Amazon Invoice

January 25, 2023

Amazon RecruitmentI have a poltergeist in this house things go missing – my keyboard is playing up – i have just gone to get my emergency keyboard and its not in its box – I have lost a white bord / genesys notes and a book. I will have to swap key boards on my macs – one mac is playing up – i need to replace it. 

I will buy a Stratbox Business and get BT broad band with 500 meg download and t5 meg upload for the Amazon project. I will also buy a new laptop for use at Amazon / two new websites purchased and installed last night HTTP:// and for America. 

I am going to have to buy a key board and monitor the bill will come to:

£1,000 for StratboxB

£800 for StratboxUP – University Portable

£300 for protopageq0

£300 for protopageq1

Estimate £100 for a decent monitor

Estimate £25 Keyboard

Estimate £5 for a mouse

Infinity Discount Cards £100

Email to MyApplicaton £100

Amazon Consultancy @4 hours at £1,000 per hour £24,000

Invoice to Amazon £100

Correspondance charged at Red Octopus Solicitors Rates £100 per hour.

Total £26,775 Discounted to £3,000 for Goodwill – For BT Broadband Contract

Invoice to Amazon HR Services for  HTTP://  

Payable within 30 days – Bankers Order 

to Alan Bramwell 4 Parklands Road



M23 0GB

I will now put Amazon on a Community Guardians Contrat which gives them free IT and Management support for the duration of their Union Negotiations

HTTP:// – Free

Comecon Project Work – Free

Comecon Payroll and HR System Free

Directors Payroll System – Free

The Directors Table – Free

Time Bank Artisans Payroll – Free 

Xenophone Home Working – Free

Santanet Charities – Free

Infinity Discount Card worth £7,000 – £100

Failure to Pay invoice will result in small business claim of £30,000 it takes valuable time communicating on Tee Time Movies.

Peter Johnson 

Red Octopus Solicitors Jan 25 2023 at 13:11:00


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