Withington Invoice

January 25, 2023

To Martin Keates / John Goddard / Bob Bolton / Tex McIor / Ben Etherington / Mike Casey / Trevor Eve / John Shurden / Steve Emmet – The Membership Notice Board

We would like to inform you that the donation to Smile aid has been returned – The donation was made when Will Powell Contracted Withington golf club to life-long support in IT and Agile Management.

This is one of the conversations in the bar.

The other conversation in the bar was with the bar staff – Alan was talking to an executive of the cub about the Infinity Business Card – a card that will bring £7,000 income to the club per annum £35K for life membership. He was asked by the staff not to talk to the exec – Alan was assertive and said  “do you mind this is none of your business and i would like to remind you that it is my money that pays your wages” – that’s all that was said. This is no reason to throw Alan out of the club after spending 16 years developing protopage for the Directors Table. By throwing Alan out of the club you have been placed on Comecon – Artisans Rates of £5 per hour. Alan is now invoicing you for 16 years working at 10 hours per week rounded up to £30,000 as the figure recorded to timebank is 20 hours per day for the delivery of Turin a Blazor Azure project. Alan is delivering HTTP://protopage.com/digitalchampions and the BSG Elite University to WGC and revenue from this venture will go to WGC under the Forest404 collaborators Agreement. The income that WGC has earned this year has been donated to The Redcross at HTTP://protopage.com/tescoinfonet. WGC is being charged for the development of Tesco Infonet / Gmpinfonet a Twitter Twilight Golf the Greater Manchester Police and Verastar Golfing society – whilst we are at it we will charge Verastar work to WGC that will give WGC revenue from HTTP://protopage,com/infonetintranetservices.

Part of the cost of this development has gone to HTTP://protopageq0.co.uk / HTTP://protopageq1,com for Amazon UK and America – Alan is a Union Consultant and has volunteered his time to bring Tranquility to Amazon as a Guardian 

Consider this as an Invoice Form Red Octopus Business Services for £30,000 payable over 30 years by direct debit to Alan Bramwell Direct – Subkect to RPI Increase Januar.

Peter Johnson Red Octopus Solicitors

Should you not agree to these terms and re-instate Alan then a small claim will be raised for £160k for delaying the implementation of THE INFONET – Forest404.com which is now earning Red Octopus Money.

For generating this letter we charge £200 which is donated to The Erica Society Foundation Trust which donates to the WGC Captains Charity. Please advise us on what charity Ben Etherington is supporting this year.

Please copy Ben Etherington / John Goddard and The Club Notice Board and put in the suggestion book that you consult members before you kick them out of the club – hear both sides of the argument. I am creating a members union to stop this from happening again.

copy 2 Amazon.

Peter Johnson – Red Octopus Solicitors


Greta – Pegasus Agile Management – The Book – IRQ processing for project Moses The NHS

C2 Andy Burnham Mayor of Manchester / Mike Keen MP / BBC Make a Difference./ Grenada Reports / The One Show / Click Online

Alan Bramwell 

Tom Davies

Richard Gilbert



HTTP://protopage.com/withongtongofclub – the birdie 







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