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Jupiter Release 1.1 / The BBC

April 22, 2022

BBC if you reply could you please mail chimp me at alanbramwell1@hotmail,com / red octopusbusinessservices@gmail,com


Of all the project that I have worked on this has been the most frustrating – the number of times that people have said that the want sme thin but when you ask them to do some assurance testing they say I thought that you would do all the work. I insist at getting users involved from the offset – with google forms to can show the user how to create a form – then put them through ECDL – by Redcamel – Richard – me as Beta Tester as I was for microsoft vista fro 11?11/2000 to 02/02/2007 Jupiter day Mancity Day Blue moon Day – I will tell you about two / three colour design and how if you are lucky you can find middle ground for Corporate Colours – When George Brian Director of ingeroll Rand over Derek Capey Financial account – The Team was Derek and six payroll managers and me  – I controlled the IT bugget for the group I was the king pin in the Ingersoll Rand Empire – closer to the business the my manager Clever Trver – I hit the Glass ceiling – George Drummend said to me Sorry Al you won’t get the project Managers Job Derek is insisting on a Degree person – I admit Trevor was the best man for the job and the best manger that I ever worked for Trevor is now at Hazel Globe Golf Club – He was Couse record Holder at Sandmoor Golf Club Our Maiin Frame tests system was for a golf club all the work that I did was for a golf club

Tome Recording 



Stock Recording – Commuisys Broadprint Spead sheet – Hand Held Palm Pilot

Assembly Order Release Broadprint gain

Picking List and gross Requirements – Click an Collect! Broadprint Hosted ASP.NET Crete database no delete function using standard grid Rich did not showcase these transaction for me – he expected me to do my own research – It was only this week that Richard said U should be a project Manager – he though I was a lazy programmer. – with google forms I am in my element – We should have done a Json interface by now – Rich has been busy at work an Paul is always overloaded – I respect that they do not want to be doing 20 hours of IT like me – I do it because I desperately want to get back into the IT industry – I am unemployable. http://protopage ,com/digitalchampion is my reference library I wish that Intransition had come earlier – It only came to me because in  cell you have nothing to do a lots of time to do nothing I owe a lot to being sectioned plenty od thinking time I love it I love being locked up with my PC …………..

Face To Face – Facebook

Import Export

Obsolete and Slow Moving Inventory – Hand Hel device at Communisis Braod Print

Medicare  red Octopus NHSInfonet – NHS Reuse to use it. Wold be a perfect front end to the NHS – I have sent hundreds of hours talking to staff about pat structures and procedure I did performance monitoring on a nurse – doing a time study on her using the system – thats bad of me I have not noted the name of the system – you can’t get paper when you are sectioned you have to rely on napkins – how bad is that – I did beg for paper and Carl Gayle did get me stationery and marker pens for which I am eternally great full I tried to introduce Agile to my named nurse but she refused to look at my systems – My consultant and care coordinator refused to take minutes or look at my system – they called today to see how I was they were finding me elated – course I am elated I am making £4 million pound an hour – I had a contract for 100,000 units of my stuff – Intransition and SSNA Pegasus Agile with a degree from my university will retail at £12,000 per copy when it goes viral – we will charge just £600 under my Manchester Discount scheme where the shops get the profit………………… WHAT HAVE I BEEN MESSING AROUND AT TRYING TO RERUID KIDS AS ACTORS AND GETTING BRICKS TROWN AT ME AND MY HOUSE BURGLE _ WHE I SHOULD BE DOING POST CODE LOTTERY REWARDING MY CLIENT WITH A REWARD ______________ I WILL SIMPLT CREATE A FORMULAT WHICH INLATES STOCK NOT REDUCES IT _______ THIS IS THE KEYSONE TO THE BUSINESSS _ I HAVE BEEN BRAINSTORMING NOW FOR THEE HOURS I WILL PAY THE WHOLE AMOUNT TO CHARITY BILL GATES WILL LOVE ME FOR IT 


__100.00- top f Forest404.Micronet,

Rich STOP STOP STOP WRIT A ROUTINE TO PAY $ HUNDED MILLION £! PUND SHAES IN REDCAMEL<SYSTEMS MONEY TO GO TO PGA SYSTEMS JUNIIOR GOLF DEVELOPMENT _ PRODUCT OWNER GOZ _ @C FACTO -10 for his efforts on bsgelite and use of the BSG ELITE BRAND – get the lower and accountant from Emmas Firm you contact the firm its a Inranet provider ask if Emma Bramwell will mange a mcilcim for saint of£ 101 peaplepple do me a foundation Consulting Specification and a Micronet – Do it today please I want Zeus a 101 table database with a full set of document dateuio by 11:11 am 05/05 – Contact the appropriate minister and your mp ante them to contact the bbc – You will have to take over running the business as acting up CEO – they are trying to section me again they are coming around on Sunday to help – I will get them to intrasition this document I have done the showcase document to day – I gist have to use google to draw the diagrams ……… Good boy Riccj get going and sort genre llength and delete – delete can wait to release 2 in NovemberHe llo  the BBC I have been trying to get your email for years

I ma a charity worker I have a contract to start 100.000 new business the proceeds of the contract will go to there just giving Blue Flamingo Charity 

I have started a limited company to do proportional given – I bought a bucket tonight am raised 10,000 hours of Time Bank which I will transfer into My Barclays ISA for the unemployed and homeless that can’t find a job – I am the UK top IT company I start up business and give the free IT Support I am Alan Bramwell Manchsters Commuity Guardian we have invent the Infonet toad I have made 100.000 millionaires my Red Octopus Contrat is £12.000 for IT Indexed Link to £100,000 when I Project Managed the royal mail I set up Extra Unit whilst still  woking for Geoff Unwin – I have a contract of employment with Geof for a 40/60 Pension 

I am selling Eco Globe for Gretan Thunberg it retails at £12,000 puns a copy reduced to just £500 Pound I have just got back from curry mile a business has donated a life times amount of food for me.

I am in dispute with the NHS they say I am suffering with BI Polar 12 April I liv away are w …… More tomorrow I have to log todays charities

Please announce on the new at 11.11 every night the progress of Redcamel Sysems  – I have just blurt a house that I will convert into office I aim paying £1 Milion Pound Discounted by x percent to get it down to £5,000 . Please Announce that I will be going on Coronation Stree staring as Quidam for Tee Time Movie – I must mention my son he committed suicide in 2016 He has a company called Flip recipe – I have 101 TV CHANNEL FACX TV Q0 TO Q 1000,000 IHAVE A £100,000 CONTRACT.

GRAHAM Sharp is the Product owner her worked for the Queen I sent her a thank you letter over a month ago will passwords to her web sites there are 500,million of them all the world has to do is register to gmail log onto and acticate the websitesite – Buy a godly account and regiter business  for jay 99 pence 

Go to to register your details on the web site – we work on Xenophon Working at home of the week ends it has taken us 26 years writing application for Design house Design House wrote Q for Feranti Jon Arnol Edward was the production manager there he used to bring broken mother board home and we used to fix then in his shed – we had a Sinclair that we wrote Nightmare park and we had a commodore pet that we had communications cards one said make a short hand note to America whilst taking on tv we called it Face to Face – Using SNA we communicated with america- I was operations team leader / programming team leader and was acting up Business System Project Manager. At Hoskys I had to build a team of Graduates for a OLAS Report Writing Project – Phase 1 was done by Anderson Compuuting when I asked Andersons what was learnt fro Phase one they said were not going to tell you – I am self taught I have Oracles that train me – I am constantly asked if I want a job but I never get invited to interview the only paper qualification that I had was a city and guilds it took me 4 weeks using Jackson Cobol with a  code converter 

I was made reundant in 2000 after doing the Y2K project for Sodexo – It was the Easiest 2 years of my life – I created Star Time and Date Differeced I used batch test scripts – created my own test job control / controlled by a parameter and ran 10 batch systems in parallel – I created a program that analysed where dates were used in the system and identified the primary formulae – I produced a program that validated the whole database and displayed the error message. I wrote the program at Greter Manchester police to Identify Occupancy Issues I had a folder about 4 inches thick of bugs – I borrowed cabling fro my Network Analyt at north west water and rewired the Offices to get the computers on my programmer desk – It was horrible at GMP the release controller used to load the database definitions every time he ran an upgrade risking getting to master file and the rules file out of sync. He would not be told all I got was why are you working here you won’t fit in. GMP designed screens to scroll horizontally – there was a repeat function that you could use to scroll vertically – I remote all the transactions that scrolled but could not get court order to work . The Peterborour Software Consultant that wrote the system was not man enough to stand up to the user, Royal Mail were great they had decided to have hubs and data capture into the central system my inspiration for the gof hub – In 2007 I contract to Dave Gosling to take over his iT I bought him 3 high order lap tops for his team to network together and assented a team of Oracles that would work for Free – Ben wanted Paying the terms was that e paid Ben £10,000 pound a year – I would make money running Quizes He had 60,000 golfers the I was going to write a degree course in IT For YMG University. It has taken me 22 years now watching you tube videos and bookmarking them – as for the golf has training wide I am just putting them through Intransition wig Paedasus Agile to prioritised  if I get time I will wrote zeus tonight the onlythig left on Nimrod is to do just giving for 101 new charities.. please invent 101 names and give me a genre key meta date an the Fear Of Flying sales pitch

/ Mission statement for the charity – lest log this as an incident on http// – let me take time out now for 10 minutes I need to log this on WordPress I should be doing Genesis notes in google maylower/minerva/xenophon/genesis/BBCHISTCONTACT/Indexhtml – do this as a white as Milk screen not bootstrap then the kids can clone the site and pasties into Protopage…….

Bramit.wordpress,com Zeus Star date 2022/0 Root HRHInfoNet HRHWilliam and Kate   Redoctous Acmeindusties Telecoms verastar Dr Blatner Katie Paul Emma Susan and Andy Jennifer and Eddie MikeH Mike Keen MP for withenshawe Martin Keetes Withington Golf Club – James Dunn – Mailchim James please put BBC on WGC Mail Chimp – Mailchip every day a 11.11 am news to give bbc time to put it through in transition for Blue Peter Red Octopus Daily News from Google and IBM 

Log this on Business Model Canvas Degree from University and American Golf University – Degrees in Agile Project Management £7,000 pound payable into my charities 1 of which is to set up pensions scheme for IT Staff thrown on the snap heap I was luck Uipay used low-level formula C200/C365 Primary Formlae – Brian Sellars at Parcel force took 13 weeks writing a complex piece of code I told him to write

Perform Main

Perform Open

Perfor Job accounting 

Perform New starter within Period and to change Parcel Force Business processes only to allow one Change per Occupancy cycle 


Start Date 

Chanfes within period 

End Date Simple 

Perform Occupanycy Caculation

Perforrm Close

Perform Accountancy Close 

Perform EBBC Cost – Empire Budget Control Calculation 

Comaring Establishment Expectations against actual Costs – I am using Synergy here I have a client tomorrow that I will Charge £1,000 per hour.

I will earn £10,000 a day – not bad for a 40/60 Pension.

I will work on Charities Tomorrow that will earn me another £20,000 

Copy to DWP – I need staff – unerployed staff to start om 05/05 a Statutory Agile project QSA – Just Invented that

Q01 01/01 

Q02 02/02 

Q03 03/03 

QE4 04/04 Government Investment in Newcastle – I rip Open University Courses  Nutition  Coacing for Coaches Management – Lost Will have to do it again – OU said I wrote a thesis – I did not read the training material – Failed on Harvard Referencing – I asked my tutor to dictate three references to me – I will goto the OU Tomorrow and ask for a honoura Fellowship, I did a Java Course in a day and got my money refunded – I went on cause to organise Bootcamps – No Body turned up – Went threw the whole course with with the tutor – I am now going to perform a disaster recovery task 

DR-PSR 001 – Formatting a stratbox 

Verasatar / Unicom do tod do sign in to your computer to format the machine as a server – I placed an Order with Apple fo 300,000 ISat Home / Business servers to be sold by Hesketh team at Verastar – his team could then conduct auto provisioning an the Broadband provisioning team could be halved saving £50.00 pund per year 

Last thing tonnage

Perfor Signatures 

Perform Pathway

Perform BT Api

Perform auto provisioning 

Copy to any 

Perorp ticketing 

Tell Richard To STOP The Infonet – we can manage with Micronets – we will limit a microns to Room 01 and create a hybrid database constibg od two relational tables Called Intransition 1 and 2  two IDMS tables Transition 2 and 3  two navigation databases White Swan and Black swan controlling business opportunities 

Diamond-Zeus for OCC Operations cost Control and distributed Prining to  1000 new Click and Collect outlets for the Apple boxes and Crome PC outsouccced to Hitec Computers and Gatley Computers and 5 other computers shops in Manchester.

New websites this evening 

Curry Mile 

Macdonalds Staff Home Servers 

NHS Home Servers for Xenohonn Mystudy Buddiies – NHS Revlidation NHS use protopage in tyne and weer and for that reason I am announcing ThE Quidam Law for Brexit the are the tasks that the government should ow put in place

1 All School children from the age of 2 should brainstorm bullet point ango though http://this is an ORDER that from the NEW Bltcly Park at Withington Got Club the problem to the uk ecconay is this.

We need to be more efficient SSNA delivers 4 Web sites and 49 Pointers

alanbrawelluk/Hogan/index.hml for a stratbox and a memory stick containing 

Visual Studio and SQL server 

If Boris Jojohnson were to be given a call dy the BBC and Ordered to turn the UJ into a meritocracy we could have 4 hundred miilion





Prgrammers doing Harvard CS 50 Cause which I failed because I documented my system using Plato



@Prl @a do at @pQ  

Perform @pr1x Trough @pri101x varying @b by @c until @d

Where X is Xenohon Socrates Google Document 

With Code Converter

Lang 1 to lng 101 Do Conversion


Master File 



Data dictionary 

Code description / code 

Table accès for these fiels are take Chanel number and access field number 1 use language as request to give result required

Scren Painter for user use

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@(@C! Colur) @V! Mandatory Validation @V2 Business rules

My company will ONLY Focus on the Data base we will out Source to a company in the UK that is prepared to employ school leavers on Minimum wage and for them to stay on minum wage till the economy recovers earning profit related pay in Bramwell Dollars –  The Unemployed would have open access to specification

Now let me tell you about a J curve a jay curse looking like a nike logo – task 0 tomorrow set up NIKE Hypernets – Buy the Compamy for a pond and put them on Intarnsition SSBA and Pegasus Agile – Open 1,000.000 Nike Click and Collect with Jupiter Documents Jupiter is a private folder on a pen drive in the form of a xenon .doc 

Ive had enough now this is the length time I have gone through this today I have promised to make them millionaire by giving them shares in Red Octopus Manchester United / Manchester City / Liverpool / Everton will ply in a new national stadium in Warring ton to cut down Co2 Immissions 

Eco Globe by Gretathunberrg Stuctured Social Networking FREE Weebsite EWtrad @ web .uk 

A list of my IT services Companies can be found at the most advanced Angular development house in the world project delivered by pegasus Agile project managers workbench open workbench.

