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Bitesize Golf / Hitec Computers

August 5, 2018

I have just updated my website to explain the status of my Bitesize Golf and Hitec Computer Involvement.

Basically I am announcing that the development of The BSG Elite Project is no longer a part of the Hitec Computers Project it is now a Red Octopus  Project but back in association with David Gosling at Bitesize Golf.

Whilst In the past 12 years I have effectively worked in Partnership that partnership lapsed through lack of contribution by Danial and David.

Both Hitec and David took my advice and have developed new websites but were not prepared to engage with Richard on the development of their primary site – Both David and Hitec have failed to implement my flagship Protopage Solution which has massive functionality.

So David I return as the thorn in your side !

Danial – I will continue to visit you for one hour every Saturday to give you a project update face to face – which is an Agile Philosophy. I am now assigning myself for the purpose of my CV as an Agile Project Manager which now represents 18 years of trying to return to the IT Industry in a Senior Management Position – Which was all about what this project was about in 2006.  I am now retired and will see my time out at Verastar and run Red Octopus from Hitec Computers on a Saturday.

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Alan Bramwell