IBM / Laser Printing

January 1, 2023

Hi Steve / Happy New Year. has been set up as per the note that I gave you.

Communications in the restrictive zone are Private – I can set you up with a public zone once yo have agreed to our Community Guardian Contract

Your contribution to The Erica Society Foundation Trust has Secured you lifelong IT Support by Red Octopus.

Putting you in my Alan Bramwell friends database e\mail

Please reply to confirm that I have reached you 

Your Phone is going to Email

I want to make you a product Owner for Empire Systems – You will monitor progress of for me

 See for communications tracking of Empire Systems – Project Zeus.

On leaaving the Gardeners I was nearly picked up by Arrow Millennium Taxis – In 2006 I was employed by Arrow Mailing in their Print Services Division.

Arrow Millennium is now a division of The Red Octopus Brand. as is infinity business modelling and Infinity Laser Printing

Alan Bramwell 

CEO Red Octopus – Infinity


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