New Years Resolution

January 3, 2023

Yes – New Years Resolutions

To promote myself to account manager

Outsource protopage registrations for Magnaarta to you

Plan ahead 

Do Organisation Charts and specifications

Progress Sycamore with you

Ensure that you become agile

Talk to you on the phone

Ensure that you ar happy working with me

Set forest infonet as a subscription based service

Set Magnacarta as a subscription based service

Set Shady Hollow as a Subscription based service

Work with IBM / Google / Microsoft / ICL / Ferranti / Apple / Twitter 

Define programming standards for Quantum Computing – YOU

Happy New Year – WE are going to be busy.

Work on YMG International

Employ 49 Associate Consultants 

Deliver BSG Elite University

Do Press Releases in The Financial Times and Time Magazine

Make contact with Andy Burnham and Granada Reports / The BBC – Gary Lineker


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