704 155 273<image334797.jpg><image058758.jpg><image746297.png><image077730.png><image730194.png><image938520.png>

On 17 Sep 2022, at 13:34, Vincent Stonier <> wrote:

Hi Alan,

How are you?

Firstly, apologies if this has reached you in error. If you do know anyone that would be suitable for this position, we do offer a fantastic referral scheme. 

Role: Senior Software Developer

Location: Liverpool HQ!

Salary: £75,000 – £80,000 D.O.E.

Sponsorship: Not Provided


In order to cope with ambitious expansion plans in the geospatial sector, my client is looking for passionate Software Developer to join the expanding team and be responsible for creating technology that provides solutions for industry specific needs. Backed by some of the most renown investors in the UK and Ireland, this is a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic developer to join the mission of empowering businesses to map and manage the natural and built environment. 

Who are you?

You’ll have experience working with multiple technologies and willing to explore unused technologies. You’ll have the ability to integrate with existing coding base and have experience working in a software development project environment. 

Additionally, you will offer:

• Knowledge of .Net, JavaScript and SQL

• Being up to date with emerging technologies and willing to bring them to the team where suitable.

• Eager to learn and confident in asking questions where needed.

• Solution-orientated and a pragmatic approach

• Geospatial concepts (desirable)

• Xamarin mobile development (desirable)

Software Developer Benefits include 

• Hybrid/Remote working environment (UK and Ireland offices available)

• Flexible working hours

• Performance related incentive

• Perk box benefits

• Mental health support and resources programme


• Life insurance

• Pension scheme

If this role sounds interesting to you, please REPLY with your CV and I will arrange a call with you. 

Kind regards,


Vincent Stonier​Recruitment Consultant<image825738.png>0161 250 5270 | 07704 155 273<image161470.jpg><image878236.jpg><image600525.png><image394262.png><image412323.png><image831610.png>

Overloaded – Ray William Johnson Podcast Extension

September 13, 2022

James I am gett Overloaded – Too many Tasks

You will have to track my blog daily.

See – I will do a morning Scrum with you via podcast.

Manchester United please read

Just got a pop up from Roy William John Son – You Tube Podcaster – Will Create his Tee Time Movies Scrum Podcasts

Adam Really is helping me today –  I am overloaded with stuff now.


Microsoft Google IBM Verastar Merger

September 13, 2022

To Bill Gates Foundation Trust Email lost address did not write it down !!!!

Withington Golf Club are excluded from this merger and will not profit from and revenue until Alan Bramwell Gets a writen apology from John Goddar and Bob Bolton Alan Wilding and Tex Macivor and Tony Longden / Trevor Eve Tony Dagnall Martin Keates and John Dowlig the Jury in the case of Alan Bramwell Vs Withington Golf Club (Mathew Win Solicitors Agents – Para Legal Services)

Could You Please send Me a postal address I have contracts to send you – Could you please tell Bill Gates That I am making him CEO of Redoctopus 

The Gate foundation are on a Community Guardian Gold Contract IT Consultancy and Programming for Projects Longhorn and Wigby – Tim Sneath Is Product Owner WWWW Intransition will be Marketed as a Microsoft Product along with AMSTRT Pen drive and Stratbow Comfuters….. Projects Longhorn and Wigby and Dot Com

Invoice From Reedoctops for 1 hour IT Consultancy £42,000 for Wigby Extensions 


A list of website created now created is posted on

I work for Google as a Community Guardian for Manchester 

We have invented The Infonet which will now be named The Gates Infonet

This is an EGM for Red Octopus I am proposing a Merger with the gates foundation _ I am about to create 100.500 websites for Children

I am Community Guardian BA 019 Bill Gates Personall has lifetime IT support as a associate Consultant for Red Octpus.

Bill is rewarded for this by making hi a non exec ceo for Verastar Community Systems

Alan Bramwell – would like to thank Tim Sneath for being Product Owner of Vision 21 Tim advised Alan that Stratbox and SSNA were too early

So I ran Windows 2000 Home Server Beta Testing till Vista arrived and I became an IT  Strategist you YMG International 

Teaching Junior Golfers IT and management Pegasus Agile IT Management – We rote Q an access control system before win 3.1 and Monopoly and Social Networking SSNA Structured Social Networking – But we were too early again the Pet had no memory.

Its a long long longhorn story I would like your permission to say that Richard Gilbert James Dunn Tom Davies Ben Fish Adam Bramwell (Deceased) Emma Bramwell 

Susan Bramwell and Andrew Clark – and Michael Tarkus NHS are Microsoft Protopage Programer plus tw NHS Workers that Signed a NHS Contract Wigby today for 1 Million Protopages at £100 per ANStat UsbsticK with a Longhorn Company Structure an Xenophon TraniT plus Hogan http://alanbramwelluk/hogan

Thank you bill I would like you and Belinda To Room 101 / Studio 54 at Withigton Golf Club Air B&B.

