Withington Golf Club Contract

January 25, 2023

IRQ 25/01/13:30 to 13:45 To set up Project Achilles for Verastar Product Owner RichardGilbertPOA – Verastar would not give Email – Release Verastar Community System at 11:11:11 tonight. 25/01/2023 Trello it as an Activity – log as done no further work to do other than nightly scrum. Log as a Trello Task Achilles should already be set up for Verastar Community Systems Jan 2019. Update http://protopage.com/verastar 2015 – backlog Report http://protopage.com/bramwell Product Owner Alan Bramwell (Quidam).

Withington Golf Club on the same community guardian contract – we will Comecon Quo Vadis for them as they are not collaborating and are on Out of Contract rates like BT – Contract subject to RPI in January each year – Current Rate £5 Per Hour Directors Rate.- Directors Payroll / Artisans Rate – Artisans Payroll.Peter Johnson Red Octopus Solicitors.


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