January 31, 2023

See for SuggestIT

Trello to Members at WGCAdd Table to Suggest IT 

Table 1 Communcations 

Table 2 Product Owner to Communications

Who Alan

What Communication 

When Now 

What For – Red Octopus Solicitors

How Much

2×300 for add to spread sheet function £600

James 31/01/2023 18:48:00

Richard is working very hard for you doing project Turin – he is pushing the limits of technology using Blazor Azure -= TrainIT will be used to train your Greens Staff – Steve Marr could Structure his golf lessons see

We never get any feedback from the Emails we send you – That disappoints us so much.

We are not doing this for our health we are improving golf club Management in a bid to bring peace and tranquillity

I am a mild meek and tender man – I am never rude to people – I may be assertive but never rude – I am always polite – It is my profession to be polite. 

And as for Martin Keates I aim very surprised at him – I thought Martin was a friend of mine – he does not reply to my emails. Not fitting for a club chairman.


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