Goodwill and peace to all men – lets make the world a Meritocracy Meritocracy – Live 07/07/2007 – Microsoft Day

Alan Bramwell 

CEO Red Octopus 

Community Guardian (BA019) 

CEO of Lokhul Reporter (Metro News Supplents The Gofer Supplement The Birdie Withington Golf Club – The Eagle Didsbury and Northenden Houldsworth Chorlton and Sale Front Page The Eagle has landed – Content Adam and Lisa – This memo

Goodnight Vienna – Tee Time Movies 3 hours  

This is a Xenophon Genesys Document – It has not been thro a spell checker it has been typed directly into email it is chargeable to Withington Golf Club and the NHS at £1,000 per hour and FREE  Respectively NHS are now Beta Testers for Microsoft Longhorn and Gooogle Wigby

This is a merger between IBM Google Microsoft verastar Virgin and Amstrad

EGM finished at 14:59 13/09/2022 Melinda Day Unluky for some

The initiator for this was an IRQ Interupt request on my Apple Computer- I have asked Tim Cook for the cos of an order for 100.500 formate usb drives for disaster recovery – I do not have an email address Tim is now CEO of Onboard Promotions Internet Marketing via podcasts on Tee Time Movies.

Transcript of Conversation With Roam The Prices Trust.

September 13, 2022

Transcript between red Octopus Business Services – A recoring of this meeting – Intransition

has been made – You can read that recording when signed in to http://the Princes Trust – Top Secret

Pass word to be transmitted trough

A subscrition base Shop is being set up to sell Intransition passwords at £101 per memory Stick

The NHS have signed a conract LISA for Moses Atherleigh Park £42 to set up a Shop for NHS Private.

The NHS are Timebanking their work so that Alan can pay donations to The Erica Society for Distributon to The Princes Trust – Alan wants the NHS to write an API for a mobile phone to take payment to the princes trust for The Erica Society and for The princes Trust to mange payment to other charities using a formulae called Adam – Alan is currenly taking the Withington Golf Club to Court About ADAM

Welcome to http://GHOBBThePrincesTrust.SHOP White Knight Wigby White Rose

This Transcript is a GeniSYS Document

Project Xenophon

Tomorows Meeting with the NHS will be to go through Intranition Meeting Management


A phone call is being made to The BBC to Announce THEBBCSWAPSHOP.SHOP Ben and Jacks

The Princes Trust has been set to -1 – This Transition is chargeable to the Princes Trust a charge of £7 has been made to The Cristies nd The Rainbow Trust.

Infonet Shops will be set up for them by 11:1:2023 Nimrod2023

The Status of Wigby is 0 Defcon X

That means it can be completed to order within te timescales advised and that it is Top Secret.

Project Longhorn – Commenced 2000 is status Amber Defcon 12

We are at war WWWWINTransition WAR with Witington Golf Club

Project Lisa is at Defcon -1 Startus Red – The work has already been done but the project will go over budget – Lisa is £150,000 Over budget Due to Barton Grange The Directors Table / The Captains Charity

The Captains

Switch Golf .Shop – Continental Club Protopage

September 13, 2022

Richard I have git 16 shops that i need to register today can you please get on to writing a subscription based transaction.

I am planning to do 49 per week – Magna Carta ……….. Please for subscription transaction.

Project Moses

NHS Disco Night – The New Continental Club – Nurses went to the Continental in the seventies.

Register The Erica Society Foundation Trust Society Shop

Construct a shop 

make it subscription based

SSNA As White Rose 0.0 Wix Ecommerce

See Scott Currie £101 per membership

Just Giving site too Please

Class U development – Urgent Stop What you are doing This should take you a couple of house use your own bank account for the shop or set up a bat west account or Barclay ISA / Instant saver – Its for your Pension and Jeannies Itc an AVC Scheme. I am a Pensions Consultant.

I simply advise that peaople shoul set up endowments for children as an endowment account then you can take a tax fee loan as a directors loan

This has been told to me by my Accountant – I am writing to the secretary of state to get confirmation

See my secretary of State Website 

Proto Page is Amazing at Top Secret Communication

I am going to write a movie script called Top Secret and hire Cime World for a chatity Room101 Movie Knight

I need a Subscrition based website for Cinema Seats for Cine World Room101 at Withington Golf Club 

Its Seats 54 So I am having a Studip %$ Disco after the Movie using Protopage Radioxl – Funds to 

funds to Withionton Golf Club for a new club house. There is a rumour that the train is coming trogh Withingyon – No body on council is talking about 5 year plans

I have been Kicked out of Withingtion See Barton Grange Directors Table

Shady Hollow

September 13, 2022

I have just lost 20 minutes of writing your 360 degree assessment of you for Lokhul reporter the whitwirh gallery and Grenada reports.

