Red Cross Supernet

January 22, 2023

Attention Emily M South MerseyRed Cross I have evaluated the number of websites that i have constructed in the last month – the number is 50 for me to integrate these in a protonet / a super net – getting up to a hypernet it will cost in the region of £5,000. Hold fire Turin has the answer – in delivering TrainIT to you we can use a tutor to student many to many relationships. 

For me to Red Cross every one of these websites with narratives will take a day – my day rate is £1,000 per day.

I hope this is to your satisfaction – I will recover a small percentage of these charges from your forest 404 donations  We have not considered this factor in our analysis of the application – we were not expecting to do registration – i was going to clear all my assurance region down – now that this is production data we are going to have to resolve Forest 404 Bugs.


The Metaverse 

Blog this / don’t trello it


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