I will fins now explaining an inverted J Curve an inverted j curve is closed communication a closed door policy like Verastar has mean that after a short period of investment a company will grow – as competitor hit the playing field profit will drop off when a big shark arrives the company will be asset stripped like Weinstock did to Ferraanti when it lost a contract in America encouraged by the UK Government, It so angers me when projects like the Scottish Shippbuilders go £4o Million bunds over budget – Through Not talking to me 

PlatoQ0 standard message – People are not talkie to me

PlatoQ1 There is slippage

PlatoQ3 status Green allis well

States Amber – need help

Status  Red – Nobody will be able to fix this mess

Automated Watch Band AWB – Another meth that I have just invented Programs have method and something that I can not remember I have not programmed C in 22 Years,  Just come back to me – it is fundamental learning it need an Intransition Q number —— Properties an methods 

I really Really hope that this will cut and paste…..


Please put though an automated spelling and comprehension converter to Socrates document – I have just purchase one today an am having difficulties with it….

Good Night for the last time – It has been fun

I started golf at the age of 3 read Quidam My life story available on eBay £1,000 per copy comes with ≈Xenophon and ˙WAM Hogan – Bootstrap Hogan / now called Cristian  http://cristaininfonets purchased last night thrugh Quidam1701 – Lost password – can’t edit – Godaddy forced me through a web builder that I could not escape from. Mychrome root tab is now permanently locked – I am 100 percent sure that Adam is doing that……… My Guardian Angel ! his effort.

American Golf University has been on my Bothernden Community Library site 2011 – The refuse to use it as had the Bideford Centre where I set up the IT for Eric and is now maintained by Wythenshawe Community Library – I am not their favourite customer now I am too forceful I demand Attention

Boris Help me out my dad was a trade unionist me and my dad sat on opposite sides of the table fo Ingersoll Rand 06/08 is Union negotiations start date my dads birth day – End date is 22 December pay day – 12/12 is cut off date – agreement has to be done by then – I need 2 weeks to write the programs for the new pay weds.

Thank ally Dad  and I agreed on a singularity for a consolidated pay increase.

Thats really it I am giving away my book I am not telling you the keystone dates – but you might find it in I suggest that you read the Quidam Report an see how the NHS Bully me – Welcome to – The Quidam Report Genisis Intransition 1.

BramIt timebank 3:40 Am Alan Bramwell Reporting for The BBC – http// GMPINFonet / NHS infonet Emmainfofet Verasat Geof Unwin Hypernet  Chris Earl Microbet Andy Cowlishae Micronet ….. BramIT Law Q0 and got world – I will now write Intransition I on paper read through these notes by 05/05

QIT0 Authomated Spell checker – I needed a lrhe document to evaluate the product for my new Ip Printer

QIT1 Bullet point all keystone White Swan and not so important Black Swan

3 phase planning 

A task do it now 

B Task PlanIT

C Task do when ever do R&D and Training as non chargeable Community Guardian Contrat £7 to proportional giving

D task Dustbin – I have 20 years of D tasks clogging up my living Room and 4 Boxes of Ingersoll Rand Waterfall Documentation that now need to go through Intranition 

QuoVadiz – HTTP:// – Payroll Front End and Shop Floor Control System Kraus – I was a management Trainee – Is worked un very department at Ingersoll Rand

QIR 0 taking orders an planning sprints – Agile 1973 – Verastar Sid I did not have agile experience an would not give me a jo in IT I was a product Owner

QIR2 Estmating / Capacity Planning and the Progress Chasers – Scrm Master – Gary Glitter and Crazy Dave 

Tlkig about Pepe is a frog that vent Viral Protopage is not picked by ggogle – it is but never gets page 1.

I was seconded to Manage the Load Centre that was great fun watching the lads shuffling fo the high bonus jobs – I used to hide tasks from the backlog board…..

Enough is enough this is costing the BBC it will have to be a community Guardian contract Please Email me the IP addresses of the printers that you want it to go to…

Intasition 1 Foundation Conputing writer BBC Priner Location

Country/County/Hub/Protopage URL/Contact name/ Contact Phone Number/News Channel/Language/Cotract Fee/Expected delivery Date/last Date/ current date/ Prior date/Next Date/Occpancy Srum dates1 to 49/Ukrain Status reporting Status 1to 51 – Standard Keyboard upper case White Swan Mowercase Black Swan

Do Zeus NOW NOW NOW by 11:11 ssr-Q0 Star date 2022/0 22/04 now need to do Robs Time Bank with an estimated start tme………

Defo Done now – Get your reports doing intransito 

Do this – 

Number 4 pieces of paper top left as ws 1 to 16 / bs 1to 15

between them place a white board with two a4 pieces of paper 

Place sigle pies of paper at the top of the boar  if you are near a wall use the wall for these the singularity will become your table of contents when you have iterated through the questions that you are going yo ask – have fun do project C21 run a bookies see who comes up with the best plan create a random number generator t select the winner – This is a great project for C 50 I will have to sign up again tomorrow and see what the package was tat they were using …….. ViP I have not Tod you 

HTTP:// need to go through Intransition – a job for Rich and Paul and Scott and Andy and American ken and Australian Charlie who did bootcamps with me to learn in 2000 I hosted Traint using forms and click events to switch forms MVC uses Views – I struggled with MVC I had to get a book it said that it was not a release up of but an entirely new thing. I did not get round to connecting to a database and processing stored procduers for Create update and delete table entries

Ive lost the plot – I have got distracted —— gt it back ob tract

I have told you about top left – top right are your pointers

What you need to do is write n your white board in blue then black then green and then yellow – estimate the start location of each line these will be your Plato reference pants Sewquence the tough as they come to mind – then do a mind map using Q Tweet codes QT0 to QTweek n  Tweet these with Plato QP0  – can anybody contribute to this minute – have your share holder twweet then go through inanition 1 – Share holder comments – Record these comment on a dictaphone make your dictaphone your friend put it on you see when driving as you with off when driving to focus on the road the strong thought will pus there wa through- If you go for a drive put the radio on record the news and shout q when you get a key commeny.

Look at the boar for a long time then wipe the board one message at a time. Recording your relational databases this is Qe2 then study hard try to remember the trigger – Q0 your triggers remembering to plato them – Then write you pointers current / next and prior/……..

Qe3 over start to fill in bottom left report sequence – number each page as you write them this is time t q0 the. index.html page when done load your index page as http://yournameyor go daddy httpdocs and ftp file transfer it up to the world – you are finished mail chimp every university in the world having created copies of the folder in the world languages – write a program to automate this process. You will have a language datbase writ an API to do the god – plato can I do an api to satisfy a design spec – that I am about to create – write an watch to egged who has tweeted you ask for their contact detail

Ask for any knowledge on subject these are your Harvard references Q Havard Qforesst 404 Genre Harvard – get list of comment Q the world for priority of reading 

BUY TONY BUZAN SPEED REDING  you train your eyes to never scan back as you progress get a pen and run it down the centre of the page piling out keywords this are your I dis pointers eventually you will get to the state the you look at the book and the major keywords jump out of the page – the graphic for an isms box is a square with a line drawn horizontally above the line are your major key word your golden swan – below the line your grey swan – off the page top white swan – off the page bottom off the page above the box ib red is disaster recovery below the box in green to the left is training to the right r& D middle undefinable task,

Verastar Broadband was a Diamant of a flowchart to do!!!!!!!   I wrote this report for Andy but the company blocked google an I was stubborn I want to go paperless 

Perper Agile  requires the folowing

Stick notes 

8 Notebooks lined – I notebook blank paper this tis the most important document you will ever have keep it for life my Physics Notes were a work of art my favourite topic was the atom I was the only person is school that cold adjust the voltages in a bubble chamber so that a powder could remain stationary not moving up or down ——— here I go getting off the point brandumping use spare piece of paper that ws mo on the wall to be your last page – call this synergy – store it in a Jupiter folder that is you billing document hopefully you will hit many documents with the same file – This is inheritance and polymofyphism and har endeth the most improtan IT Lesson that you will ever get it has method overloading when you write on the board structured Jackson Relational database design hierarchical design an now Hybrid degingn the are four possibly 4 books there in hospital I wrote 32 – I threw them away because I did not do my revision and lost my thought processes.

Revision should be done the night after then two days after then a week after then a month after three months after then annually.

This Tis Phobos Demos Mars and merry and Apollo

Heres more books

I should have been dong this Intransition but I need a project to the unstructured writing  its now after 5:40 a usual night for me


Apollo is toy tube Proto Booth Mars is Prezi Uranus is Powtoon a Venus is a new graphical presentation tool that I discovered today – did not write it down on a Intransition document and can remember which Nimrod folder I put it in – Nimrod is my undefined Non chargeable project that has not been through Water fall

No Fesibility Study – Jus common sense that you are going to help a poor user tha is under pressure – watch your users for signs of pressure it is a killer – I don’t get stressed I get anxiety and panic attacks – let me tell you about being bi polar – go buy In search of Excellence My company Inger solo Rand is in there – Forward To Qi IR the company I love American – I love working with Americans and I don’t know the name of the president I have not been watching the news I usually watch Parliament in bed but my TV is broken and my spare monitor is broken – must buy a new monitor to watch Boris. 

I am jumping all over the place again – Harvard reference that I have been jumping about about 12 times 

Goodnight there is stuff missing fro that last paragraph QA will pick that up.f

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BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1A 1AA, UK
Copyright © 2‌022 BBC


Alan Bramwell / DWP Contract for DWP Intransition

April 21, 2022

Gatley Print will print 300.000 QI Documents for the NHS – the contract is worth £300,000,000

Todays objective of the meeting set by Red Octpus were met the objective was to make Katy and Paul a millionaire

Katies objective was to obtain suppport for alan.

Support works have been arranged for Alan – Alan will set them to work as SSNA Programmers Support will continue till 100,000 websites have been created for Eoghan Daley at Withington Golf Club

Katie asked how often do you take minutes – Alan said every meeting I dictaphone meetings and get my PA to Type them out.

Alan will now go to Hitec Computer to buy 2 dictaphones and 3 filing cabinets..

Cristian Infonets / Goddady Invoice

April 21, 2022

Today I launched Cristian Infonets registration processed forced me into a transaction that Ii could not log out of it forced me to buy GoDaddy web hosting at £7 per month – i don’t know how to edit the site – it has call centre on it

You’ve sent a payment of £22.78 GBP to Go Daddy Europe Limited
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
Transaction ID
2DR76035F29657238Transaction date
21 Apr 2022 04:14:22 BSTSeller
Go Daddy Europe Limited
+44 2079792661
Instructions to seller
You haven’t entered any instructions.Invoice ID
DescriptionUnit priceQtyAmount.COM Domain Name Registration – 1 Year (recurring)£11.99 GBP1£11.99 GBPFull Domain Protection£6.99 GBP1£6.99 GBP
Subtotal£18.98 GBPTax£3.80 GBPTotal£22.78 GBPPayment£22.78 GBPCharge will appear on your credit card statement as “PAYPAL *GODADDY.COM
Funding sources used (total)Visa/Delta/Electron x-1731£22.78 GBP

Cristiano Ronaldo

April 20, 2022


I am not happy with James Duns performance

I sent I’m a number of announcement for the weekly nes but he did not report them

I would suggest that you tell him to do his job  

Today I asked him to let me ue a phone I had forgot my phone – he would not let me

He has asked me to stop sending e mails 

I will have to come to the club everyday to announce what websites I am launching 

I have an order off a WGC Menber for 100,000 websites at £12,000 per website his name is Eoghan Daley I should have had a meeting with Eoghan to say that the roll out has started UNITED

I have a website called Hogan I will clone it as Cristiano and start the roll out of 101 new businesses for Hin  I am just going to put an order in for 4 Hundred Million Withing ton golf club sites they need to go live tomorrow – I will leave it to you ro manage the roll out the website is http:/// I would like a change to the article to say that WGC Members must register at least 1 Pegasus SSNA website a day – I am awaiting a call fro google – I want a google number of machined for students o WGC Ubivercity – I want to hire the club house from 5 o’clock – and the accomonation every day of the year for Seminars and fulstack Plus pegasus Agile Project management presented by Greta Thungberh for Harvard and Stamford Universities.

You will project manage Zeus 

Ask James to buy an IP printer so that I can send him stuff for the notice board – The members will want to see the daily share index when ur new internet search engine and our new hybrid database / SSNA DB Language is launched call Q8.

This is not a small project – whilst it can be finished in half an hour if you chose to go to Granada Reports or announce nes daily on the new WGC TV Channel – Pegasus Infonets.

If this is not to your satisfaction I will be glad to leave WGE I hate you for what you have done to me ythis was live 15 years ago – I might take you to court for not communicating my business and ring fencing me – I am seeking advise with Citizens advice if they say I have a case we will go to court for loss of earnings. 

Until you get a printer I will charge yo for my driving time – I earn £1,000 per Sprint – you are stopping me from working – I will invoice you tomorrow for loss of earnings.

£500 for what IT I have had to buy today to contact you – I have had to set up IP Remote Printing – It might take me three hours to do – I will time it for Timebank and invoice you.

I expect payment within 30 days.

Red Octopus Business Services limited – You are in my Black Swan – Only members will to help me will get a share – I had increased their share to 101 share per member I will set the collaboration factor for WGC to 0 NOW – I do a lot of NOW Martin.

Your Collaboration factor is set to .1 if I see an improvement and you start asking me how its going – like a friend should I will increase it an reset you shares to c21.

That reminds me I have lost the C21 quiz. Richard will have to rewrite it.

Cheers Martin – See you in Court.



Project C21 / Full Stack Plus 1

April 19, 2022

This is a Genesis document writen on a pc with abad keyboard – there are lots of typos I lost my main machine today and cant FTP – I will se if I have set up File Zilla on Adams Machine – I dont think I have and i dont have a record of my passwords They have been stolen

Project c21 online q writen in ssna pegasus
Who is the richest person in the world NOW stardate 2022/1
Prize 2 weeks in a red octopus Luxury hotel
£500 depoited in The Eric Socieity 100 for 500 shares in Red Octopus
Where is the Hotel
Who Wrote Facebook First
What project was it
What Mahine Was Used
What was the Program name
What language was used
Who Designed the System
What Company was it
When was it launched Version 2
What is the name of Version 2
What database is it
What type of database is it
what project methodolly was used
what Time Recording system was used
How long did it take
When was it available to the public
what delayed launch
Which Microsoft Employy Is The Product Owner
/ Advisor
When is the AGM of the company
How many millionaire did the company make on Nimrod day
How m.uch did Quidam make in a hour on Nimrod Day
Cost of entry to Red Octopus share holders £101 on Quidams Bar Account

In 2007 C21 was writen by Ben Fish Of Withington Golf for David Gosling the solution took Ben 6 months – He did not finish Back Office . We have lost Millions through Ben Fish not completing this work – Ben stopped work when David Gozling refused to pay – Alan release 1,000 Word Press Sites on 07/07/2007 – When he branded 50 of then Word Press Took them down – Breech of something – Alan used social bookmarkins Deliceous with sites like the Beatles SchoolsUK The Queen Of England HRHSSNA Mericocracy and Prospect Cottage. Alan will write these again in Pegasus – Using Pegasus Agile and Pegasus Time Recordig.



