Nimrod Sunnah

December 13, 2022


Please start looking at for Nimrod Database Design. How are you doing on our subscription based quiz 

I think that you should suspend work on protosearch until i have written specifications – it has been over a year in development and you are making no progress – I put you under pressure on 07/07/2022 by announcing it to the queen – I wanted to see progress by 08/08

With regards to your design, it is a mystery to me why you have not got a second text box and a button to conduct the search or a Systems messages text box to report back the number of sites returned.

I am desperate to see you change your lipsum zone and desperate to see an inquiry where you can select a page of returns.

This is hard for me to say – but I believe that you are not having problems you are just not putting the hours in. I work all day and all night working on Nimrod – I have bought a printer I am going to have to start writing Specifications for you and posting them off – That way I can keep track of what I am asking you to do. 

I need to send you your Christmas present – Please give me your address and phone number again.

I have been asking for your phone number and you have not responded.

Do you want to work with me or not on Nimrod Database Applications – If not I will STOP.

You are a good friend – My Oracle – I just wish that you would turn your Email around every day and start to use protopage to report progress.

Nimrod release 23-1 Susanah (Sunnah) Smile Aid



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