IRQ Phone Call by Richard – QTimebank

January 28, 2023

Protopage development Scrum Duties Sportaid and AndAble qroygbiv0 richardgilbertinfonet bramit blog withingtongolfclub thegolfchannel radioxl wythenshawefmtvand radio lokhul reporter grenadareports Email infinitytigerteam

Abandon Time Bank Recording Set Up Infinity Time Bank Recording for HTTP://qroygbiv0 Sprints

Do on Monday Have Sunday Off – Continue with Pegasus Agile Project / Nimble.

Do not load any more project/phases/activity/tasks/milestones till Richard has installed OpenWorkbench

Design House – Design Time Sheet with Termas of Reference Recording and Sprint Scheduling – Set this up in a Google Drive called Nimble – to contain Waterfall Specifications for Redcamel Systems. Expose Specifications for BSG-Eite.Biz University.

Set fees for BSG-Elite Full Stack at £1,000 – Tutor Microsoft Certified Programmer Richard Gilbert in Blazer Azure / MVC-C#-Sqlserver/ Javascript / Angular – Longhorn programming for StratboxHBS – Home Business Server

HTTP:// Alan Bramwell – Hoskyns Education Wigby Programming with Google.

HTTP:// Infinity Discount Card

HTTP:// – This Communication

HTTP:// – This Blog

I will now set up HTTP:// and in QNimble within Gmail account Red Octopus

I won bother to do Sportaid amendments yet I will wait til after Richard has completed the C21 Quiz.


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