I will have to podcast it I am not writing a book on you again – till I write my book that is A day in the life 

I an doing the podcasts now

This is just to reming you that you are on a community guardian contract ant that you get free it support for Adam

You need to contact club v1 to tell them that Withington golf club active web services is now live. Supported by Quidam for free.

SSNA is a clubV! Extension

 Will do the same for clubV! Now I am putting them on an Adam Contract.  £200 per hour for Para Legal Support discounted top £50 per hour under the Manchester Discount Card Scheme.

Give yourself a verbal warning for not telling me there has been a complaint by bar staff 

Get me the two complaint please for our court case.

The jury will be the Coffin Dodgers and members that have died.

Mike Granger was a good friend of mine as was John Shurden Syd Tayor and harry prow 

Sadly gone but remembered in Shady Hollow

Plato AI – Quo Vadis / Erasmus / IRQ / TicketIT Verastar / Sodexo SSR V0

September 11, 2022

Can you take an hour off to do a simple view for projects Quo Vadiz Q Core Moses Empire Longhorn and Nimrod and Zeus

I will code it in wigby it will take me half an hour its meta data search

Worth £42,000

Ultimately a C program.

Is C faster than C sharp

Could be Blazor or Angular.

Preference Angular

It is only a button to switch vies a switch case Signature Program

Case 1 – Metadata 1 view 1

Case 2 – Meta data 2 view 2

See Verastar Signature Processing

I will try to write it

Steering Request PlanIT

September 11, 2022

Do I have your permision to Make the Prince of Wales a Product owner over a steering committee which includes members of parliament as Associate Consultanys

What are your thoughts on making Forest a subscription based service.

I am working on my backlog report for you – I need you to work on EstimateIT PlanIT TaskIT

and ROIIT REturn on investment after CostIT (EstimateIt as a lot of our work will not be chargeable

I need your help on SpecfyIT I am doing Waterfall Design Specifications at the moment.

We will need Protopage GIThub for BSGElite Source.

Can you please greater a gmail account Redcamel Systems them emulate my Red Octopus File Folder.

I need program source for my first view – all needs is buttons for Fist Last Next Prior and Current pointers for my Hybrid IDMS / DLI Nimrod / Longhorn Database

Paul you can get onto this now I have just merged companies with you and you have a new company called EWTRAD – Ecowarriior Trading = I have set up a AVC Scheme for you I am paying you a small amount from my pension plot.

You are a penny share holder I’m Red Octopus an a Director Eithout Portfolio RichARD IS IT Services Director. We are going to be selling AMStrat Encrypted Memory sticks on Amazon through our Shop Ben and Jacks Golf Emporium.

They will retail at £100 £49 £25 £21 depending on the size of the WAM Or Bootstrap site that I put on it we have orders for 100.500

I am making Dragons Den and Alan Sugar / Richard Bransom / Andrew Colishaw Associate Directors.

We are going International with Brexit and Zeus for Lemantec Import Export. Zeus will be a Wigby Project I will get paid £49 per Screen BranIT Dollars we will be doing Cobol CICS BMS Green (WAM) screen Emulation

We Need CICS Paging – See Buzz Words in this document for Meta Data.

We are doing SUPEFM which will mean we need a DSECT for screen painting where we specify X/Y co-ordinares of Objects We will also be doing POWER Diamond Reports and Scheduling an Company Structure

PSR / SSR and Design Specifications by 10/10.

You will get paid £1 per object painted. This will be a subscription service.

This transaction will be recorded as Xenophon White Rose within Red Octopus

I have sent you the link already.

It is a class c tasks – Non Chargeable Unplanned. All my tasks will be class.

You will determine the class from the following taking note that TasIT has 36 classes.

Class A – Planned with Sprints

B planned – no sprints

C Unplanned

N Now

E Empire / Enterprise

T Training

R Research and Development.

I am going to stop blogging – people do not need to know out Top Secret Design.

Please create a view with a command line for the next view you want to process / a System Messges Line

A Command Control Line for Ticketing – Insruction sets

Please have two buttons for Cics paging (function keys too) Next PF7 Prior PF8 last PF12 First PF3

I hope that this is to your satisfaction

The hope treatment team will be coming in to see me every day they think i am having an episode

Please see move Goodnight vienna 3 hours in Tee Time movies 0 I have a job to break it down into 3 minute podcasts can you please try to watch it and bullet point it and priority it – and class it if you can – This is our first test for BSG Elite.

I AM Going to do Prince of Wales Day Podcst as a N class – Possible Revenue Estimate 1 hour and 15 minutes

1 15 Minutes Pre amble

2 15 Nimrod

3 15 Minutes Moses

4 15 Minutes Wigby – Fondation Consulting – Physical Database Design 21 pound per screen

5 15 Minutes Longhorn C# MVC – Logical Database Design 49 pound per screen

6 15 Minutes Q Core

15 Minutes Job Accounting

16 Minutes Jackson Programming

5 Minutes Intermission

Log as quarterly Scrum

01/01 01/04 01/07 01/10 22/12

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Condolances / The Bramwell Yew

September 11, 2022

Dear members,

As a mark of respect following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the club flag has been lowered to half mast and will remain so until 8:00am on the day following her funeral.