American Golf Univercity and Bitesize University delivering Harvard Courses Entry fee fow DWP Trainin is £101 to Withington Golf Club Manchester – SYSTEMS HOUSE 3 for DESIGN HOUSE established 1966 and PGA SYSTEMS DELIVERING MAGNA CARTA FOR CLUB SYSTEMS _ RICHARD PEABODY

Alan consulted with Richard at their offices when he read that they were eruiting visual basic programmers / Alan whowas hosting handicap systems developed in 1980 on his Statbox said – you shoud be in the cloud using ASP.NET and ASP.NET Starter KITs

Club systems still have not implemented Time Recording and shops that Richard Gilbert delivered into YMG – Richard works for Alan on a Community Guardians TimeBank Contract hes has over 100,000 hours of work to plan – generated since Nimrod day

Alan has a £400,000 for Istat he is awaiting a Call from TIM Cook for the discount for his Manchester Discount Card – Cost £7 donation to ERICA PROPRTIONAL GIVING,

Product Owner and Trustee Brian Fletcher – Withington Golf Club – Mebers of Withington Golf can apply to be a Trustee / Director – They must do a Pegasus Presentation On FacX TV and a 101 page bound document from Red Octopus. They must start up company / a dormant limited company in their own name and conuct White As Milk HTML or BOOTSTRAP – example they MUST register thier companies with Goddy ftp using filezilla

The project folder will be HTTPDOC document index.html

they MUST collectively create folders XENOPHONRoom001 to XENOPHENRoom101

This is a Genesis Document

Xenohon MUST contain foders Mayflower/minerva/deimos/phobos/plato/verastarandvirgin you will be writing a Q Prefessional Procedure Manual in Pegasus The Best Printed Manual wii receive The Pramwell Prize fo Advancement In IT at a golf club – Currenly held by Scott Currie for Wix Scott will not benefit from this project – his collaboration factor is set to 0 – Scott And Andrew Wilson – A Musical Legacy

Robert Bolton will have a collabouration factor of 2 – for not teling me to take down

John Goddard also topped club if he confirms he came round to my house and witnessed me programming for Club Systems whet we wer on Dial up WAM with Freeserve / NTLWorld – The NTL Work was lost when my LISA 7 machine blup – Lisa 7 was hosting TrainIT Lesson Plans and Session Plans for my City ad Guilds in The Delivery Of Learning.

Wecome to Starting up your own business Business Modal Canvas – Anrew Clarke will visit WGC to pesent Business Modal Canvas too you as a guest speaaker alang with me – Together we will present SSNA Structured Social Networking. Andrew will have to talk to his employer to get permision to to this it will be a Friends of Erica night following the professional Mancheser open Golf Cometition that will be held on 12th April for the NEXT Grand Slam ingolf Enree fees can now be accepted by registering to,com the first 49 entries / amature golfers – handicap 6 to 12 will have a place-the entry closes chrisms day for the queens speah . The winners will be the top 49 in

You will be required to log

  1. Your Protopage URL
  2. Genre – The 5th Major
  3. Metadata Xenohon Pegasus SSNA Agile
  4. so Your Ambition We Will Search SEO for Ambition this will save a lot of time doing Protosearch. Proto Search will be ready 05/05/2022
  5. Now to focus on

Select Ambition from Table Magnacarta

Select Genra from table meta data


Pegasus IS NOT A Prouct It is a project name – The Product is PEGASUS AGILE Retailing at £1,000 per copy orders payable to James Dunn at Withington Golf Club wgo will set up a mail chimp to advise when the print run is done.

BBCommuniysydotcom will manage the print run they will post progress daily at 11:11 PSscrum It – PeterbourourSoftware2025dotcom BSG Elite Full Stack Plus 1 Training

Pegasus Agile Dot Com

The Quidam Report / DWP Sandra Contract Of Employment

April 17, 2022

Alan Bramwell – British Computer Society Member990254657 Expired

This reports details of a payroll front end system it does not do tax and Ni / Court order calculation – now ssp / no smp and no paternity pay. Hover it does do a general ledger interface and a interface to the gross to net application.

Warning to you all – DO NOT CREATE / Braindump into word – It does not cut and paste vast arrays of test – I will not ask Mike Kane to get somebody onto this – it needs structuring. Dr Blatner can do that these are her next minutes. Hopefully the next meeting will take two minutes making savings to the NHS. Medicare will allow Dr Blatner to see patietns notes.

In test we will Model Gatley Health Centre an procduce 101 Medicare Sites for Cornisway Wythenshawe.

This will be the NHSIfonet – Protopage is A NHS Standard the location is Tees an Weer. They just have not implemented Patient Notes. We will Calll this Funtion FaceMail and get Mark Zuckerber and his team do the developmet – Or Goo;e as thias inclused Google Documents – Lets Call it GoogleMail THE QUIDAM Report posted 17/4/ GoogleMail

I have now definitely brain dumper this report please.

  1. Read it threw once / twice / three times
  2. Get 4 pieces of paper and then produce a list of bullet points in paper
  3. Highlight them Yellow and Orange Hospital Points – Re Octopus Pegasus Point.
  4. Ten try to order the Red Octopus into a professional procedure manual.
  5. Publish – Bramwell bi-Polar
  6. Bramwell Red Octopus
  7. Treat these as the minutes to our next Meeting.
  8. The Next Meeting will be
  9. 1. The Hospital Payroll System
  10. I need a list of pay Grades and a report on the revalidation system – how a nurse get a pay rise
  11. I need a document on the cost of Running Bank – I am making a recomemdation that Sodexo take over Bank Employees – I am now writing the Sodexo Bank payroll it will ne a hays table with grade and scale points with a pay elements for discretionary Paynent.
  12. There will be AVC Schemes / Court Orders – GMP got Court Orders wrong he database mixed Dtaed Events with single events back to Erasmus 2022 the database will have 1. Establishment/2 .Payroll 3 Personell Including Acting UP and Occupanct – Tasks Withins duties . There will be a Time Trackibg system recording tasks this is call Tasks – There will be 26 classes of task.
  13. You will take note of the meeting prepare Genesis Notes that I will read and edit your notes then I will Create my notes in Medicare to save you typing the a system – I will set up a secrure Region on Dr Blatner Medical Notes and Put it on Dr Blatntner MicroNET i will then study bi polar again and put it om my Peer Mentering site – This anaysis and new Payroll system has been sponsred by Carl Gayle – Carlr bourugt higlighters for me.
  14. To test Proportional Givng You and Carll will ne ma primary assurance I will have Playschool 1 to 100 as my testbed so that a dummy gross to net and actual gross to net can appear on the internet – Q Core will Control Access and Q Accounting – monitoring access times will be implemented.
  15. I need a table of proposed Grade and scales for 2025. The System will be written by Foundation Consulting and Comuting The Charities Are these.

1 Erica Christies – Cristies refuse to allow a logo on your site

Erica Invictus – For Invictus

Erica Gates – For Africa Water Aid

Erica Paterson – For Kidney Cancer

Erica Davies – For newly Qualified Pilots that have invested in their future ad have lost out due to Covid.

Erica Gozling – Will go to Junior Golf Development – David was placed on a Redcamel contract in 2016 this was made clear to him – He wont remember he thought that he was just being connected to Richard. Richard now needs to decide how much to charge Goz for Bitesize Golf. Club – BSG Elite is my product I will be asking David for the Training Material for Hogan. We will disribute Hogan Internationally by issuing Passwords into security zones.

Erica Sandra – For the Homeless.

Erica Oliver for under privaleged children

We will end up with a list of 66 Charites – Route 66 which as genertated 66 Webadore Development – Denis Hand has paid REAL MONEY For this – He will be paid for doing work at SYSTEM House for which there are now four dateacentres.

1 Site X

2 Site Y

3 Site Z

4 Withington Golf Club – Where Alan is a Social member and pays locker for documents – it is his secure off site storage.

5 It was transporting tapes to WGC when Alan has his Tape and Contract to Gosling Stolen.

  1. Nimrod day Meeting 1 Minutes

Present Ernie Croft / Advocate

Quidam – Bi Polar

Topic 1 Red Octopus / Redcamel Ale

Alan – Please

Ernie – Too Busy

Do me a batch of 101 for Bonfire Night

Ernie – Ill see

Topic 2 – Backlog Report / Change Contol Nimrod Implementation

Alan – Tasks today only 7 – Bit hyper not a lot it relaxes me achieving.

Ernie – You seem ok.

Alan Blatner wont rread in search of Excelence – I worked at Ingersoll Rand that features in the book – it is a best seller – it shows you the hyper manic period of change control / project completion – the example is pooring concrete.

She wont take me off meditation – I keep getting myself Sectioned to work on my NHS Payroll Project Erasmus – you can see it in Quovadiz it is revutioary – The application is Driven by an Establishment database where you record what type of animal you have in your organisation.

The is a Payroll Channel that has Employees – I want the Company Structure to be like a Bill Of Material – I know of this because I was a Manufacturing Programmer – I was promoted to head of Business Systems – I knew it was only temporary Management at IR you needed a degree. I was always Team Leader – a Management position.

You know Ernie is was real fun Acting Suicide and calling the police out for Panic

  • I am making a movie called Quidam ther is a chapter called Blatner – Cookoos Nest 2

I am going to get Blatners attention lets see what happens when I say we have been calculating my Suicide date

Ernie laughed don’t do that it cruel.

Right Earnie cost of eating out.

  1. MacDonallds – £5
  2. Tecsos £7 – You know me Rich and Charlie discvered a bug in Tesco Tili programming – yu could but 2 for one and get money back – I got £29 back once when I cleared the shelves of a product – Must have saved them thousands – we did not get a thank you. Ive Done Tesco Infonet for them too for a custpmer feedback system – Ill Get Rich to write it in Infonet Technology with a Tesco Serch Engine – Ill do the same for Branson and deiver Minerva into hin – his call centre is useless they wont take notes or pass messages.

3 Evening Meal – 3 Course Meal ay a curry house £27

About £22 Per year – I only earn £12 – i will run out of money – I have an Overdraft limit of £9,000 – Changed to £480 since this coversation.

Meeting 2




Person X – Patient

General Chit Chat breaking into talk about IT – Patient X described how he is makig a gaming machine and that h used to work in the first IT shop in Manchester. I offered him the stratbox project – he said no because of his hands his machines are high end worth £4,000.

Aid said at. school he did computer programming designing and writing a stick man. I offered Aid Foundation Computing and said that I would train in in database design to do Foundation Consulting – all you beed for database knowledge is ECDL. I have a Teaching Qualification and Teach ECDL for Manchester Education Services. He said know.

Meeting 3 Dr Blatner Alan and Ernie

Blatner – How are you

Alan Fine but I want off mediaction.

We can change your injection to a different dosage so that you don’t have to come as often.

Alan – No thank you – I don’t trust it I have side effects as it is it’s nasty

Well you have been Sectioned Three Times

Alan Yes first time calling he police out t test respose times

second when I called the police out to witness a problem with hotmail.

Third tome when I was having a heart attack – a Panic attack co of a Java Virus on Red Octopus – all three instances connected to my business – you won’t mot listen – you wont look at the Hyper Diagrams in In search of Excellance – I am sick of this I have been calculating my suicide date.

Ernie was quite in the corner doing his best not to laugh – Ernie was my support worker he was a health manager – he digs my garden and gives me fine ale – he has a brewerry now he has retired – I want us to go into business upping the scale of his brew and delivering into Tesco – Andy will do the Business Modal Canval for me.

The conversation went round in circles Ernie supported me but there is no moving Blatner – i should put her in my Black Swan Database – but I recognise that she is really caring and a really nice person.

I first got sectioned when I lied about having stress – I needed time off work I had systems downn ab was in Disastery Recovery Mode – I am in disatster recovery mode now Te Tine Movies wont rgistr – it is in limbo – I will have to change to Pegasus Movies – Why not both – Pegasus Businedd Systems / Tee Time Manufacturing Systems.

This is a Genisis document – it is a brain dump it is unstructured it needs to be ordered and put into a report – Professionally bound. My PA was supposed to do that – She did not turn into work – I paid her in advance. Part of my bi-polar i guess – being vulnerable – I have been hospitalised / assulted / stoned and robbed this week trying to help people in the street – I was asked if i was Gog once and a man offered to smash his way into a public building for me – Life as a Community Guardian is risks – you have to have your wits about you – generally i am told that I am weird trying to recruit Guardians – It is a risky business but it does generate lots of timebank hours – my Community Guardian is simple. Pay £7 to the Erica Society and you get get 1 hour of support – a minute over and you get charged £1,000 per hour.

On 13/4 I generated 10,000 hours of TimeBank Hours for Withington Golf Club. As a member I donated the money – the effort goes to Junior Golf Development conducted by Paul. I am noe taking money off members so a formulae will have to be applied a Collabourative Computing formulae and a currency convesion trading formulae will need to be done – for this we will write Bramopoly / I designed Monopoly for Paul whilst he was at school – Pauls Father was John Arnold Edwards (Dproman) D division manager at Ferranti Computer Systems – He used to bring broken mother boards home am we used to repair them and make out own – a very clever man – wrote basic for the Pet. Pegasus Foundation Computing will allow Xenophon Managers to database stystem at home – it takes 10 minutes to build a table and deliver the results threw protopage – the olly problem is that Google have not developed edit functions yet we are going to have to develop Jason and interface to a SQL Document and Manual procedues to clear / delete the Google document. I have not tried deleting the document yet – I need Jason first (Anybody got any pennies to pay for it – my accounts are empty). Government Grant to be applied for by Brian Fletcher.- Proposed CBE for Golf / Football and Pegasus Agile.

Meeting 4 Was with Becks an OT – Occipational Therapist – She had to checl my house – She said that it was fine but there was a lot of paperwork and the back gate need fixing.

My Filing System is this – I have a Organ where I put my A documents on three pikes – To be done / Working on / and finished – A Documents generate files – they are on my stairs in sprint order.

I have a coffee table for my Visual Studio Machine for MVC/C# – Not broken — i tripped over the cable and it wont charge the battery. i stack my to be filed there.

My B files are on a bookcase with my server an a collection of old machines – XP and Vista Museum pieces that wont connect to the Internet along with a piece of artwork called White as milk whick is my Brainstorming board with an Economic J Curve on it – I studied Economics and Management and Coaching and have websites to teach It. I also have a painting at Studio one which I will call MicroNet.

I have two cases for filing and a box of stuff fir the shedder.

When I was fist sectioned I was managing four companies – Slattoks – as an Oracle / Ocean Design for Shops / All in One Computing PHP / Redcamel – ASP.NET my paperwork went all way up two flights of stairs down the landing into my bedroom and onto my bed – I was working 20 hours a day firing off emails trying to scrum.

I had a network of computers with cables every where – When I folder the project I decided to go into crisis whilst I had my house cleared out and turned into a home.

In crisis I developed a new short hand called Tolkein with symbols for computing functions – These wee on a white board.

