January 11, 2023


in 2000 you showed me how ro write ASP.NET Forms – I used the wizard to create amend and delete transactions – I leant that you can set up a table application in a couple of hours.

Sadly my machine blew up and I lost my home sever,

I desperately need you to start to create online tables for me – If we could limit it to say 4 tables a month – On per week that wouldd be a major step forward and I could start to write my Pegasus Agile Book.

I need your phone number and address please can you let me have them and please confirm that you are onboard creating Empire Turin Adam and Nimrod projects.

Thanks Richard 

This venture will bring in revenue and will get you a MBE – see Bejay


CEO IBM – Infinity Business Management

I have planned out tasks for me to undertake for this year see – Code Red Backlog Report – I am 11 days behind schedule. I am very depressed at this moment in time – I nearly committed suicide today. – I have spent all year in bed just thinking and contemplating – awaiting your response to my suggestions. – I am in a bad place at the moment – Please build my tables for me.


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