January 18, 2023

Excellent work Rich – How long did it take you.


Delete not done yet

Telephone number – Bug does not record 0161. Drops the 0 

Cange to spec – I changed the spec to record business not business id – business id is better but the user is not going to know it he will have to use business name and the system should api assign id.

Can fields url and email become clickable objects?

Can the display be restricted to 10 entries per page to save the user having to scroll down to the last page.

I am so so pleased that you have been able to create this transaction from what is a skeleton spec.

I wil now add lesson plans and session plans and establishment records to the spec / Stock recording.

I have been in touch with Manchester university print services – they will charge me about £50 for 100 8 page booklets for agile project management – that I will retail at £35 per copy – Explaining our Nimrod / Xenophon design Construct phiolosophy

Can you please do the following.

Set up student record as a google form 

Set up your Blazor student database 

Do your inputs to yje google form – this will mean that you will have to set up your own protopage – then do a transaction that joss or xml data from google into sql.

Now lets talk about Zeus – do you want the specification for the data dictionary that will allow you to select channel number / language id – I think that we should as I have just done some work on WTO World Trade Organisation Intranet for YMG International.

Excellent progress Richard lets make this first trannsaction perfect. Coning will then be a joy.

I hope that you are time banking your hours – I have a little budget for this for you.

On 17 Jan 2023, at 19:23, Richard Gilbert <> wrote:

Hey Big man

check out

finally battered Blazor into partial submission. Have a play but remember its a work in progress – also the data won’t be safe so don’t put tonnes on yet – need a sqlite strategy that works or may go to azure sql.


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