Agile Project Management – Task Management

January 5, 2023

Please start your own Genesys documents in your desk diary for tasks that i am loading you.

Pegasus Agile Task Management.

0 Tasks are not recorded linear – they are graffiti

1 A Nimrod Arrow at an angle is a pointer to another task on the War Board

2 A War board can be overladed in red / blue / black and green

3 for Project Task Management the War Board can be written as Overloaded Day entries – This is a Genesys document DO NOT attempt to schedule tasks = Transcript onto a Protopage todolist when a month’s effort has been recorded. Collect tasks as C tasks till [[lanning phase has been undertaken.

4 An Arrow to the right is Plan Ahead

5 An arrow to the left is a history task

6 An arrow up is a long-term project

an arrow pointing down is a scheduled task within day

7 A circle with a star in it is an unscheduled task

8 A circle with one line through it is a Started Task

9 A Circle with a cross is a finished task

10 two circles representing start date / end date is occupancy recording

11 a square with a date is a pointer to an occupancy start date


Extraunit Ltd for Design House

C2 Mike Kane MP


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