Shay Daly

On 07/07/2022 Alan Bramwell sent a thank you card to Prince William thanking the Queen for her hospitality. Alan sent passwords to the Queens Infonet and Prince Williams Site. Referencing that her sit had been in Beta Testing at Withington Golf Club for 15 Years.

The 09/09 Was suposed to be Nimrod day – the 07/09 was Queen Elizabeth II day – the change control day for Nimrod. The 09/09 is now King Charles III day. I launched his site as soon as I heard the news.

Today I heard that our new King is asking support from God – the best I can do is give him support as a Guardian Angel – Adam is my guardian angel. I launched the Godfather site with the Kings Prayer on it.

I have been very busy – perhaps I have not done it yet.

I have just recorded a film called Goodnight Vienna – It runs for 2 hours 50 minutes it has me shattered I have not slept for 3 date. It was supposed to be a 1 hour movie for the Home Treatment Team to show them that I am not Bi Polar – I have annother movie that has all the funny incident when I have called the Police on a Panic Button system that I was writing and a virus that I caught – I also suffer from Panic attaks – I lost some program source an had to call the NHS Ambulance my blood pressure was 195 over 145 – I got Sectioned ! – I got sectioned recently for selling Manchester Discount Card Membersip for Sales of 100,000 AMStrat devises.

For the last 3 days I have been holding AGMs and EGMS writing Articles of association for my new golf club Withington and Wytenshawe Golf Bowl and Tennis Club. I am currently loading Tee Time Movies up it will take about 1 hour – then I will have to find out where I saved Moses Longhorn – I will have to do it again.

It has been a great experience working on Withingtons Web Site for 30 years – I will Continue to develop the Ditectors Table there. Sadly i will not be getting any more content to Load.

I will make an Entry in the Birdie about Queen Elizabeth and King Charles day and update Shady Hollow.

There is The Bramwell Yew Tree near the fountain this will now be named The Queen Elizabeth Bramwell Yew 2022 – 2016 I will get a small memorial stone for the club – The Red Octopus Yew.

Q Core

September 10, 2022

I am claiming 10 hours a day since 07/07 plus 72 hours for 08/08 and 09/09 each  for Nimrod Implementations 

10 Hours a day at £70 per hour

Invoice from Red Octopus to follow

It is now 8 am in the morning I have not slept for 3 days – I am going to bed – I will be in touch.

Please email me back by return – The Reasons why I have been kicked out of the club (And Fill Out my Survey…….)

You have been aware that I am working on Project Adam – You advised that it would be Winter before you could catch up – you are so busy.

I have respected your busyness and have not spammed you with EMail,

I do Daily Scrums with my team using Email – It Is called Pegasus Agile for remote Home team working. Using Protopage for Top Secret Projects.

Protopage has a security feature The Golf hub uses it – The Password is Lessons.

The accès sil change when we deliver Q Access Control and make it a subscription Service along with projects QE21 Quiz / Directors Table.

Richard Longhorn Directors Table for me please – Raise an SSR for Wigby Q

Q Core will retail at £1,000 per copy. Presented .With Stratbox USB / BSGElite Subscription for Full Stack IT Training – Visual Studio.

Invoice WGC

September 10, 2022

WGC are now being Invoiced by Red Octopus as they have Closed Alans Social Membership and Banned him from the clubhouse for Consulting members for Project Adam by James Dunn Product Owner.

Red Octopus Para Legal is pursuing a court case against WGC – Small Claims are being made against James Dunn who has been kept in contact about the effort but has refused to Publish It on The Weeky News Latter.

Communications like :

The Mersey Hub is a Work in progress at The Golf Hub NET – Golf Lessons are available there.

Management Training is available at HTTP://

IT Training is available at HTTP:// – Become a WWW Programmer in 24 Hours.

Did not get communicated

Slattocks Computing / K Day 09/09

September 10, 2022

Mergers and Acquisitions….

Slattocks Computing has been purchased by Red Octopus for £7

Intellectual Rights of all work completed by Paul Edwards will remain with Pau – Including work that he does in full time employment

Paul is a share holder in Red Octopus with Voting Rights

Paul has been unavailable to attend EGMs and AGMs Conducted on K Day.

How do you ;ikr yhem Apples Paul

Red Octopus Announces its First Acquisition……

White Knight Pivot Tables

September 10, 2022


Yop are missing out on interesting work 

I need Excel Power BI spreadsheets from you for TrainIT Pivot table Training

Will you do it please.

