BBC Making A Difference

January 23, 2023

Alan is a Community Guardian he has a number of companies that raise funds for his charity The Erica Society Foundation Trust. He has Microsoft programers that work for him. They have created the infonet – it is now making money. He also manufactures and sell Stratbox Computer and has a University called BSG Elite – Bitesize in 2006 Alan had a very large contract to deliver education to junior golfers his websites for this venture are HTTP:// and Alan is in the middle of a roll out you can see Alan at HTTP:// a list of Alans Sites HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP.:// Agile Backlog Report Alan is writing a book on Agile project management and id developoong SSNA to track project he has a multi channel multilingual project called Zeus which will replace SAP. He has a Payroll and HR project called Quo Vadiz Alan is an IT Consultant – he wrote the Royal Mail System in 1993. Alan did the Y2k for sodexo but was not allowed to change their company structure – he is developing a company structure for his brand based on a bill of material. Alan does new company start up Business Modal Canvas he is a legend at Google HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// just giving HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// project Moses Alan is putting Stratbox into the NHS for The is more so much more HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// HTTP:// And more 200 more Adam tree planting BBC MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD



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