Red Cross Turin Class R&D

January 22, 2023

Red Cross thank you for your kind reply for such a small donation.

We noted on your feedback form that we want to be a partner of the red cross -0 if you put on your website with an instruction set to ask people to use forest instead of google we will up your collaborator status by 1 point – if we experience a sudden rise in revenue we will up your collaborator status again.

If you do not help us get visibility on the WWW we will drop your collaborator status but we shall continue to donate to Food Share at Tesco.

Welcome to HTTP://

By working with us and allowing us to donate to your charity we will create HTTP:// this will be done within the next 5 minutes – it will take us one hour to fully integrate you into our network. For this systems integration we charge £1,000 as we have multimedia channels tv and radio and newsprint – it will take an evening thought how best to integrate you – My initial thought is to make infinity care a primary key for Red Cross Charity – if that is so we will integrate you int MikekanempPOF  Product Owner of fundraising

This task is an IRQ you have interrupted my podcasting and nightly status reporting – I am going to have to drop my podcasting to go to bed to think about mapping you – I have had a busy few days we have good news forest 404 is making money which has triggered lots of activities an website creation I will look at the email activation for the last three day an link them to the red cross – the red cross being a primary ket and Mike Kanes MP site being the foreign keys.

These events have triggered me to use an agile Project management tool called Trello i a learning new skills I will cut an paste this text which is a Genesys document with typo errors and paste it into Relentless Trello and my Bramit Blog – I also need to start my Christmas 2023 family letter.

Happy Christmas welcome to HTTP:// raising money for The Christe and Maggies

Alan Bramwell

Community Guardian BA019 


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