Event Management SSR

September 10, 2022

Room 101 Studio 54  PlamIT

Please SSR me 

To do this work for Wigby 

Be the Product Owner 

Give it a project name of a greek god

Thank you

Tis is a class p task – I want a reply today

Look at your E Mail daily 

I need your support for Planit


SSR should say Do Event Management databases 

3 required at present 

Names for 3 databases please 

Room 101 / Studio 54 / Alan Stewart

September 10, 2022


I am askung Alan Stewart to be our accountant 

Am I allowed to have meetings with him and can I book Room101 and Studio 54 events at WGC – Given that I  will not attend these events in person.

Can U used WGC for my 19t Hole for Wythenshawe Golf Club

Community Guardian Threatens WGC Staff

September 9, 2022

Community Guardian Alan Bramwell fas threated to make Golf Club Secretary James Dean a Millionaire

Yesterday – King Charlse Day James agreed to be a communications officer and Director of PGA System for Wythenshawe Golf Club / Withington Twilight Golf.

James will promote Forest using Mailchimp – Project Magnacarta he will project Manage the delivery of Longhorn Magnacarta, Wigby Magnacarta has been completed as a Micronet for Forest. The Announcement will be made in the Financial Times that Red Octopus Business Services is going Public.

Withinton Golf Club Members have all been allocated a 1penny share with share opition to purchase 101 shares each.

Two contract exists between members of Withington for thye Sale of Stratboxes.

Boxes have been purchased from Hitec Computers – the commission has been donated to charity.

There was a dispute between myself and Hitec regarding fines for use of straybox 3 that they produced and could not deliver SQL server the dispute was over a £200 invoice for the development of a Refurb website.

I have spent 4 years working for Hitec on the Forest project.

Hitec will not get commission on the sales of Pegasus Angular which will now be sold on Ebay.

Hitec Were to become the sole distributor of Forest on a USB Stick.

Hitec have been placed in the Black Rose Pigeon hole Companies that we will refuse to do business with.

Richard Please Export Forest Source to a USN for Training under BSG Elite 

Structure your Bootstrap / WAM HTML in Hogan Format.

Plan for an initial distribution run of 7 for Associate Consultants.

Pay 10% Commission to James Dean – Making him a millionaire  –

USB Sales £101

This is a contract between Red Octopus and James Dean to pay £100,000 x 10 when 700,000

thousand USB Sticks with Forest on them has been sold.

James is allowed to discount Forest under the Manchester Discount Card Sceme – If he does then he will have to Pay myself and Richard 10% Commision Each

The USB Stick will contain Hogan TrainIT and MVC Csharp Code for TrainIT. Longhorn a Hybrid Relational / IDMS Database with Occupancy Dated Event Functionality as seen in Survey (Wigby)


September 9, 2022

We are at WAR

AB has Announced WAR on WGC –

I stopped David Fricker having a Media war with Withington Golf club when he Registered Withington Golf Club . Com

David had a beef about his corporate membership.

Pegasus Agile

You should have enough codes to start planning and tracking your projects and seeing how much it is actually costing us.

I will do time tracking for Redcamel Soon – Stay with me I am Overloaded with work I had about 4 EGMs and an AGM Today.

Went through Tax and NI rules with my accountant – appointed a solicitor

Set up Pegasus Communication to My Solicitor and Accountant

Tom – You can’t have the Printer – I have Prints to do for King Charles that are Private – Top Secret.. Class TS Top Secret

Please start a Longhorn ( L) T – Training Task for WP Without Portfoli0 

For Foundation Computing – Protopage Google Form for Taskit Occupancy File


Activity Start Date and Time

Occupancy Start Date (Occurs 49 Times)

Task Class

Task Description

Vision Suggestion

Activity End Date End Sate

Can you Please Plan

1. Phase

2. Activity

3 Task

4 Milesones

You track Velocity by Accumulating the time for (COMPLETED TASKS)

When assigning tasks log

Start – Strat Dependancies

Start – End Dependancies

End – End Dependancies

A Mile stone is a Task with Zero House For Timebank Zero Hours Contrack Reporting

Garry Higgins has been Informed that we a re writing a Payroll System for him for Timebank and a Coshh System

Richard – Can you please move over into business Analysis and specify Waterfall Documents for Wigby for Coshh then Foundation Compute them for Wigby ask SQL Server them for Longhorn

Develop TDD JSON Interfaces Please

PlanIT / KingcharlesIII – Secretary Of State

September 9, 2022


I have appointed solicitors and an accountant

It will cost mr £1200 per your to go public

You are now CEO of Red Camel 

Red camel Finance Director 

Red Octopus will pay you a directors loan which is non taxable I believe

Its only a small amount but it allows you to claim you car back at 45p per mile

I am going to tax you at base rate

I have NHS over a Barral

Got Michael Turkas as a NHS Director / Product Owner for Longhorn and Wigby

£42,000 Development for Atherleigh Park done by Foundation Consulting.

Be prepared for Quo Vadiz..

