Prestbury Golf Club

January 25, 2023

I manage a website called the golf hub – I am setting up hubs all over the UK I would initially like to twin you With withington Golf Club and hold golf day at your club for a Hub Final – This would mean that you would be the administrator of bookings for that golf day – we are calling it a Party In The Park – It is primarily for your golf club members as we have not got round to doing the Cheshire hub – We are working with Club V1 on this project – Project Adam for Witington Golf Club – Adam is a service agent at Club V1 – Withington Golf Club advertised for help with their web site – They will be so pleased when I announce what I have selected for them.
Please help me raise money for charity by advertising to your membership Withington Golf Club Broadband at £30.99 – The same price as BT – Commision to be paid to The Erica Society Foundation Trust for Junior Golf Development at Prestbury Go;f Club.


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