January 20, 2023

I create hundreds of change control tasks – these are logged on genesis documents – bits of paper – diary entries propane stick notes to floor troll with this muck effort would be like asking you to writ an entry for each line of code you do.

I might add a task for say doing 40 hours time bank development – then log your changes using time bank time recording – we need to agree a way of working that is efficient without too much logging.

I think one entry per table will be good enough to track – I will dd them NOW 

Plus I will add IRQ Interupt tasks 

I need to document TASK IT with a task class T – Trello Tasks. So T/R&d its non chargeable. T/X is Chargeable NHS.  P/X. Is Nimrod Paper Based NHS Chargeable 

See http://protopage.com/emmiispox


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