May 14, 2023

I am about to set up with a pass word of Richard

Thank you for being so smart

Product owner achilles Project Achilles

I have contacted Hitec Computers – They will be our suppliers We set the price – Increase it by 25% then discount it by 20% to give Hitec some profit we will then operate out of Hitec

I have decided that Houldsworth Golf Club is our first customer – can you please do that professional report that you tale about as a google document and share it in your protopage


Thank You

We also have Ben Fish at All In One Computers in Wilmslow to contact – he is an IT Guy as well as being an Electrician – I want you to work with Ben on the Houlsworth Job

I will contact Christine Tomorrow

They will probably say no 

Can you please tell me how your service connects to the internet will they still have to use their broadband provider or do you do something clever. 

Please feel free to ring me anytime day or night – 0161 998 2637 – Can you please tell Stuart that he registered Stuartpow as Privtate – he needs to set it as Public

Can you mention to him I don’t know what happened to his registration of wilmslowphoenixsportsclub – it was not there so I have started it off for him

I am suggesting that we have a golf society and a golf creche for after school IT Education.

I have a pro that will come to the club to give chipping lessons on the hockey pitch – what do you think will the club go for it.


Community Guardian (BA019)

I need to write contracts for yourself and Stuart as Associate Consultants for Red Octopus and make you Non Exec Ceo of Design House and make Stuart Chairman

Thank Again


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