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For 03/03/2023 – Getting Started

March 2, 2023

For 03/03/2023 @11:11:11My home server stopped working so I got ionto virgin and bt top set me up a new home server – they would not help me – said I need to take their business broadband.

So I had my Toshiba set up as a Linux box using Firefox. It will not access Turin Tutor – I am really pissed off – nothing I do seams to work – I have written to The Mayor of Manchester – Andy Burnham but he has not replied – I am really pissed off about it. There has to be a way forward with these people – I will wait until we have completed 

1. Tutor

2. Business

3. Student

4 Tutor Stiudent

5 Maghnacarta

6 Shady Hollow

7 Q Core Registration  services

8 Business / Shady Hollow

I recon that once you have mastered Tutor these will be done in a weekend – I hope.

I will look at your git hub – if you tell me which one to clone I will have a go……..!!!!!!!!


David Attenborough

March 2, 2023

Have Set up David in Greta Thunberg 0 Must Write to Greta tomorrow.