January 20, 2023

Emily This Communcation has neen circllated to my MP and My Solicitor

You will support me in getting off my CTO by viewing the companies that I manage and the projects which i have active.

Richard Gilbert is now yje lead in this project – he has introduced me to Agile project manahement software today. 

I have mapped our some of the projects that I am working on.

I have invested £1500 in this project you will get an invoice for the time spent today.

I notified you that my rates are £1,000 per hour discounted to you at £7 per hour – it is noe 11pm – that is 11 hours = £77 

Your computers will be discounted to £700 / £200 And £300. the computters are for Atherleigh Park Wytenshawe and Bolton Beech ward. The Invoice will be raised one the Stratboxes have been configured as Home Servers to servive NHS Infonet Mystudybuddies / Medicare

a copy of this script will be posted to Andy Burnham – Mayor of Manchester as this is A community Guardian Project – Carl Gayle Contracted to Life Time Support from Redoctopus by supplying me with coloured pens and reams of paper / notebooks.

You can reciew all project communications at Smmh have not been kept in the loop as they would not supply me with an email contact – times have changed under your watch – we can now go Agile.

Thank you for coming today – I an sorry that you did not wake me yesterday – I work nights – reporting to my son Adam who died in 2016.

Due to a miss communication two A Bramwells have been set up in our system – Thos is Adam my Guardian Angel working for me.    I am being blocked from Chatbox – That will be Adam !!!!!!  Yes I have gone mad Dillusioanla – or do Angels exist – I think yes we hold our loved ones close to us – they are there in times of need.


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