Revised Implementation List

May 5, 2023

Hi James it’s Alan Bramwell – Re Implementation / Change Control

I have done the Intranet for the entry forme for the HTTP://

I have put together HTTP://


HTTP:// – MP Product Owner Project Fireball – This Project

HTTP:// – Phoenix from the flame – Me

HTTP:// Mottram Hall National Final


There is a lot more you can track my links from these pages

I need to know what you want on the poster so that i can deliver it to 12 golf clubs in your hub with my 

HTTP:// report

Thank you James for all your support over the years I played in the Adam Bramwell Memorial at Styal yesterday – I only managed 9 holes I have a bad back and a heart condition – plus my shoes were rubbing – i had not put any socks on – I shot over 50 for 9 holes 1 took 9 shots to get out of a bunker on one hole where i shot 15 – a far cry from my last 4 holes of golf where I shot 68,68.67.68 gross in 2000 before I retired from golf.

Thank You James This has been the most Important day of my long life.


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