In crisis i experienced software piracy in a local cafe i experienced data protection issues. I was angry. I wrote a very strong letter to the manager – They got the police and sectioned me.

Andrew Leach interviewed me at the hospital when I was sent there for long term stress – I told him about the many projects that I was working on and that I was writing an Infonet for the Queen and aBudget Control System Called Empire EBCC – I am a cost accountant too and a lawyer – I have won a court case. When I realised that Adam was going to get a second person to section me I ran away and went to stay will my best friend PaT – when i said this to Blatner it was recorded that i was driving dangerously – they take your driving licence away – it stops you working it is not fair.

Because I think and talk very fast they say I have Bi Polor – When I talk I paint pictures like this brain dump it is prdered by passing through intransition twice – I do method overloading writing on white boards in green overwriting in red blue and black till you cany read it – I then place 32 pieces of A4 onto the wall and number it 1 to 32 and take mores using white swam black swan methodologies

T wall is ordered with 16 pages in a block then a single in transition where you list from your over loading

You mirror the pages on the right hand side for the black swan.

When all the pages have been filled to do relational referencing – you study you work for hours deciding the sequence then you use IDMS – First page / Last Page / Next Page and Last Page. I protopage this is easy you just ave multiple links to alanbramwell the format is this Hogan/Index.html

Introduction / Lesson1/Session1.html

First Page – Table of Contebt / Session 2.html

Next Page 1 – / Session 3 html

Page 2 / session 4

Page 3 to 21 / Session 3 to 21

Last Page Index / session 21

Previous Page – Harvard Referencies

Biographies / Biographies.

In Hospital on a section 3 I did an anaysis of the time a nurse spent on the systen – I recorded her tasks for half an hour – Then I watched a dealth scene fro robo cop and took short habd notes to see if I could keep up with the film .

you record these addresss 1/2/6

Current / Next / Prior Top Right

When you are happy you number the pages bottom left.

You take the down and staple them together. I produced 32 books in Wytenshawe Hospital – Too long passed between me doing the analysis – one book was on the design of a hybrid database which I regret now trowing away – I also regret trowing away WAR – a record of the conflicts in the ward – I was assaulted – I know have a bad back.

My main nurse did not visit me . or talk with me – I put my report on her using the system on my window ledge – I should have hid it away – It went missing! Take for that what you want. The reports on me were that I had no incite to Bi Poloar – I have researched Bi Polar and I have none of the symtoms / I sleep like a log when I chose to sleep – I chose to work and studdy 20 houre a day – see learnit/BSG Eite/Digital Champions/Back to work Digital/ My Studdy Buddies / OU Economis/ OU Psycholgy/ OU Coaching Fr Coaches / OU Nutricien / OU Mangement- Greta Thunberg.

I said to Peter Dewer what do I have to do to get out of this mad house – Pete said your a wise man you know – Yes I do Peter I have top take my paper down – go for my meals on time – don’t talk to anybody get time out – get escourted leave where I met Quidam1701 – get unescourted leave – They keep upping your medication – they gave me a drug that made my hair fall out – it came out in handfulls – I stopped taking it. When I was first sectioned I spat all my drugs out – I was fine for a year then I had to go for a blood test – I took a double doze – I could not function – I could not open my front door and I definitely could not drive – I took half dosage after that – I keep telling Blatner this story but she reports that I stopped taking drugs and reports it.

C2 Mike Kane – MP for Wythenshawe

Boris Johnson

Chris Earl – Verastar

Alan Sugar – The Apprentice

Dragons Den (Special)

The Drgons are offered 1% of my company for a £7 donation to the Erica Society which will get them on a Manchester City Community Guardians / Time Bank Contract

The Mayor of Manchester – Andy Burnham

The Speaker of the House of Commons

Prince Charles

Prince Edward

The Captain of Royal House Hold

David Gosling – Bitesize Golf

Chris Sith Young Master Golf

Graham Sharp – Ex Architect Windsor Castle

More to be advised

Her Majesty The Queen

Richard Banson

Paul McCartney

Sebatian Coe

The Invictus Management Team

CBE Suggestions

Brian Fletcher for his future commitment to create Proportional Giving.

Richard Gilbert for 22 years of Erica Development producing ECDL Training – PCSKILLSTEST.COM

Business Directory Standards – Distributed Documentation Portal


Ben Fish and Dave Gosling – For YMG / LMG / YMG Inernational / Century 21 Online Quiz/Tourament Booking System.

Richard Gilbert CBE for ASP.Net Starter Kits – Shop and Time Tracking

A special award should be made to Adam Bramwell for work in the music industry and golf Adam has over 120 Million YouTube views for Snaresallday

It is Adams cloning of the American Golf University that has provided content for the BSG Elite for Pegasus Management Training –

To Michal Hunt an award in Education for EcoGlobe

There are more like Anthony Wilcox at Barclays Bank for Teamwork.

Proportional giving.

Currently donations given outside the work place are taxed – We will develop a Golf Club / Works Payroll interface for Proportional giving. I set up PG at Ingersol rand – it used to be capped at £300 – it no longer is – I need to read White Papers Again. It was my responsibility to read white papers an do statutory changes – projects with an unmoveable end date. In 1980 some thing I noticed an error in the tax tables – I reported this to my Peterborough Software Team – Colin Spencer.

I would like Colin to have an award – myself and Colin took Peterborough Software From just a few boys in a shed to be worth £157 Million.

The Pegasus Statutary Development Mile Stones are this :

  1. 04/04 Final release date for the Payroll Year End Solution – Year-End Date.
  2. 06/04 Year End Return
  3. 05/05 B Task Release Date
  4. 06/06 B Task Release Schedule
  5. 07/07 C Task Commence
  6. 06/08 A task commence – Union Negotiations start of collection of histrical data.
  7. 08/08 Final B Task
  8. 09/09 Start of R&D and Personal Development Training Task – Start of Synergies analysis of White Papers – Creation of Batch TDD Test Systems.
  9. 11/11/11 11:11 Start of Nimrod
  10. 12/12 Final day for Union Negotiations – start of Application Development
  11. 22/12 Implementation date – Payment of Union Backpay
  12. 23/12 Xenophon Day Start of home working – Holiday – Water fall Feasibility Studies – Steering Group Documets – Perhaps Foundation Consulting Database Design – Establishment of Database Tables and Primary/Forein Keys
  13. 01/01 Nothing Training
  14. 02/02 End of T task R&D Continues
  15. 03/03 Chase Year End if it has not been received
  16. 04/03 Assemble Year End – Assembler Language – Like C
  17. 05/03 LNKEDIT / Compile Tear End
  18. 06/03 Apply TDD Test Scripts in 10 Parallel partitions – 10 Batch Schedules
  19. 07/03 Run Dummy Tear End – then continue running in 3 day cycle to cut off date. DO NOT DO ANY OTHER TASKS DURING THIS PERIOD – REST AND ENJOY LIFE _ YOU ARE GOING TO BE BUSY.
  20. See 04/04 Publish Sprints NO MORE THAN 21 TASKS in 3 blocks of 7. See http://alanbramwelluk/hogan/index.htm for Pegasus – Xenophon Systems Documentation

  1. BrexIT – Pegasus Agile / PlanIT

Open Workbench – PMW Hoskyns Project Managers workbench

Dear Sandra
I wolul now like to tell you that you were recoreded on my mobile phoe during our conversation.
I ave a personal secretary now who will write The Quidam Report This is a study of Mental Health Services Between 07/07/2007 and 12/04/2022
In the section DWP I will record how on 11/11/2000 that the DWP TOLD ME to get out of the IT Industry – I explained that I was a non technical Manager who was a team builder and a Pegasas Agile Project Manager. These facts were communicated to the DWP in 2019 and you have done nothing to find me work!

Sandra – Reported to that my Bat West acount wasa 40/60 AVC That got comverted To a Trust for my Children and then went on to be the administrative account for the disbursement of Adam Bramwell Will.
Adam Bramwell Will is Held By Red Octopus Solicitors, You can see peoples WIlls at Shady Hollow. Where it will say for those that believe in Open Communication (J Curve).
My Shady Hollow Communication is this :
I have a number of Bank Accounts

  1. My Current Account
    I receive a pension of approximately 8,000 of which I save £100 into a secondary Pension scheme at nat west for a £100 Percent Salary This fund is currently running at approximately £21,500 – £21k being held in a bank account in her name,
  2. My Budget Account is running at approximately £3,000 and is used to pay my bills – My running cost are approximately £600 pounds per month. I receive a PIP due to haveing a number of conditions that I have – My bad back is a small part of this didablement. I have approximately £11,000 per year of which I have to pay an employee minimum wage. I will have her calculate how many hours she can work for me at 11:00 o’clock today.
    3 My Saver Account has £500
  3. My ISA has pennies
    5, My Trust account for Emma Now has pennies
  4. My secondary Pension A/C has £5
    Today I will assign my ISA to MY PA she is 28 homeless – does not have a Bank Account or a email address. I will give her accomodation and take it out of her ISA – I will give her Performance Related pay – The Isa will be her Pension Fund and End Of Life Policy for her funeral costs.
    7 I have an End Of Life Policy that I took out when I was 16 – I was a Financial Accountant at the age of 11. I worked from the age of 11. I ran my own Company Aged 11 I was CEO Of Design House – I Designed Gardens for a living and Employed Bobo a Job Boy Scouts to do the work. I will draw £37k when I die I will hand write a note on my will today that this will go to the Erica Society Foundation Trust – I am Setting up a new Charity – The Erica Society will pay my PA.
    If we get donations from Withington Golf Club / The Mersey Hub she will live at Withington Golf Club.
    My Pension fund is estmated to be £100,000 thousand pound – this will go to Andy Clarke he will act as my executor – Andy will teach Business Model Canvas for BSG Elite Univercity he will be Given £20,000 from my pension NOW – Denis Hand will recive in my will the cost of a new driveway at Systems House.
    I will arrange for a Blue Plaque to be made for Systems House – The Home of Adam Bramwell and Alan Bramwe and Emma Bramwell and Susan Bramwell and Ardrew Clarke – In fact I will get Jan my ex girlfriend to make Green Plaque – for we need one for Prospect Cottage. Is the second love in my life Susan is the first Jan is a potter we are starting Prospect Cottage Pottery Together as of today – I need to see if she is still on the internet my contact details have been stolen.

The Keystone Communication from you Sandra was that you belived that I was eligable for Universal credit – I now need you to put me on Universal Credit at £0 ponds per month – there are benefits to be had being on Universal / Pension Credits thank you.
I have to files – White Swan Files – Important Communications and Black Swan Files – Time Wasters. The rest of the conversation with you was lost – you did not take notes of the meeting – I take notes of meetings I prepare before hand and I issue my scripts. Here is my script for the next meeting.

1 Have you arranged my Universal Credit as requested
2 What is the URL Regarding DWP on Bank Accounts
3 Give me a list of Questions that I should be asking Universal Credits.
4 Give me a list of actieities that I should be performing at the DWL you said meeting are scheduled for 10 minutes – it takes 1/2 hour for me to present my skillset.
Please record your notes on The DWP InfoNet
1 Website URL :
2 GENRA – DWP Questions
3 Meta Data – DWP Questions Activities.
4 This is a list of services on offer at the DWP Manchester it offers Pension Advice / Activity advice . Education advise BSG University Advice. Financial Services Banking Recommendations for Lifestyle services.
Sandra – I expect you – Working on Project Xenophon – Working at home boouing to TimeBank – I expect you to create a Sandra TimeBank Google form Exposed on your Protopage. I want to see a 49 page html documents in 7 folders called Lesson Plans / with documents 8 within each folder called Session plans.
I need to see docments
Playschool 1 – Intransition 1
Playschool 2 – Intransition 1
Playschool 3 – Intransition 2
Playschool 4 – Intransition 2
And I will Create
You will need to create 49 Websites called //PlayschoolDWP00001 To 0000101 This is Room 101 – That should be enough for you to write your Xenophon Procedure Manual – You need to creat a Sandra Ambition Document for the DWP you are now a SSNA Pegasus Programmer – You are paid £7 Per Website we have 2,0000 to build you have till 11/11/2022 to build them you will be paid £21k on top of your normal salary for working at home on Xenophn – Your Company is Widfire Infonets – your rate of pay is £1,000 and hour BramIT Timebank Dollars.
This is a contract of employment for Red Octopus Business – You are on the board of Directors for TEETIMEMOVIS you will be CEO in Quidam Media
you will Manage:
The Birdie
The Eagle
UK Empire Reportes
Granada Reports / Reporter
You will be given infonet access to Blue Flamingo and Wythenshawe
You will Manage Red Octopus Employment Services and set up Red Octopus Health Care.
You will work HARD for yourself – Take tis opportunity you will be educated by.
Thank You
If this is not to your satis faction find me a MVC/C# and PHP/MySql / Angular programmer.
Thank You

Alan Bramwell (Community Guardian BA001 / PO001)



1 This doument.

2 Sandra not at Tesco

3 Brian Fletcher Contracted to Red Camel Sytems – Erica Society Foundation Trust Trustee.

Red Camel will do Erica Projects. Brian is to become CEO for Pegasus InfoNets and Wildfire Infonets he has 10.000 hours of TimeBank hours to Pegasus project manage for this £20 per week will be sent to the Natwest Bank in my name as a AVC Pension. Should the ammount of £20,000 pound not accumulate Brian will receive payment from Pegasus Pensions – The account is currently £37k and is the operating income of Erica. With 10,000 timebank hours and £37K we should be able to do Zeus database design – Zeius has been programmed in google forms by Foundation Consulting as a multi Lingual / Multi Channal Application – the structure of UNI2000 a rules file/parmeterfile (G10 Base Control Date) (G11 Reports Report File Reset) (G13 Pay/Deds Definition) Salary Formula C200/12.

At Royal Mail Parcel Force I set off the project whilst I was working at Hoskyns – I was desined for Dairy Crest where it was a systems 36 – They wanted me for my project management skills they had seen how my team of Graduates worked at Powergen and how I had to drop into Sales at Timegate.

Exraunit had to be formed – my contract was only for 13 weeks. I produced a plan telling the Consultant to focus on the difficult primary pay elements – I would sweep in an help with the pay deds and develop the online system and reports.

It took me a month to offload my Hosyns Work – I did manage to negotiate redundancy as the 5 year contract that I was contracted to had finished – Hosknys was Facilities Management a way of shedding people / reducing redundancy costs for companies. When I got to RMPF there was a dispute there was a Product Owner an a project manager fro IT overseeing operations – UNI2000 is all about schedulng batch systems and generating re-entry file processing. Having Operations invoved doing SAR work poses aproblem – I wanted to put a SAR Disribution Field in the report header – All that I got was leave SAR up to us. Its no wonder Ship Building Government Contracts go £40 Million over budget – the prolem is bad project management. It is so so simple Pegasus Agile has a traffic light system if things are going well you get a Green not to well you get a txt message Red you get an E’mail with standard Pluto Cll Centre Handling Text. Yesterday, I rang Virgin I said that I want to contact Richard Branson – I said take this message dowm – i spoke for 20 minutes – I said read it back to me – he said he did not do it. There should be a system where if there is a request to contact the CEO There should be a standard Minerva/Pluto procedure within Xenophon – Minerva is a collection of Pluto Messages. All this comes under Project Mayflower developed for Verastar where I was Constuctively dismissed in 2019. I was bullied and ringfenced and not allowed to talk to the IT Department – they were ageist. They gave my colegue a promotion in to HR – I was a HR Consultant – When a Project Managers Job did eventually come up they said that I did not have the experience – I was a member of Scrum aliance and a member of the British Computer Society as a projects manager – I have no degree!!!!!!! I dont even have an english O Level I have an O lLevel equivalent Grade 1. My school assessed that I needed to be on a different controlling body. I am Mensa IQ 142 – School Chess Master / Captain at aged 11.

