Invoice NHS

January 18, 2023

Hello Christabel 

You are now product owner of my NHS projects – Moses 

It is now 22:56 I have been working on all day

I have just registered John Lennon was taken

I have retro’d it to

I charge £1,000 per hour for my Infonet / Intranet Services but I discount it to Carl Gayle

I will invoice you £12,000 discounted to £400 for this considerable effort – My Study Buddies for the NHS is now LIVE.

The contract with Atherleigh Park is £42,000

There is an IRQ and Payroll / HR system on the way for Sodexo Bank Employees – Plus a learning platform for Peer Mentoring.

I am certain that the government will be satisfied with

Can you please phone me on 0161 998 2637 I would like the opportunity to come in to discuss Intransition with you.

Alan Bramwell

Community Guardian BA019 PO001


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