Bi weekly meetings

10 minutes Pegasus Wellbeing Observation – Stress Management 

15 Minutes Longhorn Testing

3 minutes Wigby Maintanance

1 minute PlanIT 

1 Minute AOB

Tom Davies will be a director for Community Airways Project Wigby

(Tom – You won’t need to do anything as discussed just print off emails that I send you as my communications officer to Dr Blatner.

I have paid £140 for letter headed stationary for you and I have bought you a wifi Printer – I need you for print services I have no where to put a printer – My house is a mess I am trying to get rid of tools to Andy so that I can bring all Ingersoll Rand Specifcations out of storage – they I can buy a cabinet for Red Octopus Filing

My Living room is a mess with piles of paper for


1. A task – Now Planned Tasks White Swan Tasks

2. B Unschedduled White Knight Tasks

3 C Non Chargeable White Rose Tasks 

4 BS – Negotiable BS Swan Tasks

5 BK – Non Profit Making Black Knight Tasks

6 BR – Black Balled Tasks – Withington Golf Club

7 R Research and Development Tasks – Long Horn

8 T Training Tasks Wigby Forest Schools BSGElite

9 P Priority unscheduled C tasks

10 I Interrupt Request Tasks NHS Atherly Park L Longhorrn

11 Longhorn Tasks

12 BL Backlog Logging – Pegasus Agile See

14 M Marketing see WGC Webador 

15 OP – Onboard Promotions – Marketting – Prezi Powtoon

16 K Communications to Martin Keates

17 AD – Adam Tasks – Withington Golf Club PlanIT for Intranet Startbox services

18 S Stratbox Promotioon

19 M Magnacarta

20 SH Shady Hollow

21 E Empire Systems (RedCamel Blazor) 

Martin this is Pegasus Scheduling – You need Gant Charts to Manage Adam If James is going to start an IT Project

Last Minute Change

September 8, 2022

At the last minute Forest Schools has been added for Gatley Primary.

I would now like Gatley Primary to do their own protopage and encourage the children to start to use google forms for their Ambition / CV – Training Record / Certifications.

HRHInfonet / HRHIntranet

September 8, 2022

Rich The Queen has died – let have 10 minutes silence.

You have been assigned to work on Empire – Queen Elizabeth Empire.

In ten minutes is Nimrod09 day.

And we are into new projects – Loghorn and Wigby

Do we want to be working on King Charles Empire 

Or should we have Queen Elizabeth Infonets and Kung Charles Intranets.

Your Shout 



Pegasus Agile

September 8, 2022

Pegasus Agile

Alan Bramwell <>9:04 AM (0 minutes ago)
to Richard

Rich I am working on Podcasts for Agile Project Management – Pegasus

Can you please look at the tabs and refine them.


Red Leader Notification

September 7, 2022

Tom DT7 – Red LeaderNow is the time for your comments




Please create DaviesT7Infonet  for Quarterly feed back 

Product Owners have now been assigned – These are Passive Roles in name only – They will be consulted as Oracles when needs arise.

STOP / Secretary Of State

September 7, 2022

I am not sure I am going to send a card to Cloe Smith

Please keep a watch on dwptraining for Pegasus Agile Daily Reporting to no 10

Its Time to STOP I have been down the job centre to recruit associate consultants under Timebavk.

I will write PlanIT in DWP NOW you are the Empire Product Owner  I am You PA – you will decide on the action plan for the next 3 tears……

Top priotity will be TDD – If you can do Excel to Json / jSon to SQL procedures by 10/10 that would be great Vision 22 PlanIT 


September 7, 2022

Planit and tract / taskit / estimateit – Life Plan / Financial Times / Medicare / Moses

Task 1 

Moved washing maddens into Small Bedroom

Move IR Specs into morning room

Clear Morning Room and Living room of Clutter

Buy New Paint Roller and tray – Paper

Strip and Decorate downstairs toilet.

Clear stair of residue from 2007 project – Go through it looking for tasks.

Go through Shredder box – Look for URL’s / Contact details.

Get wallpaper paste

Repair Ceiling on landing

Paint Hall Landing and stairs

Paint Living Room – with a bright colour – Ask Rich What Colour scheme

Get White board for Morning room – x3 for Intransition.

Don’t get wall boards get free mounted boards for A 3 Paper —— Change of mind – Just get a 3 paper an pair holder that can be stuck on wall.

Priority Do this Tomorrow – Go To Office Supplier.

Paint Morning Room – Not Magnolia

Clear Morning Room Spice Racks – You never Use them

Assemble new Kitchen Unit for Spice Racks.- Find Space When tools removed – Contact Andy about help / garage / shed. Ring Sue Tell he your decorating – it will please her….


Paint My bedrom – Review Clothes – Throw away everything – Buy new jeans and shirts – Sock and unies – Only need 2 sets – don’t sped a lot – you are still trying to lose weight – just buy one pair of chinos that fits you for golf and a 5xl Golf shirt from M and S.