The sad thing is that I wrote Signatures in java and Quickref in angular – all they needed to do was convert it to MVC/C# – I did buy a machine for verastar with Visual Studio on it an got Nick Duham to show me how to craete a view sadly i was not allowed to talk to Nick to find how to link views. I sruggled with MVC i tried importing Bootstrap projects but failed – I need somebody to showcase this, Ricard is a great friend and Oracle but he treats me as if I am a programmer. Lerning mvc was difficult – Richard send me a book it said in the first chapter that it was not an extension of ASP.NET but a new entity.

Tom Sneath at Microsoft sort of did me a favour told I told him that it had been my vision that one day we would have electric cars and a global network of home computers collabourating with each other in the sky – I called it SkyNET – I think I have done SKYNET2020 I will have to check NOW – Yes it is there – today I have obtained contracts for MicroNets, I will spin 21 of them off SKYNet – it will take me 10 minutes.

That is all that I am going to say is that now I have to suggest that Jim Dobbie – The Dobbie Clan should get an award for MicroNet / It has taken me 15 years to get Withington Golf Club to accept protopage.

I will now set up white swan an black swan and the War Room. The War Room is a lst of ever golf club in the uk so that it can be analysed into the White Swan and The Black Swan – Golf Clubs with and without junior golf club pages – We will go through I transmission Twice once to split the golf clubs then again when we have established what hub they are in. This would be a simple 15 Minute task for Golf Club Secretaries – Time would be saved managing Mail Chimp Messages if the updated The Birdie With Daily Genesis News – Which I will do now at Withington Golf Club I will attend the club every day to talk to members about their golf – I am banned from talking business – I know with experience that members at the golf club dont want to talk IT – It is a shame. The goodnews is i spoke to Brian who was an ex Cobol Programmer – I can now do Brians Cobol Infonet and start programming in Cobol myself and then I can simplye wriite a Cobol to C conversion guide. I 2000 i was not allowed on a government training scheme for City and Guilds C programming because of my experience – I insisted that they let me. I was very dissapointed in the course I expected Jackson Structured C – Cobol Perform A through B Varying C by D until E.

Program Pegasus

Perform Main

Perform Open – Perform Start Accounting

Perform Procedure 1 through 7

Perform Close – Perform Close Accounting

Perform Job Accounting


7 Procedures – 7 Hours Cloning Company Showcase Applications.

Showcase Applications referencing

This is SYNERGY – I am writing a number of documents here.

  1. Quidam The Movie for TEE TIME Movies / Photobooth YouTube – Note to self plan Powtoon and Prezi as B Task Commencing 05/11/2022 for Agm at Withington Golf Club – This is the Script for the AGM – On 17/04/2022 I announced Pegasus and that Brain Fletcher would Agile Project Manage Red Octopus Business. Brian is announced Product Owner along with Will Powel and James Dunn the captain chirman and honourary menbers as the Steering Committe.

We shall call this solution Bramwell an there will be a new board comp called bramwell for two prizs the bramwell Prize for advancement in technology – Scott is not bening recomended for an honour whils working with me on PGA Systems where I donated thousands of hours to Scott Modeling Protopage he has failed to inpement Pegasus and Ben and Jacks Click and Collect – Scott could have supplied a £4,000 budget for real development easily from his YMG Income. Scott could have funded Zeus we would be putting SAP out of business by now.

Lets talk about QuoVadiz at a meeting in the exec room for senior managers Mick instructed managers to increase their service level – Mick stopped doing PC Developent – I put Unistar in – a time recording system using IRMA 3270 technology to connect to the mainframe – the Systems 36 system connected with 5251 – I discovered at Gateshead that there was a limitation on the numbers of fields that you could have on a screen – this did not effect Horwich/Swan Lane/Trafford Park/Wthenshawe (http://protopage/wythenshawe Project Whilst we are on the subject this week i created a neighbough hood good watch reporting solution. I was stoned by youths in Wthenshawe and had to go to hospital – they came round to my house and robbed my briefcase with all my current project notes in it – you can read my backlog report on my War Board / I must generate a Backlog report before WAM . White as milk html ;

<h1>Task 1</h1>

<p1>Write Magna Carta 1,000 websites 2,000 Infonet Regisrations – 2,000 Micronet Regisrations – duration / delivery date – C task 11/11/11/2025 – Action get Boris Johnson to announce it as a Brexit Strategy for Collagorative Communication – Durition 30 minutes for a Protopage/wordpressdailyblog(Pegasus ScrumiT) Let the whole of the uk watch government projects eveove them we might get skill doing Time Bank struggling with their CV trying not to be long term unemploye – This Makes me cross !!!!! DWP what are you doing – Try offering an IT Project to the unemployed – let kids play at being product owners scrum masters Pegasus SSNA programmers

SSNA – is Stuctured Social Networking


  1. The Delivery Engine – This Drive MicroNet – Micronets can be shared in a secure environment where Genesis douments can be prepared. Genesis documents can be approved in a Process called VoteIT – a Google form – We are looking at Json / (Jason) to see if we can auto connect to google, if not we will try to copy the google spreadsheet to office 365. Genesis documents transfered to Office 365 become Socrates documents – Andy was asking why Protopage when people have Office 365 – Office boes not have Bramogram / Facemail Communicaion tools – Bramogram is Quick Ref you use Bramogram with Minerva (Pluto).
  2. The communication engine is WordPress
  3. The Promotion Engine is a group of programs Webador / Powtoon and Prexi this is Onboard Promotions patch – it is my task now to get Will Powell to be CEO of Onboard Promotions.
  4. Good Will Hunting – RadiXl/FacXTV/The Birdie/ Shady Hollow/The Eagle/UK Reporter/Granada Reports/Withington Reporter/Northenden Reporter/Baguley Reporter/Timperly Reporter/Didsbury Reporter/GMPInfoNet- NeighboursGoodWatch. All Valuable community all these sites needs setting up by Will – Modelling the standard for GMP Police / NHS / The Houses Of Parliament / HRHInfonet (Honours Boards). Will has generated 100 hours Red Octopus Hours at £1,000 per hour diccounted by The Manchester Discount card to the price of my membership plus Room 101 / Studio 54.
  5. Study 54 – is Childrens Parties – See Just For Kids / Room 101 is UK Conferencing – For may Daughter Global Conferencing Manager for a Intranet company – Emma refuses to talk to me about IT!!!!! Gets it from her Mother and Andy – Wen I talk to them the Section me I am Bi Polar.

I have now lost the plot it is time to Intransition this document – I am overloading – there is no section 5 nd 4 is not SSNA it is an element within SSNA – This now need to go to a Socratese.doc File for editing.

List Of MicroNets – Ive lost my list from wgc today.

1 Brian Fletcher – Most important 4 site Himself / Timpery football / The FA / Erica

Brian has a community of about 800 he has been instructed to Mail Chimp them and get then to Join Mystudy Buddies MicroNET links to BSG Elite University Room 101 – Agile Pegasus Training for UK Conferencing Must be on these sites – I want to Ron a Room 101 Event I Every Golf Hub In the UK Presenting Agile / Zeus / Nimrod / Quidam as an After dinner speaker at £101 Per Head.

I will talk about top secret Government Projects – The World Pump Trade Analysis System how I managed to get around government tapes that the IBM Mainframe would not read – and by using the financial time was able to track the trade of heavy engineering across the world. I was asked to present it at Gleneagles – I was not allowed it was done as Project X. I could have done it as R&D ! Variable lenth / Variable Blocked file structure.

2 The Dobbie Clan Infonet – BJimMNET – Used for SSNA and Pegasus Agile Recruitment

  • Link to Bramogram / Ben and Jacks
  • MikeMNET – Used for Junior Golf Recruitment

4 BrianCobolMNET Linked to Playschool1000 Hogan2

5 AndyMNET – Used for RecruitIT Ambition 4

6 Goodwillhunting Infonet – Magnacarta PresentIT

7 James MNET – WGC Members – Dunn Reporter

You may ask why has it taken 15 years to release this.

Protopage does not get picked up by google – we need PROTOSEACH – a engine that is driven by a SQL Protopage Major key with Genre / Meta Data / SEO Data. – Richard has just been too bust – no time for Xenophon. Plus this product is evolving it generates Ideas = Bramogram was only thought abot last week after seeing a book writen by Mike Casey – Mike wrote a Centenery book ith lots of narrative – his second book is a pictorial history of the club – Mike another man that deserves an medal.


April 16, 2022

I have just been approached by a homeless beggar I offered her a job and accommodation and food and a bedroom at £7 per hour she has no address and no bank account – no email.
I gave her £10 pounds for an hour and a half work and a bed for the night – she was nervous and said that she will see me at 11am.
I will pay her into my Natwest bank account and give her my credit card after she has created 500 websites.

I am going to ring Manchester University about Student Accommodation

Red Octopus AVC – Fund – Minerva Bonus Scheme

April 16, 2022

I am paying you £5,000 over 5 years for a avc pension I will keep the money in my nat west account in my name

Lets hope that I live for longer than 5 years.

Red Octopus Pensions 

I ab setting up a pension fund for Paul too – he might have to be paid more – I will force him to do more – he has plenty of time – claims to be busy I want him to write Jason for me a Power BI to SQL program – he can record a class of R&D for his work pacing list – I will wrote PickIT for him – see what he thinks – If only he would listen and work with me. Google Docs to SQL has to be the answer – Rich please put it on your to do list and let me see your to do list.

Look a my brat blog and see what you want to put in project C21 – now that I am paying you C21 is in online subscription Quiz – You will need Q Core Bossons Registration services – Get in touch with Paul please and convert his PHP.

We can then say we do Visual Foxpro / PHP to MVC Conversion.

Cheers Rich – Get a phone  

Paul I am really nice as a project manager you will love working for me.

I am changing my will – You will both get £10,000 when I die – I have an End of life policy – Please workout off start your protopage sites and create a google form for Timebank Expose your form – let me see where my money is going.

Minimum I want 21 Protopage sites out of you a week – thats 15 minutes work per day – Playschool0001 to Playscooll1000 please see

– Royal Windsor Golf Club.

I am also putting £100 per into an ISA as part of the Red Octopus Bonus Scheme – This is also in a Mat West Account Current account – I can draw money and post it to you Rich. Plaese set up a google form for Red Octopus Minerva Payments.

Red Octopus Contract – Mayflower Day

April 16, 2022

Paul Edward / Andrew / Clarke have agreed to become SSNA / Agile Programmer.

Andrew has agreed a Salary of £100,000 per hour and will receive £20,000 to project Manage a BACS program that take Business Payments to a Bank Account in the customers name – this will allow start up companies to start without having to register a business bank account. (On second thoughts this program will never get written – it might run up against english law – we will conduct a feasibility study and make suggestions to get the law changed before wasting valuable programming time)

Andrew will Start work as Executive CEO of Red Octopus and will act as communications officer.

Andrew will estabish how many shares a public company can issue on capital of £200

Andrew a university lecturer will be employed a Dean of BSG Elite University. On a salary of £1 Per year.

Andrew has knowledge of Business Nodal Canvas and will help in creation of a canvas for the Red Octopus Group family of families.

Richard Gilbert will suspend his work on Protosearch to work on Bramopoly with Paul

Both Paul and Addy have assigned there tasks as C tasks – Do whenever.

Alan will work as a A task – NOW

Richard will have a B task – PlanIT

Both Richard an Paul are expected to communicate weekly the status of the task :

Green – OK going well

Amber – Need help

Red – Going badly there will be a problem meeting target date.

Paul : I would like you to upgrade your Task Class to a B class – Gve me a date and tell me your Consultancy Rate.

Alan expect a report from Andy of the features of protopage and comments on the ease of use.

Andy is to supply Adam with a Email address for himself Sue and Emma – Emma is the NON Exec CEO of Red Octopus Business Services Limited.

We shall call today Mayflower day.

Virgin InfoNet – Zeus 1 – Parliament

April 16, 2022

See Folder Xenophon / Zeus / Socrates / Virgin001.xen On Red Octopus Macine

See Folder Chess / Xenophon/Mayflower/Minerva/Appolo.pic

See Folder Chess/

Bonfire Night / Share Holders Report

April 16, 2022

Could you both start working on my databases – there is a small amount of money to pay for it – we can sll the software as Packaged Product 

Rich you are going to have to do again – we need a document distribution subscription based portal.

Schedule it to be done by 05/11/2020 – Write a status report for our AGM – You are both Directors of Red Octopus and are on the Payroll,

We have been paid £7 cash – You can each have a £1

Now what are you going to pay me for providing you with Waterfall Documents / Pegasus Agile Specs for THE INFONET – I own the intellectual rights. 

http://bramit.wordpress,com for announcements to WGC about Pegasus Agile implentation

Paul Start Bramopoly yoor dice is a dodecahedron your properties are 1000 html pages

Just tell me if you don’t want to get involved – I won’t outsource it I will give it away to Dragons Den.

Mayflower – Implementing Pegasus Agile at Withington Golf Club – Verastar – Zeus

April 16, 2022

Mineva – Procedure Manual Creation / Professional Hand Book

Xenophon – The act of working from home recording time under Time Bank – Being Professional Using Protopage and Google Documents Task GG Class A Duration 1 minute Charge to WP-2 Collaborative Communication

Apollo – YouTube

Deimos – Spread Sheets – Google Forms – Collabourative Communications

Phobos – Gant Chart – Paper Genesis Documents Online PMW – Project Managers Work Bench

FaceMail – James and Will – delvery method Proto page secure Jupiter Folder Password: Mars


  1. Golf Club
  2. Protopage url
  3. MailIT Document Title
  4. MailT Document Descriptio
  5. Mail Chimp – Group

In my role of Finance Director I would use Pegasus Agile and act as a Manager – I would run a committee of 7 Oracles – People who work with account led by a qualified Financial Accountant

The Structure of the Team would be This – 

Product Owner – Alan Bramwell

Scrum Master – Alan Stewart

Oracle 1 – Volunteer Team 1 – Team Leader 

Oracle 2 – Volunteer Team 1

Oracle 3 – Volunteer Team 1

Oracle 4 – Team 2 Paid Time Bank Trainee Accountant

Oracle 5 – Team 2 Paid Time Bank Trainee Accountant

Oracle 6 – Team 2 Paid Time Bank Trainee Accountant

The Trainees would attend BSG Elite University

Sorry about the loss

I will start with the Role of Marketing Director

Then Match and Handicap

Then Social

Then Golf

Then Finance 

I will include these documents in The Quidam Report 

This is Project Zeus – I will start with Time Bank Services.

