Going Agile with Q Core and Q Accounting Systems

January 3, 2023

Project Adam = TaskIT / Q CoreWatch all the Tee Time Moves that I have sent to you in Tesco Infonet  Mutch – History of the internet

Take note of the future of the internet – Shady Hollow

Please make forest 404 infonet a subscription based service = Q Core 

(We have talked so much about Paul’s Q System and the future of the infonet)

Start your own protopage account 

Create SSR Register – Systems Sevice Request 

Create PSR Register – Program Service Request

Create a task register 

A task – Priority Projects Task

B Task – Low Priority tasks

C Task – Unscheduled Tasks

R Task – Research and Development

T Task – Training Tasks / Personal Development 

K Task – Backlog reporting

S Task – Status Recording

Y task – You Tube Recording – Brotherhood X.0

TB Task – Timebank Recording

Please create a google form in your Protopage account for these tasks with a process callled

task TR = Time Recording as  Sql Server Process – Program under project Sycamore – Quantum  Computing  Task Q For Q Accounting Systems.

Thank you 

Quidam – IBM


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