A Day in the Life 2023 – Day 1 Jan 1

January 1, 2023

Happy new year Paul 

I have started a new decision for Red Octopus it is called Infinity Business Management.

I am mapping out my Nimrod 2023 tasks.

I am up to Jan 6

I have 3 machines that are out of date they will not access the internet and one will not load windows.

I need a linux operating system on them with PHP/MySQL for my two new employees Munck and Steve.

Can I come up to see you drop off the machines had say hello.

What is your address?

The machines will got to Forest School at Gatley primary / Crossacres primary and Ash Gate Primary / Manchester Grammar School / Oak House Manchester University after we have programmed Zeus.



Infinity Business Methodologies.

Infinity Business Management

Ferranti Pegasus

Stratbox Industries

Red Octopus Research and Development

HTTP://protopage.com/ibmqqqq Protopage.com/qqqqqqqq

Q0 Alan

Q1 Paul

Q2 Munch

Q3 Steve





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