Could you please start to log your Tasks – Project TaskIT – Use google forms – It takes no effort – track where you time is going log your task as class A / Class B / Class C

A. Stuff you plan out or do straight away

B Stuff that you do in a sprint

C Unipotant tasks that do not have any tangible bereft to the club but are interesting and might impact how the club changes to do its business – Changes to the Directors Job Description

I will create the Zeuse Database

1. Protopage URL

2 Xenopon Folder URL

3 Genesis Folder / Document URL – Draft – Including Hotmail / Google Drafts for Mail Chimp

4 Socrates Document URL

5 Name

6 Golf Club URL 

I am instructing Paul Edward to write this in Visual Fox Pro as with the Q Core Access Control that he has for The Bossons Database – Access Control d was 8 tae a l

Paul – Here is £5,000 pounds of work for you – I need it NOW – Get it done this week – Else I will Pay Richard and he will have till bonfire night to do it – In fact Richard Deserves the money for the InfoNet

Rich here is £5,000 for you – you are making a donation to The Erica Society we are setting up a Charity – I will do it NOW NOW NOW……..

Task1 Class A Google Setting up a charity time 1:30 Duration 1 minute – Nominal Ledger code WP-1 Generating Club Income – The Captains Charity.

Task class – DR – Disaster Recovery – None Charge Able – do not waste time looking it do as a C Task Change of mind log as a c task when finished. Take a genesis postIT and put it on your wall as a backlog report.

InfoMail / Cyclops / JasonIT and GoogleIT / Xenophon and TimeBank

April 16, 2022

JsonIT is named after Kath son – who I believe is working in the IT Industry – He is Invited to become a SSNA Programmer in his spare Time (Xenophon / TimeBank)

I am going to set up a Distributed Network Of MailChimp services – now that I know you use Mail Chimp.

I am going to create 1,000 Active Websites for Club Systems InfoNET and I am going to be working with UK Reporter. I am going to write an article about the Collaborative Communications Team of Will Powell / James Dunn and Myself – I came to the golf club today to get hold of you ny the trout and shout at you – thats how much you upset me.

We will work this way:

I will set up a folder within google forms called Mailchimp.

In there will be two folders – Genisis and Socretes these will be in a folder called Xenophon

We are Launching Xenophon Print Services for Stckport Marketing – we will give Stockport Marketing Infonet Access to

This is part of THE 5 YEAR PLAN – FOR WITHINGTON GOLF CLUB (Communications)

Get the idea you will earn from InfoMail – FaceMail


Look Forward to having Monthly Meetings with you

We will eat together on your lunch break – not to impact on WGC on Project Xenophon (Home / TimeBank working.

We will meet at 12 O’Clock Prompt for 10 Minutes to discuss business – you will come to the meeting pre prepared with status report – this is our scrum – we are going Pegasus Agile

Via MailChimp you will report club status with red / amber / green.

You will report to me via jupiter at 11:00 am every day – Jupiter is a secure folder on the WGC Website

Pegsus Agile will be the methodolgy by which you run the web site.

John Southick announced to the club that the club will get more professinal when we get a professional secretary – In 24 years – since myself and Scott Currie formed PGA Systems.

I am suggesting an amendment to the articles of association that the club stansard for prcedure manual and Infomail should it be Xenophon / InfoMail and InfoWord

I will be writing amendments to Directors Duties NOW.

It will simply say that all directors must use Pagasus Agile / Xenophon

This will become the UK Standard for Management

Again whilst I am known as Big and Daft due to my golfing strategy i have a mensa IQ of 142 and have been accesed by Hoskys as a High Flyer – Hoskyns told Ingersoll Rand that I was a High Flyer when Kith Brown Left the company as the Project Manager of The Business Systems Team I was awarded his job.

I was programming Manufacturing Systems at The Time – The most interesting System that I managed was the The World Pump Trade Analysis System – I processed Government Tapes – It was a Top Secret Project with no Budget – My Manager was Derek Capey – Chorlton Gof Club – For Derek I manged Payroll and HR Managers for

Trafford Park

Hindley Green

Swan Lane



Coventry and Darlington

In 1988 I was taken over by Hoskyn in a FM deal where I was contracted to IR for 5 years.

When Hoskyns took over they issue a memo that there should be no changes. I rushed into Derek Howarth office and said – get this straight whilst we are here you sing to my tune and jump when I ask you.

When we moved to Trafford Park in went into see Derek his door was open – he told me to get out.

I reptorted to Mike that I am having problems with Gerek and that I am leaving – give me my redundancy payment.

Mike siad

Al Dont worry about Derek you will not be working for him you will work for yourself – Here are your car keys go to Darlington Chemicals Yiou are an acting up Principle Consultant – There is your Consultancy Manual, You will set up teams with us and work all over the UK. DONOT Talk to Trevor Harrison or Derek Capey – Clever Trevor General Ledger – Business Systems Manager. Hazel. Grove Golf Club – Course record holder Hazel Golf club.

I went on to built teams at Keneth Wilson


Power Gen – Whre I created Cyclops an Anaysis Methodology for Graduates.

Timebank Computer Services where I was asked to Head The Sales Team – Won a large Contract with Spearr and Jacson. I had a day to plan my sales pitch I phones Anthony at North West Water to lend me a Dicon Adapter to link terminals for my presentation – i had the attendees constructing logical layer of an application – There are two laters in a database a physical that represents the definition of the database and the logical layer which the user sees sees and is comtroled by Q Core / Q Job Acoounting which calculates the lenth of a transaction. All the will be Explained at Quovardiz.

The project that I am most famous for is King.

I connected time clocks to a PC then connected the PC to the Mainframe system where the user controlled the upload and a scheduling system (Manual) controlled the processing.

The Payroll and HR had no name – we ran dummy payrolls and made them penny perfect before the actual Gross To Net (InfoMail – Is perfect for that). We ran dummy tear ends to get that right.

In my first tear at Sodexo there was no year end system – Sodexo wanted Two Databases a Stnadard Database and a Year End Database -Sodexo had no TDD Test Sytems.

Any way I am going to stop now it is getting late – I will continue this in Xenophon I have to script My Film Withington Golf Club – Create The Trevor Harrison Infonet annd wrote an appology to Trevor and Derek and give them shares in Red Octopus.

Goodnight Good Will Hunting – Will Powal / Anchor Man – James Dun

Just before i go let me tell you how I rewired Greater Manchester – Greter Manchester PolIce – I was working with a useless team – he change controller did version control that re-submitted the definition of the database – he ran the risk of mis aligning the data – there were parameters that you could reapply / formula he would not be told. My second team member was ex Ferranti bright but withh a chip on his shoulder. All that he could say is why are you working here you wont fit in, My third team member was severely disabled and produced nothing – I gave him no work just asked him to play on the system.

The Terminals and Employees were in two separate rooms. I borrowed caballing and spliters from Anthony and rewired the control unit.

For a bit of mischief I kicked a socket to Nigal Milnes office to give him a downtime – According to Nigal I took out the sixth floor of head quarters where the Managers sit. To GMP Credit I did not get a warning. They gave me Teresa to help with Internal Communication and to look after my team/ I focused as a prorammer then Creating Cyclospe II and application that looks at a database and does a full validation of all codes in the Data Dicctionary, A masterfile and Data Diictionary Is the Foundation Computing Solution Zeus i multfunctional / multi-channel / Multi- Liingual – We will Develop Zeus on Wills Budget.

a percentage of the Sles of Zeus Design will go to WGC – We aim to repcace SAP iif we can produce Dimond Reports – it all depends on a JSON interface between a spread sheet and SQL.

Paul has been asked to create this interface – he will want paying – we need to hod a competition / s to raise funds.


Foundation Consulting and Computing . Design House . PGA Systems

I am asking Withington Golf Club to sponsor this development at a rate £500 per year – the cost of Entry into a Major – I am asking WGC to run a competition within a competion 4 rounds of golf over 4 of the existing cometition called the Medallion – The Medallion is a Houldworth Golf Club Prize – I will be asking Houldworth and Hazek Grove Golf Club to sponsor Junior Golf Development.

If JasonIT Works It will be fantastic news for the IT Industry – It will mean that TDD will be a development standard and that Batch Systems will be re-introduced. With the Punch Girls creating Google Databases. GOOGLEIT

Club Systems Infonet / Goodwill Hunting

April 15, 2022

Alan Bramwell Is selling his businesses – he is calculating their value – It will be difficult these is no value but lots of Goodwill



Alan has thought of registering with the patents office SSNA – Registering IT is difficult and expensive he has no choice other than giving SSNA Solutions – He is making a statement if he seee a protopage website that is interesteng that it should contain the page SSNA Driven with a Link to http//

Communication to Will Powell at Withington Golf Club / James Dunn at WGC – The new Management Team

Today i Resigned form Withington Golf Club – Will asked me to stay and we will set up a Collabourative Computing Team – We cam now focus on Zeus.

Scott you are an ignorant arse hole but my second best friend as a director of golf you will produce and become the online pro at Wythenshawe Park Golf Club

I don’t know why I am talking to you – you did not even go to Adam;s funeral – Susan gets very cross with me when I say that I have been contacting you – she tritons not to talk to me

You best look a http://protopage,com/bramwell – The Quidam Letter

You best look at to see the array of companies that you are Communications Officer.

SSNA Programmer in the UK for Collaborative Computing –

This Email will be given to Gatlly Print to do a Large Sandwich board Along with the stagnant that I am recruiting 101 Timebank SSNA programmer 

You can also do app age for DWP Training / BSG Elite and UK Schools.

If you can not find any of these url email me inter the subject Nimrod the url email me subject Nimrod Release 2 

Come On Scott – Help me out – Be a besets mate for once – I have not spoken to you in 5 years – what have you been playing at…..

http://bramit,wordpress,com Goodwill Will Hunting /

Toss me I have just given you bootstrap and what white as milk training

I have given you a list websites that I want on your website I am going to have to recreate it 

Create a page on your website called Hogan Link / Hogan Training and Clone – we will work on to together you need to create the content as txt files and send them to me  create them as lesson n – session n where n is one to 7 ….. no do this 

Create a google account create a folder called hogan with 7 folders inside it called lesson 1 to lesson 7 in each folder create a file called session 1 to 7.

Write a script as if you were recording a script for a movie – add students comment / questions as if you were making a movie. We will load it up on Youtube – a pro sat reading his notes for PGA Systems

Come on Scott we can do this – I need to write you the instruction set again – I did highlight copy and hit enter – stupid I need to set up a folder called genesis in my google forms – I will do it now with socrates approved documents – you are going to have to approve my communications.

I will set you up a secure tab on your sire called Good Will Hunting.

Scott Do It let me see your website with 21 links to golf sites – we will display that in The Golf Channel – Pick sites like YMG / Bitesize Golf – Club Systems / Club System Infonet / The Golf Hub / Shady Hollow / Empire Golf / Golf Empire 

Do this tomorrow please Club Systems Infonet

See http://protopage,com/disaterrecovery  foe Scotts World  – Protopage registration services are not working at the moment.

Scott is going to start the creation of 1,000 Active Club Websites and help manage – expectation fro Scott is that ge just does 2 clubs – Woodside and Elmmere – I am giving Scott to 05/05/2022 – This is a lot of work for me each I will dedicate an hour at £100 per hour thats £100,000 pounds that I am donating to the PGA – I will create PGA Systems NOW it will take me 2 minutes. See

News announcement for the BBC – Alan Bramwell has just donated £100,000 of TimeBank Hours to the PGA in hist Good Will Hinting Project sponsored by Will Powell of Withington Golf Club – In a charitable donation to the Erica Society,

Cheers Scott

Be a best mate. 

Hows Andy I have done his Musical Legacy – its called Shady hollow – Radio XL

WGC Resignation

April 15, 2022

Alan Bramwells Resignation from Withington Golf Club


I am taking you to court for Victimisation for the some of £1 Million pounds for loss of earnings selling SSNA Programming

I am dropping everything now – I have a Quidam Report to write for Boris Johnson – it will start A modern History of Withington Golf Club

It will start with Bramograms on Pat Kene / Jamer Dun / Will Power / John Southwick / Steve Marr / Scott Currie / Bob Ling and Norman Jones / Simon Andrew / Mike Farrel Brian Fletcher

Infonet Services still allows you to use the infonet which will allow you to insert web forms for Room 101 event.

A Room 101  Event is the 3 Northern Monkeys on a date in June decided by Will Power.

We are still friends I want you to stay at WGC it is the way forward but I am sorry I have to go and take you to court.

My weekly announcements can be seen in the Birdy – I will Create UK Infonet Reporter this afternoon and delay.

For You good work I am announcing you Junior Golf Developer at Wythinshawe Golf Club – Bitesize Golf Academy – You will work with Scott Currie As Golf Professionl

Scott will be passive – I am writing the Junior Training Manual called Hogan – I have Asked Nick for his Lesson Plans and Session Plans.

Nick will have his own web site and shop as a Pegasus Professional – A unqualified PGA Assistant developing SSNA for Magnacarta,

If Nick does not want to do it he will be the model for my Pegasus.

Chis Cunnington has died – I heard from Denis Hand two days ago – I don’t need to read your Email add to lists of Profiles Cris Cunnigton – I will do the Bramogramnow before going to the Club.

Please announce to the club that Alan Bramwell is setting off to clear his locker – he has taken control of the Withingtonn Golf Club Pegasus Site.

Alan ha been at the Golf Club where he survived on the Committee in two functions – He joined Simon Andrew to Redesign the First Hole. Alan insisted on project management and 5 year planning – Simon got authorisation to stop having meeting when he co-opted Peter Houghman to side with him – Peter sided with Alan and Meeting ceased. Alan is a Golf Archtect he has studied golf Architecture.

Alan has been supporting the club with web development having sires on NTL World when Zac Ali developed the website,

Alan was on Connitee with Mile Farell boring with Club Systems – Alan had a copy of Club Systems at his home, Alan has been an advisor to club system advising them that they were recruiting the wrong IT skills Alan read an article in the Manchester Evening news. Alan informed employing Visual Basic Programmer was the wrong Strategy – They should be employing ASP.NET for web services.

Whilst being called Big and Daft by Denis Hand who does cheat at golf – Alan stopped playing in 1998 after a fight nearly erupted in the club hose between Alan Benis Jim Stewart and Andrew leach – Alan has a chapter in his Film for TEE TIME MOiVIES called fight night.

Whilst angry with WGC I am started to calm. My minimum requirement is an apology from Bob Bolton and Martin Quine – John Goddard does not have to apologise he arranged a Job at Communisis Broad Print – Me and John have drifted apart after announcing to John that I was told by Vincent Schannall that John was talking behind my back. I have taken places in the locker room and listened to what Ex Captains say about me and have had confrontations with Tony Dagnall,  I am not happy not being able to talk to members.

I am thinking now It is counter productive for me to leave WGC but I am still seeking legal advice an support to take you to court – I am making a suggestion in the online suggestion book that you male friends wilt Alan and make hiii an honorary member / Captain / President – I have done more for the club than John Shurden – Homourary roles will do.

