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Azure by Richard

February 25, 2023

Ok – looking at putting together a full stack blazor crud example for hosting as an azure static web app – love azure static web apps – free and I’m interested to see if we encounter the sql lite being blitzed issue – if we do I’ll use azure sql as I need to have a look at it at some point.

Azure Static Web Apps – App Service | Microsoft AzureA modern web app service that offers streamlined full-stack development from source code to global high

It’ll take a while to put the framework together but I should have some time today to get the ball rolling. Going to use chatbot as much as I can to see where it gets me!

Watched a blog on another awesome looking AI product


The IFOC – Fun with Flags – Eco Globe / Geology

February 24, 2023

Hi Mike I have been spring cleaning my house – it looks great. I still can not drive so can’t get to see you.

Why don’t you pop over one evening we can go for a meal and a pint and you can stop over – I am fit to receive visitors- finally.

Can you please go to HTTP:// and start to use it as a search engine instead of google – it will earn us revenue. Please look at the three bars on the right-hand side – click them then go to the Infonet. Please register a Protopage for your Ecoglobe – lets get selling it a priority – get your HTML fixed as soon as possible – i am going to be writing to the financial times – I have just started a venture called The IFOC – The International Federation of Countries for Geology Lessons – We need Eco Globe to teach it at The New Phoenix University – I would like you to develop the website Fun With Flags for me – a register of Countries Flags Capitals and World Leaders.

For a view to see what is going on in my life see my blog HTTP://

I am making you a product owner POG – Product Owner Geography and Geology. I loved Geology – it was tragic that I failed my O level – I wanted to do it at A Level – Perhaps now is my time – to study something other than IT.

Cheers Mike you are my Best Man – Love to Debbie and the boys.

How Tall are the Boys – I have lots of Adams Clothes that need a good home.

IFC 04:16:00 23 February 2023

February 23, 2023

The International Federation of Countries – IFC – was founded by Alan Bramwell for the promotion of World peace and education following a period of research and development in infonet and intranet services by Richard Gilbert of Red Camel Systems.

The flagship development will be HTTP:// – the development be launched by the initiative of Twighlight Golf at Air B and B Withington Golf Club Manchester England – The Cheshire hub of The Golf Hub.


HTTP:// (iFC)

HTTP:// – Greater Manchester Police Twilight Golf Society

HTTP:// – HTTP:// – IRQ Call Centre Control Sytstems

HTTP:// Turin / Tutor Registration

Richard, can you please register these sites with when you have decided on the vehicle that does not clear down entries.

Have the Forest404 registration include.

  1. Planet
  2. Country
  3. State/Province
  4. Post Code / Zip Code.

Prepare IFC announcement of Forest404 for The Financial Times / HTTP:// / HTTP:// – The Birdie / Osprey / Eagle and Wythenshawe FM TV and Radio / Community Guardians / The Mayor – Andy Burnham and Mike Kane MP

HTTP:// – Stratdisk Intranets

Progress as Priority

February 22, 2023

Thanks Richard

I have been breeding life into old machines to sell as Stratboxes. I am writing training material for USB  sticks – I have strange things happening to my old machines – they will not acce4s the internet but I can set up IIS but localhost  is not working so I have set up InetPub and wwwroot on a usb stick accessing it from a Turin folder on my desktop – we should be able to look on eBay for olde XP machines and sell them with memory sticks for kids learning to be web programmers.

Please focus on Student Registration – Tutor/studenr Registration as e’commerce costing £101 per registartation

Also as soon as is possible get Forest 404 infonet registrationtion working – add business and post code – the ID can be Business ID

Thanks for all your help I will be testing your stuff today 

Please put a link on forest 404 to Hoskyns Education Services address Please Trello this request then I will see that you have taken it onboard. Trello as Onboard Promotions

