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June 20, 2019

There has been so so much happening recently that I should have been writing my blog. But I could not remember how to get into it. Now that I have remembered I am having an anxiety attack!
Well Red Octopus Business Services went live – forced on to me by Godaddy stating that one of my domain names was coming up for renewal that I did not need any longer. So having purchased HGC space I decided to use that for ROBS.

Nit that ROBS is ever going to go anywhere as it appears that Bitesize Golf is over and done with – the website is down.

So that is about it for the news – I have had flyers printed and business cards done for ROBS – all a waste of time and effort.

I might move forward with it – but to trade I really should be writing PHP / MySQL – I was asked 20 years ago if I had the skills – I never took it onboard.