Thanks Rich 

Things are going well 


Defcon 1 – Still Concernerned about your stuff.

Status Amber – I can not move forward without you.

Atherleigh Park

Physical Ops 

No Chest Pains / Vision Fine / Bp Estimated 140/88


9/10 Still concerned about Nimrod – Would be resolved if Rich could confirm Beta Date.

Business Planning

12/10 Projection to 11/11 2023 now complete –


2/10 Development Strategy for TDD development not agreed with Development Team

Pegasus (AGILE) 

7/10 Michael Turkas will bring this up to 7/10 this week – Richard needs to take Onboard Empire

Onboard Promotions

2/10 Room 101 is not progressing

Project Adam

1/10 Withington Golf Club not tacking control

The Oasis Project

Houldsworth Golf Club 

2/10 Awaiting Forest 404 / Empire Starting and RGInfonet/medicare – Moses / Blatner


Nimrod 2025

September 6, 2022

Obsolete and Slow moving Inventory – Note to self – GRN will need date of transaction – Picking list too.

Assembly Order release


Bill Of Material

MRP – No specs for this – We went MAPICS – Research MRP Database.

Applicant Tracking



Absence Management – Do this – Show Sodexo how IT should be done – NO USER HOOKS (Erasmus 2025 Reentry processing)

Shop Floor Control / Front End Rewrite / Krause – Quo Vadiz

Parental Leave – Whats this statutory ERA Called – not to worry we are not taking on statutory stuff

Parts Pricing

Master Price File

Job Accounting

Import Export – (Lemantec – Brexit – Priority)

Bonded Warehousing

Inter Company Sales Ledger

Commercial Distribution.

Commence 12/11/2022 @ 09:00 by Foundation Consulting

Comms to Rich……

Clone Response 2 / Storage – House / Nimrod 2025Thanks for the encouragement……

How would you like me to work for foundation computing

I would prefer to do google forms so that we can then move forward with TDD (JSON)

How long will it take you to convert a google form to a SQL suite. – Yjere is little point in me cloning your stuff as it takes minutes and there would be no saving – it would fog the development – you would not know wha I have changed,

I am not capable of SQL programming and I do not know how to host your type of stuff….. 

And I do not care to learn about it – I have a room in my house containing 5 crates of Ingersoll rand specifications that I need to work through next year for Nimrod 2025.

I need a clear out – I need the storage space – my house is a tip.

I was  using the downstairs toilet for my tools – they need to go to Gatley,

My house needs to be my priority now.


Clone Request

September 6, 2022


It. Took me 10 minutes to clone your create transaction

There was a line of code with currency that I did not understand

And I can’t see the SQL so it does not work.

I think yjta you could be doing a little more than you are currently doing for me 

It has been a long time waiting…….

Forest Form 2   – Clone of Create Transaction


Get your golf club protopage listed on InfonetDateRegisteredProtoPageURL Name

Clone Reply

Sounds as though you’re making big strides! Keep it up! 👍👍👍

Clone Reply Reply

Thanks for the encouragement I will see what visual studio has to say about it.

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Amusical Legacy – Avalon 2021

September 6, 2022

Hi I  like your firm and committed NO!

We need more of this type of communication them we can go into negotiation mode over the phone.

I have tried ringing you – can you please try to ring me at any Tim during the night of day 0161 998 2634 – we need to talk more – clear the air.

I get worried when I don’t here from you.

I need to SSNA your Redcamel site.

I need Meta Dat and a SEO page.

Can you think of a large SEO narrative about Forest 404 telling me what your vision is 

Can you call the text Vision 22 please

 Thank You Rich 

Your just great……..

I had a guy phone me today about SEO – He did not leave his phone number – I recorded my end of the conversation 

He is asking commission rates for site expose / hits.

I have asked him to email his proposal / commission structure – I might sample him with your Redcamel site – see how much he will charge us.

Are you confident enough to take on meta data – SEO….. Im not.

Scott did his six site – google sees him – I can’t talk to Scot he won’t return my calls – he says my stuff is Bullshit – he is rude to me

I have not seen him in six years – he did not go to Adams funeral – had some lame excuse – He is supposed to be a business partner on a Musical Legacy.

That gives me one task to do before going to the pub – it is a Musical Legacy. – Its 10:45 I will have to be quick.

Avalon Implementations

September 6, 2022

Richard / Paul

I suggest you look at Avalon 2021 tp see how well we are doing.

If we could get a Forest 404 Commitment date off Richard we can begin to plan Empire / Moses and Nimrod 2025.

I still want you onboard Paul with a Jason / XML PowerBI to SQl Interface – It is something that you should be doing at work – so you should release it to Richard – Please.

Negotiating Delivery Dispute – Using Intransition 06/09 for 08/08 release……

September 6, 2022

I have completed our Intransition Schedule.