Data Types

February 22, 2023

C –


Cobol FD –

05:43:00 Lesson 1 – File Definitions

February 22, 2023

Session 1 Knowing Your Data

Task Class – TS Top Secret

World Pump Trade Analysis System

  1. Ditto
  2. Secopy
  3. Easytrieve

CICS / Blazor Hybrid Standards

February 17, 2023


I have been having excellent thoughts about transaction design 

We are going to emulate IBM cics transactions 

they have a command line

a command line messages line

a exec interface block called eibaid for global variables passed between transactions

View content for menus – content screen – list screen – multi member input 

and a system messages at the bottom of the screen

for each data code there is a blazor standard of




typical spec 


Command Line Message : xxxxxx


textbox  TUTUField1     – (Function TTUF1) (data code 001)

Tutor Message

transaction block for data code 002 Function TUTUF2



Etc Etc

System Message :

I will write a standards manual that reflects this

Thanks for all your trello feedback – looking at it today

Everest – Adam / Gilbert

February 16, 2023

New programming langauge.

This is going to be really simple – What we need t do is limit it to the work that you have done for Turin

We need to look at each statement and break it down into operators and operand then create twitter shorthand for operator

Then create a table that does pseudo code to Twitter Shorthand that takes in operands.

I would like the language to be called Adam – bus as you will be doing all the work i will be happy with Gilbert.

See Trello Everest

Blazor View Specification

February 2, 2023


Blazor View SpecificationWhat is a blazor screen/form.view called – is it mvc view

Will this do for now – need help with this

02/02/2023 08:30:00 Going to sleep now

First Adam Specification

February 2, 2023


This will shock you – I have produced a specification for a code generator – can you program from this

A Plea For Help

February 2, 2023


I have been watching training videos and have learned about power bi and google sheets.

I believe that power bi can look at government big data 

What I need you to do is spend just half an hour to help me out 

I would like you to do the following 

1 set up a Gmail e-mail address

create a google form and a google sheet 

share them and see if power bi will access them

I tried to use power bi – I think I got it to look at a google download – I’m not sure and the machine that i used to do it i cant recall where power bi is.

I would really like you to try if you can create a json file in import it into a php/mysql table / visual foxpro table then document how it is done for our university the new phoenix university and college.

Courses at HTTP:// – Password Protected

Thanks, Paul please ring me I like it when we talk.

Al – your brother!

Clear Business Negotiations

February 1, 2023

Hi Owen 

I don’t know what part of the recording that Adam Stableford did not like

Let me explain who i will be selling to

1. I will be selling to shops as I walk the streets

2. I will be selling to business owners as I call from door to door 

3 I will be selling to 1,000 golf clubs and golf professionals as i set up Magnacarta

4 I will be selling to golf club members with businesses

5 finally i will be selling to my associate consultants

I do not see any of these transactions a reason for rejecting me – I have an Auto Provisioning program that selects services – I i fail to become a business partner clear business will be bottom of the list behind BT / Vigin / Plustnet / Neatly and others.

I hope that we can work together as Red Octopus Broadband will be going on my Verastar Sites that I set up in Broadband Provisioning.

Derk Beswick Provisioning Manager entered into lifetime support with Manchester Community Guardians for The Erica Society Foundation Trust .

I have Newspapers / Radio Stations / TV and Cinema businesses to Promote my product – I have a company to promote my businesses called Onboard Promotions – You would not want me to give Verastar a bad review on The One Show / Frenada Reports and Newsnight would you!


HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// / Verastar Community Systems hyyp:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// (FacX-TV) HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// and many many others including skynet2020 and santanet plus the erica society foundation trust and the chrisie / community guardians Manchester.

Alan Bramwell

Verastar Community Systems CEO

Adam Training

February 1, 2023


You have done a great job with Tutor please Stop you are going to write it in Adam 

I am writing the manual it will involve JSO?N batch processing – can you please focus on a batch process into a SQL table 

Well Done 

see HTTP://protopage,com/teetimemovies HTTP:// for Full Stack Training we are going to have an Adam event at Cine World after Withington Golf Club

The date for this event is 7th July 2023 WGC Permitting

James can you please confirm that Richard can book the club on 7th July B and B to