January 31, 2023

Rich I am thinking about specifications

i want the following

1. Feasibility Syudy – me – podcast

2 Functional specification – me – podcast

3 design specification – you google document

i think we are working on Olap cubes

Data Dictionary Table

1. Cube 1 – Channel

2 x coordinate 0 Table 

3 y co-ordinate  – column Language indicator

4 y co-ordinate – row – Data Code (Screen Row)

5 z co-ordinate Entry 1 to ten foxt text box literals

I would like you to change the structure of your tutor table to have an additional function the function is to read your text boxes and created local variables that are then fed into your current table.

I have been thinking about validation – here is what I need 

1. Mandatory / variable

2  Fomat

3 Range

4 Table 

I will need a text box for system messages there will be a table warning message and a table rejection message. These will be Plato Tables for Standard Text.


I would like you to look at Prestbury Golf Club 

I would like the chat bot on your forest screen with Plato messages and AI learning recording messages that are not understood – this is an application that will use your Protosearch you are working on AI and Olap for your – CV Trello Phoenix Spec


I am struggling thinking of a name for our new language

React.js uses Java Script

I want Turin.js to use

1. Unicode – Uni200

2 Phoenix

3 Tubol 0 Turin Business Oriatated language 0 Cobol

4 Forpro – Fortran

5 Sratch51 – Derivertive of Scratch We are going to clone Scratch


Went to see Otto today – Tom Hanks is Amazing 

Went to see Babakon – Brad Pitt was good

The Oscars will go to OTO Beter than Avatar the way of water


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