The Royal Connection

December 8, 2022

Tee Time Movies

3 hours of entertainment of projects that I am working on

  1. Goodnight Vienna

A product update for NHS Home Team = Project Moses and project requirements for Richard Golbert – Project Empire – Plus status reporting on my projects.

2 A Lifetime in Management.

Highlights of my career fot my daughter Emma who refuses to talk with me about my business activities – finishing my CV and about to introduce you to Harvard University CS 50 when the recording stopped om 3 hours.

3 Hatvard University Keynote = Part 1 09/09/2022 Nimrod Day 09.

The intention is that there should be an intermission  = Watching Golf Training.

Part 2 was delayed due to a disaster recovery task R popping up –  The Queen has Died.

4 Nimrod day 12 = Stamford Keynote Speech.

Distribution Systems / Paul / Harvard Referencing / Open University – Management:

Class R task : Now Task The Royal Connection

Xenophon / TrainIT for Paul :

Timebank Recording :


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