Relentless / Nimrod

April 11, 2023


We are into a new tax year now – Year End is done the company will do tax year end returns as being in dormancy. We have been fined £150 for doing late returns for 2022 – there was some kind of a hiccup when i did the return so now i have employed an accountant to do our returns we will do corporation tax with tax year end on -06/06. As we will be receiving income for forest 404 we will have to come out of dormancy for tax year end 2024.

So where are we now.

Trello Itrem The Bramwell/Gilbert/Edwards/Davies Methodology.

We need an infrastructure with an assurance region.

Can you please design and program an application that takes in requests for tables primary keys and constructs an assurance region of test data / support data.

It is a cut down method which I created in 1993 at sodexo.

Paul and Tom can design and write the Power BI that takes in Goole Spreadsheets and create the jason file that will be used by yourself rich to populate our Relentless Nimrod Database.

If Paul has any drive he can do a PHP/MySQL version!

Alan Community Guardian (BA019) – For The Police Systems


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