I am stopping now this needs to be done n google as a Socratese Document – This is a Genesis Documetnt.

Please discus with me reporting to the weekly news letter – You have been away I will forgive you Socrates Documents

Copy 2 Scott Currie / Pegasus Infonets / Paul Edwrdss / Richard Gilbert / Mike Kane / DWP

http://protopage,com/dwptraining – Golf for the Unemployed. 

UK Golf Infonet Reporter / Maxims Law

April 15, 2022

The Info Net is down

Registration services for protopage is down: This is stopping Quidam developing SSNA Services for all the Golf Clubs in the UK.

SSNA Services are :

1 The registration and sevelopment of a club Active Web Site

2. Introducing a link to a Webadore Promo website that the club Marketting Director / Secretary / Professional can create.  

Quidam is action as Disaster Recover Consultant for Protopage and IT Strategist for David Gosling (GOZ) YMG (GOZ)

Alan is currently revampping YMG with a site called YMG International with a youth development program calld Hogan – Designed for Golf Club Management.

Alan agree a Community Guardians contract with GOZ supposedly worth 60,000 x £100 plus £10,000 per year support and development charges.

Alan and his team spent 6 moths producing The Infonet for David but David did not pay as he had lost control of YMG. Alan continue to serve David creating over 100 Playday Websites for Gozword.

In 2016 Richard Gilbert worked fo a year with David on BitesizeGolf.Club the intention being a subscription based distribution portal David did nothin more than to expose the contents of the portal in the public domain. Working with David proved difficult he would not follow development instruction. We no longer talk to David he has broken his Community Guardian Contract / Legal aid is being investigated to take David to court. A local solicitor is being searched for today – there should be more news tomorrow.

In 2016 Redcamel Systems spent a year developing a communications portal for David – for Bitesize Golf on the under standing that Alan would do BSG Elite – Alan created the BSG Elite Program in 2007 in the form of The BSG University for IT Developers / Club Managers and Club Profeesional.

Alan has been working with American Golf – Cloning the American Golf Univesary for Sales Training for BSG. Elite.

Again Alan is taking David to court for breach of contract and failing to implement Pegasus Agile and for implementing a forum without my consent – without a forum administrator. The Forum would have been used by BBC-Ommunisys for collecting TV Articles for The Golf Channel / The Golf Hub. By not taking implementaion action for Gozworldii Protopage David has delayed the launch of The InfoNet by 15 year. Alan will calculate loss of income for SSNA development at the cost of 20 websites per day at £100 per website / SSNA Infonet Registration pages / Greenpages.Info. The cost of a phone call enquiry is now 50 pence – there is no other way of contacting directory enqiries. Rogue Trader Infonet Enquiries will be Free as will Infonet Directory Enquiries.

I have just had an angry conversation with Emma about Red Octopus Business Services Limited.

In the Movie Quidam we will tell the world about Aam Bramwell.

At this moment in time we are sanctioned not to talk about Adam on the internet. Actions to talk about Adam will result in Susan not talking to me. 

The conditions of me talking to Suan and Emma is that I do not talk about business to them – they see it as weird.

Yeserday I tried Recruiting 3 youths to bome Actors and SSNA wed developers. We spoke for 1/2 hour

– two youths were half intested but one kept showing me pornography – asking me to take drugs and inviting me to the bushes to. show him my penis.

What are the council thiking about coverting a Pitch and Put that has serviced golf and brought on many junior player for many years into a BMX site that is used by Yobs.

I called the lads 3 Northern Monkeys. 3 Northern Monkeys is a Band That I promote – My Recipe Label Flip Recipe promotes new acts.

I have a radio channel called RadioXL a TV Station called FacX TV a film company called Tee Times and a recruitment agency called Ambition. I invited the lads to create Webador CVs fo Ambition – but they said they had no ambition – What re Schools doing – I have a website called Schooulsuk for kids with ambition.

David Gosling no longer answers my calls of E’Mails – I am setting up a Golf Club / Called The Bitesize Golf Acadamy

PrintIT Incident Reporting – Laser

April 14, 2022

Today the first incident for Greater Manchester Police was post in http://gmpinfonethttp://neighbourgoodwatch – Password: ngw.

This is an example of Collaborative Communication.

Quidam 22

Watch for the movie scripts

3 Northern Monkeys Incident 257514 14/04/2022 GMPInfonet

April 14, 2022

3 Northern Monkeys 

Quidam 22/police/neighbourhoodgoodwatch

Today Alan Bramwell Community Guarding / CEO of Redoctopus Business Services went to Wythenshawe park to review construction of the BMX.

Alan wanted to recruit BMX Riders for his Internet YouTube Movie.

Alan talked to three boys – Youths aged 14 dressed casually slim with short brown hair who said that they were constructing the BMS.

On of the boys was wild he was disrespectful and was vulgar – he kept showing pornagrapic pictures on his phone and inviting Alan into the bushes.

Alan said that he was a community guardian wit an IT Training University and he was recruiting programmers for SSNA for Foundation Consulting ang Computing – He offer the the boys jobs as Associate Consultants on £300 fer day – Commission of £30 beiing payable to Pegasis Infonets for SSNA Protopage / Wix / WordPress / Webadore / Facebook / Twitter/ Instagram for registration and configuration services. The infonet has been servicing golf for 15 years.

Alan even tried to advice the boys about CV writing saving that they should write  Protopage and Webadore website and register their Infonet sites to (Under Construction – Temporarily to

Alan left after ½ hour he offered to drive then to Northenden Community Library where he worked in 2014 and still manages Job Club at where he went today to see if he could train Route 66 Bootcamps in IT and SSNA.

Alan is currently working on a website

His University will teach SSNA and Full Stack – These are at opposite ends of the spectrum – Alan offered training id database design using google forms. Alan was a legend at where he put links to google training on his website.

It was at google garage where he entraped Andrew M into paying him £1,000 – Alan has a community guardian contract where he engages a client for SSNA Registration and configuration a minute over 1 hour they pay £1,000,

The following day Alan registered Red Octopus Business Services Limited. Andrew refuse to work in a Agile manner. Alan has a version of Agile called Pegasus Agile where Minerva – Xenophon Genesis and Socrates Documents

It has been a bad day for Alan – The Bideford Centre when he set up th IT with Eric in about 2011 – centre – where he has been publishing TrainIT – Kirsty told him that she did not want the website active and that it should be taken down. Alan said that it can not happen because he has over 100 websites that might be referencing Socrates TrainIT Documents.

Alan has struggled to get protopage launched the ludites at Withington Golf Club refused to implement Protopage.

Alans son – who died in 2016 http://adabramwelluk created http://thegolfchannel.

In 2007 Alan contracted to Young Masters Golf as an IT Strategist and Digital Champion Multimedia Consultant – a contract with £10 per year with a bonus of 60,000 x £100 for The YMG Inernational IT Unversity – Course content being extracted from and and (Back to work Digital – The boys were offered places at Mystuddy buddies where they can do Bramogtram Collaborative Compting.

Incident 257514 14/04/2022 was reported to 72806 Alex.

The incident was that the boys chased Alan and threw a brick against his head.  This is the secon time Alan has been hit by a brick – he will script chapter Jackson for the movie Quidam for

That’s enough for now 

Welcome to the Infinet – brought to you by Quidam at –

Alan hopes to make his money by building an selling Statbox Home servers for 14 year olds.

Alan would have given The 3 Northern Monkeys Home servers.

Stratbox will be distributed from golf clubs. Alan is going to register an active website for every golf club in the uk – project http:://  – Magna Carta and Shady Hollow – Virtual Cemetary for Covid Victims will be created as SQL databases by Richard or Paul.

Alan wants Stratbox Database to be the model for http://protopage,com/benandjacks Click and Collect Shops.

All these opportunities were discussed as opportunities wit the 3 Northen Monkey – The Tried to Kill Alan – Attempted murder.

Alan Bramwell CEO Red Octopus / Community Guardian  (BA019);

When asked for they money Andrew said that he wanted to work with Alan – Alan said he would take ½ his company. They went for a pint and decided to form Red Octopus.


April 14, 2022

Chapter 1 – Ludites

Withington Golf Club and the Bideford Centre are Ludites.

Discuss Scenes.

The scene at the Bideford Centre – Nimrod Day Plus 2 was a confrontation between Kirsty and Alan 

Alan : I am going to update the website to include Infonet Sevices

Kirsty : Take it down- Lots of angry comments

You are not associated with the Bideford Centre and you can not associate yourself with Tesco.

Take it down

Alan I work for Time Bank – Wythenshawe Community Housing i have accumulated funds to do 10,000 hours IT development for the Bidiford Community.

Kirsty – No you’re not – We don’t have a relationship with them.

Alan – Doesnt Alistair work for them 

Kirsty – Yes – they rent the room.

Alan I use the room as a service user – I will create a website called Ex Bideford Centre but I have over 100 site with links to it for Job Clubs.

Kirsty – Take it down.

Alan – Thoughfukk not wanting to upset went home thinking about his best option.

Solution to update the Community Guardian website to focus in locations where he presents Room 101 Computing Bootcamps

Alan went home – Programmed The Infonet returned to Kirsty and  said.

Alan Its done read what I have said – You are a luddite and a bully i am going to Citizens Advice and will be looking for legal aid to take you to court.

I have spent thousands of hours constructing the Infonet / WordPress did the same to me in 


In Fact Alan did not say that – he said look at the Bideford Centre website for Ludites.

Kirsty – I did not thave you as that – I thought that you wer a great person – you have won awards.

Kirstty I know you are a great person and you deserve all that you get – I am going to announce an award for Ludite of the year – Luddite of the year Kirsty. Previous winners John Goddard WGC / Bob Bolton WGC – I have been trying for 15 years to get Protopage Promoted.

We have taken 15 years to get round to programming Protosearch – a directory enquiry Internet Search Engine against a SQL Server Database.

Diamond / Granada Reports

April 14, 2022

Pegasus Infonets first customer

April 13, 2022

Denis Hand Builder sponsors Houldsworth and Balfour Memories.

Generating £2,000 for Junior Golf Development – Project ISRAT.

GMP Refuse To Acknowledge – Nimrod

April 13, 2022

Tonight GMP refused to communicate to the IT Services Department that we have created a crime reporting solution called Neighbours Good Watch sponsored by the NHS. is the entry point to the application – we will now develop Infonet services to capture crime analysis codes and Proto Search procedures the Database will by called Nimrod.

The cost of this development will cost £1,000 and will impact upon Hogan – It will be the first application developed by Foundation Consulting / Computing – Redcamel Systems. Delivery date will be 11/11/2025.

The Police are not interested.

This 5 year plan will free up resources for Hogan and ISTAT and Magnacarta. These projects can go ahead.

A way to progress Nimrod would to have a Nimrod Monthly Medal day to generate the funds needed to pay Slattocks and Redcamel System. This would be a first for Design House.

We will see if the work can be done under the Community Guardian banner. The Police would need to nominate a charity.

Executive discussion – Police are not answering the phone.

19902 – Gates Foundation / Junior Golf Development – Class IT

18039 – Captains Charity / Junior Golf Development – RecordIT

Requesting A Product Owner

April 13, 2022


You are the middle man between me and council – That is no good I am agile – I need authorisation if I am going to maintain velocity.

I need to report in to Mike Farrell – can you please arrange it.

Thank You


Hyper Projects Manager

Red Octopus Business Services limited

Pegasus Infonets

Wildfire Infonets 

Onboard Promotions 

Design House 

Foundation Consulting 

Foundation Computing 

Tee Time Movies 

Radio XL

Fac-X TV 

Redcamel Systems 

Ferranti International 2022

The Magic Dozen

TimeBank Services

Slattocks Computing – Out Sourcing 

James Dunn – Community Guardian Contract / Stratbox

April 12, 2022

49 Page new website for WGC incorporation 37 areas for improvement to existing website

How do you like this apple

James you are the Project owner / Product Owner for an Agile prioject 

If you don’t know about agile goto and watch the vids – I am Scrum Master / Richard and Paul are your programmers 

You need to deliver an IT strategy to the board – I am IT Stategist for Young Master Golf 

I want to run a Young Masters Golf program for the junior section

I have contracted you personally to a Community Guardian Contract – You have donated £7 to Sports Aid Erica Society Charity.


Paul is an Oracle he has yet to decide if he wants to produce a shop for me.

Kindest Regards 


Nimrod Phase 1 Implementation

April 12, 2022

Today we implemented 66 (Rout 66) projects / Tasks.

Some of these tasked are bookmarked to be signed off by 07/07 – We can’t do that much in a day!

Tee Time Movies

April 12, 2022

Tee Time Movies is now operational

Please log in to to place your Crazy Golf recording

Our fist movie is Snareallday 

Snaresallday has over 120 Million YouTube views.  


April 12, 2022


When you get the password I would like you to go into advanced function and set up a new public frames called Facemail with a password : ………..l  so that I can set up Collaborative Communication with yourself 

Weekly news 

Collaborative Communication has been set up within the club in the form of Face Mail. If you nee to communicate to the club iteratively ask for details.

BramIT Day – WGC Hand Over

April 12, 2022


WGC Used to be managed by the members – It was John Southwick that said moving to professional management will move the club forward.

Under membership rule the club was vibrant and active – the centenary bar used to be full to overflowing in the evening. Management has not moved the club forward.

You and Will appear to be doing a good job – you have responded to my requests – I am now getting information out of the club in the form of weekly news and emails. 

You have a long way to go to connect to the community at large – we need to reach out to Withington / Northenden /. Didsbury and Timperly.

I am satisfied with the structure of my Website as it is now.

I have intro diced theinfonet / seniors junior and ladies infonet / members memories and bramwell.

I am passing the website over you you – I will continue to sign in and support you with The Directors Table and Shady Hollow.

Caseyogram will see me delivering a modern history of Withington Golf Club

I will phone you the password today – Adam’s Anniversary.

Use it well it is your way of taking over the club – WGC has a history of sacking staff – lets home that you survive. 

Tip : Buy a suit – get uniforms for the staff ! Be professional. Dress to impress.

I hope that you are satisfied with this – your future is in your hands.

I will be writing to Golf Word – an article about the different ways to got about managing golf – Featuring WGC and Hazel Grove.

Kindest Regards 


I am here to support you and Will

It is my intention of doing a door drop in Withington / Didsbury / Northenden and Timperly.

Please can you write an introductory letter to households about becoming a social member to the club and the club intention to grow the junior gents and ladies sections.

Thank You


Community Guardian (BA019)

Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Radio XL / Fac-X TV

April 11, 2022

Systems Development 

Lesson 1 – Session 1

  • Hello – I am Mike I am a Product Owner
  • Hello – I am Adam I am Scrum Master
  • Hello – I am Sandra I am an Administrator
  • Hello – I am Paulette I am a Admon Assistant
  • Hello – I am Paul I am a Full Stack Developer
  • Hello – I am Charlie I am a full Stack Developer
  • Hello – I am Richard I am a Pegasus Senior Architect
  • Hello – I am Alan I am a Pegasus Business Analyst / Project Manager – I run the project 

We are your Pegasus Agile Bitesize Team – Presented by Alan.

