The IFOC – Fun with Flags – Eco Globe / Geology

February 24, 2023

Hi Mike I have been spring cleaning my house – it looks great. I still can not drive so can’t get to see you.

Why don’t you pop over one evening we can go for a meal and a pint and you can stop over – I am fit to receive visitors- finally.

Can you please go to HTTP:// and start to use it as a search engine instead of google – it will earn us revenue. Please look at the three bars on the right-hand side – click them then go to the Infonet. Please register a Protopage for your Ecoglobe – lets get selling it a priority – get your HTML fixed as soon as possible – i am going to be writing to the financial times – I have just started a venture called The IFOC – The International Federation of Countries for Geology Lessons – We need Eco Globe to teach it at The New Phoenix University – I would like you to develop the website Fun With Flags for me – a register of Countries Flags Capitals and World Leaders.

For a view to see what is going on in my life see my blog HTTP://

I am making you a product owner POG – Product Owner Geography and Geology. I loved Geology – it was tragic that I failed my O level – I wanted to do it at A Level – Perhaps now is my time – to study something other than IT.

Cheers Mike you are my Best Man – Love to Debbie and the boys.

How Tall are the Boys – I have lots of Adams Clothes that need a good home.


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