Trustpilot Review

January 28, 2023

Goddady is really great I have lots of stuff with them – they are generally very helpful – I have only had the one bad experience where I was left hanging for 10 minutes while the agent was looking at my problem – I put the phone down and rang back – it took me 20 minutes to reconnect – Godaddy needs to play a tune when put on hold – I recommend
My Company is Red Octopus we specialize in New Business Start Up – Infonet and Intranet Services – W are Pegasus Agile – For more about us see
We have just invented the Infonet – for Protopage Users we have asked Godaddy to put Protopage on its Social Media site list.
I am proud to announce that we host and with godaddy along with two timsneathinfonetshop websites ,co for the UK – which will be 1000 SSNA Outlets for us.
Like I said we have a new protopage search engine called – hosts that – I don’t know where but GoDaddy hosts Redcamel Systems. All is great today read
You can raise money in a number of ways – the cheapest is to register as a business using protopage and then buy clear business broadband gas water and electricity from me using an infinity discount card that you can buy the franchise for – the infinity discount card will earn you £7,000 – I only charge £35 for a batch of business cards, As a business owner you need business cards – you might as well buy infinity cards. I will blog this Trust Pilot on my SSNA Blog and circulate it to my team using Email – This is a Xenophon Genesys Document – You can buy my books on Relentless (Amazon) read about how our Auto Union Signature/Outcomes/ConnectionPathways Programs could have helped for Jef Bezos – We applied yo My Application to become a mediator but they have not replied – Well Done Amazon.
Alan Bramwell
Non Exec CEO Redcamel Systems
Non Exec Ceo Red Octopus
For The Erica Society Foundation Trust at
Red Camel Magnacarta/C21Quiz/Shadyholow WIP – Wigby Project


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