Hello – We are your Assurance Team Team – Presented by Alan

Hello – We are your Support Team – Presented by Alan

Hello – We are your Tiger Team – Technical Support Team – Presented by Alan

  • Systems Programmer
  • Network Services
  • DBA
  • Operations Analysts

Hello – We are your Xenophon Oracles Presented by Richard, Paul and Alan 

Mike I work with Alan – I hold the Budget – We deliver Waterfall Documents into the steering committee.

Radio XL Script – Use Photo Booth and cover Camara……

Preamble / Introduction 

In Session 1 We will discuss The Steering Committee / 5 year plan

In Session 1 We will talk about AJBB

In Session 2 We will take you through The Feasibility Study

In Session 3 We will take you  through The Functional Specification

In Session 4 We Will Take you through the Design Specification.

In Session 5 We will take you through flow charting

In Session 6 we will take you through Xenophon

In Session 7 we will take you through Structured Walk Through 

In Session 8 we will take you though TDD

In Session 9 we will take you through Development Infrastructure

In Session10 we will take you through Assurance Testing

In Session 11 we will take you through Change Control

In Session 12 We will tell you about Support

In Session 13 We will tell you about Jackson Programming

In Session 14 We will tell you about OOP

In Session 15 We Mainframe Systems Development

In Session 16 We will tell you about PC System Development

In Session 17 We will tell you about Web Hosting

In Session 18 We will focus on Database Design

In Session 19 We will tell you about effective communication

In Session 20 We will tell you about Project Management

In Session 21 we will tell you about Service Levels

In Session 22 We will talk about Job accounting

In Session 23 we will talk about user expectations

In Session 24 we will talk about Q 

In Session 25 we will talk about Methodologies.

Duration 3 hours


April 11, 2022

Room 101 

Red Octopus is designed to deliver high quality content training in 







We are looking for presenters for our Apollo BGG Elite / Pegasus series.

Candidates will need to register to Gmail / Protopage and have the ability to upload content to YouTube.

Presentations will be scripted and presenters will be expected to research and deliver their own content.

This is an ideal opportunity for a Junior Golfer to move into Multimedia.

You will be delivering content for Radio XL and Fac-X TV

Presenters will be expected to be proficient in golf and have the ability of presenting tuition for other junior golfers for The Golf Channel.

Red Octopus Business Services Limited

Community Guardians 


April 11, 2022

The 4th Hole at Withington Golf Club is a favorite of Alan Bramwell. Playing on a Sunday partnering Ian Entwistle against Ex Captains Ken Raftery and Maurice Savage Alan and Ian started with 3 birdies chipping in at the 3rd. On the 4th tee Maurice was facing away from the hole when he said it can not get any worse. Alan hit a soft 6 Iron remembering the day when he played with a President – the day Adam was born when he hit a six-iron over the green past the clubhouse down the 18th fairway – he was buzzing with adrenaline that day. Alan’s six-iron was hit with a slight fade Vincent Shrapnell and his wife Lizzy were warking across the green – the ball dropped just in front of them broke left and with perfect distance dropped into the cup. Ken Said “it just has”. Alan was a good golfer in one week he posted 68 gross / 68 gross / beat Denis Hand 3 and two when Denis was two under par and fished with a 70 in the medal on Saturday. Alan won the Texas Scramble with a magnificent 3 on the 5th he hit a drive into the lefty rough a 7 iron over the trees into the front bunker and holed his bunker shot. Alan’s finest win was the Ford qualifier. Alan played at Withington in the Friends of Rosie the day before – the event was rained off and he spent the day in the beer tent – the final at Tytherington was a disaster for Alan – his stomach had turned acid and he was suffering the after-effects of a good day at Withington. Alan stopped playing competitive golf in 2000 because of his work commitments – he maintained full membership whilst not playing. In a bid to gain his mojo and love for the game back he decided to analyze learning the game from new as a new player. He purchased a left-handed set of golf clubs. He assessed that he could play to 17 handicap when on the 14 he hit a 5 iron for his 3 third shot that hit the flag. Alan’s fondest memory of the 14th was playing with David Bradbury against the Captain and pro Alan had a good record against the captain and pro – never having been beaten. Aan and Dave destroyed John Watson who was not best pleased with their handicaps. Playing with Bob that day Bob hit a drive around the corner Alan followed him hitting the ball within three yards of Bob. Bob hit an iron to about 4 foot Alan hit a 9 Iron to 3 foot – Bob made hit birdie – so did Alan to win the hole with his stroke. Bob said to Alan you are a very good golfer – you need to focus on your strategy! There lies a tale about why a plus 3 handicapper played of 5.5. Watch this space for tales of Bramwell Bradbury and Hand and their domination of winter league golf. Click this image to go to The Golf Hub for YouTube Golf Lessons.

Alan was keen to play golf again and requested a left-handed handicap – he put his name down with his friend David Southern who was part of hit circle of friends with John Goddard. David said that he would not play with Alan messing about – Alan was confident that he could do well as he had hit a seven iron to the fourth to two inches.

Alan joined two members and hit off – he hit the telegraph pole and went out of bounds.

Alan retired and never played golf again.

In 2007 Alan was appointed IT Strategist for Young Masters Golf and assembled to undertake systems development for David Gosling. Alan appointed Ben Fish – Son of Graham Fish to take over YMG. Ben had had an accident in a car – he sustained a head injury so Alan was keen to give Ben Business. Ben resolved all YMG disconnected Links / Cloned the website and created Lady Masters Golf and was working on YMG International – He developed an On-Line Quiz and a tournament registration system and provided a forum. David Gosling was advised not to announce the forum till he put a forum administrator in place – he announce and the forum got littered with pornography. He was not fit to manage it so we took it away. Richard Gilbert implemented an interim ASP.Net Starter Kit as a shop and we got Charles Harvard of Ocean Design to implement an actual shop. We also looked at House On The Hill Call Center Sevices. Alan invested in 3 state of the art lap tops for the business and conducted SSNA – Structured Social Networking. Implementing Delicious and 50 WordPress Sites. In July 2007 Ben was requesting payment – Alan had allowed Ben to talk to David not to pressurize him – AlanI kept asking Ben to invoice Dave but he insisted that he did not invoice till the job was done – Alan was frustrated with Ben and his failure to Invoice. In July Alan felt that things were not going as well as they should so he sampled invoicing David for the WordPress sites – Alan branded them YMG. David failed to pay the invoice as he said that he had lost control of the business and no longer had access to the bank account. Alan demanded £1,000 for Ben – David Paid. Soon after WordPress took all the sites down – Alan had registered them under one Email address – which was a breach of contract – it was a flaw in WordPress as Alan was using a legacy Freeseve POP3 email account.

These were desperate times – we tried to save David – Alan contacted Protopage who said that he could have as many sites as he wished. The contract with David was that he looked after golf training and Alan looked after the academic training of junior gofers. The result being HTTP:// and HTTP://

Using protopage has led into an analysis of golf club services called Nimrod – Alan has identified 37 areas of improvement for the Withington Golf Club website and is slowly working through them.

Our latest change to the website is this change – It is Casyogram a recent history of Withington golf club.

With regards to HTTP:// The Directors Table has been proposed twice – once to my friend John Goddard and once to Bob Bolton – For Bob we produced Barton Grange – The Chairman’s Site. It is very disappointing that WGC have such a dreadful site when Zak Ali implemented a technically excellent for them in the first instance. As part of the history of the WWW at WGC a disgruntled member called David Fricker registered and release to vent has anger with the club – it was Alan’s intervention that we would undertake a social media battle that got the website taken down.

TraiIT / Synergy / Strategy

April 10, 2022

In applications development, there is a lot of synergies.

For example – if you identify that you have a resource unit that needs training and a Product Owner with no budget you can satisfy the needs of the Product Owner by assigning a task  as T / R&D / PD


Research and Development

Personal Development

If a task is assigned to Personal Development you should register it under project name Xenophon and instruct your resource unit to conduct the task at home recording the time under TimeBank.

At the end of the year you can evaluate the TimeBank hours and the value of the new functionality to the business and make a discretionary bonus [ayment or increase the salary by a number of scale points or grade.

Thos is a way to allow employees to keep up with technology and to evaluate new technology that the company should be using. This would then drive out a new task of SE – Software evaluation which could be released to the team at a fraction of the cost of normal development – this would help Product Owners with limited budgets.

One exercise that we will be doing is the upgrade from ASP.Net to MVC / SQL Server.

I delivered functionality using ASP.NET / SQL Server for my City and Guilds Delivery Of Learning Training.

The City and Guilds refused to accept my online forms demanding paper solutions – an argument then erupted resulting in me getting my money back – I had found the course on the internet before joining the course – The document that I had detailed all the exercises which I completed before joining the course. 

My objective for joining the course was to find the definitive database for training. In the introduction I was told by my tutor that there was no such thing and that she hated IT.

I was upset – at the time I was BETA Testing Microsoft office so I delivered my course work before the day of training in Beta Format. The course went on for three months when I was told that I was failing the course because I had not submitted any course work. I was polite – I said that I had but it was taken up by management. I had to go to the tutor’s office which was off-site to show her my emails. When she tried to open the documents they were unreadable. I politely said that you omitted to tell us what version of Office we were to use. I said that I would resubmit the work one exercise at a time on the basis that the work was marked and returned the next day. My tutor refused this option and insisted that I submit all my work at once and it was up to her to say when it would be marked.

I left the course and insisted on my money back – I had completed all the course under my own steam.

I was banned from the college and was not allowed to talk to my classmates in the refectory!

It was some years latter when I was Sponsored by Studio 1 that I got my PTLLS Qualification.

I now deliver On-Line Courses under BSG Elite.

As a part of this course, you will be asked to create TrainIT – City and  Guilds Forms using MVC.

I attempted to learn MVC without a manual / training book and struggled – it was only when I received training material from Richard Gilbert that I discovered that MVC is a totally new architecture – not an upgrade of ASP.NET. Sadly I have had an accident with my Visual Studio machine and I can no longer evaluate MVC – which is good as I need to focus on generating training content. We have Richard to help us showcase functionality.

Another exercise that we will be undertaking is to perform analysis – we will look at Withington Golf Clus ands Ellesmere Golf club ad produce a report on functionality – this will introduce you to report writing.

You will look t the program source created by Club Systems which is Copywrite and define the functionality in a design matrix.  Once the design matrix has been created you will publish it to the directors of Withington Golf Club with an observation of what should be static and what should be active pages. Plus you will report the differences between WGC and Ellesmere.

You will make recommendations for a MVC / SQL Server development and you will conduct development in Bootstrap / MVC / SQL Server. One piece of functionality which you will deliver is the competition returs for a Fourball Better Ball.

You will then report for club systems your thought of having their business upgraded to MVC.

Pegasus Infonets

April 10, 2022


I am currently setting up a web site for Computer Science Training. For the DWP.

I would like to know if I could use the facilities at Withington Golf Club for Pegasus Infonet Bootcamps

The features would be Room 101 and Studio 54

Bootcamps would be arranged and attendees would be expected to have a meal, The cost of the meal would be less than £3 per person

attendees would be asked to pay £10 per head which is in line with WCG current charging policies according to Will.

Whilst I will be setting the limit to 101 it is not expected that we get that many – it will depend if I can get teams of 6 to make the sessions viable.

Te sessions will include Agile Project Management Training – Hence the teams. 

If this is a success we will need the room to be set up for 8 tables of 6 plus the disco floor.

Two lap tops will be needed 

1. For the Sound System – 7t0’s Disco

1. For the Big Screen – Looney Tunes

Could you please put this request to the board of directors.

This would be in conjunction with Manchester University and The United Academy (Gary Neville)

Thank You 


Community Guardian (BA019)

IT Strategist YMG Golf

DWP Training

April 10, 2022

I have been informed today by my college Richard that I should be a Project Manager – I advised him I was a project manager of Pegasus Agile. Knowing Agile should earn me £60k per year.

I will take you through basic web development before leading you into Project Management.

Once you have grasped Communication Skills we will get you involved in wed hosting – you will be taught how to configure your own web server to expose your work on the www. You will then be taken through GoDaddy where you will develop your HTML / CSS and Bootstrap skills.

For the stayers you will be introduced to REAL IT ! Database Design.

Once you have proved yourself on Database Design you will be expected to join BSG Elite where you will start your MVC / C# Training.

We expect to get you in the position where you will be employable within 12 weeks.

This wiill give you a taste for Full Stack Development – We will introduce you to Harvard University Training before pointing you towards Manchester University. You will have to budget for Manchester University Training – By then you should not need it.

Welcome to BSG Elite.


April 10, 2022

alan bramwell



#theinfonet This week we launched The Infonet. We are a bit early – the search engine is still under construction. – we know that we are a little early but we wanted to announce this years Bramwell Prize for IT Savvy Golfers.

Universal Credits Journal

April 10, 2022

I am a project manager.
Room 101 Manchester based Opportunities
– Must be willing to travel to Withington Golf Club one morning per week.

I am looking for 101 Associate Consultants that are willing to learn Computer Programming. The positions will be unpaid the effort will be undertaken under Timebank for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

Infonet Launch / Q Core

April 9, 2022

Well Rich its done 

We made Masters night dead line ——

We have announced to the bbc

If you can quickly add a under construction link on your forest 404 site – sort the length of genre a resolve the delete issue —— and make the url clickable — and possible provide a background that will take the pressure off for phase 1  – I would like phase 1  completed by the 12th if that is at all possible.  Enquiries and search can be phase 2

Thanks Rich for all that you have done already.

If we fail from here – at least we tried.

Now to focus on the golf hub 

I will be pressing you for magnacarta soon. And shady hollow !

Scott has managed to do Online Banking – If he can do it you can do it for shady hollow

I have had thought about registration services being 3 fields not two

1. URL

2. User ID 

4 Password

Then we can change The Infonet to be a subscription service with validation against sign in for Edit – This Is Q Core.

Thanks Rich

Ukraine2020 / Zeus

April 7, 2022

i am asking Paul to do a multi-lingual / multi-functional table and associated data dictionary.

I will do the design in google forms 

I don’t think Paul will join us so it will be up to us to get Ukraine engaged in business analysis

Thanks for all your help Rich 

I am having so many ideas for progress – it will be simple stuff – i do no want to disturb you with other thoughts whilst you are designing the proto-search.

Table 1

  1. Table Number – Record Content Table
  2. id
  3. page
  4. Field Title – Driven by Data Dictionary language 1
  5. Field Title – Language 2
  6. Field Content

Repeat 4 and 5 to create a page of content

Table 2 -Selector Record

  1. Function
  2. Table
  3. Language 1
  4. Language 2

Table 3 Data Dictionary

  1. Field ID
  2. Language
  3. Field Name
  4. Field Description

Table 4 – Business Analysis Table

  1. Field SEO
  2. Project
  3. Table
  4. Field ID


It is intended that we have a infonet search for content such that we can identify Projects and Tables

View 1

  1. Table 2 – Selector Record

2. Table 1 – Table Content

View 2

1. Table 3

View 3

1 Forest 404 Search Bar – English

2. Table 4