We have work that is neotiable. Magnacarta is a tree Planting Project.

Please reconsider implemnting as I suggested as I have implemented it under White Rose  pn 09/09 as scheduled.

The password to update Magnacarta is : hogan

I will try to do 7 hogan events per month – Room 101.

I hope that this is to your satisfaction and is not applying pressure to you. 

I know that you are busy at work and this is just for fun.

But the rewards will be great if we implement Shady Hollow / Magnacarta and QEC21.. 

Please see Richard Gilbert infonet for delivery schedule.

PlanIT 10 – Foundation Consulting

September 6, 2022

This is a genesis document – typed unto a email – I don’t have glasses I can not see the letters on the key board and can not read the text.

I can see red error – please consider that I an busy and do not have the time to to create Socratese documents od specifivaions.

I am trying to find out how to use my mobile phone to creat MP4 Files – Xenophon(Apollo)l.Yu clever man – thats why you are a programmer and I am not.

You need to be driving these projects from my business stories……

That the reason we need to work with Empire 

I get frustrated thinking of simple solutions that you will not deliver.

I work so so hard trying to motivate you – life is crazy mad here – I spend hours doing podcasts – they take 3 hours to karate then two hours to load – it gets frustrating when you have started a new machine and toy have not set you tube to record extended pod casts.

I an going to be working on red camel systems this month.

I need an Empire Page wch displays the work that you will be undertaking in 2022/2023

I need your A tasks – Planned am working on now – White Swan Tasks

B tasks Scheduled from April to August Black Swan Tasks

C rasks Schedued from August to November – Wire Knight Tasks

R tasks – NOW Disaster Ewcovery

T Now Training

x – Tasks with no budget possible – White Rose Tasks

Te pressure is off you Rich Nimrod Release 1.0 will be 11/11.2022 

I will suspend Moses till then – Empire will be a sub project ran by yourself – Moses will just be Podcast Business Stories. 

I expect you to be professional – I expect you to start looking at Zeis . Occupancy – Hybrid idms.relational databases now.

I would like you to treat leis as a trining last and start now followed by occupancy.

You will have to extend your port folio – I expect you to have a blazer / Angular portfolio that takes Excel / PowerBI span sjeetits int a Sql Database via JSON / XML.

I Ezpect you to understand and be able to write a Bill Of Material for a Company Structure – The are P class – Personal Development Taskt.

I went thought an exercise of TaskIT for you where I identified 26 classes – classes at premium tase / standard rate / discounted rates 

I would like you to brainstorm your classes and specify a job accounting / Timenank system.

If we ever advertise ourself out we will meed to be ready – 2022/23 will be Nimrod 2025 for me – New Business Start Up Intranets. Commencing Nov for Withington Golf Club Project Adam

Be prepared – We have projects………

Thanks Rich

My Man ….. How do you like them Apples. 

2 Movie Quotes Project QEC21 by Foundation Computing – Delivery Date 10/10

Please give me quotes

….. Charlie don’t’ Surf

….. Frankly my dear – I don’t give a damn….

….. That;s Paont 

You will have fun doing TEE Time Movies  Quiz – Start your design spec NOW as a waterfall document. Let me have a copy by 10/10.

Project c21 api have known about this for 15 years!!!!!!!. Make it Subscription base treat as a T class / P class – Training / Personal development

I need the design specification for BSG Elite

BramIT for Foundation Consulting – Launch Date -09/09/2022 11:11:11

I want a JSON interface by 10/10 Pressure is on……. See You Tube for solution

PlanIT – Empire Release 1.0

September 4, 2022

Rich – Concern

I am ready concerned about the way we work together.

I am constantly hitting you with objectives but I get no feed back

I have requested that you take over as a product owner and scrum master – to task me with database design for Foundation Computing – That request has no struck home.

I am torn between two objectives 

1. To start functionality that will return us revenue (QEC21 and Shady Hollow / Magnacarta)

2. New Business Start up System (Zeus and Occupancy Hybrid databases)

I need to know what time you have to commit yourself to these projects.

If its only to produce the Intransition standard by 11/11 – That would be enough for me – I can then outsource Brexit to Boris Johnson / Prince William.

Please give me some feedback – are you up for this project.

I have tried ringing you on a few occasions – you are never there.


Community Guardian (BA019) 

Digital Champion

Nimrod Implementation – Scheduled 09/09/2022 at 11:11:11 Beta-release for 11:11:2022 11:11:11 Empire Version 1.0

September 4, 2022

Can you please include on your Forest 404 the Link MagnaCarta under Infonet
With a link to

Please put a link to Proto Search – to splash page Site under Construction that I have sent to you including a narrative as to why it is taking so long.

Thank You

See – Secretary Of State / HRHInfonet / HRHNet2020 / William and Kate / Andrew Clarke / in transition / Boris Johnson (Product Owner)

How are you doing – can you have our searches finished by 09/09 at 11:11:11