December 10, 2022

10/12/2022 12:00

Do the following Alan by 11:11:11 on 12/12/2022

Project Empire Stop what you are doing – i am taking over writing this program I have found my c# book

We need to go Agile – this is killing me!

please write a code converter

from = Pseudo code 

= English 

to 1 cobol

2 uni-nimrod

3 c

4 c#

5 php

6 javascript

I will not be doing the SQL i do not have a machine with it on

Paul Please give me a date and time when I can visit you I have 4 machines to configure to PHP/MySQL / or just natve Linux. Hitec have gas told me that two of my machines will not Refurb they will not access the internet – I need them for Javascript Training at my Academy in the wytjenshawe Forum where i am off to now.

this is protect Bletchly / Program Turin – It is a Pegasus Agile project – I will be tracking your response times. Protosearch is stripping me of my cash reserves. 


HTTP:// Moses

HTTP:// (

Action plan 

Add thechristies





to the standard bootmarks

Action Plan ii 

install wireless printer

Print this communication

post off as Chistmas cards


HTTP://protopagesantanet NOW with this communication

Cristmas card to read 

Please see HTTP:// for project Bletchly status report. 


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