Mike Kane Appeal

January 21, 2023

Mike Forest404.com is now raising funds for your community – We have big thing planned for housing development in your ward.

We are short of funds to get key deveopments completed – we have been a year now trying to get Protopsearch to work – we might have to outsource to google or Microsoft / IBM.

Can you please go to http://protopage.com/bluefamingos and make a donation – please can you ask the house of commons and the house of lords to make a donation and persuade then to start to use Forest 404.

If we get funding we will create a virtual cemetery in the meta verse called Shady Hollow.

http://protopage.com/shadyhollow – this needs converting to a subscription site.


We really need you support now Mike I am going to have to take my company out of dormant and start to Pay my Associate Consultants / Friends and Oracles. 

Wishington Golf Club are benifitting for Junior Golf Development thhp://bsg-elite.biz / http://protopage.com/gretathunberghttp://protopage.com/johnlennongivepeaceachance


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