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My study buddies

May 4, 2022

Yesterday I was interviewed by two students . They were really interested in what i had to say and took a keen interest in my war wall. Their names were Will Taylor and Bermienan Berman. Will had a Gmail account so he went straight in to register his own Protopaage .

Will did seem genuinely interested in it, sadly there was not enough time to show him Forest404 Protosearch.


The High Performance Entrepreneur

May 3, 2022

Forest404 Protosearch

May 3, 2022

This search returns Red Octopus primary sites

Room101 Onboard Promotions – 3 Northern Monkeys

May 3, 2022

Review of first session with iPad

May 3, 2022

The iPad is not fit for purpose I could not get it to work with Protopage.

It will not add widgets and the bookmark slider does not engage..

As for general use I need a lesson on how to move between applications and how to close an application.

I did acHieve my obJective of uploading a video to youtube.




Next project DRRP for SQL Server


May 3, 2022

Chorlton Golf Club

May 3, 2022

Amazing Golf Lesson

May 3, 2022


May 3, 2022

ITdC0 War Board

May 2, 2022

. H1 PlanIT

. H2 TaskIT

. H3 EstimateIT

. Hf4 SpecIt

. H5 Build Physical Database

. H6 Scope QCore

. H7 Build Logical views with mandatory vaidation

H8 Outsource Business Analysis Build and Support


. Advocacy Services

. Solicitors

. Peer Mentoring

. House of Commons

. House of Lords

. HRH Clan

. Mailchimp / Golf Clubs / MPs / Lords / WGC / HG / The Oasis Project – HGC

. Xenophon

. Apollo

. Minerva


. Demos

.. Phobos

. Genesis

. Socrates

. Google Docs

. Protopage


. Erica


. Greta Thunberg

. Eco Globe

. Ewtrad

. Lemantec

.Save the whale

. Rainbow Trust

. Friends of Rosie

. MacMillan Cancer

. Manchester United Foundation

. Bill Gates Foundation

. The Patterson Institute

. BSG Elite

. Lancaster University Spectrum Bi Polar Research

The Quidam AP Report

May 2, 2022

. Get some paper – try to get some paper

. Go through Desk Transition Idrc0 / idtc1 only

. 24 Random tasks

. Prioriatised in groups of Audi 4

Forest404 Progress Report

May 2, 2022

Using the iPad i manged to get great results from a Google search and a Forest search the iPad would not bookmark my search and i did not note it down. I have been asking the office all day to see if they can access Forest and log TaskIT Occupancy requests by Genres

. Phone

. Rio Request

. ScanIT

. VoiceIT

Rio and the phones have been down why have they not asked for PEGASUS AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT FORMS……….

. PlanIT Get 250 sets of PA Documents Printef by Gatley print with 250 reams of nice A4 with NHS Logo.

Daily Routine

May 2, 2022

. Get up at 7am

. Ask if there has been any progress on contacting my list of contact

. Go clean teeth

. Have four cycles of the shower

. Make Plans for the day

. Tell office that you are working on Disaster Recovery at £64k per hour.

TrainIT at £1k per hour

. Zeus at £1k per session doubling each time there is no colabouration. Waiting 20 hours for ipad access accounts to twenty chess squares.

.. CommunicateIT Tell the office that you need Emma and Robert Lizar in. First Communicated 25/04/2022 and every day after.

. It is no excuse that the phones are down get permission use mobile

. Have breakfast then go to bed

. Up at one to prepare with office meeting at ten to two ….agreed with Elle

. To prepare for meering with ward manager at three minutes past three.

. This was supposed to be the plan for Saturday . I had booked the whole day to work with jan to discuss Rio rewrite Zeus format.

These meetings never happened it is typical of Sovereign there is no task / time management

. The rest ofthe day itaken up by progress chasing – nothing gets done itis so frustrating the only thing that happens is my hourly rates double,

. I the manager were to collabourate we could put the NHS on a Community Guardian Contract,

. The BBC and Granada Reports are going to love this

. Ward manager has approved spend on one hundred thousand units of Pegasus supplies starting wiith Banner Shorthand Pads