January 30, 2023

2024 will be a busy year for you we are launching Phoenix

Phoenix Medicare – NHS

Phoenix Quiz

Phoenix Shop

Phoenix Golf Club Systems

Phoenix Azure


Phoenix University

Phoenix the language – Phoenix Formulae

Phoenix Screen Painter 

Phoenix Diamond Reports

Phoenix List

Phoenix Pages

Phoenix Nimble Business Analysis

Phoenix Xenophon Documentation Management

Phoenix Control Systems

Phoenix IRQ – NHS

Phoenix Auto Union – Amazon

Phoenix auto provisioning for Red Octopus Broadband

Phoenix Learning

I have been watching Google Sheets/Power Bi/React JS/ Python it has taught me that you can do Json/XML

Microsoft Started with Bill Gates and Paul Alan / Microsoft With Mark and Google with two People – We can do this with a bit of effort – Unipay was started by one person using their spare time on his works machine – We are Cloning Uni200 for Web Publishing – Payroll/Personel/Post/Establishment Databases – Zeuss Multi-Channel Multi-Lingual Data Base – Spec By 07/07 – I am too busy – having a nervous break down – Trying to chill while you do the Quiz / Shop and Turin (NVQ ERA for Phoenix – User hook)


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